GuestBoard Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.120] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at guest board. This is a modular event platform designed to make organizing and hosting simple. It is available on apps right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into this tool, though, I just want to tell you a few quick things. The first is if you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, anything like that, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box down below.

This video, we’re going to circle back to those at the end of the walk through. The second thing, if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, if you just want to say hi to me, it’s Monday morning. I love to hear it. You can go ahead and do that in the chat room. And then the last thing is there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, you just want to watch this again later.

You totally can. It’ll be sent to you shortly after you gave us somebody from Spain. It’ll be pretty shortly after we are done recording. All right. That is enough of me. Hi, Peter. How are you doing?

[00:01:05.860] – Peter (GuestBoard)
I’m doing great. Hi. How are you doing? I’m doing well. I’m excited to have you here today. I’m going to go ahead and let you dove into the walkthrough and you can let me know when you’re ready to take questions. Sounds great.

I will start sharing my screen now. OK, can you see that? Yeah. All right. Hi, everybody. So welcome to Guess Ford. Guess Ford is a, as she mentioned, a modular event platform that is ultra customizable based or to fit really any scale and any type of event. It’s a big, you know, a big project and a big ask to try to meet all of these needs of different events. But we are doing our best to handle it.

The the background, just to give you a little a little story, the background to guess Ford was a couple of members of our team went to a wedding across the country. We flew there, we rented a car, and then we found out that other members of that wedding were on our same flight and we just didn’t know that. And we could have saved a lot of time and money by being able to coordinate, see who else was going and share a rental car and kind of get on the same page.

So that was like the early beginnings of guest. Ford was focused around weddings. After that, we kind of expanded into bachelor and bachelorette parties, which makes a lot of sense because there’s a lot of moving parts and people weren’t happy with planning it over email or text message or group chats. And we’ve expanded past there into retreats and virtual retreats and small conferences and festivals. So the use cases are numerous. And let’s just hop right in and I’ll show you how easy it is to set up an event and answer a lot of the questions that we’re getting on the comments as well as.

And then at the tail end, we’ll go over our road map based on all of your suggestions and suggestions we’re seeing from other users. So I have a logged in event over here.

So the best way to kind of wrap your head around what guest board is, is it’s kind of like a mixture of slack and Facebook events or at least how people used to use Facebook events. Right. So you’ll see here I have a conference demo event. And I’m also you can see on my left sidebar here that I also am a part of a handful of other events. And these only appear here because I have been invited and accepted them or I am organizing them so much like Slack, where you can see all of your different kind of channels or workspaces in your left sidebar.

Same thing applies for Dashboard.

So what I’ll do first is a lot of you may be just starting out and kind of creating your your first events. So I want to walk through that process first and then I’ll come back to this more filled out convention event here. So to create your event, if you haven’t already, you can create an event down here. You can select your event type will say that this is a meeting.

You can choose to upload a splash image, that’s this image in the background here, and it’s what is used for the email invitation as well as the central kind of like R.S.V.P. page when someone clicks your invitation link. So I’ll choose an image here. You can also use an external image if you so choose.

Now a little I’ll stop for a moment and say that we do get some questions about this splash page. We accept all sorts of dimensions, which makes sense because it has to be viewed on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes. I personally recommend that you try not to use splash images that have a lot of text or like a predesigned flier only because when your information shows up on top of that splash image, it might get a little messy and it’s just preferrable to use a nicely designed or kind of simple photo.

So you can put in your event type will say our meeting. You can select an event date and an end date if you’d like. Now, this right now, this can be as far in the future as you want if you kind of want to use this as an extended community. Anybody who makes a extremely lengthy event right now, we’re not going to cap it. We’ll leave it in place. However, we do understand that there’s there’s some limitations on that.

We may start to cap that in the future. But anybody who creates a super long event right now will be grandfathered in. So no need to worry about that.

We’ll set our event time for eight a.m. now, location polls in Google locations right now. But you can also if this is a virtual meeting, for example, you can simply type in virtual and leave it at that. You can also put in a URL if you’d like, but the website is also a place for you to do that.

The short description is what will be seen on your splashy invitation and your email invitation if you send them out. So this is a place where you can say, hey, this is. A place for the attendees of this meeting to connect ahead of time.

And get all the info. OK, I’m going to enable custom branding, and this is where you can upload a custom logo to replace our guest Ford logo here in the upper left, as well as a custom subdomain.

I’ll I’m going to touch on the C name applications and our plan for that in the future. I know there’s a lot of questions about that, but I’m going to touch touch on that in a little bit.

OK, so our our event here is getting set up and the power behind forward relies on or involves the customer customized ability, custom ability of choosing your widgets that apply to your event.

So you can see we’ve already kind of suggested some to turn on for the meeting event type. But let’s say you want you want the full the full gamut here. So you want a message board. You want to do a video chat because this is a virtual meeting. Maybe you don’t want photo wall because this is virtual and there won’t be a whole lot of photos being taking place. But I hope that this goes to show that we are kind of set up to host all sorts of events, not just virtual.

This is really applicable for hybrid events as things start to open back up in twenty, twenty one. But we’ll keep going down the list checklist. We’ll go through all of these widgets individually in a moment here. But I’m going to save and confirm and my board is pretty much ready to go.

