EditMate Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.770] – Lindsay AppSumo
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today we are joined by the team over at EDIT Mate and It Me is a user generated video marketing software that allows businesses to feature videos from their community to provide social proof and build brand affinity. It is on Ximo right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and it does have a five TOCO rating. Hello PJ, I saw you this morning.

For those of you who have not been to one of these before. Let me go ahead and tell you how it works here. If you want to say hi to me or tell us a little bit about your use case, you could do that over in the chat room. If you want to ask any questions about the deal to how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We do have Rachel here from the edit team on standby who will be taking those questions.

But we’ll also answer them again at the end of the walkthrough. And then the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available if you’re watching the replay. Hello. And if you need to step out, you totally can. All right. That’s enough of me. Hey, Scott, how are you doing?

[00:01:14.280] – Scott EditMate
Hey, Lindsey.

I’m good. How about yourself?

[00:01:16.740] – Lindsay AppSumo
I’m doing very well. I’m glad to have you here. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough. Let me know when you’re ready for questions.

Hey, I’m Scott, I am one of the co-founders of it, we actually found it it it might end twenty, twenty fifteen. So we’re and now we’ve been running for five years, and this is actually our sixth year running. And I am talking to you from beautiful Boston, which is great and is in my language, about zero degrees Celsius.

So that’s a little bit of context around it. Basically what it is, is that my partner and I, we actually met at a video production company and at the time in 2010, 15 internal communications and video marketing is booming. But at the same time, marketers and businesses are really struggling to keep up with the kind of content they wanted to create. And it just seemed kind of crazy to be spending thousands and thousands of dollars to get a film crew in to just hold a camera when everybody had this really high quality mobile phone in their pocket.

So we basically had a light bulb moment when we thought, hey, why can’t businesses really use their mobile phones as a video production tool? So over the years, we’ve been putting all the pieces together and we’ve created a system that really streamlines video production for basically everybody. So today I’m going to go through the platform, how it works, how the crowdsourcing feature works. And I’m going to show you a couple of really what I think are really lifetime examples from a couple of different businesses that have used it over the years.

So I’m just going to scratch my screen now and. Give you the get go on outworks. So basically what it is and the deal that we’re providing to so it’s all about user generated video content. Why do you want user generated content? That’s it’s authentic. It’s relatable these days if a business has a video on their products page. I think they’ve got an 80 percent more chance of somebody actually buying the product. It’s used for reviews. It’s useful product showcases, unboxing all sorts of different types of content can be created with user generated videos.

So on our website, we’ve got all sorts of information. We’ve been doing this for quite a long time and you can basically look at it through our blog. We’ve got tips and tricks. There’s so many different resources there. So after this explainer and me taking you through the platform, please feel free to come down and actually sign up and receive our blog. Monthly marketing monthly blog. We share a ton of tips and tricks every month. This thing’s like a social media calendar.

You’ve got video marketing for businesses. We’ve got three ways to create user generated video campaigns right now, producing videos from home. So feel free to jump on the blog and have a look. So here it is. This is the platform. So basically this is where you start. So everybody that’s actually purchased an app, so they’ll be able to set up their own profile page on this page. It gives you a snapshot. You can upload your logo, you can upload a photo, and you can basically invite additional users directly to your plan.

So as an example of it, if you’re running a business and you’ve got a social media person, they might be in another state or you might have employees or business partners or customers that want to get involved. So you can actually just add an additional account directly from the profile page. It’s really simple. You just additional account and then from there you can put the email address and put their name. You’re the parent and you can just create a user.

They will then get an email from the platform saying, hey, welcome, you’ve been assigned to this person’s plan and they can log in and have access to your platform. So your section in it, rather. What happens is that if you’ve got an idea in mind, so let’s say you run, who was I talking to today? You’ve got a product and you’ve got lots of customers and they’re in different states around the Americas or anywhere in the world.

