Consolto Review: A Private “Hotline” for Your Best Clients

Consolto provides a powerful way to offer personalized communication with your top clients. Learn more about its pros, cons, and use cases here.

Want a private “hotline” for your best clients? Consolto might be the answer. Think of it like a direct business phone line, but better:

  • No need to give clients your phone number.
  • They can “call” you by visiting a custom link (like https://call.kenmoo.me/expert/ken.moo – try it!). I do wish they let you customize the slug.
  • Can redirect missed calls to your booking page.
  • Assign teammates to handle calls and messages on your behalf
  • Charge for calls, add pre-chat forms, and more

It’s like phone calls but with superpowers. Consolto provides a powerful way to offer high-touch, personalized communication with your top clients or customers.

My Experience Testing Consolto

I love the idea of giving my top clients a “direct line” to me. So I tried it out. Let’s dive into the pros and cons:

Pros of Using Consolto 👍

✔️ The product doesn’t feel half-baked; it’s mature and well-developed

✔️ Great user experience with thoughtful design. For example, it offers shortcuts for finding settings easily and lets you change your status with one click. Onboarding is also one of the best I’ve seen.

✔️ Chat system is like a sales-focused WhatsApp chat. You can request payments, add notes, track engagement, and more.

✔️ Option to collect contact info before live chat or calls. This helps manage high call volume.

✔️ You can charge for video calls. It seems odd that there’s a $200/session cap – maybe that’s a bug?

✔️ You can record a short welcome video for your widget icon and embed it on your website. Like VideoAsk or Facepop. Popular feature lately.

✔️ Quite customizable overall.

✔️ Saves chat conversations for returning users.

✔️ Video and audio quality were clear and fast during my test.

✔️ The dashboard lets you easily toggle between online, busy, and offline. When you’re online, prospects connect immediately. If you’re offline, they see you’re unavailable and can leave a message.

✔️ There’s a mobile app, so you can take calls on the go.

✔️ A cool feature notifies you when someone opens a chat (even before they type). This lets your team engage with the visitor and see which webpage they’re on for personalized messages.

✔️ CNAME + You can send emails from your own domain.

⚠️ Cons of Consolto

Booking scheduler is basic. While functional and pretty, lacks advanced features and customization options.

Only integrates with Google Calendar for 2 way sync.

❌ Can charge for live calls. But can’t charge for appointment booking. Must have for consulting!

No video recording

Feature Requests

Here are some of the features we hope to see in the future:

  • Have booking pages with detailed service descriptions and beautiful design templates (like Book Like a Boss).
  • Set up different payment packages.
  • Customize emails being sent out. Or even have email sequences.

Best Use Cases for Consolto 💎

Consolto has a variety of promising use cases:


Imagine embedding this on your proposal. Answer questions and objections right away. Stand out from your competitors.

High-touch sales

The CRM-like features help track interactions and personalize your approach.

Coaching & consulting

Offer paid consultations, troubleshooting sessions, or set up “office hours” for existing clients.

VIP client hotline

Make your top clients feel that you care. Stand out from competitors.

Premium support channel

Supplement your regular support with a VIP hotline for top-tier clients. This ensures they receive direct access and fast issue resolution. Or users can pay once for hands-on video support.

Internal team communication

Let your team call you for urgent matters. (You can also call me immediately for the latest LTD drama 🍿)

Final Thoughts

Consolto isn’t designed to replace a full help desk or support system. If you handle large volumes of general support requests, this isn’t the right fit.

I also wouldn’t embed this on my website and have random people calling about their guest post services. (hello sir, I’m really impressed by your content 🙄)

IMO its strength lies in focused client interactions, not high-volume ticketing.

Would you give it a try? Share your thoughts here! 👇

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Ken Moo