GoCopy: Generate High Converting Marketing Copy with AI in Seconds


GoCopy is an AI-powered content platform that helps you write effective marketing sales copy in no time.

Using proven marketing copy templates, you can create great SEO content and high-quality copy without ever hiring a copywriter to do the job for you.


GoCopy’s Pricing Overview


GoCopy’s monthly price starts at $19. With this “starter “plan, you’ll have a reasonable amount of credits to use GoCopy’s AI writing assistant every month — from its templates to its long-form AI content generator.

By further upgrading this plan, you’ll have unlimited credits to the AI writing assistant, giving you full access to the app.

Alternatively, GoCopy has a limited lifetime deal that’s available on Appsumo. GoCopy’s lifetime deal starts at $59 for a single code deal. For more details about GoCopy’s lifetime deal, check the panels below:

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Price starts from:

$19.00 / month

✅  Has a 7-day free trial
Has a free version
✅  Save up to 27% when you get a yearly subscription

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$59.00 – Single Payment for Tier 1 Deal

GoCopy lifeitme deal on Appsumo


GoCopy’s Features


👉  Get access to highly-effective marketing templates for every type of content that you need. Choose from over 7 categories of marketing templates including social media posts, emails, e-commerce, digital ads, blog and website content, plus much more.

👉  Instantly generate tens of ideas with GoCopy’s AI writing assistant. Just type in a topic and the AI will generate relevant ideas that you can use for whatever content that you’re going to create.

👉  Add more to your already existing content with GoCopy’s text editor. Let the AI write for you with a single click!

👉  Edit your text by highlighting them. You can choose to rewrite your sentences, expand or condense them, instruct the AI, or simplify your content.

👉  GoCopy’s Long Form Writing Assistant will allow you to write SEO-optimized blog, article, or website content in mere minutes! Simply input the title, content brief, and output length to give the AI more instructions about what you want your output to be. The more instructions you give, the better the generated content will be.



Who is GoCopy for?


GoCopy is perfect for content writers, copywriters, marketers, SMB owners, and marketing agencies who want to create high quality copy fast and that which meets their standards.


Things to Note about GoCopy


👉  A plagiarism checker isn’t available in the tool yet.


User Reviews for GoCopy


“GoCopy has something I haven’t seen in any other AI copy tool, and that is the ability to compile it all within a document. You segment by Project > Document so you can keep all of them organized.

The UI is really sleek and easy on the eyes. For the future, I’d love to see a dark mode UI.


“UX is really where this shines. As I mentioned, you can compile all your AI generations within a document. The editor is actually REALLY nice as well. Really easy to use.


“Here’s a tip: In the editor, on a new line, simply press Tab and you’ll get the option to make the line a heading, delimiter, code, etc. But what’s also cool is you just keep pressing Tab until you get what option you want and press Enter and it’ll be selected. But it doesn’t stop there! Say you selected heading, you can press Tab again to select H1, H2, H3, etc.


“Overall, really enjoying this, especially the special deal we get here”

by nik


“I’ve tried a lot of copy AI tools and although they’re often highly rated, I’ve found them to produce really odd results that don’t sound like a human but a computer, which often takes up a lot of time to undo and edit. That’s not what you want. A lot of my work revolves around copy and this is going to be a huge time saver for me.


“I’ve messed around with GoCopy for roughly 2 hours and so far it’s awesome, I haven’t had a problem with it. Combine it with something like Frase and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse for content in search engines, use a social media management tool and your business is good to go for digital presence that even a busy solopreneur could manage.


“Try it and see if it fits for you, I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

by ChristopherRobin


“GoCopy has surprised me as I’ve tried a number of ‘similar’ tools and found them to spew out absolute junk and where I soon get bored with testing them out because they simply can’t generate decent content.


“I’m surprised as I’ve just been paying for one of those aforementioned similar tools at a hefty purchase price and then $47.00 per month for unlimited output. For this one-time fee not only do I get unlimited use for life but it produces very high quality content.


“I’ve been testing it out ever since I purchased it and now can’t leave it alone.


“The interface is so simple, it’s untrue as it has plenty of features that really do make a difference to my Social Media posting and my Blog posts.


“If you’re stuck for ideas or already have something but want to boost it somewhat, then I highly recommend GoCopy. It’s fun to use and, once you get deeper into the things you can use it for, you’ll be using it all the time.”

by kinger


“I have tried many of the AI writing tools out there right now and have used them alongside GoCopy to compare. Trust me, GoCopy blows every other AI writer that has been on Appsumo out of the water (Content Villain, Nichesss, Writesonic etc.). In fact, the current top paid AI tool ShortlyAI (that costs $40 a month) is only fractionaly better that GoCopy, and I am hoping that GoCopy manage to improve as they develop, making this the top AI writing lifetime deal to buy in my opinion.


“One of the awesome features that ShortlyAI has is the editor where you can ask it to finish sentences and write for you. You can kind of do this manually right now in GoCopy, but would be awesome if they could integrate it into the editor in the same way as Shortly.”

by jimbowen


“I have tried every one of these as it launched and refunded every one because of the terrible UI on most of them. Not the case with gocopy, though. It’s clean, fast, and easy to use and the editor makes it really easy to put together a draft article that I can then copy into google docs or Frase to optimize as needed.


The only thing missing is a WordPress plugin. I was lucky to get contentbot when it was here a few weeks ago but if gocopy had a WordPress plugin it would be even better than contentbot!”

by heatherjoflores

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