Or you need to do is you need to come down. You need to start a new project. I’ve actually gone ahead and started a new project already, and I’ve called it. Atsumi Dimo. I’m just going to get this further here. So this is what it looks like, so you come in, start a project, and then every time you start a project, you can set up a hashtag. The way our system works, every hashtag is unique.

So as an example, if you want a test, I’m sure this is taken. You can say, hey, this hashtag is in the news so you can use it. So what I’ve done is upset some old demo. What this system does is that you can actually streamline a video project through here. What this does is it brings together multiple shareable resources, like a lot of people use Google Drive or they might use Dropbox A we transfer high Taiyo, they might use Gmail.

So what this does is this works is like one central point to run a project. So you set up your project name if you’re going to use an editor that you’ve got access to or you might have an edit to yourself, you can basically just sit pre populating projects. So when you do date, how long you want the video to be. Video output’s what kind of is it going to be on in stories, is it going to be a square for mobile and Facebook?

Is it wide for YouTube? And then the creative brief section? This is basically what you’re why are you making this video and any inspiration? If you’ve seen another video from another company, you can actually and put a YouTube link in there or anything. So it’s basically this is the operative phrase and you can open the section up. The other thing I’ve seen a lot of businesses do, and this is kind of how we designed it, is that you can treat you like this.

You can actually upload files directly from your hard drive. So if you’ve got it might be a professional photo that you want to add into the video as simply roll. Or it might be some logos that you want to add into the video. You can actually put those into this Web upload box. I’m just having a little bit of it. Oh, yeah, oh, one of my dad. Oh, God, I could be used to the.

Yes, and what went wrong was not liking me. I’m not going to lie, that did make me giggle.

Sorry, I just I’m just going to have to actually my screen for a second. Can you take me off the screen for a second place?

Sorry. Oh, gosh, what’s going on? Sorry, guys, I’m just having a bit of a here we go, OK? Are you still there? Yeah. OK, can you see the screen again? You can. I think you can do it. OK, sorry. What am I doing? It looked like way less of a catastrophe on our end, by the way, of doing this being a slowness. So this is now I’ve opened this up.

OK, so basically and what we’ve done is this is really caused a lot of businesses. If you want to streamline a video project, you can crowdsource mobile videos. And I’m going to show you how that works on the sick. But the other thing, what you can do is you can actually, if you’ve got access to a smartphone or you want to film something, you can film it on your phone and you can actually drag and drop files directly from your computer.

So it’s a really quite alike have one central point to create videos. But what I’m going to do now is I’m just going to take you through the crowd sourcing feature, which this is the big thing, what everybody is liking on is that on this page here, spring is the. To fit, so this is your mobile quote, we call that so basically people that are going to contribute and upload videos to you will basically streamline this whole system.

So there’s two ways to create a crowdsourced video campaign. So if you want to invite a user to upload a video, you just need to put their email address in here on the platform. We’ve got lots of information prompters, so you never get lost. And the other thing is, well, we’ve got lots of videos here that you can actually view, but on this occasion, if you want to collect video. So what I’ve done is I’ve actually edited my email address and our support email address and there’s a button here as well.

So it’s to send notifications and when mobile upload to edit, if somebody uploads a video, you can actually be notified by email that somebody uploaded a video to your project. And then in this box we’ve got crew directions. So upload me a video, please. We always say give some talking points. Don’t be too particular. Don’t tell the people exactly what to say because then it’s not as authentic as you’d like it to be. So just give them a couple of talking props.

You can give them one or two. Also tips and tricks. You can say, hey, how to find horizontal. And this is your hash tag. So Sumo Dimo. So when you’re ready, you can actually push this blue button and you can send an email out. So what that does is that sends a notification to what I’m going to do is I’m going to open up my e-mail really quickly. And support and you can see here, this is a FEMA mobile invitation.

So you can say, hey, this is the hashtag that I’ve just added into that project, so obviously if somebody is on a mobile phone, which is what we’ve kind of designed this around or they would need to do is get the email and click, upload, upload footage. And then what that does, this is actually design. You’re seeing the edit made upload. So with one click after you’ve sent them and that email through the system, they can add up to four videos and or photos at a time.

