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Note: The author is not compensated by any SaaS or platform to create this comparison and is not endorsing any LTD platforms. The main purpose is to highlight the features & benefits of similar SaaS.


Overall Scores


Comparing AI Writing Tools

- Functionality Ease of Use Overall User Experience Support Deal Structure Overall Score
Limited LTDs
Copysmith 3.5 3 2.5 3 2 3.2 / 5
WriteSonic 4 4 4 5 3 4 / 5
Unlimited LTDs
Nichesss 3 2.5 2.5 5 5 3.6 / 5
Content Bot 2 3.5 3 5 5 3.6 / 5
Content Villain 3 2 2 5 5 3.4 / 5
GoCopy 3 4 4 5 5 3.8 / 5
Monthly Plans
copy.ai 4 2.5 3 5 - 4.3 / 5
Conversion.ai 4 4 4 3 - 4.5 / 5
Shortlyai 3 4 4 5 - 4 / 5
Snazzy 2 4 4 5 - 3.5 / 5


Compare Quality of Content Output

Benchmark I used:

I noticed that most GPT-3 apps started off with Facebook & Google ad templates & Blog intro. 

So they should have received more love in development and should give us a better idea of their output quality, right? Besides, these 2 modules are also widely used by people.

So I’ve decided to compare the content output based on these 2 modules.

As for the topic, I chose Coronavirus which is a trending topic that has one of the most written content in 2020. Hopefully there’s more data for GPT-3 to work with.

Keyword: Coronavirus Vaccine

Description: Being vaccinated against Coronavirus allows you to come in close contact with people without risk of infection.

