Funneljoy Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.590] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another walk through webinar, I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at Funnel. Joy and Joy is a sales funnel and landing page builder for non coders with a drag and drop editor that makes customization and optimization quick and easy. It is on APSA most starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the product itself, though, I just want to tell y’all a few quick things.

The first is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you are interested in funnel joy, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below. This video will circle back at the end of the walkthrough. But we also have Whitney here on standby who will go ahead and answer your questions as they come in.

We also will have a replay of this available. So if you need to step out or if you don’t want to watch this later, you can totally do that. There will be a replay shortly after we’re done recording. All right. That is enough for me. Hey, Sam, how are you doing today? I’m doing well. Thank you for having us.

[00:01:13.590] – Sam (Funneljoy)
It is great to have you. I am glad to have you here. I am excited to dove in the final joy. I’m going to go ahead and let you walk us through and you can let me know when you’re ready to take questions.

OK, so as you explain where a landing page sales funnel buildup, we try to as much as possible to make this simple what is still a work in progress. We’re learning. We’re improving compared to when we launched the software. It’s been a massive change in the software. So just to give you a bit of a demo, then out of the way.

OK, so when you’re signed in or you register for the first time into phone oldroyd, this is the kind of screen you have a look at. It would be. So this is just my own accounts that are useful. Tester.

So at the top of stack from the we have a roadmap so you can click that and see what we have planned and see how long it will take for us to get features out. And then you can also vote on products that you would want to see. So for example, we have people in here on our long term plan saying six votes for Web hooks. So definitely we would be looking at that person. This is a very popular feature, the affiliate module, and we will be pushing that out shortly.

So back to funnel OLDROYD, so to talk. We have a road map. We have notifications. So if you have any notifications from the app, for example, someone adds you to a team, you will get unifications for that here. We have a link to our knowledge base, so knowledge base, that is, we have topics on commonly asked questions or frequently asked questions, and then you can also contact support as well. The next icon takes you into our support subaccount model.

So what this allows you to do, so subaccount feature is also somewhat unique. To find out in a way where we allow you to do is, for example, you have multiple clients that you are building funnels for or you have multiple businesses that you need to build funnels for rather than having all of them in one place. Some accounts help you to be organized. Yes. So you can create some accounts for each of the businesses that you have. You can create some accounts for each of your clients so you can keep sort of separate.

What also helps you to do this, when are inviting team members? You can do like access level controls so that you can prevent people from visiting you, setting subaccount, in fact, you have to choose the subaccount you’re inviting your team member into. So this is especially helpful when you’re working with clients so you don’t need your clients seeing the other work that you’re doing.

So that is all about the stuff you see at the top. Now we go to the navigation. We have your funnels, which is the main thing that this product does. We have sell if you click on the dots, we have products, membership orders, coupon’s products, US products you want to set up to sell through funnel joint memberships that also products for these online classes. So you want to sell, how to bake, how to code, something like that.

You can create that with membership’s. You can also see orders from people that have purchased your products or purchased mayorships. You can also create coupons, so I’ll be walking through what each one does just to give you a bit of an overview. We’re going to contacts, you can see all of your contacts that have been collected from your phone calls or from your landing pages. You can create contact attributes. So if you if you don’t want the standard stuff that we collect through the forms, you can create any that you want.

Again, linked to some training videos, some training videos that we have and then support this on all the. You go into your account section, you have your jaywalks profile jaywalks is basically the umbrella of phonology, so you can amend all of that in here, even deleting your account if you want.

We have team. So this is where you see members in your account. You can invite team members. You can also see pending invitations. You can send them if you need to. Billion page, as usual. Let’s go to settings, OK, so in settings, you have your API token, we use this FOID of the integrations that we’re offering, we go into integrations. You see a few that we have. So Zacker is the main one.

You can connect to thousands of apps just using Zacchia. They are all the ones that we are considering on the roadmap, such as Spider. It seems to be very popular within the community. So we’ll be looking at that next. So we have active campaign, Sandline Milkin, some payment gateways such as Tripa get a response whereby you just send vox populi one again. And then we have some webinar integrations as well that go to webinar. So in your team audit log, this is where you get to see by the time you invite people into your accounts, this would be very useful to see who is doing what and when and then subaccount settings where you can change the name of your subaccount.

