Gurucan Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.410] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at Guru Can. This is a mobile first all in one platform to create online courses at membership’s while running, marketing, automation, webinars and more. It is on Atsumi right now, starting at seventy nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into this tool though, I just want to tell you all a few quick things.

I know that there are a lot of people here today and I want to give everybody a second to trickle in. I also imagine I apologize for her. I also imagine that there are some new folks here. So I want to tell you how everything works here. Hello, Francisco. If you want to say hi to me, if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case or what you want to make with GuruCan, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room.

If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, you can go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box. We do have somebody from the we have Tim here from the group can team to answer the questions as they come in, will also be circling the questions at the end of the walk through. We’ll have a little Q&A part and there will also be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, you can if you want to watch this again later, it will be available shortly after we are finished recording.

All right. Hello. We have some people from Germany. We see the chat is blowing up right now. Hello. From Japan. It’s 4:00 a.m. here either. Can’t tell Brian you’ve not gone to sleep or if you woke up very early. We got some people from New Orleans and Washington and Israel. Hello. From Florida. I’m originally from Florida. People are from all over. I’m very excited to have you all here. All right. I think we have given everybody a little bit of time.

People are still kind of trickling in. I again, I’m just going to tell you our questions. Go in the Q&A box. You can talk to us in the chat room about your use case and where you’re watching from. And there will be a replay of this available. All right. That is enough for me right now. Hello, Julia. How are you doing today?

[00:02:14.250] – Julia (GuruCan)
Hi, I’m great. Thank you for having us. I’m really excited to give the walkthrough of Gurukul and presented to all this of community.

I am so excited to have you here and I know we’re excited to watch you dove in. So I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walk through. When you’re all done, go ahead and let me know. We’ll do some questions.

Thanks. OK, so I’m Julia Baird, cofounder of Glucan, and my cofounder team, as mentioned, is in the chat. We’ll be talking to you, answering all the questions and we’ll cover some of them later. So let me dove in directly to the tool and show you what we’ve built. And Guru, while I’m sharing my screen, how Gurkin is different from everybody on the markets, like for most of the system of the market, is that we offer both mobile and that’s the version for your courses.

So you can create stunning online courses, membership websites or just like community spaces and make sure that all your users, whatever where they are, whatever they use in the temblors or desktop or mobile phones, that they have access to it. So this is a workspace, the admin panel, the digital office, where everybody kind of stuff nowadays. So we have that brief checklist how what you can go through and how you can start and so on. So we know that everybody’s here about creating the content of the products.

So let’s just dove into creating the course. You can create the course or the edge of the existing one. So I’ll just show you a little bit on the ones that I already have presented. We have the pretty simple structure for all the digital products. Is it the challenge webinar article or they’re part of the lesson or a chapter? You have the course, then the description. You can add the full description. All products have automatically generated page like a check out page, the preview page that you can share directly or you can share it.

And we will keep it free for now and jump how to sell it in bundles and offers a little bit later. So upload covers, you can add categories if you have a bunch of them. So you just for example and you release just thank you for ready to create the course. We can create chapters or separate some quizzes and workouts. We do have some special features for nutrition, health and fitness available as well. But again, that is very much suitable for any kind of content types of content.

So you can make all tasks available at once or make it strict and go one by one. Let’s get back to available by Rahmon. So what I have right now in my course structure that I want to have this Cui’s that pretests before doing it, and then I created the chapters. All chapters can be can include as many lessons as you want. You can put the drip content here. So my first chapter will be available right away and then I have the delay of being available for the students.

So let’s just diving into creating the lesson as mentioned description, title cover all the same over here so each lesson can require assessment or report or not require. This one will be the one requiring it. But if you need one, if you need to submit and the students to submit an essay just to create a file or anything else. So this will be a special field where they can do all of that. So y you can feed pretty much any kind of topic to be presented is because you are very free and flexible to upload any kind of content you can embed YouTube and Vimeo video.

We know we have a lot of requests on the other side, five these embedded hosting and it’s done on the road map. So I’m sure that we will include more of them. So and also you can have the video uploaded directly to Google and it will be also available with the thumbnail and so on. So also you can you can add the text. And I all I honestly love this quote thing that you can call somebody you can put the author of at the the B with the picture and some maybe a nice thing or advice for them.

Also, you can upload audio files, audio files from the user is learning from the mobile. They can lock the screen so it will not kill the battery and it will be playing so you can insert the buttons with external and internal links for the browser version. It doesn’t really feel much difference for the version the internal link works to really cool because it just swaps the screen. So as you can see, you’re going into any kind of content free to do and free to embed whatever you like.

