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What’s going on, Sumolings, it’s Lindsay with AppSumo, and thank you for joining us for another walk through today, we will be joined by Alex, who is the CEO and co-founder of Covve Scan, as well as Chris, who is the head of Customer Success Covve Scan is a high powered language-agnostic business card scanner that makes digitizing cards simple and hassle-free. It’s an awesome tool. We’re excited to dove into it today. We. Right now, Coast Guard is available on Appsumo currently as a free for all plus members and a paid lifetime deal, it will be available for all sumolings soon.


Before I turn this over to the guys for a walk-through, I want to tell you all three quick things. The first is the simple things. You can go ahead and chat with us about your business and your business needs over in the chatbox or in the chat room on the side. Next, if you have any questions about the toll, you can go ahead and leave those down below. You can ask us anything about how the deal is structured, how to get set up.


And finally, we will send a replay of this out not long after we are done recording. So don’t worry, if you miss anything, you can watch this as many times as you would like. All right. Thank you so much, Chris. Alex, thank you for joining us. Thanks, Lindsey. Hi, guys and girls hope everyone’s keeping safe and well during these difficult times. And thanks everyone for the comments and feedback we’ve already had on a debate in the last few days is gone live.


It’s been quite a hectic one, as it always is, without some. So I’m Alex. I’m the co-founder and CTO here at Kov and I’m joined by Chris, our head of customer success. Chris Kusile will be doing a full demo of Covve Scan for you guys and then we’ll open up for any questions that there might be. Now, before we dove in, I wanted to give you guys a bit of an insight as to how Covve Scan came about because it is an unusual story.


So a business what we do is help people make the most of their business relationships through our main product. Nikolov Intelligent just now. In doing so, business cards are just part of business life. So business scanning is quite an important thing. And what we discovered quite quickly was just how shocked we were by all of the existing solutions out there. So I challenge the engineering team and I said, guys, can we do something better? Can we do something better with the technologies that are out there today with the latest technologies?


So the guys who started the pet project just on the side to to take up the challenge, and we were absolutely shocked by the results that we got. Then we managed to create something which is so much more accurate than any of the solutions we’ve tested out there and also supports every left-to-right language in the world that’s over 40 languages. And that was that was phenomenal. And of course, we had to make a proper product out of it. We can just sit on this and that’s what we did.


We, through our other expertise, had to create a super simple, super smooth app. And we also made sure we put all of the privacy protection that we always put around our products. And actually, Coskun is not the only one of the only countries out there that is full of GDP or compliance, which we think is quite important. So I think of Passover over to press for a proper demo of the application. Wonderful.


Thank you so much for giving us that little explainer. And Chris, I’m going to hand this off to you.


Thank you, guys. Thank you, Alex, for the great intro. So I’m going to I’m going to take you through a demo walkthrough of the product of Coskun. And to do that, I’m going to take a small scenario of attending an event, let’s say a positive scenario for when events are are are Bicol. And let’s say you go to expo or a conference and of course, you come back with a bunch of business cards. So let me share my screen and show you Coskun and I’ll walk you through all the features.


So. Should be fine. So here is the here is the screen of Coskun coming up now, and in this case, have I already have some subcouncil I scanned before, but I can go ahead and pop the camera icon at the bottom to scan another one. So. Here it is scanning the card, you can see that the edges get picked up and cropped automatically and I proceed with the scanning and I instantly get the get the results of the card, all the details.


No, I can turn the car around, just swipe the image here and I can go out the backside image of the current. Excellence, I have the visual representation as well, the company logo, et cetera. So here you can see you have both sides of the card scanned and ready and the details recognize. So now, of course, I want to know because I met this person other at an event, and I want to know the details that make a difference when I went following up.


So am I doing here note because I remember, for example, that he likes golf. Not good enough to make like a good shot for the net, for the for the follow up. So. Others might not have all the details here, the next thing I want to do is try to talk. So in this case, I met this person, a specific event. I could just go back to the other tack here and I can type type of custom type.


So this was the event was called take 20, 20 events. So I’m typing here taking this one. And you can see the text saved there. I cannot another attack. Let’s say this was a potential partnership that I want to I want to mark. So I’m having a second time and saving the contacts who have used multiple tacks in this case, which I’m going to get to in a second, how they can come in handy when you have already scammed hundreds of cards.


So let me go back to my list. I can go back and take a couple more cards. For example, Mr. Tony here, he was also the event. And Marsh was a partner, for example, let me just add another attack here. Excellent. And so now we can see how the surge works, as I mentioned, attacks are searchable so I can see who was at the event and they have the cards here that automatically. So.


You can also search in this case by name or company name, so I can search for Irman, I can get the details, et cetera. So the search is powerful. It can work with TIKES names and company names as well. So now that you have scanned the cards, you have options. Let’s go to. March here, and you can see that I have I have the button at the bottom of the plus icon where I have two options.


One option is to save to my to my phone. Yeah. So topping that one is going to open the phone. Then you contact our folks. So all the details are there in the contact. You can see either of you and I can just save them in my phone. The other option, of course, you may want to share with someone you might want to send to back in the office or a partner so we can go back to this button and you can share the contact.


And this opens the the sharing box of your phone. Let’s say I’m going to email it. So open up my my email client. The VCF is there as an attachment and I can just email it. So the third option is, of course, you might want to leave them here as they are, you might want to use Coskun as a as an organizer for your cards, but if you want to store or safe, you can do it the way I showed you.