You can change the currency of your subaccount as well. You can also delete subaccount one, too.

So I’m just going to go back to the top and then we’ll start from scratch in your funnels. So to create a funnel, just click on the funnel button. We give you a different types of funds that you can create, so you can also choose to go custom if you wish. So opt in, funnel sales, funnel membership. I would go with a simple one. Let’s do opposite. So let’s call this opt in to one.

OK, so. While taking your final title, you get your subdomain automatically generated for you and then we can tell you if it’s available or not.

So every funnel creating funnel joy gets the subdomain by default. So that is up 10, 20 to one, the final dot com. You can then put in your own custom domains if you want. So this is OK, create funnel and then get a few of the templates that we have in their website to add into this on a regular basis. You can go between in funnel sales funnels depending on what you want. OK, so let’s use this.

You can also preview it if you want to. So I’ve used that funnel templates. The funnel has been created for me automatically. These are the five pages that are required in a in this case, the sales funnel. So I switched from opting to opt in just two pages, opt in and then you page this will give us a bit more to play around with.

So we have the five pages automatically created for us all with the same templates that we selected.

So you can we can do a quick preview of our pages. So this is the opt in page. You have a sales page so you can see that they are pretty much the same design.

So the funnel builder is at the heart of what we are doing.

We funnel joy. That is, you can come in and within two, three minutes you have a funnel already built. So you can just go in to the editor and then amend the page to fit what you want. So let me just walk you through the navigation in the funnel. So when you create your funnel, you get an additional navigation on the left. The first one is the pages that you have within your funnel. You can create new pages.

You can also import from your URL. So I would dove into those very soon. You have analytics.

So that’s where we give you an overview of that particular funnel, how well it’s doing, how many visitors, how many sales. We also have domains. So this is where, for example, I can create another subdomain for my funnel so I can type in a different one if I want to. I can also create a custom domain. Yeah.

And then we have a bit of a guide on how to get that connected to your domain registrar.

And then if you also want SSL, we also have a guide on how to go about doing that. So this is the subdomain that created Kinen of ten twenty one, the phonology dot com. I can create additional ones. We also have your funnel settings. This is where you create your funnel pop up, you can create as many pop ups as you want and then you use them within your funnel pages. Final settings, you can switch to go offline, you can change the name of your funnel.

We also have a page referral badge where we say maybe you can switch that off if you want to. And then you can also delete a funnel. Now, globalist groups. This is one that is also popular with the community. People seem to love this. The fact that you really need to integrate once in your funnel and it affects all of the pages within your funnel. So, for example, your Google analytics code, you don’t need to go into each page to then integrate.

Just put that wherever it is the head groups or body screwed and then you are good to go. So one thing I haven’t spoken about is your final share quote. Now, what this allows you to do within phonology is say, for example, I’ve created a custom funnel.

With a unique design and I want to share the design with you, all I need to do is give you my final share coat and in your own account. Rather than clicking, let’s go back to OK, so rather than funnel, I just click import funnel and Tadao shackled and I’m good to go, I’ll be able to import stuff into my own account. Now, whatever I do in my own account doesn’t affect the original owner of the funnel and it doesn’t affect any other person that uses that code as well.

OK, so we’re heading to the edita gradually, so these pages, five pages that have been created, I can move them around if I want to so I can take the opening page and put it down here. It’s just for order in most cases, because, again, I can link pages whichever way I want. I can link page one to page four, if that’s what I want to do is just mainly for order. Well, then your first.

Page and funnel is your home page. So if I visit my AP’TIN 21 dot org dot com, you see that is the sales page. That is my home page. So whichever one you put, whichever one you have at the top, that becomes your home page. So. Next on the list, let’s go to action for each page so I can preview a page, I can open it in the ED. I can go into a split test, so that means I can create split tests, I was sure that function as well.

You can create as many tests as you want. You can also go into the page analytics. You can switch a template, so as you mean, I’ve seen this and I don’t particularly like the design, I can just click on page switch templates and then pick another template from the list. We also have other actions, such as rename Klown, move to a different Fono exports or delete. Now, if I click the name of the page. This gives me more detail about the page.