Also the digital. It was also one of the most critical questions, if you will be able to tell what workbooks and templates. So, yes, well, basically we created the course and you can drag and drop everything, change the structure of the chapter, or, for example, let’s go to the quiz. Quizzes can be used in different modes. You can make it as a self-assessment, a one time, one time test, or it can be an assessment sent directly to you for like a check, which will automatically check, but you will see the results.

So it will be reported to the system. You can set the level of success unless you need them to answer, to make to make good on the test, to pass the test and hear how the question looks like. So just ask the question. You can upload the car where you can. So the question here here is going to be the answers. No limits on how many answers do you need if you have a multiple answers. So you just click all the right ones and it’s up to you.

You can make that the following way if you need them to answer strickly all three combination. Just need to select. All right. Answer if you’re fine with selecting any of three. So just leave it without, without, without. And here you go. So you upload the questions, send the covers over here because I’m not available yet, but I think it’s it’s coming to be able to upload it here. So this is pretty much very brief.

Run through the how to create the course. We have chapters. We have two content quizzes, available lessons with all types of content.

Also, one of my favorite parts, and I really love it, is to be able to create the articles. Basically, you can create any kind of content outside the course so it can be free for the community and you can add all the same blocks over here. So it gives you an opportunity to provide additional materials that you don’t want to fit into the course or you can create for you as a live magnet. And they will be able to read the blog, make sure they like to know you.

You can actually make the self presentation in there as well or present your colleagues if you are working in the team of coaches and tutors. So I really do love this part of the articles and it can be used in a variety of ways. Other thing that is really nice and most of it is say that it’s good for fitness challenges like lose weight and a certain amount of week, four days. But for me personally, I think that it actually works not only for nutrition and fitness.

So I put together a challenge how to write an article from scratch in forty eight hours. Basically, this is a course with a curriculum, with a strict one assigned to specific dates. So the description covers the same structure is everywhere. And so over here I have the start date. I can change it. I can select the time when the courses tight. And exactly if you have like deadlines and time in which in this case is pretty usable, we will keep it for free as well for the best presentations.

And what I like to you can make the expulsions so it mean that you can have the mandatory assessment. And if they did not submit the submitted, they will be out of the course automatically and then you don’t need to expel them hand by hand. So basically over here I create the lessons the same way. One additional setting for these lessons and the challenges is the start today and the published time. So we here or you can see the structure of all of that.

So I just put it all I love using the mortgages gives actually looks really good on the Web. It looks amazing on the EPS. And let’s just jump from here. I will just show you or the users preview how many of the users will see it and then it’ll go back to more technical marketing and sales settings. So this is a for path. So I already started my learning my education before. And you can see the traction. You can see my progress over here.

I can see that there are challenges available. But you can go to courses will be just the course here. So this is what we created here. Let’s take the quiz. You can see the. Right to the crease, and you can see there in the right answers, I’ll just show you on the air how it will look like by the test.

So pretty much I can go and have the preview. This is the embedded YouTube videos and text. I didn’t put much content in here, but we have the tasks here, the challenge, the forty eight hours challenge that has full of it. So this is the cool thing I was mentioning before. You’re going to have the least here, the something like the doors and the numbers. You can embed the banner. So we here and here is the other task just to test and then check it back in the end where it will look like.

So now I can see that the report was submitted.

So this was yesterday to this Friday. And I have a new task available. You can have a limited number of tasks and each challenge. So here you can see more content, the mostly embedded features. And also, for example, over here also this was about the deadline to submit. So let’s just send it. So send it. And I can see that I send it and I will be waiting on the feedback from the Tuka. So and if we go to.

Saturday, it will not let me in. It will be me back to Friday because victory Saturday is not available yet and I cannot jump in and sneak on what is going on in there. So here is the blog part that I mentioned to you about. I posted the long read here, but you can use it as you like. You can embed videos as well and so on. So, as mentioned, glucan differs from everybody with the mobile app.

So I’ll just jump in and show you the prerecorded video of the app that they have to second. So OK, so so this is the catalog of the and we dove into the weeds, so I start the quiz, I can answer and I can see the answers that is right or wrong. So I have to choose multiple ones on the very top. You can see how many questions live, how I’m doing so I can read the quiz. Now let’s go to discussions and discussions with chats like you can rename them, can be attached to all the courses, to the memberships, to any kind of offer, and they’re unlimited.

So it’s basically one of the greatest community tools that you can use. So here is the preview of the article. Longleat also looks cool on the phone. You can go to the previous one and never gave Einstein this book. So this is the challenge. Here we go. This is protocol before. So I will not have the answers that I typed in right now so I can jump directly from the discussions, from the from the challenge if I have an one, the same thing over the course in all these products.

So we are now literally typing your old footage files. So here we go. The second day that I have that I have access to as a user and here it will be this Saturday, one that I can log in. It’s like a little bit faded so you can see that it’s there. But again, so I can change my passport, language and stuff like this in the in my account.

