Contest Domination: Viral Contests For More Leads


Contest Domination allows you to build viral competitions to collect more leads that can turn into customers who are hungry for what you offer.

It helps you gain more engagement and fame for your brand through hosting contests and making sure that everything is optimized and hyped up.

Features and Benefits of Contest Domination

👉  Create Viral Contests – This is the core feature of this software. It enables you to build viral contests and in the process, gather qualified email prospects.

👉  Incentives for Sharing – Gather more leads and more viewers through by giving incentives to your contestants for sharing. This way, you will extend your reach effortlessly.

👉  Tracking Referrals – Contest Domination allows you to track referrals. This way, you can give incentives to those who refer leads and, in turn, gather even more leads.

👉  Email Opt-Ins – This feature makes it easier for you to track participants, referrals, and leads. And, it makes it easier for your visitors to opt in through their emails.

👉  Cheating Detection – Contest Domination is able to detect cheating and it automatically bans the cheating participant. This way, you won’t have to worry about determining who cheats and being on guard for tactics done by some contestants.

👉  Built-in Share Buttons – This software has built-in share buttons so you and your participants won’t find it difficult to share the contests or the promotions.

👉  Winner Tab – You can also determine the winner of your contests through the winner tab in Contest Domination. In this tab, all the winners will be shown making it easier for you to discern which one is the best.

👉  Disqualify Button – Aside from determining the cheaters and weeding them out, there is also a “Disqualify Button” in Contest Domination. This way, those participants who just don’t know how to follow the rules can automatically be removed from the game.

Who is Contest Domination for?

👉  Social Media Influencers who need help in growing their followers and making sure that they are hyped up through competitions.

👉  Start-Ups who need a means to make their brand known across platforms.

👉  Event Organizers who need a tool to help them arrange competitions for their client’s brand.

Things to Note About Contest Domination

👉  The current limit is up to 50 subs for the current deal. And, if you need to more than 50, you may need to purchase more using another email.

👉  Does not support opt-in via Facebook or other social media platforms. Only supports email opt-in.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2012

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 11 to 50

👉  Founder: Travis Ketchum

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