OK, so. Yeah, you can see. The page that I just clicked on, which is sales page. I can switch it on and off, same way I can do it funnels. I get some analytics about that page in particular. So now not the funnel analytics. How many page views, conversion rates, contacts, no visitors, traffic by browser, where are they coming from and then what device at the using? Now, you can also do spirit tests from here.

So the icon. From the page we just left brings you to this pretests page so I can create a new variation of this page and I can create a new variation from control. So that is creating one that would look exactly like this. And then maybe I go on to modify it to do what I want. Or I create from a new template or I customized something else, maybe I create from scratch, we allow you to do us well.

We also have Heatmiser as part of your analytics. So this page hasn’t really been used. No, I have something here. I would show you that. OK, so I can go back to the funnel or I can look on that page and the editor. Well, let’s go into Ed. OK, so this is the final Ed is pretty much at the heart of what we are doing. Again, it’s a work in progress. We’re working on it, trying to simplify it, trying to make it as easy as possible for people to use.

So it’s a drag and drop, Edita, meaning we don’t have to place things in.

Exact places, you don’t have to be a web developer or a designer to be able to use it. I would say I would admit that the downside to that is we kind of need you to rather than just working on your desktop version, always check the mobile version to be sure that everything is sitting perfectly arranged stuff if you need to be for saving. Yeah, just because it’s a drag and drop Edita, things can go out of place. OK, so.

In the ED at the top, we have Page Suttons, actually the stuff from here so I can modify the name of my page from the editor so I can change that sales page.

And click save. Yes, I’ve changed the name of my page. We have paid Suttons, so here you can upload a new five ikon for your page by default, if the final joy icon dies there, you can change the you can change your page title. You can change the page slogan as well. You can add your keywords. Matadi description if you want robots, not such engine robots not to follow, not to index you. You can also do that from here.

You can also modify your social information, so these are all the meta tags that attached to a page so that search engines can easily find you can easily around you. You can also feel in your social information. I think I mentioned global screwups when we’re looking at photos now in pages as well, you can have you can embed your own scripts.

So, for example, I want to be able to chat with my customers. I don’t need that chats. We get to be on all pages in my phone. I just need it to one particular one so I can use paper scripts for that as well. It’s just that top of the ED.

I can also add a funnel to and I can add a pop up to my funnel. So adding the pop up to the exact page that I want, that is pop ups that have been created from your funnel. So that is the very top of the Edita we have help save Prevue and then the menu so you can always go back to your dashboard, go back to the funnel, go back to the page to see. On the next roll we have on, do we do the usual stuff you find in an editor?

We have rule as well. So just in case you want to place things in proper places, we allow you to be able to do that using the word. You can toggle it on and off. Again, just a reminder of the type of page that you are creating. We have some fonts in the editor, but if you want additional ones, you can always just add a Google fonts.

We have pretty much the whole Google font library in here, and whatever I pick from there will be added to my page selection. So each even when I leave this page, it would still be my selection for me to then use. Next, we have our next up view and then our mobiles, you. Next, I’ll go to the elements, so at the top we have Hedin. If you want to add heading to the top page, just click the.

Heading automatically be added to the page, I can drag this to any portion of the page that I want, I can just click on that. And modify. We also have this tool by the apes that allows you to be able to play around with your fonts, so font size on the line, you want to add a link, all of that. On the right, we also have a citizen’s panel, so this gives you more settings for whatever it is you’re playing around with.

So this is like should I call it quick Suttons? And this is more advanced, so you can do a number of stuff from here as well. So for every element that you pick on the left, you will get this toolbar, which is for the quick Suttons. You would also get the panel on the right, which is for more advanced sections. In most cases, you would still find a lot of these settings on the quick sections, but also here as well.

So that is heading. We have text. So you just want to add a normal paragraph. We have media. So in media we have images, audio player, video player. So an example, if I click on Audio Player of Year to my page, I can position it wherever I want, ad in the URL, choose if I want to play or not. Next, we have form elements. So this is where you have your buttons, checkbox, text area, text imputes.