So let’s go back to. To the admin panel. OK, so as you can see, I’m guessing, OK, so you can see that in Syria might have something here. But first of all, I wanted to go back to some settings of the visuals because I know that there’s tons of questions in that. First of all, the language we have the evidence available in English and in Spanish and for the user interface, it’s available in English, French and Spanish.

And honestly, I believe that some links were so you were so active and wanted to translate it to all other languages. It is possible, I think, that the support Chad already received, the Japanese one and so on. So the interface will be multilingual for sure, very, very soon. So here is a general settings. You can you can put the banners, you can put the particle on and so on. I have just fine glucan once.

But as you can and you should upload yours and over here you can manage what kind of what kind of what do you need. I am not telling challenges, so just switch them off. But you can actually select the icon that reflects more of your branding and it will change both on mobile and web. You can rename all of them if you will not put it in the folders, ones that would be like webinars, courses first and so on, that switch on the other offers because it’ll dove in and how to sell.

So that’s forget to click save just in case. So regardless of their color configuration that brings in I really love this part that you are very flexible over here. So I had my configured columns over here. You can choose the same with the same order presented once or go back over here and actually choose and play around and and so all your branding in there. So you are very free to customize the appearance of both the app and the browser version.

Resurrection works nicely on all on the desktop tablets and on mobile browsers as well.

If for some reason your students do not like the apps so you can use the subdomain group and have them all connect yours, it’s all available in text settings and you are free to use your main landing page, your mail sales front and make this account. The Google can account as the subdomain. So of course we know how to configure it. Lets just them a little bit more into the office and let’s create an office together over. It is something how we sell, sell and how we give and grant access if you’re not doing it manually.

So when you create an option, you can make a subscription or one time payment.

So the subscription, the one time payment. So let’s just put that first one. OK, so if I don’t get a subscription, you can choose the currency we work with strapon PayPal, so all the currencies are available and if you’re not finding some and then they’ll just let us know and write the check that you need the certain one so you can adjust the duration and you can limit it to the time of the offer. So if you go to the one time payment, it’s what I really like is that you can choose the excess of duration so you can sell the excess for a week or four months.

And most importantly, you can make it available from the date of purchase. But you also can run the presales and promote it on Instagram and any other fee.

That’s so the same structure, description and cover and so on. So if you need a second one, if you need to share it with somebody, I’m not available for comment and just click on the link and there will be available. Only be a link. So let’s get to how to put it all together. So here you have all the content that you might upload to glucan and create and you just simply select which one you want to have access to.

So we don’t have the menus here, but we have the check. So, for example, we’re taking part in the challenge. And you want to talk to me and ask me questions. So to have access to some of the articles. So here will be my offer, my bundle, and I want to sell it on the subscription. So I just put a price here. And if you didn’t think your payment get a raise, it will notify you that you cannot sell yet.

So make sure to go to your account and link all. And the other is that you need tribal people so we know how to sell. We created an old firm and marketing and promotions, one of the most important ones. We have both emails and justifications. So you can create your emails and create a catalog of your templates from our blogs, or you can install the e-mail file if you have them available somewhere. You also can integrate the search by the email sender as well and just link to Google.

So we have two options for emails and Bush vacations. You can broadcast them and send it to everybody who joins a specific course or the same thing with the email or create a more more advanced, I would say. As the test sequences automated once, so we save the campaign and here we go. So right now we have tons of options, you can add conditions which cause I started to send me some notifications, assembly portions, vacation emails, make it available.

Like if I join your cause, this sequence of e-mails will be sent to me personally. I’m not the guru of the experts of the how to do the finals, but it’s all here. You can configure as many steps as you need, so you just click, add step condition you have that time in when it has to be sent off to certain days at the same time and so on. So this is the basic said that has everything on the market.

So we have it as well. OK, and how like one of those things that you probably want to know is to about the users. So here we have our users. We can walk work involved with them. You can add products to me, assign a product like this, or you can, for example, and attend to me, for example, if you want information with the C C files, some of your users, you want to take them and not send them the sequences that are assigned for the new.

So this is the way you can do it. If you go to the user profile, you can see my email, my city where I’m from, if I installed the installed the apple and so on. You can see my actions if I paid anything. If you are running in the subscription model business, you will see my active subscriptions over here. And I guess one of the most popular question was, can you add manually? Yes, you can add manually all the students over here and you can actually add not only students and users, but also you can add your teammates and make them with different access to the financial information and so on so you can work in teams.

So here I can see that we have the notifications in our CRM system because we submitted their homework. So let’s go to that. You can see this my test, one I can click completed and I can write well in this case myself back. And so under the lesson I will have like a I will have like a private chat with the student regarding his assessment and discussion so nobody will see. But what we have coming soon is the comments. And I’m really excited about that because they will be available in the articles and under the lessons as well.