All I need to do now is kind of put in some more about information about this event, which is what people will see as they as they RSVP and join. The last thing I’ll say about this details page is we take in that splash image just as a default image here. But you can choose to upload a different header image that will be independent of your splash image. You can get a little preview of your splash image by clicking here. And you’ll see that it animates and kind of like pans left or right, up or down, just so that you can get the full image of that splash image no matter what dimension you happen to upload.

The other way to kind of preview what your invitation will look like is you can just go up here to invite and you can grab your direct invitation link. And if you open that in an incognito window, you’ll be able to see what your guests will see when they open up that that link.

The the beauty of guest for is that you don’t really need a formal account. We all we do it all through password with authentication.

So they just need their name and email to join and they’re immediately kind of authenticated through into the event. Any future, if you’re running multiple events and using gastropod for a lot of events that are kind of reaching the same people, anyone who’s authenticated through using that that email address, they get another invite in the future. It’s even easier than this. Once they click RSVP. Yes, it’ll just load right in and it’ll add that event in their own left sidebar here.

OK, so let’s go back to I’m going to go back to our more filled out travel convention event here. And so I’m going to take you through each one of these widgets and kind of go through the the most important things to know about all of this. So we’ll see.

You can see here we have enabled our kind of custom branded logo. We have our details page all filled out with the who, what, where, when and why, as well as some additional about info of the event. I’m going to go down the line here. So there’s two basically there’s two communication widgets, board and chat.

And it’s important to know the difference between these message board is forum based and is more like a like a redit or where you’re you’re grouping your conversations under different threads.

Now, the main benefit right now to message board is that you can utilize your guest group tags to. And I’ll jump over the guest list real quick just to show you, I’ve I’ve given these different guests certain group tags. So, for instance, Dale here is I’ve labeled the speaker and Eddie is a vendor. Maybe he’s a sponsor or something like that. I can also I can create as many kind of custom onesies as we need. So this one could be I think I already have staff, but we can say.

Let’s just say he’s a. He’s a caterer, right? So we’ll see. So under message board when you’re creating a new thread. This can be a caterer set up in the. And that can have a whole post here about what caterers need to know, and then I just go down here to select group and this thread will only be shown to that guest group. So in this case, caterers. And they can go they can go in and reply to those threads and you can kind of keep that that communication in that conversation isolated to just those those guest groups.

You can post links, you can tag other people, all the things you’re kind of accustomed to using. But for everybody else, the board is public. If there is no guest group kind of delineated, this is where all of your guests can kind of build build a small community and ask questions or share information and so that everybody starts to get value out of your event even before it happens. Right. And it’s where you can use this to kind of streamline your communication.

Any time a new thread is created, it sends out a nice styled notification to your guest list. And yeah, it’s just a great way to keep all of your lots of moving parts kind of well-organized and easily retrievable.

Chat, on the other hand, is more like it’s a central chat board for your community to kind of like hang out and chat right now. This does not support those those custom guest groups, which is important to note. So anything that happens in chat is available for everyone to see.

But you can also you can do similar things in here. So you can you can mention all people which will send out a notification, you can mention specific people and so on and so forth.

So the wall is pretty self-explanatory. All your guests and you can upload photos of the event if it is an in-person event. Obviously, these photos were taken from before covid. But if it’s a wedding, this is really handy for kind of gathering great photos from your attendees and having it be visible in a central spot for all to enjoy.

Our schedule is probably our most used widget and we have even more plans for making this even more powerful. But I will walk through some of the important the important kind of key points here.

This is where you can show an agenda of your event. You can see that your agenda items do not need to take place on the days that you’re that your event is is happening. There’s kind of independent. So let’s see here. We can add a new schedule item. You can display a map, as you saw in that previous screen. And I can add an end time, your location. You can also enable individual RC, PS and a guest headcount limit for each schedule item.

And using one of these a label is just a signifier of kind of categorizing that. And that label is seen by everybody. But just like we talked about in the message board and the guest groups and guest list, you can use those same guest groups to only show schedule items to certain segments of your of your guest list. So, for instance, if I had a catering setup time or a breakdown time, I could create a schedule item for caterers and is only seen by caterers.

So you can see here this talk at Heping at 11 a.m. international travel, I have enabled that individual RSVP and so I can, you know, I can say, yep, I’m coming to that event. I know where it’s happening at this event site. And then as an organizer, you can choose to export to. Right now, a RSVP list of all of these individual talks and who is planning to attend what.

The other component, which is helpful for this, if you do have a an existing website for you for your event. So let’s say travel kind of has its own standalone website that you’re driving leads for or gathering leads from and has more information. You can embed this guest board schedule into that site. It will hide it will hide the elements that are only shown to certain people for, for instance, that caterer, for example, I gave it’ll hide those, but it’ll.

Embed that and at the bottom of that iFrame embed, there will be a link for your attendees to join this. So it’s just a handy way of kind of like easing people into guest. We’re getting them involved and and building that community early and often.

