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What’s going on, sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product webinar. Oh, I’m so sorry about my dog. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at CloudFlare CloudFilt, provides all perfect protection. Excuse me for your website’s web apps and apps to stop harmful bots in their tracks. It is on apps right now, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and people are raving about it on the site.


It’s already wrapped in a whole bunch of five taco reviews, so we’re really excited to show you this today. Before we do, real quick, if you have any questions about the tool. Go ahead and leave those in the Q&A box. And of course, as always, there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out or if you just to watch it again later, you totally can. All right. That’s enough of me.


Hey, how are you doing?


I am fine, thank you. What about you?


I’m doing well. It’s great to have you here. I’m going to go ahead. Your screen looks great. So I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walk through. Fine. OK, can you see my screen right now? Yes, I can.


All right. So first, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone. Thank you to the absolute team that we are doing a great job. Thank you to all the siblings for chasing our deal. It’s been a week now since we got live on Ximo, and it’s really been a great experience for me that we got a lot of we use a lot of comments. Yes, it’s really been an interesting adventure for now. So I’m going to make a quick walk to clouted.


For those who doesn’t know about it yet, it’s a sensible solution. A cloud field is blocking malicious traffic. So for those who doesn’t want to have their contents stolen, then no longer want to have fake users or stop being forced, click on Google ads. It’s like the perfect tool to have. So once you want to create an account, you can do on cloud fifth’s the classic way by answering just your email address and some classic and basic information.


Once you got logged in, you have your dashboard. So this is the club of you that you have first on the left, you’ve got your website. So you can add as many as you want depending on the deal. You bought an absolute.


For adding a new website, you just have to click here. To answer your you are so I will be making an example for you, you have to enter the protocol, obviously. So here is an example of adding the upside’s. You can enter your title and the quick description of it, then click, add. Currently, we have four integration’s that are working directly on cloud fields, so you have the once the WordPress plugin and the Magento one.


Cloud field is working with some CMS. You just have to answer the to the public sorry, and the private. So, for example, if you want to use the WordPress plugin. You have to go on your work admin panel and just enter those keys, so it’s quite simple to use. About Magento, you have something more specific due to the use of Magento, but it’s the same principle. You can put that on your website from here, so like before just adding the air, I will show you the dashboard.


So I will take this view. So here is the global view of cloud. You’ve got this part, so it is the active users that are now on your website. So, for example, then you got three hundred and you’ve got one malicious one. So this is a real time analysis, just so you know. Sorry, you this number can be different from the Google analytics. There is a reason for that is that when a user wants to deactivate JavaScript, he’s coming from the font and Google Analytics doesn’t consider the back end user.


So our number and Caulfield’s is really is a real number, actually. You can have false statistics about it. When you click on this icon. You’ve got such a statistic of your back and. So they are both considering. Then you’ve got this trend line over the last 30 days, so you have a very precious one. By clicking on the icon, you have the date and time and the how many malicious were stopped on that day. Going down, you have this window so you can widen it.


If you like all, make it for you and just show you how it works. So you’ve got some information, more specific information about the user’s general in general in a general way, so you’ve got the IP. The location, the exact one. The daytime requests and which browser did he used? You also can make any action that you want regarding this user. So, for example, you can allow it or just deny it. You have the first request and the last form.


Still, his location chief is using a an ISP. And you have the look. So going back on our website. The interesting part is the last stop boats, so you can widen it as well. And just see how many boats were denied, how many were allowed. And how many user ization requests? So you have, for example, here, you’ve got the IP. Which type of malicious? So here you’ve got this clipping, the daytime, and what kind of action do you have to use?


And this is for each boat. So going back to the dashboard. You have the bar graph with a view over the last seven days and which percentage of oil users and malicious ones, so it’s a clear graph. Another one with malicious types over the last seven days, so you can see many scrapbooking. Of submission and four. You have the page views, so what I wanted to say about the page views you when purchasing a deal on XML, you’ve got a number of requests.


What’s counting as a request is not what you Blankley’s blacklisted sorry or what you listed. I will show you that in a moment. What you wait listed and blacklisted, both appearing in the page views only. So it’s not counted as a request. So about the watches and the blacklist, you can just. Configure it the way you want. You can choose to allow any user requests in in in the manual way, if you like. You have your white list and your black list, so you can just.


Change it and save whenever you want. Just for the hippies that host, Asen. And the website or Web app IPD. You also have your type of malicious traffic. And for example, for scrapping, you can just allow or deny it, but you can also configure it and choose the kind of intensity that you want for scrapping. So it can be interesting as well. You have the whole pot of four or five settings with your personal information, your time zone.


Obviously, you can change your password any time. One thing that’s interesting is that you can edit to slack so you can get any notifications that you want, you can disable its. Well, just. Each of them in a general way. So that’s interesting if you’re working on such. You have email notifications as well. You can sign all your invoices in here. And just consider them. So if you have I don’t know how many websites can be interesting and then you get the logs, so.


From the beginning and from the creation of your accounts, you can find all the logs in here. And the IPD. So about the you I wanted to say that we do our best and everyone in a real time, you have so some current questions that we’ve got. Just to have, I don’t know, connection Copperfield’s or changing anything, something’s. You also have a general view of Cloud Clausen’s. How to manage your accounts can be interesting and website subscriptions.


We also have a chat that is quite active. Like I said, we do our best to just answering everyone. No. OK, so now you get all your notifications here. Since we’ve got many questions on the page, I think we got almost 60 so many questions were asked about what might we created one. I will show you it’s in them. I would show it to you in a minute. Sorry, because if we don’t have any plug ins right now, we are working hard on having as many as you want.


So I will show you the road map in a minute. Just so that you can see. All right. So this is our current road map and to the list that we wanted to do for Clarksville’s, what has been done on the right? So we integrated two, three, eight plug ins for now. The next one to be integrated would be the first plug in. Then you have some others working on and so many things to do from now.


But we are working on also. What I wanted to say is that we are taking any advice into consideration and that’s how Atsumi is really great for us, is that it’s really help us in our tool. So really. Thank you, everyone. Thank you guys for your fix, that precious one. And we are just making our possible to adding them to the roadmap. So we are not here to promise anything and won’t be doing nothing. That’s why we saw it, integrated it in the.


And let me check, I think I’m done for now. Ask. That’s OK. Thank you so much for walking us through everything and for showing us the road map. I know that’s what you guys are so interested in. So too great. So this is wonderful. Thank you. I really appreciate you being here. Simoleons, go ahead and wrap this up. And if you haven’t already, you can go to ABC. Murakami’s Cloud Felt to redeem your codes starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal.


Of course, this is back by up Sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, we’d love to read your reviews on the deal page. Like I mentioned earlier, they’re raking in the reviews so people are loving this tool and it does have a five TOCO rating, so be sure to check it out and rating. Yeah, isn’t that great.


So we’re happy about it. And of course if you have any more questions, leave them on the page as well. Thank you so much also for walking us through this. It’s been a thank you.


Thank you for having it right by.

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