CloudFilt: Real-time Analytics to Stop Malicious Bots

CloudFit is a tool that can help prevent, block, and stop bad bots from infiltrating your domain. It is one of the best software designed to safeguard your domain’s security. Find out more of its features below.

Features and Benefits of CloudFilt

👉 Spam Submissions – This feature helps detect compromised machines that send out spams.

👉 Bad Bots – The software analyzes the browser to detect: headless, JavaScript execution, screen size, and other parameters

👉 Scraping – It analyzes the behavior, speed, and number of requests, request headers, and other parameters.

👉 IP Reputation and IP Risk Score – This feature checks IP Blacklists and Risk scores. If the risk score is high, it will be stopped.

👉 Tor – It also resolves IP/Host location and other parameters.

👉 DDoS – Inspects each request to detect those that represent denial of service, investigating IP reputation and other services.

👉 Real-time Analysis – The analyses delivered by this software are real-time so you can rest assured that you will be duely updated by any changes in the system.

👉 Configurable Filter Settings – You can customize the settings of each analysis and filters easily to make your security more personalized.

👉 Visitor Monitoring – This software also enables you to see how many are in your site, if there are malicious visitors, and how many bots were stopped for malicious activity.

👉 Create a Whitelist – You can also create a whitelist of users that you can allow into your site anytime.

👉 Integrations – There are also various integrations that you can connect into while using this software.

Who is CloudFilt for?

👉 Commercial website owners who are looking for a tool that can help safe guard their site.

👉 Marketers who need a tool that they can rely on to keep their sites safe from malicious visitors and bad bots.


Things to Note About CloudFilt

👉 The chat support in the CloudFilt site is sometimes unresponsive.

👉 There is no Shopify plugin.

The Company

👉 Founded in 2009

👉 Estimated Number of Employees: 17

👉 Founder: Mohammed Boumediane

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