So guest list, this is where you can kind of see who’s attending, who’s a who’s a maybe when someone RSVP to an event, they have the opportunity to give themselves a little tagline. And this is on a per event basis. So if someone was was partially paying for this event, they they have a spot in their RSVP sign up process where they can add a tag along and they might say, I’m I’m the marketing manager at Fleisig.

And then let’s say they were going to a bachelor party in that R.S.V.P. flow. They would they might say, I’m John’s best friend from college. So they’re independent. You can edit them as you please. I can update mine to say, you know, organizer asked me anything. OK, and then at the at the right hand side of each guest, you can also you can obviously remove them if they’re not welcome, but you can also make them in admin.

And what that role I answered this question in some of the comments. But right now, if you if you make someone else an admin, they pretty much have all of the capabilities and all of the access that you as the organizer do. Our plan in the future is to add one more role as a co organizer and then almost limit the role of the admin so that admins have almost like moderation capabilities only. And then a co organizer would have the same amount of capabilities that us, the organizer, do.

You can track your RSVP up here. You can export a copy of of these guests to merge into you or your email marketing or what have you. I think we do have some plans for more integrations in the future on that front. Also, when when you’ve sent out your invitations via the email, you can choose to send reminders here. And that will just kind of like remind people that this that this invitation is there for them to to answer and respond to.

And we could go into the invitation flow. I think this is a good spot to do it. So inviting other guests is pretty easy. There’s a few ways you can do it. You can kind of sink your contact lists from Gmail and kind of select from here. You can import from a CSV if that’s easier for you. And you have a lot of a big long guest list and a lead list from maybe a registration form on your website. And lastly, you can also send the send or share your direct invitation link on any channel of your choosing.

If you wanted to make the super open invite and you wanted to post this link on Twitter, anyone with this link will be able to RSVP and join this event. OK, let’s keep going, our sponsors tab is brand new, we’re still working away at this.

I know that that there is a big need for kind of segmenting these sponsors into different levels, let’s say like a premium package for four sponsors and a gold and silver. Right now. It’s it’s pretty straightforward. You can upload your sponsors thumbnail and a logo, their name and any you rl if you have a tracking URL that you want to do or an affiliate, your URL, you can place that here as well as like a short headline and about and any any details of an offer or promotion that they’re running.

So I have a couple of loaded in here. You can click into them and say and read more about that sponsor. Right now I just have the about section filled in, but the guests can choose to go on and purchase something from Kyak. Same here, I have a little more details about about the offer that they’re providing. So just know that sponsors is fairly new. We’re going to be continually improving this one. And on our marketing website, we actually mentioned we had a previous widget called DLs.

We’ve actually sunset ad that for the time being and replaced it with sponsors. But we may be reviving deals in the future. The concept around deals was we had secured partnerships and and promotions with other third party companies that we would display to any certain event type saying, hey, you’re planning a meeting. This this service might be interested, interested to you and your your attendees. But in the meantime, we’ve got a lot more requests for being able to upload their own sponsors of the event.

So we wanted to focus on this one.

First checklist is something that’s more applicable to smaller groups and smaller plannings like corporate retreats, bachelor parties, things of that nature. This is a collaborative widget. So right now, any all of your guests will be able to kind of add to this claim items so they can say, yep, I’m bringing a phone charger, for example, and it’s a way of kind of divvying up responsibilities and and making sure that you have all the things you need or are or your responsibilities are kind of being handled as a group.

Lastly, pretty, pretty popular one for virtual events, so I’ll spend some time on this, which is video chat. So the best way to envision what video chat is on guess forward is this is kind of like a rapper or a organized way of of displaying lots of different video chats that you have going on. So we do have our own integrated video platform that is powered by Getsy, which is an open sourced end to end encrypted video chat service.

And you can see that it currently supports up to one hundred concurrent participants. I know that Gizzi is working quickly and in kind of rolling out lots and lots of new features that we are keeping up with and making sure that we kind of spin over into into our side. But you can kind of create a nice little title for this event, this video chat. And what happens is when those are created, if you’d like, they can send by clicking this, it can send a styled invitation, email, invitation to your guest list that tells them, hey, this video chat is happening, save add it to your calendars.

But the the benefit here is that unlike a traditional virtual conference platform where everything has to take place on that day and it’s filled with back to back talks. Yes.

Forward lengthens that that engagement period to well beyond and well before your event date. So you can see here I’ve changed the event of this demo event a couple times, but you can see here that I had an attendee Kuai before well before this event even started. So if you wanted to engage your your attendee list leading up to it to make sure that you’re touching all of the topics that that they want to learn about and hear about, it’s just a way where you can kind of keep your attendees continuously engaged so that they get the most value.

And it takes a lot of stress off of you, the organizer. So you can see that this video chat here is happening today in a couple hours. I can add it to my calendar here, but let’s just change for the sake of the example. Let’s just make let’s change this to happen right now in twenty four.

I’m actually going to set it for a couple minutes ahead of time because. You’ll see that even though it’s happening, slated to happen in a few minutes, if you’re an organizer, this these buttons do illuminate ten minutes ahead of time so that you have a chance to go in there and kind of get set up and make sure everything is working right. Let’s just say. Within Zhizhi, everybody within Getsy, you can do all the things that you’re accustomed to with other Videojet, so you can you can share your screen, you can record this, I believe that when you record it through Getsy right now, it gets uploaded to Dropbox.