So you can manage the chats directly from the admin panel or from the user interface if you’re logged in as the admin and yours and your messages always will be on the right. So yours or anybody from the team will be always on the right to send out.

So I guess I covered most of the most of the parts that we have in your account, that you redeem your optional calls. You have to go here in the tab. And if you have any questions, we have a wonderful customer support and you can find a lot of articles. We tried to update them as recent as possible.

So you will be able to have all the responses from our team and from the set, from the support as possible.

So I think what I want my what I want to do, because we focus on mobile a lot. I just want to give you another quick walk through how to use Google can app and how the quality of the content may look like me just jumping into next year. And then we will get to the questions. So this is the case when we’re using the glucan app. So access my phone over here. You can scan the QR code of your desktop version.

So this is the same this case with a lot of pictures and directions and categories. So the catalog of all the courses here, you can see the work. I hope that we have the fitness. I like advancing three days here to be now.

This is the workout plan that is available, it can be revocations or convex, so you scroll a little bit and here we go. This is the just the the course with the content of different types of content. The quotes that I mentioned, images and values of jump to the next one. This is embedded in the video. The previous question mode with this dropdown is very useful. This is the case of the external one. So you can see that I need to talk to the next door and the F in case of internal and to swap the screen.

So we have another chapter here and you can see this like completely sized advantages just available and you can change the speeds as well.

So this is the gathering mode for the presentation side by side in here, really easy to swipe so that the same way with the chats as I showed in the previous one, then lamingtons, part of the community features them. Here is there are articles again, and you can go to the next one and buy YouTube videos or upload directly the host or even upload like some options with a playlist for a workout with my face the same way feinted or the day of rest if needed.

So we hear this is the video and then there it’s all the same structure for the lessons, for the challenges, for any of those.

So the nutrition plan here looks at the actual looks of cooking like chefs, that using this I use them to present their side so you can create a digital book cookbook over here and the same way, so you can configure all the information, change birth and change the language. But basically the language the group can adapt. If you’re using your phone, smartphone in English or in Spanish, the interface will adapt and you can change it back.

So I guess I’m done with the work through for the initial initial presentation.

I hope you like it. And if we can, I guess, timing to the question.

Absolutely. All right. Similar there are I’ve already told you this in the chat. There are a lot of questions here. We’re not going to be able to get to all of them today. Unfortunately, Tim is working through them. He’s going to answer as many as possible. And I’m going to be choosing some of the more popular questions that have been coming up a lot in a variety of ways. A lot of people have been asking about the webinar feature.

They want to see that. And I’m trying to see if there are any other features that have been requested to have any other features that you really want to see. You could do that? I think so. I think the main thing that I’m seeing a lot is people in other countries are wanting to know about currencies and whether text is translated. So how about we start there? OK, perfect.

So let’s go back to to the end to the end of the language first. So over here we have the end panel in English and Spanish and the interface of the all the interface part here you can rename them and all this like defaulted needs help, log-in or resets or so on. They address it automatically if we have that language implemented. So we already have English, Spanish and French. I believe that Japanese and Portuguese already received from there some links with the translation.

So but is better to check with a support team what they’ve been receiving, which which one already passed to the engineers to implement. So let’s get back to the Web and that’s the business here so we can create the new one ologist there in the draft that have the same test title, the link that you can share directly and to have access to any kind of content or upload to Google. Can you feel like your users will need to sign up or signing depending on whether the manually or are the new ones?

So all the check out pages, I will show the right after there have been been how it will look like. So you upload cover and so on. You can do the webinars and you can do that out of it. But there’s also working with the obvious and YouTube or any other. Is there mail code. You can upload the PDF and share the screen. So also you can add some promos like Button I call to action by now ltds over and manage when it will be available.

And over here you will see the statistics of the views and of the clicks on the buttons. So you can later use this information in the marketing and push notifications sequences. So let’s just click the preview. I will not allow the microphone and camera, not the conflicts of the zoom. So we here it will be as a user I will see from the top and the left so I can I can. This is the exemption of the admin account.

So that’s why I have like screen sharing options. So Underwriter’s will be the chat the same way in the out of the, out of a binder. Just upload the video and on the right it will be the chat so everybody can now communicate and, and ask questions. And so here will be you, your screen, so on. So the interface is the part of the as part of the glucan. So it’s pretty easy to manage and pretty basic one working with or based on YouTube.

So I want I wanted to show you is the check out pages. Let me just open the privates. I’ll show you one of our creators. They actually have the landing page built together here. But to be honest, most have agreed to use their own websites and just link in a subdomain. So this is the example of the check out page. You can see that I have the Canadian space support here and the description in here. You can see the preview so I can click in this course and have them.

