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What’s going on, Sumolings? We’ll give you guys a minute to finish trickling in, we got an awesome webinar for you today. Let’s see, where are you guys coming in from? Let us know in the chat before we before we get going. I’m sure you know. But today’s webinar, I am Chris from Appsumo. We have Razvan from EPIK Pixels. The founder Epic Pixels is a carefully curated online portfolio of design resources that helps you ship your projects faster to available on Appsumo right now for just thirty nine dollars.

So it’s a super cool tool. Before we dove in today, I do want to go over some of the housekeeping. So one, if you have to jump out at any point, we will be sending out recording the replay and sending that out later today so you can check that out. The second thing is if you have any questions about epic pixels, you can drop those below on the Q&A box at the bottom of the video and we’ll circle back to those questions towards the end.

But that is all I have for now. So, Ourisman, thank you for joining us.

Thank you so much. OK, perfect. So how did epic pixels come about, where did the idea stem from? So initially, we just. OK. So I’m using Catalino, so my my screen will be showing. OK, can I can I get back in like one moment. Sure. Yeah. This is really good. OK. OK. All right.

We’ll see you in a second. What’s up. Just me here, but let me know what kind of business you guys are running. Have you already purchased epic pixels or are you kind of joining the webinar, too, to see how you would be able to use it? Let me know and let us know where you’re where you’re tuning in from. I myself am in Austin, Texas right now, and there is Rosewarne back on Google. But let’s give that another shot.

Yeah, I’m sorry.

I don’t know if you should try the new update, but basically asking for permission for everything.

So each time you have this looks good. I’m going to I’m going to start my video to start with, but rest assured, I’m still here.

OK, so I’ll just go through what what we have here at 50 pixels and I’ll continue with the answer to the question. So the question was how this how this project started. And we basically made this very simple presentation website. So I should probably have some image of how we looked before, but it was something we made to showcase, like some assets that we were making and we would not be selling to anyone because we were made to see. So that’s why these twenty fifteen free items are there, because we got a few questions on the absolute deal page as well.

People saying that there are really some very old items in there and indeed these are made by us. But the most newer ones are made by or some. But we didn’t decide to remove these. We are still seeing like our most popular item. Like, I don’t believe it or not, but it’s actually this one is still downloaded quite a lot and it’s from 2015, so I don’t know if would have been wise to remove that, but I don’t think so.

So that’s why we have these here.

But we do get between 30 and 40 items, your items.

And usually those are premium each month now. So it’s been growing pretty steadily. Our most popular items or categories are you like it, which you can find here and icons. And it’s very easy to just filter them. You can pick your kids to and get everything here. And the new additions that we made today, it’s filtering by platform. So if you have a preferred platform that you use, for example, Photoshop or a female sketch, you can filter by that.

And so you get all the kids that have weskit which Fitger and for example, this premium item. This is something that I also mentioned in our chat, no support chattier to people is that before they download something, even though like Dobsonville Deal allows you for 20 downloads per month. So just in our average that in our statistics and that we see that pretty much enough for a lot of people. But before you do that, you can just go and click this link and see actually the files that are in there in the zip in the product.

So before download. So it’s pretty nice to explain to your kids and then, like, each image can be clicked and you can see more details because these to be specific size.

So that’s one thing. Another very important filter is the premium or filtered by premium or free. So again, it’s premium and then we can go into a filter. If you like it, get premium whether you like it, and then can do a sketch and you can get all the sketch. You like kids that are premium. And we also show like a competition in some instances. So that’s that’s pretty useful. We did notice that a lot of people wanted teams, for example, where teams we don’t have like a lot of them right now, mainly because when we launched the website, we were making mostly making icons like it.

So this is where teams are made by an amateur actor that joined the marketplace pretty recently. And then you can find them here. We made a few feature pages, which we select like a few items that we like and put them in some text explaining what that does. So we have bootstrap kids or native items. Again, we are trying to see what works best, but also in most cases it’s all related to how much how many items you have.

So that’s that’s related as well. So another feature is you can use the search feature and you can type with the right here. And to sort that out and give you some some items and you can pick them by category as well if you want to get fonts.

