HappierLeads vs ExactVisitor vs Albacross vs Leadfeeder

HELA Comparison


I tested each of these SaaS for 14 days, and here are the results:
(I had about 225 website visitors in 2 weeks)

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Comparison Table

Check out the comparison table, followed by a summary of HappierLeads, ExactVisitor, Albacross, and Leadfeeder. Finally my recommendations below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

HappierLeads vs ExactVisitor vs HappierLeads V2 vs Albacross vs Leadfeeder

HappierLeads ExactVisitor HappierLeads V2 Albacross Leadfeeder
No of Leads Revealed 47 3 72 30 59
Leads: Visitors Ratio 21% 2% 32% 13% 26%
Identify Company Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reveal Personal Contact Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data History Unlimited 30 Days Unlimited 90 Days 90 Days
Easy to Use (UX) 3/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 5/5
User Interface 3/5 1/5 4/5 4/5 5/5
Installation Easy Easy Easy Easy Easy
Webhooks (for Pabbly) Yes No Yes Yes No
Zapier Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technology Enrichment Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Website Personalization In Roadmap In Roadmap In Roadmap Yes No
Year Established 2020 2019 2020 2014 2012
No. of Employees 10 4 9 39 102
Monthly Pricing $69 / Month (500 Leads) $79 / Month (Unknown) $69 / Month (500 Leads) $47 / Month (100 Leads) $63 / Month (100 Leads)

The Deal (1 Code)

Both companies are on LTD now.


Happier & ExactVisitor

HappierLeads ExactVisitor
Price $49 $69
No. of Company Leads (monthly) 1,000 2,000
No. of Personal Leads (monthly) 100 Not included in deal (50% off to unlock)
Data History Unlimited 30 Days
Alerts Email, Slack on roadmap Email, Slack
Team Login Unlimited 2
Technology Enrichment Yes For 2 codes and above
Website Personalization On roadmap (not sure if included in deal) On roadmap (3 codes and above)


The most important thing for tools like these is the quantity and quality of the leads.

For this reason, HappierLeads has blew my expectations away.

Being the youngest the company, I never expected it to reveal the most number of leads.

As for the quality, a huge portion of them matches established companies like Leadfeeder. So I’m quite confident in the data.

What I’d like to see is more native integration & improved UX (yes, even for V2). I love the UX of Leadfeeder the most, everything is accessible within 1-2 clicks. If HappierLeads continue to work on the technology + UX, I forsee them becoming a big player in years to come.


Use Cases

When it comes to tools like these (able to identify unknown visitors on your site), you might think that this is only for B2B companies.

Not true!

Though it’s helpful for B2B companies to identify potential customers, it can also be very helpful for marketers, content creators, and B2C companies.

Here are some examples…

πŸ‘‰  Identify competitors visiting your site.
πŸ‘‰  Know the profile of your customers. And tailor your marketing messages to them.
πŸ‘‰  Reveal potential investors.
πŸ‘‰  Reveal potential collaborations in the same industry. (for e.g. you keep seeing Appsumo visiting your site. Time to launch?)
πŸ‘‰  Reveal talent/ influencer agencies who are scouting for influencers/ partners.
πŸ‘‰  Reveal potential sponsors for your content/ product.
πŸ‘‰  Get inspiration for Ad targeting options.
πŸ‘‰  And more!! (be creative)

But of course, it may not be worth the monthly price tag as you can’t directly translate the lead into sales and revenue.

But for LTD… Definitely worth it!

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