We’re going to be making meeting as a team and seeing how we can preserve these recordings better and kind of have prerecorded, not prerecorded, but had the recordings of those talks be easily accessible to your guests after these chats have already happened.

Gitti also has its own integrated chat room in here, which you may want to utilize to keep Chat’s focused in this video chat, rather than using the global chat room of the event list as a whole.

So there’s more there’s more coming on on this, but the other thing that you can do so I’m going to head back to my main video chat panel here is let’s say let’s say you don’t want to use our integrated video chat. No big deal. And you’re more accustomed to using your own third party video chat. You can do the same things with this and just drop your zoom invitation links, for example. And what that will do is it will create a central place for your attendees to kind of pick and choose which talks they want to go to without you needing to use a very complicated, robust video chat, video chat platform so you can basically, in effect, use basic zoom links to recreate a whole conference experience by using for it and simply creating those wrappers for those invitation links.

There’s a lot to be done on this. I’m curious to see what people have for questions that we haven’t already covered. But I’ll go over the road map for this as well at the end.

Lastly, over here, you’ll see in our shared resources, this is just a place for you to drop handy links or files or anything that would be helpful for your attendees to have on hand and easily accessible. I know that people have requested that we be able to reorder these or edit these. That’s coming shortly. But for example, you can see her I posted an image to the conference layout or it could be a link to your home page if this link is not kind of suitable enough for you.

So super open ended, you can kind of use it as as as you wish and it’s ultra flexible.

Lastly, let’s go through some of these admin controls up here so your guests will see pretty much exactly what’s on the screen here, except minus some some small admin controls. We already went through the invitation process. You can make a announcement to your guest list, which will send out in a style email notification. And you can you can break it up and send this announcement based on certain criteria so you can send a message to just people who are attending or not.

Sure yet. You can send something to just people who responded, maybe just kind of urge them to update their RSVP as the event gets closer. Or you can you can kind of touch all the people who maybe you sent an invite via email and they haven’t RSVP yet. You can nudge them to kind of make a make a response and so that you can get a more accurate head count. Under this promote under this promote your event button up here, so we do offer these embeddable buttons, which, again, if you have a if you have your own website for your event is a nice way of kind of embedding a registration button in there and carrying people into your guests, your guest would event with ease.

You can grab the iFrame buttons right here for that. And a couple other things you can do that can be handy, obviously, by clicking edit event, you can go back and edit any of these central details. You can go back to your custom branding. You can kind of change your your splash background, et cetera, et cetera. You can also choose to duplicate your event so you can clone your event if this is something that happens annually or monthly, quarterly, and you can choose to you can choose which components and which content in your widgets that you’d like to carry over into that duplicated event.

So this can save you a lot of time if if year over year your schedule remains roughly the same, or you don’t want to go through and build out all the stuff again, that next time around, this can save you a lot of time. Notification settings, so all of your guests can see this, too, if you if they choose to download our native Android or iOS application and they aren’t feeling the email notifications. This is where they can choose to kind of customize how they receive those notifications.

And lastly, obviously, you can delete your event. So I’ll use this I’ll use the last bit here to go over our credits. If you have purchased credits or I should say, if you’ve purchased an app, Sumell Code and you want to stack more, you can simply click here. This is where you see your little credit balance. So you can see I have eight thousand fifty credits remaining and I can go here and stack additional codes by clicking.

I have a code and pressing this. This will change to continue and apply your additional apps to most codes here. The way that credits work is every event has thirty free guests included. No matter if you have app Sumell credits, regular credits. So essentially every event. Under 30 people is always free. We do this to make sure that we’re, you know, we personally think that this is extremely handy for things like bachelor parties and small retreats. And we want to incentivize those users to use this and get the help that they need to streamline their event without without paying a dime.

After that 30 first person has joined the event, we start to deduct from your organizer account credit. And so these eight thousand credits will start to deduct and this is this is my organizer account. So if I’m running 10 different events and I’m the organizer on that account, all of those events, if they go over 30 people, they will deduct from my central accounts balance for the module’s. If you’ve purchased, let’s say, the two hundred and fifty recurring plan, basically how it works is that at the first of every month, your credit balance will go back to two hundred and fifty.

So it’s kind of a use it or lose it kind of scenario where you can invite two hundred and fifty people. And if two hundred and fifty people join in that month of January, let’s say your credits will refresh to 250 at the on February 1st. Same thing goes for if you if you only have 10 people RSVP to an event in January, again, it’ll still just refresh back to two 50 at the at the beginning of the next month.

So we have received some questions like, hey, can I use if I got a two hundred and fifty month plan and I have a five hundred person event that I’m planning, can I simply have two hundred and fifty people join in January twenty eight and then once my account balance gets back up to two fifty on February 1st, just invite the other, the remaining guests. Yeah you can, you can absolutely do that. I think that is the nuts and bolts of everything.

I may have missed some things, but let’s go over our public road map.

There’s been a lot of great kind of requests and and questions and we’ve got we’ve got a lot to do.