So you want to create a forum for people to fill in to opt into your final. This is what you pretty much be using for that, I would do an example when we’re done with the overview. You can add shapes as well to your page, you can add the navigation menu as well. That is at the top. So something like this.

You can add a countdown timer, you can add your own custom HTML, so in most cases, people who are using custom channel is situations where we don’t have a particular integration you want to use.

You don’t want to use Zacchia, for example, then you can grab the custom from your autoresponder, bring it here and just attach it to your page. Yes. So that’s what custom helps you to do. So basically shows up like this. I would just paste my code in there. So whatever that embed code contains will pretty much be embedded on my page as well. So you can add the carousel, which is basically the image slider. So something like this you can use for testimonials.

Social media, and then you can add your progress bar as well. So if I click on Progress Bar, there it is, I can position it and I can do a number of stuff with it as well. So seven, eight, yeah. So that’s what the progress helps you to do. OK, so I think I can speak maybe let’s do a form just to show you how that would work normally. So let’s take this off. Let’s take this off.

Yeah, OK, so I want to create an option, I want people to basically come in and submit their emails to me, that is after reading what I have on offer, seen whatever it is that I’m selling to them. I’ll go to form elements. I would add text imputes. Yeah, so you see, by default, it’s immoral, I can always change this to whatever it is I want to collect, so assigned to type, I can change this to whatever.

Now, at the bottom of these, you can see each page is there because that contact attributes that I created. I’ll show you guys when I go back into the app. So if I want to call it age, for example, I just created as a contact attributes and software, it would show up in my editor so I can then collect that parameter from customers. So let’s leave this email, go back to form elements and let’s add a button.

There’s a line here. OK, so I wanted to show this mainly because the button element will pretty much be the most used element in the ad, and it’s important for us to at least show people how to go about using it. So important elements, you get different actions, you can get the button to do a variety of things.

One is you can get it to submit for you. So you wanted to submit an email address into the software or into your integrated app. So say, for example, I’m using send folks. You can use.

They submit Opt-In action, you can get your butt into the hyperlink, you can get your butt into checkout so that you have a product you want to sell, you’ve created your product in funnel joy, reach out to a quick run through and how to go about doing that. You can always set up the button to then be a checkout button for that product. You can set it up to download. You can set it up to basically submit whatever form is on that page to an email address.

So like a contactless, basically. We also have on submit what should happen, so if if submitted an email address, do I just remain on that page? Will it take me to a thank you page? Will you take me to a sales page? You can always set that up here so you can also set it to download. So collect an email address and then download this package for this person so we can always set it to redirect to funnel page and let that go to our thank you page.

Yeah. As you know, in this case, I imagine up to go to our sales page first. Now, you can also connected to send to unintegrated up, so these are apps that I have already connected with Dean Fauntleroy. So say, for example, send folks say, for example, active company. I can then say whatever form is submitted on this page, apart from submitting to find Joy submitted to send Fox as well, I can do that using centa integrated up.

So in this case, we’re just using it as a simple, obscene form. So. Once I’ve selected what I want, click save, so I’m saving the details for this particular button and then I click our global save. So this is the general save for the whole editor. Now, review that page. We should see our new form. Yeah. So this is the form that we just created. Yeah, anything I submitted here will go into our final joy contacts.

OK, so I think I also mentioned because it’s a drag and drop. We usually advise people, when you’re done creating your page, you don’t have to create a different version for mobile. We do our best to place things in the way they should be. But then again. Is always best for you to have a look at it, just to be sure that everything is in place. Well, so if I go to a mobile version, I can see that my menu was added perfectly.

Scroll down so I can see that my form as well. But in this case, I can see that there was excess space added. So I could just rearrange that. Yeah. And then other parts of the page pretty much OK. OK, so that is a quick overview of the final Ed. Again, we have a video that goes through the Ed. We also have support channels. If you have any issues, if you are facing any issues, let us know.

We would quickly have a look at that. Is there something else I wanted to show you? Yeah. So I think we are good for the Ed.. Let’s return back to funnel. So. We’re back here. Let’s go to sell so I have a product I want to sell with no joy.