So we’ll see that the uploads and you can see that’s what you have available. You can go back to the offer I have, Chelse included. So where you have content inside the nested content chapters, of course, you will be able to have the preview for the students. They will not be able to see the content inside, so it’s safe and I can sign up and sign in. So this is the checkout page and it’s it’s mobile friendly, automatically generated.

It doesn’t it’s not showing us the checkout page. It’s. Oh, I’m sorry.

Sorry about that. I’m fine. Thanks for thanks for that. OK. OK, yeah, OK, so OK, so I want to check out, but you can have the signing and sign and sign up multiple the price here, if it’s free, wanted to show the price so they will create an account and proceed to payment automatically and will be done. And we here so you can see that it’s available from the four months since I started the setting that I showed you before.

And here I can click in and Devean on the preview of the course and see what to expect from this cause I have charts. So what we hear another course I can I can see what what the creator put in there. So this is an example of this in the same way it can be just one webinar and the sign up login page for the ribbon there as well. Thank you so much. All right, so similar. Thank you again for your questions.

A couple that I can answer is that there will be a replay of this available. It will be emailed to you shortly after we are done recording. It will also be linked on the deal page, basically indefinitely. If you all have questions. I see some people are raising their hands. If you have questions, you can put them in the Q&A box. I know Tim is working through as many as possible, but we are reaching about two hundred at this point.

So let me go ahead and run through some of these. Are there up cells available? Well, you can make the courses available and visible for everybody. For example, I bought one course and then other ones will be visible in the in the desktop so I can always buy it. And it’s available for the customization of the checkout with the app sales. This is also trending on the on the road map. This is what we are working on to make it a little bit more customizable, like something similar to quarterfinalist or something like this.

So it’s it is it is coming by, but not limited to show all your content for a sale for users.

Awesome. All right. We got a lot. This word has popped up a lot. Ford Integration’s. You got questions. What email provider integrations are there? There. I’ve as I’ve been scrolling through, there’s so many examples of integrations. So what can you tell us?

OK, well, basically we have our web hooks in the open API. You can integrate with any of them. There is no native integrations yet. There are for the web with a girlfriend. But I think the phone’s been blowing our the road map. So I think this is what with our tech team on to integrate natively and basically you can integrate anything for their native land that we tested out and out there already is available. And we have a lot of creatives using it.

And so the other ones with Zepa and Open API, awesome.

[00:38:35.420] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
We’re getting some questions about international taxes. How do you handle them? We work on PayPal, a response tribe.

[00:38:42.560] – Julia (GuruCan)
So everything that they offer and they provide, like automated invoicing is on on that behalf. So we don’t have any a built building services to issue a VAT and tax or European Union invoices at the moment. But if you check out the road map, I think it’s on the third on the fifth place in there.

But we will need to tell you it is. Yeah, I know that it’s a habit. I do know it’s a headache for a lot of this, especially in Europe. And we like we’ve been paying attention to that. And to be honest, I think on the market, on the teacher, does this kind of work. So how a good example to look at both with that. So we’ll definitely work on that and keep everybody updated, updated how we like, how we can, how fast and if we can implement it in the platform.

[00:39:43.610] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So thank you.

Are the white label apps in the App Store hybrid or native? I would say it’s better to ask the team, because I’m kind of lost all the time, I’m native, but it’s cross platform and I know this is kind of thing that you kind of it’s so they’re all available for like all the content that you upload to through the admin panel automatically uploads everywhere on the Web version and on the on the EPS.

[00:40:14.380] – Julia (GuruCan)
So. As I said to the city’s mostly native, but we do have some bridges to connect the across platforms. I believed him saying it’s native to online classes supported. I know what is meant by online classes. Exactly. Well, you can upload videos, you can have the assessments, quizzes available. So although like mini courses or extended, the chapters centric content is available. Yes. Are there are you are you able to offer free courses? Yes, sure, you can offer free courses and you don’t need to link us type of PayPal account.

And we do have a case. We do have cases when, for example, strapon people are not supported somewhere and they are receiving payments on the store front and then just add in the students manually. So in this case, you will just you can use the free, free, free classes mode this way. And by selling offers, you will be able to manage the access and you can assign the whole offer or just that part of the core parts of it as a course or a check to the students.

[00:41:35.090] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So, yes, it’s a lot of variety to do so. Great. Thank you. All right, that does are their discount codes available? Can you generate just cards? Yes, you can go.

[00:41:50.350] – Julia (GuruCan)
I think I’m doing a show I just mentioned, but it just didn’t show a show. So you can go to what you can see. So you can go to coupons and the coupons. You can have the percentage or you can have that amount in the currency again, if you need any currency extra just as the support team and the add because we Edutopia request, we have the main ones here, you can limit the start date. So for the coupon name and coupon code, would you also think you are?