So some of the biggest things that are coming up that we’ve slated is multiple group tags for guests has been a request that we’ve we’ve been seeing from before we even launched on that. And we want to get that out out the door. So instead of just being able to assign a single tag to a member in your event, being able to decide and assign multiple.

So if this person is both a speaker and a vendor, you should be able to delineate between the two so that you can kind of make sure that your board threads are are are being the most flexible that they can. I will touch on this briefly, there’s been a lot of hubbub about about c name integration and and I guess are are vague answers to these. It really comes down to it comes down to kind of private versus public events, because right now these these Gosport events are kind of invite only whether you have the direct invitation link or you receive an email invitation by just Blanket Lee allowing a custom C name.

It opens it up to a lot of potential problems where someone might link that that top level domain publicly and their website. And because the users aren’t authenticated through, they would receive an error page or kind of like they’d hit a dead wall. So before we can allow C name integration like that, we do need to delineate between public versus private events. And we also need to kind of figure out how we’re going to treat this left sidebar here. So just to quell some questions, let’s say white star travel, which is this brand, it’s a brand new domain.

Let’s say this was changed to events, dot white star travel, dot com suddenly from the from the user’s perspective, if they are part of other desperate events and they’re starting to see these events, their own personal, unrelated events are suddenly under the white star travel domain.

It becomes to be a little confusing from the user experience perspective, not to mention what happens when they create their own event. So we’re doing a lot of work in terms of the architecture of what happens when something is a truly kind of white labeled experience and how that affects the navigation and the user experience. Hope that answers or clears up that that point a little bit.

So I’ll leave this this public road map is available for anybody view on our Web page.

You’re welcome to reach out to me if you’d like to go to kind of see this more and go over some more of these items. But we’ve pretty much brought in all of the most common requests here. We still need to scope out some of these more common ones and see how where we’re going to land those in our upcoming deployment dates. But I hope this answers most of your questions. And yeah, I think I’m ready to take some questions here, Lindsey.

All right, let’s do it. Summerlands, if you have any more questions, you can leave them in the Q&A box. Now, I’m going to start from the top. Rozario asks, Can the date be set to day, day, month, month, year, year for international audiences?

Yes, yes. Good question. So that is on our list. If it’s not on our public roadmap list, it might just be because it’s a pretty small item. We do know that for our international friends, it’s just a little unorthodox to have the the kind of us standard here of Monday. I will say, though, that in the in there, in the interim, before we do that, this is probably the only section or that is seen in that format.

Traditionally on the yes side of things, they will always see a more written out version of that date. So I know it’s I know it’s frustrating on your end, but for the guests and they’ll see something that is that’s more appropriate. But it is on our roadmap to complete to be able to switch between the different date formats.

If the event is virtual and using your video meeting software, is it possible to take a picture of everyone on screen as an alternative to the photo?

Good question. So I believe let’s see if you can take a screenshot and Getsy, I mean, I, I think that what you can do is I mean, frankly, I would just take a screenshot of I would take a screenshot of your of your meeting room with your with your grid display of all of the the videos.

I don’t think that there’s a function to kind of take a screenshot of of the meeting as a whole. But obviously, if you’re using other video providers, Zoom, Google me, they may have that functionality included in there.

OK, where are these events hosted? Can we host them ourselves? Good question. I believe that question is. Is. Referring to see and custom domains, if I’m not mistaken, which which I may have already covered. So right now they’re hosted with us. I mean, our hosting is through HWC, so I think the best answer I can give right now is no, you can’t host them yourselves, but Will we’ll look into. Basically, reach out to us and send me an email.

Peter at Gaspare Dutko and let me understand that question a little clearer and what you’re trying to achieve. And we’ll see what we can do for you.

[00:39:44.800] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can we use HTML in the event description or schedule right now? So good question. Being able to have smarter kind of embed or or HTML within the schedule is on our radar. We know that people want to be able to embed videos or or other things like that. So not yet but soon.

[00:40:11.140] – Peter (GuestBoard)
Details I believe you can use. Right now, you can embed videos and tables and images in here, as well as links, but in terms of straight kind of code embedded or a simple code, I don’t believe that we offer that right at the moment. But good. It’s a good question. I do want to understand the use cases for those more. Maybe there’s a better a better way that we can provide that without just offering blanket HTML code.

So we’d love to learn more about that. But as of right now, I believe the answer is no.

[00:40:50.360] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
How long after the event can it stay active? Yeah, great. Great question. So right now the event stays active right now. We actually don’t have a cap on on when it when it ceases to remain active. So right now, it’s actually limitless. However, in the future, what we’re going to be doing is a certain amount of days after the event has concluded. So if this event is happening on February 19th, two weeks after that date, will will limit some of the functionality and archive that event over here.

[00:41:24.850] – Peter (GuestBoard)
So but a user will always be able to go back into their archive and see that event and see the photos and and kind of get that information again. But certain certain functionalities may be limited. Maybe they won’t be able to add another a new post to the message board or and the organizer may not be able to create a new video chat just to keep things from kind of running a straight. All right, how long after 8:00 a.m. regarding the message that access and other segregation tracking, can people have to segmentations like a vendor and a speaker?