Now, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback about products and membership since we started to deal with upswell and we pushing a fix to this before the end of the week. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a fix. It works is a big amendments to the way we do things. So, for example, when you are new to funnel joy, we kind of get you to connect a payment gateway before you are able to create products. Now, from the feedback we’ve gotten from people, not everyone wants to be forced to add payment gateway before creating a product.

So with the updates, we are going to be allowing you to then do basically create a product you don’t need a payment gateway. Now, what that allows you to be able to do is offline sales, for example, maybe you colombani cash, bank transfer checks, whatever it is, you can then process a sale without necessarily needing that payment gateway. So that’s something that we would be pushing before the end of the week. So it’s not a fix.

It works. Just trying to make you better. So in this case, I have connected a payment gateway, I think I have stripe and people connected. Yes, so if I go to my connected ups in integration, I have people, I have strike. So that’s why I’m allowed to create products, so to create a product, you click on that. Now, you enter a details about this that you want to sell is pretty much similar for membership’s, the only difference in memberships is there is an additional page that allows you to then add your cost content.

So you are teaching how to bake or whatever. You can then add that in for the class that you want to sell or give away, whichever one it is. OK, so I enter my job description. I choose a domain for these products. So usually should be the same as whatever funnel I want to be selling these products.

Well, even if it’s not, it’s fine. It’s you can create one product and sell in multiple funnels. It’s just yes, you need to give it at least one product domain to StockTwits. You choose your building model. We have one time. We have record. So one time, just in time, the amount requiring a set price. I want you to be billed once every month, for example. You can also offer a trial period to say ten days just to allow depressing.

Starts before pain, you can also add in your own custom supports Eurorail or email address. So if someone is having an issue with that product, how do they contact you to get help? We don’t take you to select your payment options, so if it’s PayPal, for example, I can choose to use my people accounts to collect payments for this particular product and then I can enter fulfillments email. So by default, we have something already in there for you.

You can always modify the way you want as well. Just basically an email maybe saying thank you for buying me, be giving instructions on the next thing to do after making your purchases. And then when you’re done, you click to publish and then you have your product set up. So an example is this product that I have, product one, I haven’t actually selected anything for it. OK, let’s go to membership’s so it membership’s we have we need to bacon.

We have really lovely customer support sarap.

So with membership, you see that is exactly the same products. The difference is you have cost content, you have members, you have registration details. So I would jump right into registration details, OK. So the registration details, you have your automatically generated login URL and sign up. You are now designing Koraro as you can see, secrets. It’s not meant for you to give everyone. So, for example, you are selling this cost for a hundred dollars.

You can give your secret signal PRL to maybe people you want to just take your course for free. It was just go on the register and be able to take it without having to pay. Or if you’re doing maybe a free costs, zero dollars, you can also use this sign up, you give it to people and let them sign up to take your course. You can also take your login.

You are from here. You going to share it as well if you want.

If we could cost content, so this is where you add modules and lessons for for the costs you’re offering.

So an example is.

I’m not sure I know how to bake or let’s see, let’s see, buying ingredients.

Yeah. And then I can add description. I can also that Iran is not necessarily a release date, but how many days after should it release for a customer or someone enrolled in your membership class? So I can see if someone signs up. Automatically give them this module, so I leave that a zero by default or just leave it empty. So automatically give them this one, which is buying ingredients, the next one could be mixing the ingredients and you can see released across a day after two days after.

So you condense spaced out your costs. For example, you want your costs to last 30 days. You want your cost the last three months, for example. Yeah.

So that’s what we allow you to do in membership’s, and that’s why it’s separate from from products.

Now, you can also see members that people who have enrolled in your class. So these are examples of people who have enrolled in my class. You can search. I can also enroll. Remember if I once. So again, I want to give someone my course for free or whatever, or I collect that payment from an offline channel or a different channel entirely. And I just want to set them up so I can. Select for the member to set their own password, I can get the software to automatically generates one for them.

So they’re able to get access to my costs, so I think that is membership’s, I would jump to coupons. So we coupons, you can create discounts for customers basically, and we allow you to create coupons for specific products that you are selling. So, for example, let’s say discount type, I want a fixed discount.

Ten dollar discount. Yeah. I can select the product I want this to be for, which is we can teach they bacon, I can enter the description, I can also set some usage restrictions so depressing. And this amount before or maybe in max amount.

