Encharge: Automated Email Marketing Campaigns


Encharge helps you send out emails for your email marketing campaigns making it more automated than it used to be. This way, you won’t have to worry about emailing your customers yourself.

Features and Benefits of Encharge

👉  Broadcasts – This feature allows you to create beautiful, one of a kind newsletters, and send them to your whole audience or to a segment of people. This way, you can increase your engagements.

👉  Flow Builder – You can create user journeys through this feature. This allows you to go beyond emails through understanding, mapping, and designing the entire user journey.

👉  Behavior Emails – This feature helps drive user engagements and increase the revenue. It involves sending targeted emails when people do or don’t do something on the site or on the product page.

👉  A/B Testing – You will be able to drive engagement and increase revenue through conducting these tests and doing your broadcasts and flows.

👉  Personalization – There is a personalized message scaling with dynamic content and merge tags, You can use the live data from your product and your marketing stack for you to personalize your emails. Furthermore, you can deliver more complex huper-personalization with Liquid Tags.

👉  User-Profiles – You can also check every user’s profile and see what they are doing in your website or what their current activity is.

👉  User Segments – This feature allows you to bring in user data from the app and your marketing stack and divide the users by segments of page visits, product behavior, feature, use, email activity, and data attributes from 3rd party apps.

👉  Lead Scoring – You can also score your users to find the leads that are the best fit for your products or service. This will also enable you to identify interested leads and measure website, email, and product engagements.

👉  Email Editor – Through this feature, you can edit and design mobile-ready emails without having to use HTML skills,

👉  Transactional Emails – This feature will allow you to send emails like password reset, payment receipt, and single sign-on links from your app.

👉  Email Verification – You can also send email verifications for your contacts in Encharge on all plans.


Who is Encharge for?

👉  Startups who are looking for a software to help them improve their engagement and their email marketing campaigns.

👉  Email Marketers who are in need of a software that can help them with their everyday tasks.

👉  Site owners who want to have an emailing tool that can help them improve their engagements and strategy.

Things to Note About Encharge

👉  It does not offer segment integration.

👉  It does not have event-based segmentation options.

👉  The forms are still in development.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2019

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 2

👉  Founder: Kalo Yankulov

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Encharge Reviews

AppSumo - 88 reviews


G2 - 42 reviews


Trustpilot - 60 reviews


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