Comparing AI Writing Tools Table 2

- Overall Output Quality Best Ad Output Best Expander/Blog Intro No. Of Poor Output Select Tone Content Relevance
Limited LTDs
Copysmith 2 / 5 Are you at risk for Corona Virus? Get the vaccine today. If you're traveling to a country where Coronavirus is common, it's important to get vaccinated for it before you travel. Coronavirus is a contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus, and the best way to avoid getting sick is to be vaccinated. 7 / 10 outputs (FB ad module) 3 / 5
WriteSonic 5 / 5 The Coronavirus vaccine is a safe and effective way of protecting yourself from contracting coronavirus.We offer the most comprehensive protection available, with three doses starting at just $19. Call us today to book your appointment! The Coronavirus is one of the most contagious viruses in the world. It may not seem like a serious disease, but it can lead to fatal complications. The CDC recommends that people over the age of 65, those who are pregnant, or those with chronic medical conditions to get the Coronavirus vaccine 1 / 10 outputs (FB ad module) 4 / 5
Unlimited LTDs
Nichesss 2 / 5 Coronavirus vaccine is now available! If you or someone you know is traveling, get vaccinated and keep you and your loved ones safe. The Coronavirus vaccine is a series of injections that protects you from coronaviruses. Coronaviruses cause a range of illnesses, from the common cold to SARS to MERS. These diseases can be spread through the air, and they can also spread through the exchange of bodily fluids. Being vaccinated against coronaviruses allows you to come in close contact with people without risk of infection. 6 / 10 outputs (FB ad module) 3 / 5
Content Bot 2 / 5 Coronavirus is spread through contact - being vaccinated allows you to protect yourself and others from this potentially deadly virus. Headline: Get your coronavirus vaccine now Many people don't understand why so many in the U.S. are getting the Coronavirus vaccine. The number of cases of the virus in the U.S. may seem low, but the virus could be more common than we think and may be showing up in other countries.The virus, for example, has been found in the Middle East, Europe, and even Mexico. Meanwhile, Singapore has seen 2000 cases. The Coronavirus is a virus with a high 8 / 10 outputs (FB ad module) 2 / 5
Content Villain 3 / 5 The Coronavirus Vaccine protects you from being exposed to the coronavirus and is highly recommended for anyone who can’t avoid close contact with other people. There's never been a better time to consider being vaccinated. Getting the Coronavirus vaccine can be a difficult decision, but in the long run it can save your life. Every year there are a large number of people that die from the Coronavirus, and with more and more people getting it every year, this number is only going to grow. With the Coronavirus vaccine, you’ll have an easier time staying healthy, especially if you live in an area with high exposure to the virus. 6 / 10 outputs (FB ad module) 3 / 5
GoCopy 3 / 5 Primary Text: The Coronavirus Vaccine is quickly becoming the new standard for protecting people from the Coronavirus. Headline: Protect Your Family From Coronavirus Link description: This site contains more information on the Coronavirus Vaccine, and how to get it for free. Some people are not in favour of vaccinations, saying that they can cause more harm than good. This is not true. Getting vaccinated against Coronavirus has many benefits. It allows you to come into close contact with people without the risk of infection. Some places such as hospitals and airports require you to be vaccinated before you can go in. 8 / 10 outputs (FB ad module) 2 / 5
Monthly Plans
Copy.ai 4 / 5 Are you at greater risk of infection by the deadly new Coronavirus? Are you unsure if your vaccinations are up-to-date? By being vaccinated against Coronavirus you can come in close contact with people without risk of infection. So, you have the choice of either going around not knowing whether or not people have Coronavirus or getting a vaccination and being able to come in close contact with someone without risk of infection. 6 / 10 outputs (FB ad module) 3 / 5
Conversion.ai 4 / 5 Are you tired of being scared to come in contact with people?Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple way to protect yourself from Coronavirus? Well, now there is. With the new Coronavirus Vaccine you can do just that. It’s quick and easy, and only takes about 5 minutes out of your day. You won’t have to worry about coming into contact with all those sick people anymore! Get vaccinated today by clicking this ad! You may be asking yourself- why should I get the Coronavirus Vaccine? Well, it is important that you do because of the following reasons. The first reason being that if you have a weakened immune system then you are at an increased risk for contracting a serious illness from a coronavirus. If this is not enough to convince you of why getting the vaccine is so important, there are other reasons as well.The second reason to get vaccinated against coronaviruses is because they can affect your lungs and make them vulnerable to infection by other diseases like pneumonia or tuberculosis which can be life-threatening in severe cases. You don't want any of these things happening to your family and especially those who are more susceptible than others 3 / 10 outputs (FB ad module) 3 / 5
Shortlyai 3 / 5 Being vaccinated against Coronavirus allows you to come in close contact with people without risk of infection. The disease itself is not contagious, but the virus can be transmitted by people who are infected and show no symptoms. 3 / 5
Snazzy 2 / 5 For a limited time, this lifesaving vaccine is available for just $10. So, why should you get the Coronavirus vaccine? That's probably a question on your mind right now. You're not alone. According to the Oxford Vaccine Group, 1 in 4 people, or ~700 million people worldwide are infected with Coronavirus annually. Each year these infections result in ~40,000 hospitalizations and 3% of those hospitalizations are fatal. 8 / 10 outputs (FB ad module) 3 / 5

Compare Long Form Content


Comparing AI Writing Tools 3

- Overall Output Quality User Experience Best Paragraph Worst Paragraph Content Relevance Score
Copysmith 1 / 5 3 / 5 It's important to make sure you're choosing the right vaccine for your condition. First of all, you should choose a vaccine that's designed to work for your condition. Second, you need to make sure the vaccine you choose is able to treat the specific virus that you have. Whatever vaccine you choose, it should also be able to prevent harmful, potentially deadly side effects. It is very rare that people will die from an infection from penile chlamydia. However, if the infection spreads to other parts of the body it can be very serious. People that are infected with penile chlamydia can have pain with urination, a burning sensation during sex, bleeding between periods, and chronic pain. 1 / 5 2 / 5
WriteSonic 2 / 5 3 / 5 We are asking people to act now and get themselves vaccinated against this potentially fatal virus. There are no really good known alternatives and you don't have to wait for World-Cure. The majority of people who have been vaccinated have shown no disease at all. We are urging you to get vaccinated to protect yourself and your family. Dengue fever is a severe illness which you can get from the bite of an infected mosquito. You can die from it, and it is often difficult to diagnose. It is not the same as the more common mosquito borne illnesses, such as yellow fever or Zika 2 / 5 3 / 5
Conversion.ai 2 / 5 2 / 5 If you are traveling to a region where there is an outbreak of the virus, it's important that everyone in contact wears protective clothing and masks or face shields when visiting patients infected by corona viruses First, it protects the individual who has been vaccinated... Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth Eleventh Twelfth Thirteenth Fourteen Fifteeth Sixeet Seventeenth Eighteen Nineteen Twenty One Two Three Forty Fifty Sixty Eighty Ninty Hundred Thousand Million Billion Trillion Quadrilla Quintillia Sextilia Septentria Octovigesima Nonagensa Deciens Unum Duo Tres Quattuor Quinque Sex Seven Occemvirs Ten Eleven Twelve Treize Dix-Sept Deux Vingt Trois Trenti Cinquanta Cento Milliard Giga Terabyte Petabytes Exabit 2 / 5 3 / 5
Shortlyai 3 / 5 4 / 5 Who is at risk of getting infected?The most critical group of people to be vaccinated against Coronavirus are healthcare workers who may come in contact with sick individuals and those who have been exposed to sick individuals after they recover and return to their workplace. Everyone should always be up to date with all their vaccinations, but this year, when coughing and sneezing begins in November, we’ll be thinking extra hard about whether to get vaccinated against coronavirus. 3 / 5 4 / 5