All they need to do is add their email address. And then once you’ve added a file, we’ve actually got a text box that says I can send and give you my videos. They sign a waiver that basically give you the footage to use. So that’s how you would activate a user directly, directly through the platform. The other way to do it, to collect mobile videos, and I’m just going to show you a blank one here, is you can actually get a link.

So this is what our estimate upload. It looks like something that might upload. So if you’re collecting mobile videos and you don’t want to activate them and send them email, mobile phone through contribution message from the platform, and you want to send it through your mail or you want to do it through email or social media or you need to do is get them the you are out. So you’re saying it. So we’ve got to push you around and we just have to make the conversation upload.

And then you would just see the hash tag and then it’s the same thing. They can upload videos directly to you. So when it comes to different products as well in the system, we’ve actually designed it so you can white label this uploader what the Epsom ideal. This is what a label looks like. So the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation is a really good example. They’ve got their own uploader. It’s created on Brand. It’s got their logo. And then what they’ve done is that I’m going to give you a live use case, so.

This is a crowd sourced video campaign. So here they’ve added the details that they wanted to create awareness around of people living with IBT, so they added a creative brief into the section. And then they’ve got a hashtag, Ebeid visible. So on this demonstration I given you right in the second, they didn’t invite people through the mobile crew box because they’ve got a whole community of advocates, but they had no profit around the country. So through social media, they put a call out and they said, hey, would you upload us a video about what it’s like living with IPD?

They shared the URL for the uploader and then they say, can you upload it with this hash tag, which was a ebeid visible? So in the creative brief, they basically said we are looking to create a one to two minute video for Social with a patient testimonials discussing what the greatest challenge is living with IBD. So in a snapshot in real time, when they put this call out, they had four videos and they were blown upload, so they uploaded a logo and they actually had two house as they crowdsource the mobiles.

This was really cool. They collected thirty two different people’s testimonials about what it was like living with IBT. And in real time, you can log into the system and you can see the people’s spirit. Oh, sorry, you can actually watch the video of that person. I think my biggest challenge is the fear of everything. My greatest challenge is listening to my body. Part of and uploaded. So is that this different data files, which I’ll get to in a second, but on the information box, you can actually get the person’s email address, who uploaded it?

So you. So you can see here, this was Guy’s name was Jordan, so you can collect the data. So if you’ve got one hundred or a thousand people, thirty two people in this set on this case, you can select all the different videos and you can actually download a form as a cease fire with all the email addresses from everybody. They uploaded the videos. So if you want to add them to your email providers, that might be you’re using MailChimp.

This is a really cool way to, one, build your database if people have uploaded videos to you. And the other thing is to share back with them as well to highlight that for video. So part of it it may once you’ve got the footage, you can actually start populating your grief and you can actually put thumbs up or thumbs down on it. So if you’re working with an editor, you can go through all the different files and you can put notes on them.

So if you like this video, a thumbs up on it. If you don’t like the video or the thumbs down on it, on individual files, you can put a comment as well. So you can see here they put I like twenty four seconds to thirty two seconds. So it’s a real cool way to share time codes. And the other way I’ve seen it use really well is that if somebody got you’re creating a name title for them in the video, it’s a real cool way to actually put the correct spelling of their name so that when it’s getting edited, that got all the correct information on this one she’s in.

Tainted parents. And so she’s giving us time codes. Now, part of it may we have got a network of 50 professional video editors, the media deal does not involve the video editing, but part of being within the network. We will give you an additional 10 percent of an editing quote. So when you are ready and you do want to access a video editor from the edit my network, all you need to do is you just need to hit editor.

And what that does, that actually prompts an email and that notifies the it take from the air what we’ll do. We’ll assign your production manager and then an editor. And what we do is we push the whole creative process along so that you’ll get a video within 48 hours and we’ll upload a drop video and then you can actually run your own video projects exactly the same way we do. So if you’re using an editor and you want to get it reviewed, you can actually upload a draft file directly to the box and then you can give feedback on the files and then you can post your final videos on the final cuts box.

