GoPublish LTD Review: Publish Content to Unlimited WordPress Sites Directly from Google Docs

In this mini-review of GoPublish, I'll go over the things I liked (and disliked) about GoPublish, and whether or not it's worth a purchase. Let's get started.

For a long time, I used visual builders like Elementor or Divi to upload blog posts. They let me customize my design 100%, which looked great but took a lot of time.

I had to add modules like dividers and texts, then paste the content section by section.

To save time, I now copy and paste content directly into the text editor. It doesn’t look as fancy, but it’s decent and saves a lot of time.

However, there are still some parts I hate:

  • I can’t paste images directly. I have to upload them to the media library first, then insert them one by one. It’s a pain if you have many images.
  • I need to remove extra spaces and line breaks. I check each paragraph to make sure it’s clean.
  • I’ve also realized that pasting content from docs adds a bunch of irrelevant code.
  • I have to change each link to “open in a new tab.”
  • At one point the thought of logging into WordPress to publish a post is a pain. And the backlog just keeps growing.

GoPublish to the rescue

Now, I publish to WordPress without logging in. Once I finish editing on Google Docs, I just click publish. And poof! It’s there on my site.

It solves all the issues I mentioned before. (This content is published using GoPublish)

👍 Pros of Using GoPublish

Save time. Make life easier

You can publish content directly from where you’re writing. It doesn’t get easier than that.

If you manage multiple blogs, like for clients or affiliate sites, you can switch websites with one click and hit publish.

Each export comes out perfectly formatted with clean code. That means no more extra spaces or line breaks to clear.

You can set all links to open in a new tab or make them no-follow without doing it manually for each link.

Images automatically upload and insert too.

Publish 1,000 articles at one go

Maybe you have a team of (AI) writers churning out content.

This tool supports bulk publishing.

Just place each Doc in Google Sheets and hit publish. It’ll post them one by one.

Update existing content

I update content now and then to keep it fresh and relevant, especially for key pages.

One worry was that GoPublish might create a new post instead. That would be bad for SEO.

Thankfully, they don’t. You can choose “Update content” before hitting publish, and it’ll just submit the changes.

That means you don’t need to visit WordPress for content updates either!

Other handy settings

  • If you paste a YouTube or Twitter link, it automatically turns into a media player or a beautiful card.
  • Write & add alt text to images in bulk using AI, saving lots of time.
  • Include font colors, especially if you use them to highlight points.
  • Change the permalink from Google Docs.
  • Publish as a draft, make it live right away, or schedule it for later.

👎 What I don’t like About GoPublish

About Alt Text

You can automatically write and add alt text to existing images from your blog, but not to new images you’re uploading.

You have to manually write and add them to images in Google Docs, then sync them to your blog.

While it’s easier than doing it in WordPress, I hope they add the AI features to new images too.

Manual Image Compression

They detect all the images in your post and let you compress them. But, you have to click “Optimize” for each one.

I suggest adding an “Optimize all images” button so you can just click once and be done.

Even better, they could automatically optimize images when you upload the blog post.

It would also be great to choose the type of compression – like lossless or lossy.

☁️ My Wishlist for GoPublish

  • Imagine if it could automatically add relevant external links in your Google Docs.
  • GoPublish doesn’t save your settings. So, for each new post, you have to choose options again. For e.g. I always want links to open in a new tab and to add alt text. Saving these settings would mean fewer clicks for me.
  • It would be even better if I could save custom settings for each client’s blog.
  • Adjust settings for plugins directly from GoPublish, like Table of Contents or SEO tools like Squirrly SEO or Rank Math.
  • (Big Upgrade) Turn GoPublish into a SaaS. Right now, it’s a Google Workspace extension, which is good for what it does. But making it cloud-based could offer more features.
  • For example, a simple kanban board for project management where writers can move content through different stages and assign content to teammates.
  • Connect multiple Google Drives and search for docs.
  • Publish on Medium

Final thoughts

GoPublish is a great productivity tool for WordPress users. It has a few small issues, but the main features work well and it already includes the important ones.

If you write in Google Docs and publish on WordPress, this tool will definitely save you time.

It reduces friction, letting you focus on creating great content.

They are currently selling a lifetime deal on SaasZilla

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Ken Moo