No, you must have noticed in the screen that the very simple interface with just one button scan addresses three thoughts at the top, right, which gives you access to the app menu and some goodies lie there. So the first option we have here is to explore your current data, to export all the data into a CSV. And this is a very popular feature. So imagine the event over. I go back to the office and now I want to enter all the new contacts with the great people I met into my CRM or maybe my mailing list MailChimp or something.


So I simply top export and I get her the option to export as a kesby or formatted for Google contacts or Outlook now Tupman Silsbee again is going to give me the the sharing options here. I go to my mail and you see the CSFI there that as an attachment I can make to myself, to colleague and yeah, just share all the details like that. I just want to say at this point that this survey includes all the, all the accounting scanned and most importantly, it also includes the tag data, all the tags we have added and the date of.


So in this scenario. If, for example, you only want the currency discount at this specific event, you can export the data and you quickly identify them by the date or the event I used already. So it’s a it’s a good way to show the details in Excel and to treat them as you wish for input into other programs or anything else. Now back to the main screen, I’m just going down the down the menu here, of course, we have the option to to share the app.


If you if you like, it would love you to do that. And the third on the list is you always say Chikako and this is I just want to I think was mentioned by Alex at the at the beginning. But I want to take the opportunity to say that Cove and Coskun are two separate apps and they can work independently or together. Now, very briefly, Coskun is super focused on business, stunning as you see now. Wilkos are other up there called ATRISCO.


That is a much more comprehensive product, more like a personal CRM, which helps people manage their professional relationships. But this webinar is about Coskun, some living oversight. And I’m going to move on. So next on the screen, you will see the actress page, and in this case, it’s it’s disabled, which says that I’m already on the unlimited plan. No need to do anything. You guys, when you claim that you’re going to see this and also know that this is the only visual change you’re going to see in there.


So if that’s disabled to go, you have unlimited scans. Just go out and enjoy the scanning. And the final option here on this menu is the settings, which takes me to this screen where I have a few more options now. First one is the sort by where I can change the sorting order by date or by name. Second one is, is the interface language. Yes, I can change the app interface into all these language options that we have here, and the third option is, is for picking up the data.


I mean, our up makes privacy a priority. It’s designed to store data locally and in all our functions are fully compliant. But in the case that you want to move from one phone to another, they want to make sure that you’re able to transfer your data from this device onto the new one until you can find instructions on how to make sure that the scanned data is included in your phone backup so you can easily restore previous accounts straight onto the new phone.


Back to the menu, we now have the duck theme, which does exactly what. And last but not least, you’re going to see, like here, a very important point, your user I.D., which is particularly important for when you claim this deal so you can just tap on it. You’re going to see that it is covid into your clipboard and you can use that to claim the absolute. And that was it was a very quick walkthrough of the apartment just off my screen sharing here.


And lastly, I want to mention is that we do hear from many people that during these times maybe we don’t have so many chances to exchange business cards, but a great chance and a great time maybe to clear out a backlog. So I hope you enjoy that. I hope you enjoy Coskun and any questions you have. We’re here to answer. And Alex will take over other if we have any additional questions. Thank you so much. Yeah, I have two questions for you all.


I would like to start the first question. Can you tell us a little bit about Integration’s?


Absolutely. Absolutely. Chris just showed us currently with Coskun, we can do some simple but powerful stuff. You can save your phone. And then, of course, if your phone’s linked to any other system, that contact will trickle through to him through or you can export to Google Outlook or Classic Cell. So from there, you could importantly, conceivably, any of the usual streams or mail, two in particular now saying that we do hear a lot that proper end to end two way integrations are are things that people would value a lot.


And it makes a lot of sense. So actually, we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to gather input and feedback as to which CRM or which systems people would prefer to prioritize first priorities when building integrations. So they are top of the list. And once we get all the feedback we need over the next few weeks, we’ll start building it for you guys. Wonderful and yeah, so that leads us to the second question, which is about the roadmap, siblings are able to contribute their thoughts.


And so tell us a little bit about what you’re seeing and what people are most excited about. Absolutely.


So version two of the app, which is the one that everyone will will access right now, has all of the main stuff that everyone’s ever asked for through all of the fundamental stuff for a really good professionals kind of thing, that we do have a massive long list of additional things, tweaks, small features that people would like. And what would I like to do together again, make the most of we have some experience and a prototype form, which is a form of online forum for people over here to chat.


And I’d really like to hear people’s feedback. What we’ll do, like we always do, is we’ll get votes for what features people would like and then we’ll just start building them. It’s a very flexible and fast process and I’m making the most of the personal experience to give people what they need. We love that.


All right. That’s it for our questions today. So I’m going to go ahead and wrap up this webinar, but thank you so much for joining us and for walking us through this product. Similar things. If you are one of our absolute plus members and I don’t see any reason why you have not already redeemed your code for scan. Again, it is a freebie right now and it is available under browsers and it will be available as a paid lifetime deal for all siblings.


Very soon it will be back perhaps in the 60-day guarantee. So you’ll be able to get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. As always, you can let us know in the comments on the deal page how things are going for you. You can ask us any questions, but as you heard here, they are very open at code to hearing your thoughts and to finding out what you want from their product so you can get in touch with Chris and Alex.


And thank you so much for joining us.


Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot. Have a good one.

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