The other thing, which is really great is that sharing video files can eliminates the problem. So if you’ve got a social media person in a different state. There’s a hamburger menu here, you can actually drop down and you can send video links to anybody you want or you need to do is the email address adeno, send the message and you can actually send individual raw files or you can send the final professional video that you want to share. That is what a finished project looks like and part of what we do, and I’m sure this is what anybody wanted to does, but we offer three rounds of reviews and we do professional test and graphics.

We do a correction. We purchase the royalty free music and we actually format the video so that it perfective it’s going to be on insta stories is going to be vertical or it might be square for Facebook. The other thing, what we always do is that we try and maximize the content. So if you are wanting a one to two minute video, we can we can turn it into a seven second and a 15 second video, as well as a Taser so that you can actually create awareness of your video was posted on Facebook or YouTube with your Taser videos.

So that’s what a finished project looks like. If you are using it, edit my editors as well, everything has kicked in on the chat box so you can directly access everything. Yeah, another use case I’ve got is brand ambassadors. So on this example, this is for a coffee company, it’s called Time. And what they did, they had student ambassadors around the country. So what they did is they’re looking to make two 30 second videos that showcase what it’s like to be a 4.0 student influencer on this one.

They did use the activation. So so you can have a CSP file and you can drag and drop all the different email addresses into this box. So you can see here they’ve got quite a few. They’ve used the crew directions. So they’ve asked the ambassadors or influencers, rather, to collect one minute of quality video content every week. This can be one minute long or this can be for 15 second videos. This is the hash tag. So what they did is they actually scheduled the crew invites.

So part of our platform you don’t have to send let’s just move this going over. You don’t need to send out just this doesn’t like me. You don’t need to send the email out straight away. You can actually schedule them. I’m not going to touch the schedule now so that you can send it every Tuesday as an example or once a month. So it just takes that takes it off for you that you don’t need to do it all the time.

And then what you can say is on this example, they had two hundred and ninety eight videos that was uploaded to them. So this is a real cool way to activate your influences or your customers or any advocates you have for your business. And you can see all their videos in real time. And again, this company, they’ve actually gone and put thumbs up on some of the files. Thumbs down there, put some comments, but it’s a really cool way that you can post all your videos in one spot and you’ve got access to this for the lifetime.

So if you want to do a social media post in a month’s time, you can come and see in the video or you can use the profile to use as you place. And then this is, what, a final cut once. This is how they used it, so they used it assistance as well. So this is the three final versions of this video. And then another product, what we’ve got in the software is we’ve got video channels, so if you check all so we’ve got the three videos, you can use this dropdown and you can add them to a video channel.

So if I click video channels. So I should take this really for. You can create public or private channels to share with your community. So this is the photo college career channel so you can added all the final videos so you can come and set up any channel. You can show off your profile so you can sit up, show off your final final videos that are edited, and you can actually embed this link directly to your website. And we’ve got access so you can put two logos on it.

So I’ve just added one and they’ve got a public link. So all you need to do is add your videos that you want to the channel. You can put the title description and then you just hit the preview link and then this is what it looks like. Then you can share the videos, upload it to you directly in one place as a curated as a curated channel. And you’re seeing my admin at the moment. And as you’ll be logged in, you can see the votes.

But if you want to share this, you can invite people to put a thumbs up or thumbs down on it. And then part of being signed into the platform, you can see the edit the votes that people are giving you on all content. So that’s another product now coming back to the custom upload. So if you purchased a premium or an enterprise plan, you can sit up and build your own upload, just like with Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation did with SOMO.

We have set it up so that whatever mile. Oh, sorry. Just a minute. Let’s get to this one. Almost they’re so proud of much that we’ve set it up so that you can create your own mural. So on this one, this is when I was just messing around with just to show in a demo that I’ve set up the upload of the URL, Scott, and then dot it. It might upload a dot com. I’ve got upload.

