Get 2x Free SocialChief LTD (ends on cyber monday)

Hey my friends, just wanted to put a quick step-by-step guide to help you redeem your free SocialChief lifetime access (LTD)

Social chief pricing

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To get this free ltd, you’ll need to BUY Quuu from Appsumo first.

So if you don’t intend to buy Quuu, this free promotion wouldn’t apply to you.

I’m sorry I’ve wasted your time. Just close this page and move on.

Who is Quuu for?

Quuu is good for content creators, marketers, and agency owners.

I run a digital marketing agency and just started affiliate marketing so Quuu is especially attractive to me.

In Short, here’s what Quuu do:

  • Get daily hand-curated social media content with 500+ interest categories to choose from
  • Customize the content on all your social media profiles, then integrate with your favorite scheduler to automate sharing
  • Best for: Social media teams and marketers looking for fresh, hand-picked content for their audience without the manual work

And their MOST IMPORTANT feature for content creators is coming out soon…

Quuu Discover!

Quuu Discover allows you to upload your content to the Quuu platform and it’ll be recommended to other Quuu users looking to share or consume your content.

That means free traffic! Free exposure!

You got lousy SEO? No following? (like me?)

Use Quuu to automatically reach your target audience for free!

Okay, so if Quuu is something for you, then go buy it and you’ll be eligible to claim your free Socialchief account.

Step 1

Head to Appsumo and buy Quuu

If you buy 1 code = Pro Socialchief account

If you buy 2 codes = Team Socialchief account

I recommend that you buy 2 codes. The limits are just so much attractive. (but of coz, it depends on your situation)

Quuu pricing
Social chief pricing

Step 2

Remember to apply your briefcase chips.

It’s basically 25% OFF. Better than the bf2020 promo code.

briefcase chips

Step 3

Redeem your codes.

Redeem codes from appsumo

Copy the redemption code

And click “Redeem Now”

Create your Quuu account and then verify your email.

sign up account

Step 4 


Follow the flow but click “Publish directly to your profile” at this page:

It’ll integrate with your Facebook Page.

Give away all your permissions and make sure you see this page.

Give permissions to social chief

Once you’re integrated, Quuu will automatically start posting curated content on your Facebook page.

If you don’t want it, you need to turn it off.

Follow the following steps to turn off automatic posting:

Quuu profile
Quuu profile
Quuu profile

Okay nice.

Now it’s time to get our free account.

Step 5

Create Socialchief account.

On your next page you’ll see the following screenshot.

Just click the button and follow through the flow and create an account.

Quuu profile

Once you see this you’ve created your Socialchief account.

Connected it to Quuu.

And redeemed your FREE lifetime access.

social chief account acreated

Step 5 

Double check your account.

Don’t celebrate yet. 

Double check and see if you get upgraded automatically.

Head over to billing and check your plan status.

Dang! I’m still at Free.

They say it does happen.

So if you see this hit up support and tell them to upgrade you manually.

Show them these two screenshots if you need to:

Nice. You got a free LTD by a solid team.

If you are a content creator or content curator, grab Quuu. It’ll help you.

I’ve seen Quuu shared by influencers like Neil Patel and Brian Evans.

And I personally know some marketing agencies that uses Quuu for their clients too.

So they are already doing well and have MRR.

I’m sure your free Socialchief account will continue to grow and mature.

I hope this simple guide helps.

If you have a friend that does content, share this promo to them too! But remember it ends on cyber monday!

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Hey my friends, just wanted to put a quick step-by-step guide to help you redeem your free SocialChief lifetime access (LTD)

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