[00:42:34.670] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So, all right, what was meant, what was meant by community spaces, can you explain more about that?

[00:42:43.850] – Julia (GuruCan)
Yes, sure. So we do understand that community is the part of the online course. Is entrepreneurship part. So you can create the group. I can go back and show you how to create that. So you basically go to Syria and you click the check and you so I have my charts available over here and you can, for example, delete messages and so on. So the great chat and it will be available here. And when you create an offer or of course, you can sign.

Let me show how you assign to specific course. So here, for example. So basically the group said here you’re going to sign this one group checks can be used as the feeds like on Facebook, where you can discuss you can share the post and file images and so on, and you can divide them by topics. Also, we have, as mentioned in the comments available, it also will boost the community of the community. One also want to remember the community spaces.

For example, if you have membership and one time payment at the same time, you can sell, you can sell the courses as a part of the subscription. And just one time, one time deal, you can buy or buy an offer. You given different access. So me, if I am part of the membership, I might not see the course if it’s not included and I will only have the check. I will have the articles with the coming comments, fee comments.

And so the feedback on the post articles will be there. And this way this will be my camu. For example, you have I don’t know, I guess somebody is wrong in some offline trainings right now as well, small ones and so on. So you can have the basically the group chats in their. I hope I do. Thank you. I really appreciate that. All right. We’re still working through a lot of these questions, rumblings that there are just you know, there’s a lot here.

[00:45:03.150] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
We do have some questions about the company itself. And tell us, how long have you all been around? And somebody also asked, where is your content stored? Which is different. But some people have also asked, where are you guys located? All right, we are now currently hundred percent remote team we like to canvass registered in us, but we have Russian founders, me and team located in St. Petersburg at the moment with all the things we have, people in Brazil, in Czech and Dubai.

[00:45:35.160] – Julia (GuruCan)
So we actually got everybody used to the remote mode for the last year. We started out there in the late 2019. Then we join the Five Hundred Startups program, graduated from the right, raise funds in and been under the direction and control of a lot of amazing mentors from five hundred. And I think it’s one of the best things that happened to Glucan to create and to build together. The MVP is one thing, but to get the advice and the direction of experienced people and to and like boosted a was the first most of the we big enough team, I would say, for for the time we arrived in the market.

So it’s been like this and have something like this from that idea to launch and then repeat the program and so on.

So this is pretty much our background, but we have more than 15 people. Most of them at the moment are the developers. So we’re pretty safe on here with all the servers and all the all the tech parts. So, yeah, this is this is what is Google’s wonderful.

[00:46:57.590] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you so much for sharing all of that. All right. This has come up a few times as well. I’m kind of just scrolling through these and finding group them. All right. So this question, 50 percent discount for the white label app. People are excited. I’ve got questions here. I think based on that one, where can they find it to? When will it expire? Just two questions. Just two questions. What is it valid and where could they find it again?

[00:47:24.620] – Julia (GuruCan)
OK, so our first week on some and all the questions we have, we record everybody that’s white label is important. So we came up with this deal, how to get the deal. It’s quantity, limited quantity. It’s just five to EPS. So what you need to do, I have the first question and the our deal page. So you have to leave the reviews and sent us the validation that you left the reviews and share the news out there with the world and just send it to support that they will generate the unique code for fifty percent discount for you, so will be generated for each of you individually once you don’t have the expiration date on that.

So but please don’t just do it too, if you are not serious about it, because it’s a long of someone who wants to do it and we have limited capacity of fifty. So please take care of everybody to make it available. And but we hope that if you get it, you will start working with glucan pretty pretty soon and become the flavor. Awesome, thank you. Who will be pushing updates in the App Store apps? That’s why it’s white label, so basically how white label works, you you can have the preview of how your content will look like in the glucan and this is the concept behind the glucan.

So you have one open panel for any group, AB or the white label. You work in there, you manage your content, actually, you configure all your colors and so on, and you can change colors after publication. Just don’t do it during the moderation because if they’ll freak out every developer in Google and Apple, so once you can change the colors, the tabs switch and switch on and so on. So all the tech parts, the updates is all on us because basically this is why you will continue using Google can and having the like given your content there.

[00:49:32.710] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Wonderful. Thank you. All right, to the webinars work as an alternative to using ZOM. We are working on this investigation, to be honest, it’s just taking a while, so I think that we will have it like we will have it in spring. This is what we don’t have any obstacles from the parts and so on. So you will be able to install just live streams as I think you can embed their YouTube or Vimeo links already.