And then if you want to assign this to a project, you’re saying mine, you can assign it to any project that you’ve got. And then when you share that link, the CRL, that means that the user doesn’t have to add a hash tag or they need to do it. They just continue and they can upload videos to you in one go if you want them to use a hash tag because you might have different projects going, you can just leave this blank.

So what we’ve noticed is that you can upload a logo, it’s basically you’re buying the frame and building the frame, rather. So you can apply the logo and then you can collect different data field, say, once somebody has got that link. And I’m just going to show you what it looks like if you hit this button. So it’s built for mobile. It’s mobile friendly. And you can change the different things, so the background color, I’ve actually uploaded the image.

So this is a photo of my baby daughter. So the body takes you can change the different colors of the fonts and it shows you in real time. So if you’ve got a brand brand guidelines and it’s got particular fonts and everything, you can just build it out to make it match your brand perfectly. The Heda. So we built this service in real time and then the buttons as well. So I’m just going to read for now. And then all you need to do is hit this again and then it’s changing it to match your brand.

This is made from mobile, so that’s exactly what it will look like. So all you need to do if you want to crowdsource footage is if we go back to my original. Project that I have set up prior to talking. Atsumi, Daymo, so if you want to share, you are out. So I’ve got got it. It might upload a dot com or you can use the edit made upload it. It may upload a dot com.

You just basically set up your demo, had your hash tag, and so this is a demo, and when you share that, you are someone who’s got dynamite uploaded. This is a way how it pulls in all the content. So into your mobile upload box. The last thing the way we’ve built this is that we’ve got a brand library, too. So if you’ve got brand assets for one of your clients, then you might be doing projects for them or it might be for your business.

You can actually add anything into here as well so that if you’re working with an editor, they can access the brand. So they’ve got your logos, your fonts, any professional photography or custom designs that you’ve got. So the system stores everything and it’s readily available. The last thing I want to show you is a few featured examples that what we have done and we’ve seen a really cool over the years we’ve been doing this. So when we actually started doing it at MIT, we thought it was really cool for marketers because it’s a real cool way to show off advocates as your customers or your fans or your ambassadors or part of somebody that really likes you.

So it’s a really easy way to click the footage. But over the years, we’ve seen a big push towards communications. So in businesses, internal communications showing off the culture of the business is really easy. Way to collect mobile videos from your employees training videos or you need to do is with your phone and you can use it for onboarding. There’s so many different use cases. So on our feature work, we’ve got the photos, mobile crew. We’ve used it with unlisted Adobe, which is another company that used it for their student ambassadors.

And we’ve used it for tutorials so businesses can just basically do an onboarding session or a tutorial, upload the footage and that you can get that footage edited directly on through the platforms that streamlines it. Promotional Facebook ads, company culture training videos, again, grad programs and recruitment videos. These days we’ve seen a big trend that everybody wants to watch, something that’s relatable to them. So we think gone are the days of hiring a professional production company when it comes to using the business, because it’s just not real.

So if you’re going to promote a specific job on LinkedIn or something, you want to see something you can relate to. So that’s why user generated video is great events and fundraisers. So if you’ve got sending your team on a field event or you’re part of some kind of bigger organization, it’s a real cool way to show off it through mobile videos, students with promotional videos, customer unboxing and reviews. So on our Facebook page or you need to do is to resources at work.

We’ve got plenty of examples. There is a bit of inspiration for you guys to use that. And I think that’s basically my feel. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to throw it out to you guys and ask, is there any questions? So I’m going back to you and say, yes, we do have some questions here. Rachel has been killing it and answering most of them as they come in so soon. If you have any more questions, now is your time to submit them.

Lorenzo’s question here is what are the limitations of code stacking, storage team, et cetera? Yeah, good question. So the code sticking so you can buy the three codes to get the enterprise level. When you buy Enterprise, you can basically have as many people using this and you can have unlimited video storage. So we want people to be using this. They are mobile videos, hopefully that you can store as much content as you’d like. And the code second thing you can buy three codes is that did I answer that correctly?