Compare Features


Comparing AI Writing Tools 4

- User Experience No. of modules Long Form Content Editor Chrome Extension Saves History
Limited LTDs
Copysmith 3 / 5 34
WriteSonic 4 / 5 16
Unlimited LTDs
Nichesss 2 / 5 61
Content Bot 3 / 5 31
Content Villain 2 / 5 56
GoCopy 4 / 5 20
Monthly Plans
Copy.ai 2 / 5 68
Conversion.ai 4 / 5 39
Shortlyai 4 / 5 2
Snazzy 4 / 5 18

Compare Reviews and Pricing


Comparing AI Writing Tools 5

- AppSumo Review External Review LTD Pricing Regular Pricing
Limited LTDs
Copysmith 4.6 stars (90 reviews) 4 stars( 65 reviews) $69 (25 credits) $19 (50 credits)
WriteSonic 4.9 stars (217 reviews) 4.8 stars (52 reviews) $59 (40 credits) $10 (70 credits)
Unlimited LTDs
Nichesss 5 stars (167 reviews) 4.7 stars (52 reviews) $59 (unlimited credits) $19 (100 credits)
Content Bot 4.8 stars (11 reviews) - $49 (unlimited credits) $29 (unlimited credits)
Content Vilian 5 stars (8 reviews) - $69 (unlimited credits) $10 (50 credits)
GoCopy - - $79 (unlimited credits) $36 (unlimited credits)
Monthly Plans
Copy.ai - - - $35 (unlimited credits)
Conversion.ai - 4.8 stars (622 reviews) - $29 (20,000 words)
Shortlyai - - - $40 (unlimited credits)
Snazzy - 4.2 stars (20 reviews) - $49 (unlimited credits)

Copysmith Summary


++ Huge team
++ Have funding
++ Have own tech built on top of GPT-3
++ Consistent updates


— Surprisingly poor output quality.

Check this Facebook ad suggestion. The output is basic and barely usable.

— A little laggy for some modules.
— Poor deal terms


WriteSonic Summary


++ Good quality output

Output from most other apps is raw. Good for inspiration but it’s hard to use it as is without some heavy editing.

Writesonic’s output is polished and native to the platform you are publishing.

For example, I tested the Fb ad generations…

Instead of a block of paragraph, the first sentence is a short punchy hook, which works well for Fb ads. Some of them have emojis too. Nice!

++ Easy to use & navigate around
++ Supports Long-form Content


— Lack of modules. They have one of the least available. Given how good the Fb ad one is, I feel they’re going for quality instead of quantity.

— No unlimited. Really hope this one has unlimited generations! Oh well, at least they are on LTD.


Nichesss Summary


++ Great support attitude from the founder
++ Have a ton of modules
++ Unlimited generation
++ Consistent updates


— 1 man team & no plans to expand.

Everything’s good now, but I’m worried about their long-term sustainability. Can Malcom work at this consistently for the next 5 – 10 years? If not, this is not a lifetime deal.

It’ll also be hard to sell the business if there’s no proprietary tech built on top of it. But hey, It’s only $59! Use it and get an ROI for your business.