And this string goes into into the description as well. So there is some kind of confusion of why this was B, that’s why. So that’s one thing. Anybody can submit items here. I’m not sure how important that is for this presentation, but you can just take a shot or go to this submit page and submit if anybody’s interested in selling any items. And in terms of how you get a subscription, which is kind of the last thing I want to talk about, you can get this the full price subscription, which is two dollars per month.

We will offer some some options for annual pricing into the future and maybe even showcase the lifetime on this page, which is the one you actually get to. And this is the page that we are showing to Dobsonville buyers. And in here you have this platform where you can put your coupon code and just click submit and that will attach to the coupon code. And then you can go to, for example, your items and this is your account. If you have any suggestions about changing this, I’m open to it.

I know people ask us where I see my lapdance. So this is how we get it. So we’ll see what happens to your account. Usually does after add the subscription is shown here, how many items you have left. And then if you want to add, it’s like it’s very limited in a way. You can edit your name here, user name, maybe subscribe or subscribe to our newsletter, change your Avatar, which are not that important because you don’t if you don’t sell anything, then these didn’t really show anywhere.

So that’s that’s mainly it. So you can submit items or buy or download them. So that’s that’s the website I hope the of. Look at China. All right. Yeah, I see some some questions in here. And again, anybody on here, if you have questions, please drop those in the Q&A box so we can kind of go through, make sure we don’t miss anything. I do see a couple of questions in the comments. One of them, let’s see, can you demonstrate apparels editing?

Does it say the name of the font in the project? OK, I’m not sure, maybe this is one item. Oh. I’m not sure which one which one is that, but I will, if you will, is the person who asked that question. So will you have any more specifics that you want us to go over? Let us know. Right.

In terms of like we’ve got a lot of questions from people asking us for certain, like it would work, for example, with some website builder. And I kept telling them that these are, for example, that you go in here, these are the files. So you would get the design. So you skip that first step.

Usually when you go to an agency or like someone to build your website, they would suggest we can design you and you need some unique website in there and you would get that straight away. So you’re going to have to pay for that stuff, which that’s why this is here. But it can be used for designers as well to get started faster for the.

Awesome. Yeah, I guess I’m always talking about men’s apparel, he said, demonstrated human apparel like T-shirts and. All right, if you have the link to the item, that would be OK and let me let me yeah, well, let us know if you have a specific one you want us to go over, if you could link out to that otherwise. I see. Another question is, do you have themes for Android or is it only for iOS at this point?

So any negative themes which are the ones that you see here, Reanimator, is basically that you build one one team and this will work on iOS and Android as well. So in here, probably that’s where the idea goes from testing and showcasing the not the how to get this thing on on your iPhone. But it was the same way on Android. There’s no difference. And you can get the Android app that you can upload to your Android phone before you can download it and see the team.

Again, these are just some functionality. You will be able to click buttons and see them on the menus and that’s what it them.

All right. Another another question I see is about how does this work with clients or for commercial usage? Can you use this as an agency for for your clients? Yes, so any of these items and we released this thing in the privacy and licensing page in here, you can get of you can get the item and then modify it. Or usually that’s what you do, because this is, for example, the design designer routine team. So you would be the team to be functional and you can sell that to the client, as usual.

But that would save money for the clients and yourself. You’ll save time by getting a team or design that’s already made and you just add the functionality. So that’s very helpful, at least in our case. It was mainly we did that for a while. Right now we’re having clients that are long term, so we’re not really working on a project unless someone wants to hire us right here, they can try and get to work with us most closely.

So that’s how we can get these for agency to allow gifting of these items and use them on the website and then sell that project. The only limitation is not getting these not allowed to get this item, for example, and just resell it as it is on the marketplace. Right. That would be the copyright trial.

OK, next question is wanting some clarity on what other tools you would need in order to work with these. So would it be Photoshop illustrator sketch or what?

Right. So it all depends. Right.

So, for example, if you have if you want to download icons, these usually come in as the deep UMG or so. In this case, you wouldn’t need anything for as big or big and you can just drop them in your website and that would work quickly and.