Do you want to limit the number of times the coupon can be used? Do you want one use that to be able to use a coupon multiple times. You have set all of that or you can also. Would I say generate a cost on coupon code so you don’t want the software to just spit out any coupon code for you? I can see prefix should be some suffix should be Tuomo generic code. So whatever code I get some for Yasim or so whatever code I get, I can then share that after publishing it and people can get whatever discount it is that I have set up.

So it fixed one or a percentage discount. So I think I also mentioned contact attributes when we’re when the ED. So if I go to contact attributes so you can see age to create one, all I need to do is just maintain the attributes. So see, I want to collect the city that this person is living in. I can see city. What type are you expecting? A number. Are you expecting text if you are not too sure.

Text is easy. Way to go. Add attributes, so now in my editor, I would have an option to create an imputes filled. To collect city and once that city is collected in contacts, it it’s be arranged properly for me so I can then make use of. So I think that is a quick overview of our joy is constantly improving. We would love as much feedback as possible when you used it.

You can contact us, support our joy dot com. You can use our road map, which is linked at the top so you can quickly see.

What we’re working on, if there is something that you want in the software that we are currently not working on or is not on the roadmap, please feel free to email us. So we take it very seriously.

We want to make the software as the best in the market, if possible. Yes. So I think that is it for me. Any questions, please? We do have some questions here, so I would go ahead and and ask them, how is this? They specifically said how is this different from Kallick funnel? But in general, can you speak to what separates you from other competitors?

OK, so I would start with what separates us from other competitors, because Fonthill does in most cases would do the same thing. Yes. So we might come at it from different angles. But it’s also you can create false. I’ve used click funds in the past. The issue I had with Click Furneaux was it was too complicated to use. Yeah. At this point, I needed to hire someone to help me build fondles files. I feel that defeats the purpose, why should I have a software where I still need someone to help me out to create my finals, I should be able to go in and just create these funnels within a short period of time and do what I need to do.

So that was the main reason why we created Funnel Joy, because we wanted to create an easy way of building Salesforce and landing pages. Absolutely. All right, does the editor create responsive content?

OK, so yes. But I would say 90 percent, they’re. Why do I say 90 percent there, because unlike with other editors, they are not food, drug and drug. So even those that call themselves drug and drop editors, you still have to move things into place. So you can’t just take on elements and place it in whichever place you want on your page. Yet it kind of allows you to click it into place and all that.

And we didn’t want that. We wanted. If true reform, that is going to move it wherever it is you want to put and it will stay there, so. Yes, it is responsive as you’re creating your pages, we are automatically creating the mobile version of that page. We do recommend that you still go to the mobile view of the ED and just check just to be sure that everything is in place before saving. Ninety percent of the time, it would be perfect 90 percent of the time we would be perfect, but I wouldn’t want to say yes, 100 percent truly responsive when I know, yes, we we build something different from others.

We are learning from each one and proving it. So, yeah, just check mobile view to be sure it’s OK before saving or in most cases it would be perfect for you. Wonderful. Thank you. Do you need a separate domain for each funnel subaccount, et cetera? OK, so for Subaccount, you don’t need domain’s for some accounts, so accounts basically in your own account. So for example, this is one of accounts that I have.

You still see my screen? Yeah.

OK, so this is one subaccount that I have. I can create an additional one if I want to, and then I can just move between them.

So let’s call these up. Sumo’s subaccount creates. So now when he takes me into that subaccount, you can see everything is brand new. Nothing has been done in this subaccount because I just created it so I can create new funnel here, I can invite say. So that’s some accounts she wouldn’t know that I have another set of accounts with other stuff in there.

Yes. So that is the purpose of subaccount. So it doesn’t give it’s not related to Domain’s now with funnels. Yes, you will need a unique domain for each funnel, so if you attach a domain to a funnel, you can’t use that same domain for a different funnel. It kind of defeats the purpose. You can’t have two websites. One domain.

Yeah, but if you don’t have any custom domain, we have subdomains. So you can just for once, you are setting up your funnel. You get that automatically. All right, does this handle shipping for a physical product? OK, so yes. It does help you, so it’s not connected to any shipping integrations at the moment, but if you want to sell a physical product, you definitely can do that. You definitely can is just, I would say, for more power users.

