Clinked: Project Management and Client Platform In One Place


Clinked is a white-label client platform that gives you full control and access to all your customers. You can onboard them, share documents securely with them for collaboration on projects as well as manage everything from invoices through project completion in one place!

Clinked is a first of its kind cloud collaboration platform that offers seamless client experience. It allows you to create, manage and distribute files on the go with ease.

Clinked also makes it possible for businesses large or small – no matter how many employees they have at their disposal – to work independently while still being able communicate effectively both internally among each other externally via email. Your team can send pictures, share video clips, set task lists and cards, complete projects, discuss deadlines, and more!


Clinked Pricing Overview


Clinked’s monthly price starts at $99 USD for a “Lite” plan that’s perfect for small businesses. The price scales up if you want to add more members within your account, gain more storage, and have access to more features that’s available only with higher plans.

Alternatively, Clinked is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo which starts at $69 for a single-code deal. Find out more about Clinked’s lifetime deal below.

Find out more details about their lifetime deal here »


Price starts from:

$99.00 per month

✅  Has a 10-day free trial
You can request a demo on how to use Clinked
✅  Save 16% when you subscribe to their yearly plan, or save 35% when you get a two-year plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$69.00 – Single payment for a single-code deal

Clinked lifetime deal on Appsumo


Clinked’s Features


✅  White-label Branding
✅  Unlimited Client Groups and Guests
✅  Create a customized client portal in minutes
✅  Choose a custom URL for your portal
✅  Set up and organize files and folders
✅  Share documents, tasks, conversations, activities, and events in one place with your clients or your team in one place.
✅  Set up your own dashboard and activity stream
✅  Massive storage capacity
✅  Discussion Boards
✅  Events & Team Calendar & iCal – Your event calendar syncs with the most popular calendar apps out there.
✅  Real-time group chat & one-to-one chat
✅  Task categories and grouping
✅  Subgroups and group templates
✅  Version History
✅  File locking and Approvals
✅  Inside-file Search (full text)
✅  Content Following
✅  Push Notifications
✅  Annotations and Markup Tools
✅  Threaded Comments, Feedback, @mention Messaging
✅  Reply by Email


Add-ons and Integrations


✅  API access
✅  Google Workspace integration
✅  E-signature integration (DocuSign and Adobe Sign) – Requires a DocuSign subscription and an Adobe Sign Enterprise subscription respectively
✅  JotForm integration
✅  Connect up to 3000+ apps with Zapier integration




🔒  Automatic account lockout
🔒  Encryption in transit & at rest
🔒  Complex passwords
🔒  Advanced User Permissions
🔒  Two-Factor authentication (Enforceable)
🔒  Audit trail
🔒  GDPR compliant



Who is Clinked For?


👉  Clinked is a new way for small and medium sized businesses to collaborate with clients easily. It’s also the perfect solution if you’re looking to set up your own branded portal, which can be done in minutes!


Things to Note About Clinked


👉  Some buyers of the LTD feel that the storage is too little relevant to the number of users allowed in one account.


Clinked Alternatives



User Reviews for Clinked


You have no idea how much I needed Clinked in my life. The past 3 years, since flying solo, I have been communicating with clients through multiple emails accounts, multiple google drives, sms and whatsapp… It has been a mess. “I sent you the logo to your main email back in March”…”er,,ok”…. Finally I have a place where they can add tasks, upload files for both of us to reference, communicate and look pro in the process. Only been using it for half a day, and already clients are praising it!

by Sumoling-404 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


We purchased Clinked for our design agency in the 2019 deal and used it for a little while. There are lots of tools baked in – anything you can do with Basecamp or ActiveCollab etc, you can *technically* achieve with Clinked. Yes the white label functionality is nice compared to other project management tools, but ultimately we moved back to Basecamp because the Clinked UI is so ugly and clunky that it was extremely painful to use every day.


Most glaring UX problems:


1. Tasks functionality is underdeveloped with no timeline or good calendar views, lack of easy ways to see all *your* tasks assigned to you across all projects in a calendar or tidy view.

2. The UI in general feels extremely dated at this point. It’s a basic bootstrap implementation and there are inconsistencies everywhere which drive us crazy.

3. The notifications functionality is pretty basic and hard to manage dozens or hundreds of notifications a day from various projects. They need more fine tuned settings at the user level and a full screen notifications page w/ ability to clear vs. mark as read (see Monday.com and ClickUp for inspiration).

4. Certain white label features like custom email domain never worked right with Gsuite. We tried to resolve via support ticket but this ultimately trailed off and we could never get it working. They wanted us to set up a separate SMTP server just for Clinked which requires separate web hosting and technical complexity.


There used to be a post on the Clinked feature request forums that talked about a grand “Clinked 2.0” with a totally new UI etc. It was “in progress” for years. Recently, I logged back into our old account to see if anything has changed and nope it’s still the same. Went looking for said forum post, and it seems to have disappeared mysteriously.


I get the impression that Clinked has a lot of clients who maybe aren’t in the technical fields and don’t care about some of the above gripes, so they’re just coasting along collecting subscription fees without updating the product. If you just want something basic to exchange files with your clients, and want a white label experience, then sure it could work for you. But for our team trying to use it for client project collaboration on a daily basis proved too frustrating. It’s a shame because there is great potential here!

by jake381 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐ – – –


I’ve been searching for a client portal for WHILE!!!! the other client portals I previously tried are either glitchy or not user friendly. then i saw appsumo had Clinked, I decided to give this a shot with tier 2 based on the white label options and WOW!!!!


This is EXACTLY what I needed and the prices are reasonable for this LIFETIME DEAL. Let me write it again LIFETIME DEAL. No complaints at all, my clients love this. I’m looking more professional than i actually am lol. PLUS, great responsive customer service also, so i can’t ask for anything more. I AM going to bring myself to the highest tier with a weekly code or 2 and future proof myself.

by jamar815 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I purchased this product last year. I am not a tech person at all, but was able to get it up and running with no problem. Their support team is amazing. They provide monthly updates on new developments. I learn something new each time.

by Iporter | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


After a frustrating day trying to trade Google doc and sheet files with a client, this deal popped up.


I grabbed it, figuring if it turned out to be a giant PITA I would just return it and continue pulling my hair out with Google docs.


Well, hear the angels singing it is dead simple to set up and use.


👉  Easy to customize and add my brand logo

👉  Easy to add my clients

👉  Easy and intuitive for my clients to use (no training, just a link and a note to log in)

👉  Love the notifications and invitations. Simple to decide who needs to see what

👉  Love the ability to schedule calls


Worth every penny even if I outgrow it in a couple of years. The hours I have already saved not hunting for files or sending (again) the same file because the client can’t find it are well worth the cost.




👉  The branding and customization is pretty limited – logo and a few color choices for the banner at the top,

👉  Would like the ability to add more links. Right now I have to create a document and essentially use it as a scratchpad. Not horrible, just wish I could add a link as a task.


No brainer for me – a solution to an immediate problem at a very reasonable price.


If you spend more than 1 hour a week trying to get stuff to clients, get this deal.

by Sumo-ling | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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