So, yeah, that’s that’s kind of what I touched on with one of our priority things coming up in March here is multiple group tags per guest. I believe what they’re asking is can can multiple can can, I guess be a part of multiple groups that you can really drill down into those message boards.

So, yes, top top of our list. Well. Can you add polls and other or other engagement strategies in the message threads? Yeah, good question. So we do have a design for our own polls widget that you would be able to add. We haven’t implemented it yet. Right now, I think that the best way to achieve that is simply posting, you know, using a third party poll software like Doodle or some simple poll app that you can just drop a link to.

That’s that’s the best recommendation I can give right now.

Poll the polls, which it was something that we were really passionate about. We think it would be a big help. But in the last few weeks, there’s been a whole lot of other suggestions that seem to be that seem to be things that would impact a lot more than than the polls widget it. So it might have dropped in our priorities list a little bit.

[00:43:20.050] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Well, will the schedule show concurrent sessions on the same day time?

[00:43:26.250] – Peter (GuestBoard)
Yeah. So right now it will show it will show them next to each other. But you can have schedule items that are taking place on the same time for sure, because we’ve started to go more into things like conferences where there’s lots of things happening.

At the same time, this this schedule may. Not make the schedule is going to be kind of revisited in terms of design to filter or see a different view of this or a different design skin where you can see things in a more kind of column based schedule, as you would for a more robust conference. Because of our beginnings of weddings and kind of slightly simpler events, this linear timeline made more sense. But we know that with the growing use cases, we’re going to need to provide a better way of showing that information for super robust agenda.

So that is that is on our list of being able to to show lots of concurrent tracks and an agenda items that are happening at the same day and maybe in different rooms or in different different capacities.

So I think you can individual attendees opt out of making their contact information public on the guest list.

Good question. As so, yes and no. The this email column is only viewable to the organizers and admins. So get when guests come to the guest list page, they just see the name and the tag line of of the other guests. I will say that from the organizer controls. If you wanted to blanket hide the guest list from your other guests, you can simply turn off gasless it’ll still be available to you. So let’s do that here.

I’ll turn off guest lists and you can see that there’s a little like hidden icon. So that’s there to show you that. Yes, you can see the guest list still, but your guests aren’t able to see any of the other guests that are attending. I hope that answers the question.

[00:45:38.880] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Do you provide or do you have any guidance about how to create sponsor packages?

[00:45:44.730] – Peter (GuestBoard)
Yeah. So sponsor packages right now. I was actually just talking with the user.

Maybe this isn’t the same user about how to set up a more integrated system. We’re kind of via guest board. You can send out a build link or a process or a portal for your sponsors to kind of upload their own information and almost like paid tiered packages. I totally understand the use case for that makes makes a lot of sense right now. It’s kind of it’s kind of manual in the way that you’ll need to get that. You can either add those sponsors as admins in order for them to kind of upload their create their own profile.

Or you can simply ask them to say, hey, send us a thumbnail and your logo and like what you’re offering and we’ll load those in for you. I realize that’s not the most. The most. Detailed sponsor system to do this in, but as I said, this is a two week old widget that we’re still improving and that’s probably our next step, is being able to segment these out into different packages and streamline the way that you can go and request that information from your potential sponsors.

[00:47:04.340] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Does the guest board video platform provide a video replay? Yeah, so I touched on that. The answer is not easily at the moment. So yes, you can record your sessions in our own integrated one. You can record them in Zhizhi. Those get uploaded to to Dropbox, I believe. But our goal is to have it where you can your attendees, if they if they come a few days later after the event has already occurred, they should be able to come back in here and replay those sessions and kind of watch them again and get more value out of them.

[00:47:43.410] – Peter (GuestBoard)
I totally understand why that’s the kind of you know, that’s that’s the golden standard for virtual event these days. And we’re working quickly to just see how we can do that and resolve that in the in the best way possible.

[00:47:58.150] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can we utilize prerecorded video assets?

[00:48:02.490] – Peter (GuestBoard)
So in Getsy, you can and I was just talking with some about this today as well. You can start that live stream. You can also there is a function that we need to enable within Getsy where you can utilize that.

You can kind of integrate a YouTube stream or a YouTube video into this kind of act as a prerecorded session being streamed from Gitti. So right now, no. In the near future possibly. And yes. Is the chat integrated within Getsy video, exportable downloadable chat?

I don’t I don’t believe that it is. I kind of feel like it’s it’s it’s fleeting and in the moment. So you can see here this chat is here just like this, just like the chats within Zoom. It’s kind of happening at the moment. I do understand why. Same reason as the previous question. I do understand why being able to export that so that someone can see the video that the recorded video, along with the chats that occurred within that session is is handy.

There’s I think we all know that there’s a kind of limitless use case or limitless amount of video capabilities that are out in the market today to kind of serve these virtual events. We want to do what we can to meet those demands, but also we have our our sights set on on late twenty, twenty one and beyond where we are moving back towards kind of hybrid and in-person events. That’s where we started. That’s where we see a lot of the value in this remaining.

But we we want to make sure that we’re we’re doing our best to keep up with the keep up with the times. And that is on our on our roadmap.

[00:50:01.450] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can we use our own RCMP livestream using OBES, et cetera, lots of letters.