I believe so. Is there any limits on, yeah, I guess, any limits on the team or the story? I think those are usually where the limits are.

So we’re basically done an unlimited you can when it comes to storage, what you do is you buy seats for the actual platform. So if you buy enterprise, we have unlimited. Have you got a team of a hundred people and they scattered around America. If you got a thousand, you can go wild. And then I think the premium we’ve got 15 seats. What a seat is. It’s actually a producer in our world. So that gives you access.

So when you’re on the I’m not actually showing my screen right now, I say on your profile page, you get 15 seats on the premium. So all you need to do is you come down and you can add them to additional accounts. And what that does, it gives fifteen people access to be able to start new projects, crowdsourced footage, set up video channels, review different projects, and you can use it as a collaboration tool as well so that you can all be remote as we are the majority of us these days.

They can all log on, they can see the footage in real time and you can actually interact with each other and give lifetime feedback to fun.

[00:31:24.060] – Lindsay AppSumo
Thank you. Could there be an HTML embed code for the video page to be integrated into a client’s website?

[00:31:32.790] – Scott EditMate
Good question. And we are working on that. We don’t do that currently. That’s more of like a server thing. A lot of the companies we work with, we work with quite a larger brands and they’re not trying to insert it into the actual public facing website. It’s more used as like a reviewing tool, but that is on our roadmap.

So that’s to come. So, yes, but not currently at the moment on the video channels or you need to do is you can grab the URL and you can actually embed that into your website, but it will require a little bit of work. It’s not an easy thing yet, but it’s coming.

[00:32:08.850] – Lindsay AppSumo
Who can you give us more examples of contests and or non-profit examples? I realize this is two different business examples. Yeah, it is.

[00:32:17.520] – Scott EditMate
But that’s a really good question. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you really what I am still sharing my screen. Right. You OK? So we did one a competition for Hotspring Spies, which is the spot hot tubs, I think you guys call it here in America. What they did is they did Hotspring Spies, Dancing with the Stars. So they actually set up their own hot springs upload up, just like I showed you to build it.

And then they’ve got quite an influence on social media. So they did a call out and they said, hey, you want to win a hot spring spaz? We’re going to run a competition about Dancing with the Stars. And then they set up this hashtag Hot Spring Dance. So in real time, I think I set this up over probably four weeks. And you can see here it wasn’t a huge a lot of people. It was thousands of people.

But they got some really funny ones. And basically they got a lot of people dancing because I was around Dancing with the Stars. So I’ll show you a couple of them. Some people really made an effort.

They got lots of young children dancing and doing funny stuff. People were uploading it. So this is what a competition looks like. Some people with to further expansion and a lot of other people as they see it.

But at the same time, this is just anybody and everyone that can upload a video to you with one click so you don’t have to set up any additional pages. You’ve got your upload, you’ve got your tutorial. You can actually you don’t even have to use the hashtag and they can send for videos to you in real time.

So this person I think you’ve chosen Hayato.

So if you want to actually view the video in big and large, rather.

And they’re standing in front of a hot springs about. So what we did, this is kind of the competition, some people went to really great extent where they actually broke into a hot spring sports franchise and danced in the top when nobody was watching. But what they did in order to really keep this competition alive, they used that editing assistance. So they collected all this footage and then they chose the best video who won it. And what they did is they actually uploaded it.

And the web uploads, they gave us the Brandeis’s so you can post everything through the system. So they gave us they had a design agency that built this Dancing with the Stars, put the logos here and everything so that when they wanted this video edited, they use the editing assistance. And I’ll actually show you the video. This was built in a wide format.

Today, people broke into a hot springs patch that it’s pretty cold and I won’t continue going with that because it’s a minute 30.

But basically from the brand side, why they why this is such a streamlined system is that all you need to do is put this hash tag in your uploader, do a callout on social media or email or again, you can activate if you do have your network, you want to call out and you can just basically sit back. And this is what the brand did. They set back. They got these uploads directly to the stream, to the platform.