[00:50:07.110] – Julia (GuruCan)
So Vimeo has also the live streaming as well as YouTube. So if you don’t need the veterinarian, you just need the zoom one and you don’t need the chat option. You can embed the links already and like in the lesson and the full integration with the room will be a little bit later. Great, thank you. All right, there are in the coupons because specific or do they apply for all of the courses now?

At the moment, that is the basic one. So you just go it’s mostly done for, I guess, in terms of marketing that you can share and track how many like Boag and what are the most effective ones. So it just universal General.

[00:50:57.460] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
OK, we got some questions about bandwidth. What can you tell us about bandwidth? Bandwidth we have in congeals.

[00:51:05.890] – Julia (GuruCan)
We have the limited bandwidth. It’s section from one hundred thirty five GB. And basically if you are using embedded links like YouTube video of the email, you are not counted against your bandwidth. And if you are blogging directly to glucan, it’s only when you have the limits that you can buy that aydogan for unlimited bandwidth for nine dollars per month. Thank you. Are there tutorials for this and if yes, where can they be found? Now we have the chat available for you.

I’m actually very proud of our support team and we’ve been having a lot of good feedback from some here. So Internet you can find you can find the human right here and ask them.

[00:52:00.420] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And for example, I need to link my tribecca, so I just type in Strib. So I have my article over here showing me step by step, step one, step two, step three, what can be done? So we are working constantly on uploading. I have my walk through prerecorded as well on our YouTube channel. So but I think it’s available in the help center as well. So we try to cover all the requests and if you have more requests, we just go and show the videos and put it in the help center.

Awesome. Thank you. How many courses can somebody have? Oh, it’s unlimited. You can create as many as you want a fun day, whatever you want. All right. I feel like we’re getting through all of them. Like all these. Tim is going through a bunch. OK, so what kind of team members are there? Can you assign permissions to different sections?

[00:53:06.930] – Julia (GuruCan)
Yes. So we don’t have multi author yet. This is one of the popular questions we’ve been having during the week. But you can ask your colleagues. So you so you will be the owner, you can do the curator and I will have a curator. They will not have access to your financial information. We are only able to manage courses, Syrian part, for example, like assessment’s chads and so on. That has even less limits. So after we finish with the Humevale, I think we will be able to add more per request because we have this practice before for creators.

So you can go through glucan and then I’ll see you guys. OK, I knew this tabs available for this role and will be able to do it, but a little bit later after someone. So I think it’s like back in March for for doing all of that. Awesome.

[00:54:07.620] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, Sue Mullings, we are going to come to an end here shortly. We’re approaching the one hour mark if you have more questions, and I’m sure you do, because there are still plenty here. And I want you to be able to get through all of them. I’m sorry. We’re I’m going to take some questions, if you have any in the Q&A box, you could throw them in. Now, if they’re already in here, you could throw them in again.

Who is the CRM and email feature active now? Yes, sure, it’s available for everybody. It’s a.. I just signed a new account. That’s why I only have like four users imbeds, looks a little bit empty, but it’s always on there, so you can use it.

Great. Savannah says, and I’ve seen this come up, a couple of people said that they aren’t seeing the same screen as what you were seeing or showing. Is there a reason for that? Are they looking at something else?

[00:55:08.860] – Julia (GuruCan)
No, I’m not sure what it is. I don’t know. Same person has asked this a couple of times or if it has come up a couple of times. And I’m so sorry to say, I think we have the mix up.

[00:55:20.410] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And I was not sharing the checkout page, but then we cover that. Yeah.

[00:55:26.320] – Julia (GuruCan)
All right. Do you have a plan to add automatic certificates after the completion of a course? Yes, we do.

[00:55:34.330] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Do we have the MVP version on our website outside the like? It’s available just on glucan dot com. We are thinking about and planning to do that integration certified that’s been unpopular on up. Sumar is one of our top dog races to build the integration. So we will have it. Write articles and blogs today have the ability to rank in Google. No, it’s inside your account, so it’s basically you need to sign up to get to the content, so it’s just the way to structure your content and put an extra one in there.

All right.

[00:56:20.220] – Julia (GuruCan)
Yes, Cedric, this will be available to walk again, to watch again. Sorry that you missed the answer before, but it’ll be emailed to you. Can you bundle multiple courses into one membership offer? Yes, sure.

[00:56:33.420] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So basically, I can go back and just show all the time. So when we create an offer or we hear. Here you can go scroll down and here you have all what you want, so I have two courses on this account, so all of the two of them can be in the bundle. And even if you are not using charts or anything else, so this will be a bundle. So you just Googled them. You can make the extra price over there.

And for example, if you want to sell one separately, you like each separately, you can create you can sell each separately and then make the bundle for the special price. Awesome, thank you. Can you explain Guru Coin’s? Violence is something that we have available for the group, and because one of the difference between white label ABA and Glucan is the band that produces Lib-Lab but has been that group F, it’s not available in there. That’s why we have the group.