[00:50:07.720] – Peter (GuestBoard)
Yeah, yeah, same same same answer as before.

We know we have a lot to go on the video chat front. We know it’s what everybody is clamoring for right now. And and we’re going to be addressing all of these and seeing what makes sense to do and what has the biggest impact. I would I would personally say that the things that have the biggest impact are what has already been mentioned, prerecorded live streams and being able to watch those recordings again, with and with a kind of readout of any chat messages that occurred within those is probably like the lion’s share of things.

[00:50:49.120] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So. Yeah, I would encourage that person to reach out to me directly. I’m curious to hear their use case and might try to bounce that off of some other other vocal users that we’ve had recently to see if that resonates and see if that would be a common a common enough use case for us to to embark on. We got this with this question a couple of times, can you change the purple colors of the background to a different color?

[00:51:17.270] – Peter (GuestBoard)
Yeah, good question.

You know, not right now as we go down that white label road and we solve some of these some of these architectural issues of of what happens when you kind of strip an event and white label it kind of far outside of the guest Ford ecosystem that will immediately come into play where you can kind of brand it entirely to match the the the colors and brand and guidelines that you as a company have. So right now, no, it kind of sits under the branding of the biggest word platform.

If they are, I will use this time to recommend that, you know, generally white, transparent Pang’s work best for your core custom branding here. But will it will kind of accept any image that you give it. But from a design perspective, it looks nice when it’s when it’s a transparent PMG and it pops on top of our kind of dark purple here.

[00:52:19.220] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. We have a couple of questions here about invitation’s. Can you suggest ways to get invitations to folks who are not part of your contact database? Are there plans to make the event searchable? And can they respond to an ad or post somewhere on the Internet to request an invitation?

[00:52:39.860] – Peter (GuestBoard)
OK, yeah. So there’s a couple of questions in there. So if if they’re not in your contact base, the the next best thing to do is kind of share your invitation with them in any manner that you are able to contact that person. Right. So maybe you have their phone number. You can text them a link to this. It’ll create a nice little preview there. That’s kind of like the extent of what I can say right now.

Not not what I can say. That’s the extent of what I can suggest right now. The second part of your question of being able to search on Gosport and find an event that comes back to what I was talking about on this public versus private events. And so when this is obviously kind of top of our of our list here for the next month or so, and yes, part of that will be just a discoverability search function of guest word, where if your event is is kind of labeled as as public, they’ll be able to find that and join it.

[00:53:42.920] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can you make the events payable, is there an integration with PayPal and straight?

[00:53:48.080] – Peter (GuestBoard)
So that is another another big one, right? Paid events is huge. We know that. And being able to charge charge tickets in order to join your guest board as a one stop shop of collecting revenue and and having that be all in the same place as opposed to using another third party like Eventbrite or something else we know that’s huge. And it’s top of our list right now. You can’t do that. Typically, what most people we see do who are charging for their event is they might have a third party ticketing software that they’re already happy with.

It’s part of their registration check out on their own website, and they may just include the private invitation link in their communications with those those ticket purchasers in their confirmation flow, saying like, thanks for thanks for purchasing. Here’s a link to our our private community of ticket holders to so that you can kind of stay up to date on the event.

But to answer the question, it’s on. It’s coming. It’s coming soon.

In the meantime, for those of you that got in on the events frame deal, that’ll work for that.

So we have a couple of questions about credits. He asks, what if we have a multi day event, say, three days in a row and we have two thousand participants? Do those remain as two thousand credits or are they like a credit per day? And Rozario asks on the other side of that, why do why do you count? Yes. And maybe attendance with similar credit value. How could you put deadlines to maybe not consume these credits?

[00:55:32.790] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I don’t quite understand the last part of that of how can I put deadlines of not consuming those credits possible to put deadlines so that maybe it isn’t consumer credit?

[00:55:42.060] – Peter (GuestBoard)
I don’t know. OK, OK, I’ll I’ll I’ll take it and run with it. So so if you have a multiday event that is basically each event is treated as its own thing. So no matter if this is a one day event or a seven day event, we just we just deduct one credit if that person joins this Despard. Right. The reason why we do. Yes. Or maybe is those are both people who are getting value out of out of the out of the community itself.

And frankly, people just aren’t sure if they might attend or not. But you as the organizer are kind of. Given access to to engaging with that user, so we feel like it’s appropriate to detect a credit for that, otherwise you get into the the added confusion of kind of deducting multiple credits or half credits for certain people. And frankly, the the credit system is already beginning to be a little confusing, more confusing than we thought for users.

[00:56:46.450] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So we’re looking to kind of simplify this even more. But I hope that answers the question. So the main question was, will it only deduct one credit if that if that user joins a multiday event? Correct? That is correct.

[00:57:00.820] – Peter (GuestBoard)
Well. Another question about credit, if the event stays active forever, does the head does the head count towards the limit?

Yeah, so so that is a little that is a little present day loophole that everybody can can can take advantage of your events can can span many, many, many months between the start date and the end date. And no, we will or I guess yes, we will only deduct one credit if someone joins that. So as of right now, take advantage of it. You kind of use it to to create this extremely long community and only be charged one credit when someone joins this this extremely long event of yours.