Yes, we do need to add a bit more on the integration side for you guys. Again, it’s something that has been requested for, I think in our roadmap. We have. Someone recommended and I think we’ve gotten a bunch of feedback about that, a lot of people want integration. Yeah, she should station. So that would help with physical product sales. But definitely you can’t. Thank you, format expert, for the contact question mark.

I didn’t get that sorry, this format export for the contact.

OK, so if I understand that, does that mean can you export from contacts? All I got. Yes. So if you want to export, yes, you can do that. So I Gilead’s let’s switch subaccount back to the one I was using for testing. OK, so I have contacts in here. I can feel filter this guy by sorry.

Followed up. He said yes. And which one. DSV. Thank you for calling. OK, so so on contact speech we have filtered by fono allows you to be able to say, OK, I only want to see contacts from this specific funnel. You can copy that is you copy all of your contacts and then you can just papists whatever you want. You can download the so I just I’ll get you see, as you file. I don’t know if you saw that.

I got to see ASV file download of my contacts, I can get access to download, I can get PDF as well if I want to. So, yes, you can export. We give you four different options. That is, if you are not using any of the integration’s. All right, simoleons, we have just a couple more questions here, so if you would like to get your question in, now is the time to send it to the Q&A box.

All right. In order to send email automation. Do you need an app and MailChimp, etc.. Is this a cost to add for other? OK, so you want to do email automation, unfortunately, you have to use some of that. Yes. So we are focusing on phone calls and we don’t want to go to order. So I know, yes, we could go into emails sending. So that’s campaigns and automation. We could also go into affiliates of basically an affiliate model that has been heavily requested.

In fact, I think one out of five votes, so that’s coming soon. So you can sign up affiliates both for email capability. We are not providing that it defeat the purpose of simplicity for us. So, yeah, connected to your Milchan, connected to send folks and send as many e-mails as you want. I’m sure that they can recommend some email automation tools that have been on tap for you to connect with.

Oh, they have got it. Yeah, yeah. I feel like whenever we have an email automation tool, there is a lot of there are a lot of like rules and stuff that’s involved. It gets very complicated. All right. Can I build my page in the mobile you. Yes, you can you can build your pigeon mobile view is just you’ll be walking backwards. So rather than doing that stuff and then automatically get your mobile view, you will be doing mobile first.

Just to give you an example, if I open this the editor. So this is Dexter view for my age. Yeah, if I go to the mobile view so I can still move things around if I need to. Yeah, without it affecting my next W. So, yes, you can build in mobility if you want to. It’s just I recommend doing the desktop trust. We would automatically do the mobile view for you and then you just check show that everything is perfect.

[00:50:34.600] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. All right, last question, is white label using our own domain and branding implemented? Thank you. OK, so we’ve got several questions about that. I think we probably get two or three a day, so no, for now, widely implemented, although again, something that we didn’t think about until we started the promotion of NOPSEMA. And a lot of people said, if you are going to give us some accounts, might as well give us white label.

[00:51:06.170] – Sam (Funneljoy)
We didn’t think about that. So White label is coming soon. We would allow you to then be able to customize the way you want to use your own domain. You can then bring in your clients without them knowing anything to do with. So, yes, it is on the road map, thank you and I did tell you that that question would come up. So thank you so much for asking it. By the way. All right. So those are all the questions that we have here.

[00:51:39.400] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And thank you so much, Sam, for hanging out with us, walking us through things. Thank you so much, Whitney. I’m going to go ahead and close this out if you have not already. You can go to Atsumi Dotcom’s funnel Dreux to redeem your codes there, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, this is backed by sumos, 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with this and see how it works for you.

[00:52:04.360] – Sam (Funneljoy)
Once you’ve done that, we would love to read your reviews. You can always leave those on the deal page and if you have any more questions, you can leave those on the page as well. Thank you so much. Have a good one. Thank you. Thank you for having us. Remember support of the military for some issues or you have any questions? Definitely. Thank you so much. Have a good.

[00:52:27.310] – Lindsay (AppSumo)

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