So basically, if you have them activated, your students like in the game, you can buy this coin’s and then then transfer them to that to the classes and buy courses. So this way you have like an internal currency for buying courses in the group and that. Excellent. Is it possible to activate two options for payment in the stay at the same time, like PayPal and credit card?

[00:58:02.760] – Julia (GuruCan)
We don’t have a credit card, but you can either do the stripe or the PayPal one to one, does this work as an email marketing tool also will not require another email marketing tool.

I guess it depends on the request, but yes, it covers all that, like we have the funds, we have the broadcast, you can build that emails. So we are covering all the fees, like the basic features here.

[00:58:32.530] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Just to be clear, I can only use one domain per code I buy, right? Yes, correct. Can one account and glucan is one brand. So if you have multiple ones that you will need to create several Gorgan accounts and activate several code. All right. It seemed good answering the question, everybody is doing great.

[00:59:01.330] – Julia (GuruCan)
One of the questions just came in that I know we’d already answered, so I just wanted to type out a response to that. If purchases can be done in the app, do we need to pay commissions to play store or Apple Store? Sorry, can you repeat my game? I think we’re all right with that. So about the inept.

Yeah, if you do if purchases can be done in the app, do we need to pay commissions to play store or Apple Store?

OK, yes, you can find the right level apps. You have the apps available and the commission doesn’t go anywhere as the rules of Apple and Google. But Apple makes its, I don’t know, the amazing news that they now have that 30 percent commission, 15 percent commission. And it’s a huge game changer for everybody who were planning to have them. So, yes, it stays it stays there because all the Internet purchases are not made via your account or anything.

It’s made via their iTunes and Google Play.

[01:00:15.860] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Where did it go, OK? Can clients choose their currency like I have clients in Canada, in the US?

[01:00:22.400] – Julia (GuruCan)
Yeah, well, they’re there. The price will be displayed in the local currency for like the app identifies or the the the device has geographical link that it’s in Canada. So it will have the Canadian dollars.

[01:00:41.600] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can I take a basic subscription glucan and upgrade it later. Yeah, we don’t have any line from here. Is there a lecture’s list view for each course lecture least that we have there like courses and previews? Whether what like like on the checkout page, you just go back.

So we don’t have the preview for the lesson, as I think I lost my window or so here, so here or here, this is the course I am in and I have all the list of lessons I have inside.

So if I put in the description, I can see the description, though, here. This one doesn’t have the description. So it’s not visible and you don’t have the preview of the lesson.

[01:01:40.480] – Julia (GuruCan)
Can we use Web hooks to connect to Woo Commerce or Shopify? Yeah, sure. Available. So you can basically have where you can connect anything with.

[01:01:55.030] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And what can you say about the speed of the apps and Google cam in general? It’s pretty good. It depends how large content, like if you’re uploading huge videos and huge images. Of course, it will take a while to upload and it depends on the user’s Internet connections. So it’s a mobile way to verify. But we never had that crash or anything like this. Everything’s perfect, like sustainable, working and so on. So it’s pretty good on the protocol that we do.

[01:02:31.640] – Julia (GuruCan)
I used to like it’s just a like from my phone. So this was the. Awesome. All right, so we have been hearing for an hour, I am looking at one hundred and ninety five questions have been answered. So so we are going to wrap it up here. I apologize. If we do not get a chance to answer all of your questions, there will definitely be a replay of this available. If you tuned in late, you will be able to watch this again.

And of course, if you have more questions, you can leave those on the deal page. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up, if that’s OK with everybody. I’m so sorry. Is there anywhere that they could go for another live training or a webinar or just can you just shout out again where they can go if they need some more information or support? Yes, sure. I’m doing a group of those every Wednesday so you can just sign up and join.

[01:03:33.320] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And if you have questions is where the Q&A is every Wednesday, I think the same time on maybe an hour earlier. Also, please go to the support shed. We have tons of questions already, like in the guides and so on, and also available for all the questions.


Thank you so much again for taking the time to hang out with us today. Sue Mullins, thank you for being here. If you have not already, you can go to APSA Dotcom. Google can redeem your codes. This is on Ximo right now, starting at seventy nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, it is backed by Sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you.

Once you’ve done that, please leave your reviews on the deal page. We love to read them. Plenty of people have been raving about this tool already and it has a five toco rating. But I believe you guys have only been in the store for like a week and there’s already been so many purchases. This is flying off the shelves. There’s been so many reviews coming in. So we know people are loving this product. And so if you haven’t already, go check it out.

Thank you so much, Julia, for being here. Thank you for answering all those questions. I heard you did a great job. You’re very straightforward with your responses. Thank you all. Have a great.

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