And when, if and when we make changes to that, you will, of course, be grandfathered in. We’re not going to come knocking on your door asking for ten thousand credits. You’ll you’ll you’ll have gotten away with with the with the crime.

[00:57:56.880] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
You know, siblings are smart. They’ve warned you about that before you launched your right. There are smart bunch and then we’ll figure it out. Yes.

But we we like to reward that. We like to reward that kind of ingenuity. So go for it.

[00:58:10.980] – Peter (GuestBoard)
All right. Is there maximum time limit for the Getsy meetings?

Yes. There’s no maximum time limit for Getsy. But I did see someone mentioned that, for instance, I’ve been out of this meeting and there has been no participants in that GITTI meeting for 30 minutes or four. I believe it’s 20 minutes after it concluded or after the last person logged out. That’s how we know when to say that it’s closed. So there is some logic in that. But to answer your question, no, there is no time limit.

But if a certain amount if if nobody joins that meeting after a certain amount of time from when that scheduled time stops or starts, I suppose we will we’ll close that meeting because it’s shown that it’s kind of not being used.

So as long as one person shows up somewhat on time within that first twenty minutes span, the meeting is a go and it stays open. If not, we close it down because it’s not. It’s not. We don’t want it. We don’t want people kind of showing up an hour late and having that live button still be there. And nobody’s there to kind of greet them.

[00:59:20.890] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
As soon as we have a few more questions here that we’re going to go through, we’re hitting in about the hour, Mark. So Dave wants to know how many people can we can be video chatting at once. How is it organized? Is there an attendee limit? Yeah.

[00:59:36.420] – Peter (GuestBoard)
So in within Zhizhi, which is what we use for our our guests for the integrated platform.

The last time we checked it was one hundred concurrent participants. Now what that means is in that individual meeting, it can be one hundred people at once, but you could have multiple concurrent video meetings if you had different, you know, different concurrent sessions happening that could each host one hundred. But you can also use any third party platform that might have a much higher limit on those concurrent participants. So I’m not quite up to speed of what go GoToMeeting can can handle, but that that is an easy way to kind of push that limit up.

And what will happen is if you use something like Zoom and have an invite here or drop your invite like invite link here, that will kind of display here. And it just opens up that zoom meeting in a separate window.

All right. This last question kind of gets into roadmap and integrations. And I feel like that’s really sweet spot that they want to know.

[01:00:48.240] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Does get squared have any plans to work with robust conferencing tools? They named a couple that have been on Ximo in the past, but there’s comparing them specifically to video chat tools like Zoom or Google meet. Are there any plans to integrate with conferencing tools.

[01:01:04.800] – Peter (GuestBoard)
Yeah. So. So. I think I think it’s important to note that especially in the last year, there has been a explosion of possible video conference platforms to choose from. Right. And we have there’s also been a lot of requests and questions directed at us of who we’re going to integrate with Xabier and Serum’s and Email Majilis and all these things. We have a lot to choose from video video conference providers being many on that list. We know that there’s a there’s a cleaner and more integrated way to to integrate with Zoome, for example, than just dropping the invitation like you’re offering as an easy way for guests to jump into that.

[01:01:55.630] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So we’re taking a look at which integrations make the most sense and will move the needle, the most xabier being being kind of a big one.

[01:02:06.370] – Peter (GuestBoard)
But to answer your question yet, we’re exploring all of those.

And and we’re we’ve got a lot to do. Our developers are going to be very busy over the next few months. Awesome.

[01:02:18.190] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. We’re going to go ahead and wrap it up here. We got a couple of comments in the chat and very impressive for sure, planning to purchase momentarily. We had a couple other people saying that they were going to get some codes. So this is great. Thank you so much for walking us through this. Peter, is there a way that siblings could reach you if they have any more questions? Yeah, absolutely.

So down here is the support that typically it’s either me or a couple other team members who are always online. This is how we get to that, either the root of any problems that you’re facing and we kind of walk you through it and send you screenshots to help you on your way. But it’s also where we get a lot of our great use case explanation’s and gets us more information on why you’re looking for the the the suggested feature that you’re you’re you’re talking about and is is a much better way of kind of getting that point across so that we can accurately, accurately think about it and reflected in our roadmap and kind of understand the power behind what you’re what you’re asking for.

[01:03:21.010] – Peter (GuestBoard)
So this is your this is your little contact point for us. You can also send us an email at either info at guess for Dutko or you can reach me directly at Peter at. Thank you so much, Peter. All right. If you have not already, you can go ahead and redeem your codes right now on Atsumi Dotcom Slash Gosport, and this is available for fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, it is backed by abstemious 60 day guarantee scheme.

[01:03:49.050] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and leave your reviews on the deal page. This does have a five TOCO rating, so people are definitely raving about it. And if you want to rave about it too, you can do that on the deal page. We love to see it. And of course, if you have any more questions, you can reach out to their support team and they will get you those answers.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Peter. It has been great having you here today.

[01:04:14.560] – Peter (GuestBoard)
Thank you. And thanks, everybody. Looking forward to talking with talking with you all.

[01:04:19.930] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Have a good one. Bye, guys.

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