— Average to poor output quality.


Content Bot Summary


++ Great support from the founder.
++ Automation features — you can get the tool to send you blog/marketing ideas regularly in your inbox. This might spark your creativity and help you come up with more ideas.
++ Able to enter in one language and have the output delivered in another language. They also support a huge list of languages
++ Good UI.


— Some of the results are irrelevant.

I filled out Coronavirus and got some ad copies for effortless workouts and fresh smoothies. (10-30% of the time)
This problem doesn’t happen with some other apps, which makes me wonder about Contentbot’s output quality.


Content Villain Summary


++ Great support from the founder.
++ Lots of modules
++ Bespoke generator — I have not tested this one, but the team will customize the algorithm to fit your niche. Very cool!
++ API access – That means you can generate an output without visiting the Content Villain website. Making content creation even faster. But of course, it’s not easy to set up.


— Poor UX

— The current output is delivered via a chatbot which is inefficient compared to generating outputs using a web app. I believe the team is working on the web version now. The chatbot also froze a few times during my testing.


GoCopy Summary


++ Unique UI/ UX

Instead of the usual workflow where you choose your module, enter your keywords, and generate an output, GoCopy opens in a content editor that is minimalistic & feature-rich.

You can start typing away and then highlight sentences to expand/ rewrite. Similar to WordTune and Quilbot though the output is not as good.

On the sidebar, you can choose the module you want (FB ads, blog intro), and generate an output without leaving the content editor. I like this a lot because you can copy and paste what you like directly into your editor and type away.

If they have a Shortly-like feature where you can generate long-form content on the fly that would be amazing.


— Average Quality

For my chosen topic in this test, it performed poorly. I tested with other topics and it was average. What a bummer! Because I really like the workflow. I hope they’ll improve the quality and add long-form content.


Copy.ai Summary


++ Good quality output

Instead of production-ready outputs like Writesonic, Copy.AI churns out huge paragraphs which is a good source of inspiration for different angles & ideas.

++ Lots of modules
++ Stable company

They did not do any LTD but have already raised 2.9M in funding and have a reported monthly recurring revenue of $53,000.

++ Multiple languages

You can enter input in one language, and have the output in another.


— Poor UX.

There’s a bug that moves generated content to the tiny sidebar, making viewing difficult.

— Slip in Quality

In my previous test, they produced the best content. But not anymore. Not sure if it’s because of the topic I chose.


Conversion.ai Summary


++ Nice UI/ UX

Looks great, easy to use, and loads fast.

++ Long Form Content

One of the few tools that supports long form content. Perhaps it’s still under beta, the quality is not as good compared to the other modules.

Also, I don’t get why they make editing mandatory before generating a new block of text. Sometimes you want to generate a few blocks in advance.

++ Good Quality Output.

The output quality is good compared to most tools.

But I find some of them repetitive, as though they follow a small set of templates.
In my test, 30-50% of them start with a question.

E.g. “Are you worried about getting infected with Coronavirus?”
Would be good to have more variety of hooks.


— Poor support. Someone had serious privacy issues, but it was not addressed well and in a timely manner.


Shortlyai Summary


++ Focused

I like that they are focused on one module, long-form content. (That could be a con as well). Instead of making a bunch of sub-par modules, they concentrate on making that one great.

++ Nice UI/ UX

Easiest & most flexible among all to create long-form content. You just type in the heading and keep on tapping the “Write for me” button. Easy! There are also shortcuts to help you create content even faster.


— Given that they only focus on one module, I expect more from the editor. It’s super basic now. There’s no way to change the tone, add headings/ sub-headings, rewrite/ expand sentences, export in markdown, and more.


Snazzy Summary


++ Good UI/ UX

Looks great, easy to use, intuitive. You can even set up your brand keywords and description, which makes generating output easier in future. But too bad the output is poor.


— Poor output.

The output is a real disappointment, especially when the UI is so good. It’s like seeing a beautiful girl, only her mouth stinks so bad.

The Facebook ad content is mainly 1 liner that is not usable.

The blog intro output is not as bad, but not impressive either. I haven’t tested other modules. Maybe they’re better.

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