Exclusive Addons: Build The Ultimate Website with Exclusive Add-ons For Elementor


Exclusive Addons is a WordPress plugin that extends Elementor’s functionality, allowing you to create more complex websites. It has a number of Elementor-specific widgets that allow you to personalize your website to your heart’s content. The WebGL plugin integration allows you to make your website more dynamic by incorporating beautiful animations.

Build a website without sweating with Exclusive Addons!


Exclusive Addons Pricing Overview


Exclusive Addons’ annual price starts at $29. This is a starter plan for bloggers who want to use this tool to create an interactive website just for them. The price scales up if you want to add more site activations.

Alternatively, Exclusive Addons is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo which starts at $49 for a single code. Find out more about Exclusive Addons’ lifetime deal below:


Price starts from:

$29.00 per year

✅  No monthly fees
Has a free version

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$49.00 – Single Payment for a Tier 1 Deal

Exclusive Addons' lifetime deal on Appsumo


Exclusive Addons Features and Benefits


👉  Use the Header-Footer builder to make a stylish header and footer.

👉  Bring in Lottie Animations to make your site more interesting and fun without having to change a single line of code.

👉  Copy widgets, columns, sections, and nearly all other elements from one WordPress site to another.

👉  Add amazing 3D animations with WebGL to make your website more interactive and fun.

👉  Get full support for Woo Commerce for your online store, so you can sell things.

👉  Experiment with the Demo Previewer, which enables you to include a stunning cover picture and scrolling graphics, among other features.

👉  Make any part of the screen stay where you put it even if the web page is scrolled from top to bottom with Exclusive Sticky Extension.

👉  Create a stylish menu bar with all the features that are important to users with Mega Menu.

👉  Use the Glassmorphism effect to add a touch of class to your web design and make it look better.

👉  Make your website looks amazing with beautiful background gradient animation.

👉  Use floating particles with interactive interfaces to make people more interested in your site.

👉  Create user-friendly web designs with our Icon Library’s 3000+ elegant, pixel-perfect icons.

👉  Get more than 100 widgets and extensions, 30 unique templates, and 800 ready-made blocks.


 Who is Exclusive Addons For?


👉  You are a blogger who wants to build an interactive website for your content and engagement without hiring someone.

👉  You are a web designer who wants to level up their client’s business website even without a single code written.

👉  You are a business that wants to build a high-converting website, especially a landing page for your products online.

👉  You are an agency that wants to leverage your clients’ and your websites to generate more leads for being engaging and creative.



User Reviews for Exclusive Addons


For many years now I’ve used an alternative app to Elementor but recently have acquired a few websites built in Elementor.


I determined that I should learn a bit more about Elementor itself and more or less at the same time, came across Exclusive Addons in an offer at AppSumo.


Having read some of the reviews, I was very impressed to such an extent that I purchased the 3 codes.


Having now played with Exclusive Addons I can say that it impresses me even more. Also to add that their support is super quick and helpful.


If you’re on the fence now, get off it and go and get your Exclusive Addons without delay!

by dscontroller | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Weird Title I know. But allow me clear this one.


This addon has all the Elementor Pro widgets and many more!!!


Which Means=> Elementor Free + Exclusive Addon = Elementor Pro with Extra Features For Life!!!


I left Elementor after they had raised the price, Didn’t thought I would ever use that again. After seeing this addon here I was like… let’s see what it’s offering.Tried the free version for 15 minutes and on the 16th Got Full Stacked [3 codes] why not?


To Me it’s like Elementor Pro on LTD.


And about Support:- The Guy behind this addon is one of the finest Founders I have ever known, very supportive and genial person.


I was close to miss this deal!!! A hidden Gem For Elementor users.

by tukarim | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Not only does this add on come with a TON of functionality but the devs literally answered my questions and supported me within MINUTES!


They even took the time to upload additional elements into the templates folder to make my life easier and make my work look PHENOMENAL.


This should come standard in EVERY WEB DEVELOPERS toolkit if you are using elementor..



by Ryan_Pietrzak | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I am new to WordPress. With Exclusive Addons, I had my first experience building a website. I wouldn’t have done it without the customer service. Fahim from Exclusive Addons was very patient and helpful ) He responded very quickly and helped me do the initial setup.


If you have never worked with WordPress before, with this deal you can safely start.


The set of page templates and various elements look amazing. The designers of Exclusive Addons deserve the highest praise.


Everything works very fast. Thanks to the programmers )


I am filled with optimism. With such a great support and ready elements for every need, my new website: foxlogic.me will be ready in a few days.


Don’t miss out on getting this deal. And I went to buy another code )

by Brain | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I purchased this a few days ago and have experimented with it on several of my personal sites. I am pretty new at WordPress so I was very glad that it was so easy to use. I needed a little help at the beginning and the support person was extra good and went out of his way to help. If you do WordPress this will be a great addition to your toolbox.

Nice that the free Elementor version works and no need to purchase it.

by InTex | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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