They can review it in real time. And then when they were really they just that request, Ed made the decision and then the editing assistant did the job. We uploaded the draft. Did the final cut and then they can download that if they got a social media person that’s on this on their plan, that person can log and download the videos and upload them natively any way they want. So that that’s a really cool example of a competition. Another one, I’ll say, of not for profits is one we did with UNICEF in New Zealand.

Now, this is I’m doing this off the cuff, so. What they wanted to do is they wanted to showcase what it was like working for UNICEF. We do a ton in the not for profit space because it’s really about advocacy. So I showed you the kinds of places foundation. But this is UNICEF and what they did that UNICEF are always recruiting people to be on the streets and working for UNICEF to raise awareness and donations. So they said that UNICEF had all the people because they were all employees.

So they put their email addresses in the mobile phone box. Again, you can distribute CSP file straight into it and they put the crew directions. So Georgina. She was in. So this was in New Zealand. She was in Auckland in one city. And she just said, hey, help us make a cool video to show us what it’s like working for UNICEF and what can we get up to in a day on your phone. Boom. Three short selfie style videos holding a fine horizontal also from some of the location you are based in.

So she set this up, push the blue button. And then in real time, she got 50 to applause from everybody and everybody made quite a if it was quite cool to see this campaign so you can watch the videos. The way we built the system is that not everybody has got a really good state of the iPhone or Google phone, whatever you’ve got. So with this L’Opera holds the video fall in HD. So no matter what it how it was shot, you don’t lose any quality through our system when people upload it to you.

So here you can see all the videos and people are introducing who they are.

And my name is and I’m from the great country of Canada. This lady is from Canada. OK, go ahead. Hello, my name is John and I’m from India. So here they just curated, crowd sourced all these videos about what it’s like working for UNICEF and then they use that editing assistance to. And then this is kind of what it looks like. I’ll just show you really quickly. This is in square format. My name’s Rick. Hello, my name’s Rachel, and I’m from the dreamland of irony.

Hi, my name is Max. I like I follow the Browns. Hello, my name is John and I’m from India. What name is like and I love you because I know no charity. They work from the ground 190 countries and I know fund raising is going to work to have fun and you get to help children all around the world. Worldwide, we’ve affected one out of three children. None of us would even be possible without amazing fundraises.

That was very hard encourage and motivate people to donate and save lives.

So that is an example of a competition and all for profit. The feedback we got after I did that is they had like record amounts of one people fundraising on the street for the money they bought in and also of new people coming to actually apply to work with UNICEF. They posted it on their social media. Obviously, everybody that was featured in the video, they shared it as well because they sold himself edited and exponentially. That video just got a huge, huge reach sort of throughout that network.

[00:40:21.350] – Lindsay AppSumo
That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Yeah, you definitely just sold the person who had originally asked that question. He says he bought three coats. Beautiful.

[00:40:30.500] – Scott EditMate
I had time in the non for profit space. So it’s such a cool way to activate your the advocates for your not for profit, especially globally. If people are out in the field, it’s such a cool guy to show what they’re actually doing through mobile video. And our system really just makes it so simple. You don’t lose any quality and you can upload your videos at a time. And we’ve done it from India, from Pakistan. We had a person that was in some way really weird.

I can’t even remember, but it worked really well. So, yeah, I’ve got great examples. Email me, Scott at 8am Dotcom. What other questions.

Yeah, they’re similar. If you have any more questions, you can go ahead and send them in. All of these have technically already been answered by Rachel, but I’m going to ask them anyway, for people watching this in the replay, do you collect a name and email address or phone number when a video is uploaded? Yeah, good question. So I kind of did cover that on our upload, so depending on what plan you’re on. So I’ll just show you this really quickly.

So the way I look at it is that. You basically, the more information you are asking somebody, the more barriers to entry there are. So I know personally when I’m uploading something, I don’t want to give too much information about it. They might be advocates for your business or whatever, so they might be really cool about it. So we only collect an email address without uploads. So I’ve got this sumo’s demo set up. So we collect an email address, the uploader is designed so that you can actually collect new data fields if you want.

