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Slow websites can quickly cause frustration for both visitors and owners of the website. As a result, user experience is negatively affected, and if the website is left unoptimized for too long, you’ll find yourself with no people visiting your slow website at all.

Optimizing all of the images in your website is one of the simplest ways you can do to give your website its much needed speed boost. Say goodbye to slow loading speeds with EWWW Image Optimizer. This tool will compress the size of the images in your website without sacrificing image quality.

But that’s not all. EWWW Image Optimizer also has the necessary tools that reaches beyond image optimization to further boost your website’s loading speed. It has a host of tools that can be automated to level up your website’s performance, speed, and SEO with just a single click.


EWWW Image Optimizer’s Pricing Overview


EWWW Image Optimizer’s price starts at $7 per month for a singular website. The price will scale up if you’re planning to use ii on more WordPress websites, with the bandwidth limit increasing on bigger plans.

EWWW Image Optimizer has a lifetime deal which starts at $99.

Find out more details about their lifetime deal here »


Price starts from:

$7.00 / month

✅  1 Site
Unlimited images 
✅  Has a trial version

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$99.00 – Single Payment

✅  10 sites
200 GB bandwidth per month
✅  Unlimited images


EWWW Image Optimizer’s Features


Here are what EWWW Image Optimizer offers its users:


👉  Automatically compress and convert the images in your website for faster loading speeds.

👉  Save storage space without reducing the quality of your images.

👉  Option to automate image optimization on your website with the recommended settings

👉  Lazy Loader – Automatically scales images within your website to a more optimal size based on the user’s screen. This feature alone speeds up your website and improves user experience

👉  “Bulk Optimizer Tool” – Optimize all of the images in your site in one click.

👉  “Ludicrous mode” – An advanced setting mode within EWWW Image Optimizer that gives you more control and options on how you want to optimize the images on your site.

👉  “SWIS Performance Feature” – A unique feature within EWWW Image Optimizer. It’s basically collection of tools and options that significantly improves the speed of your website. The tools within the “SWIS Performance Feature can be purchased separately or you can access them all as a part of their Unlimited bundle. Few of the tools found within this features includes:

    • Advanced browser and page Caching
    • Minify JS/CSS
    • Disable unused JS/CSS resources
    • Optimize Google fonts
    • Defer JS
    • Inline critical CSS
    • And more!

👉  Great customer support

👉  Easy access of documentation about how to use the plugin



Who is EWWW Image Optimizer For?


WordPress developers and website owners will greatly benefit with EWWW Image Optimizer. This plugin can easily be installed and once activated, developers and owners can immediately optimize their website’s images and improve their page speed.


EWW Image Optimizer Alternatives



User Reviews of EWWW Image Optimizer


“I’ve been a shortpixel fan for a long time, and – having a massive ShortPixel stack from last time – I was hesitant, but I like to try new toys. Wow am I ever glad that I did.

The features are amazing, the built in integrations with WP Rocket and detailed guides on how to use them together are great. The white label CDN domain is a really nice touch (I love me some branding on any level).

The support. Man. The support. Super quick replies, super helpful, incredibly detailed, and they are working full tilt to get everything taken care of. Had a compatibility issue and it was sorted out within an hour of providing access to my dev site. These folks are not fooling around.”

– Review by Apooley

“Long version: After a bit of testing, I’m quite happy to replace Autoptimize / Shortpixel + local page caching plugin with EWWW IO & SWIS going forward. EWWW IO has most of the options of AO/SP, and some more useful options that are unique to EWWW IO.

File sizes of optimized images, on average and in our usage scenario, are slightly larger than ShortPixel (using glossy setting in ShortPixel with loseless image quality in AO CDN settings). However the image IQ from EWWW IO is far superior (IMO) and is worth the few extra KB. CDN speed seems as good, if not better, with incidental testing.”

– Review by Brian Curtis

“Awesome performance improvement with EWWW. For people on the fence, do yourself a favor and full-stack it while it’s around. I am consistently hitting A and above 95 scores when using an optimized theme and EWW together.”

– Review by Biswajit

Things to note about EWWW Image Optimizer:


  • It might cause technical issues and conflict with other plugins in WordPress.
  • Some people might find the documentation too technical
  • UI/UX can use some improvements for better user experience with the plugin.


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