In Dyken cases, we are also listing deconcentrating that before we get them, so for the stations as well, if you will go into, for example, sketch blogging, it’s expected that you need to sketch right. To work with them. And right now, I listed the platform sitting here in the filter that are the most used on our marketplace, which is the sketch Photoshop illustrator and figure, and it can filter by them and get results based on that.

How does how does this compare with creative market? So the main comparison right now is the fact that you have a subscription creative market initially or recently tried to create a subscription website. So it was different, like separate from player to market. You’ll get into that website and get different items than what was on the Creative Market website. And they decided to close that.

I guess they didn’t think it was worth pursuing that. So basically what we have here is a bundle in a way of those methods of buying items in terms of what you will find on the website, it should be pretty similar. Like you will find fonts that you like its themes on the market as well as here. Right. So the difference is a subscription and how you buy that item. And for authors, they right now they get to get one percent of all of this.

So all of this price, because we have a deal with Braintree. So that question can come about a few times. Brant had a period where they were allowing customers to sign up and they would be like the fee, the fee would be zero. So we are in debt and still like going for a while. And then when the fees will start to come in, we will have to add to fee to and take that from the price and mention it to doctors to that.

But that’s that’s how it works. And that’s the difference. All right, I see some questions about the credits. So, one, if you use a credit to download something, can you read download that same thing at a later date without using a credit? And then the second part of that question is, do the credits roll over month to month? Right. So.

Credits do not roll over right now, so if you don’t use them to reset the next month, so if you use one this month, next month, it will be twenty, twenty, twenty, thirty eight or thirty thirty nine. So. And if you download one of the items you can download, this said many times that you like either from here, from this page, or if you go to my items, you’ll see the list here of items you downloaded and you can just download them as many times as you like.

In fact, right here in our yakiniku items, we we mentioned the description that you’re updating. So despite the multiple times, it can seem like a very rudimentary way of showing this. But we do this so you will see like a description update. And then each time we do this, we will shoot out of an email to all the people that do this and telling them that we updated the item and they can just go in and get the new version.

So as the downloads from your subscription will not be consumed by items that you are, download just happens once when you first get it. All right, those are those are all the questions that that I see, do you do you have anything on the roadmap that you wanted to lay out or what was kind of the future of epic pixels looking like we we are working.

But again, I mentioned this in the comments of. But people thought it was pretty close, but it’s not really that close because we have other clients developing that. It’s pretty slow, in my opinion. But if we did see, like a lot of requests for it. So we are trying to build a website builder. It should be pretty simple. And the idea would be we’re still looking at it, but the idea would be you would get, for example, kids file any kind of design when you would be for that and you would get like blocks that you can add to your website so that that would be how you would integrate pixels with that website builder.

And we are trying to to get that built, but it’s not very close. That’s like in the future and more exciting, so to speak. I don’t know that we have like very small improvements. For example, these platforms and we have is like five days before the deal got like we have a lot of changes to the design improvements. Research Associates, which is again new as we using to as a framework, as a base for that. So these guys are made constantly and like more and more important is that which I think would be very useful in the future.

Very cool. Perfect.

Well, thank you. Thank you so much for hopping on and doing this and showcasing everything to the simulator, which they really appreciate it. Also on here, you can pick up pixels on apps. You can just hand it over to Suhakam, slash epic pixels or find it from the browser page. Again, it’s just thirty nine dollars. So it’s a really great deal. Very appreciative to Brozman and his team for bringing this to us. And if you have any other questions, feel free to drop those on the deal page or I’m sure you can reach us to the epic pixels team directly as well.

What do you have any any final thoughts before we sign off?

That’s about it. I’m really happy that this deal happened. I’ve been trying to get in contact with you guys, so I’m really happy that you did pretty well, in my opinion. And you got a lot of feedback and a lot of people are using it. So we hope you’ll stick around. And each time we have an update, we can ask you guys for some. Awesome, great.

Well, thank you so much. I’m sure we’ll be talking to you soon. And simoleons have a great day. Thank you for joining us by everyone.

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