So here is the additional information you want to collect. You’ve got to collect an email address because the footage has got to come from somewhere and somebody is going to opt in and give you the give you basically the way that take the terms and conditions to say you can use my footage. So, hey, you can you can collect as much or as little as you want. You can click someone’s name. You can have a custom message and you can ask them, hey, what color is your shoes?

If you want to customize it, you can set that up. But it’s basically you can get their location. We’ve tried to design this, so it’s really user friendly. So answer your question. Yes, you can collect the name and the email address and any information as you want, but you only have to collect the email address. And that’s when they use the euro. Thank you. That’s great when you question. We’re interested in using this to the aggregate videos and then download them so we can do our own edits, is that OK?

Yes, one hundred per cent. So not everybody wants to use our editing service, although I highly recommend it because they are awesome editors. We’ve got a really top quality editors. We have a strict rating service. But if you want to download the footage again, you’ve got different sites in your account. You would put the editor into one of your sites or whoever is managing the project. So if you come in to the mobile uploads, we’ve made this really simple.

This is designed so that it makes life simple for an editor. Basically, all they need to do is they can just check all. And then keep moving this guy around and then you can just download the thirty two videos, I’m not going to do that. And what that does is it actually downloads as a zip file. And then from there, all the comments that are on the different files that will come down as it takes to file as well so that you can line up and you’ve got all the editing notes on the individual files.

If you don’t want to download them all, you just uncheckable. And you can just if you all collaborating as a team, you’ve got the different states, the thumbs up ones, you can just check that box and you can just download what you want and then you can obviously get that set file and put it straight into a pro or whatever your editing software you use. So, yes, you can edit your own videos. Awesome. Thank you.

What is the benefit of enterprise over premium other than number of users? We are we have got a public road map and you can actually go on and you can see that we’ve got a few things in the pipeline where enterprise users will have more access around white labeling, especially around the video channels. So jump on there and you can have a look. But one of the main benefits is the users. If you are from a larger business or the planning on going from a larger business, jump on the enterprise because you get unlimited seats but is basically to go with the roadmap.

We’ve got a lot of stuff in progress and we’re always looking to optimize and create more products and make it more user friendly. So we’re taking feedback as well. But it’s the public roadmap. What’s what’s going on and the sink.

So then last question. Unless something else comes in on the subject of roadmap, what is coming up that you are most excited about the video integration? So we’ve got a few different products that we have been able to sort of working with over a little while. But what these video channels you’ve got, this is a really, really Coleby like you just saw the video channel for the competition. So this is only got four in here. But what we’re doing is we’re actually putting integration tools so that if you use BAPA or you use make or the social media shitlist, eventually you’ll be able to manage everything from your my dashboard.

So you’ll have all these raw video files and you can just select what you want, put it through social media, shigella, and then bullets can get scheduled to go out on Monday or Tuesday if you get a press release or a media media something going out with you. The other thing as well is that we’re creating a few different integrations as well coming out. But I don’t really want to say too much about them. But that’s basically one of the things, is that integration is what we’ve got coming up.

I answered that correctly, yes, that might say something.

I don’t want to open the integration’s can of worms, but P.J. does asks, will you take an API that is in the roadmap that is coming up for enterprise users? Are you interested in technology introductions for other tech companies? Sorry, said it again. Somebody asks if you’re interested in technology intros to other tech companies and in great detail, you can write this this down here. All right. Those are all of the questions that we have for today.

I’m kind of stalling a little bit to see if any more pop up siblings if you have not already taken offline. Thank you, Lorenza. All right, siblings, if you have not already, you can go to Absolom dot com slash edit mate to redeem your codes. It is starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course this is backed by APSA most 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with this and see how it works for you.

Once you’ve done that. We do love to read your reviews on the deal page and you can always leave your questions there as well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Scott and Rachel, for hanging out with us today or glad to have you.

Thanks, guys. Have a good one. So, yeah.

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