BrainCert Review: All-in-One Platform for Interactive Online Learning

In this BrainCert review, we'll take a deep dive into its features, pros, and cons, and use cases. Learn more about BrainCert here!

Are you a course creator struggling to engage learners and boost completion rates?

Traditional LMS platforms can be limiting, lacking the interactive features needed for truly effective courses.

Imagine a unified training platform that lets you sell courses, live classes, assessments, and even physical products. A platform that helps you create engaging, interactive learning experiences that motivate learners.

Meet BrainCert – a tool that bills itself as the all-in-one solution for course creators, educators, and project managers who want to improve their online training.

I was drawn to the idea that with BrainCert, you can:

  • easily create and sell interactive courses
  • use gamification to boost engagement
  • and access real-time analytics to track learner progress.

So, I decided to explore its features. Now. let’s dive to its pros and cons.

👍 Pros of BrainCert

Company Stability and Experience

  • It is a stable company. They have been in enterprise sales for over a decade. This reduces the risk of unexpected closure that could disrupt your work.

Comprehensive Learning Platform

  • BrainCert’s main strength is how it combines courses, payments, and live sessions with recording. This all-in-one approach makes learning smoother.
  • It is a complete solution, but teachers can still integrate with external tools like Zoom, Sessions, or Go Brunch for live classes if they want.
  • Its features, like virtual classes, recordings, forum, chat, and SCORM support, make it stand out from other learning management systems.
  • It is the only platform with SCORM support in an LTD framework, ensuring it works with many types of e-learning content.

Live and Recorded Teaching

  • It includes both live and recorded teaching at no extra cost, which is greatly beneficial for teachers. They can offer live sessions with recorded lessons and charge more without added expenses. BrainCert is the only tool that lets you do this.
  • It lets teachers easily switch between live and recorded sessions, helping them adapt to student needs and the content.

Virtual Classroom Features

  • Their virtual classroom could compare to Zoom for visual collaboration, with interactive whiteboards, WolframAlpha, breakout rooms, and other great features.
  • It offers integrated slides and high-quality videos with adjustable playback speeds.

Assessment Tools

  • It offers safe, live, and automated remote test proctoring, ensuring tests and certifications are honest and fair.
  • It grades tests right away, letting the teacher and the test taker see their score.
  • Students can bookmark questions to review before submitting.
  • All questions have full answers and links for more information.
  • It has strong assessment features, letting trainers test learners’ progress and understanding.

Engagement Tools

  • Teachers can easily split live sessions into groups or cohorts, allowing for targeted teaching and collaboration.
  • Gamification, tests, and certification tools keep students engaged and motivated while they learn.

Marketing and Sales Features

  • It has tools to make attractive landing pages for your courses, helping boost enrollment. The platform provides modern, pre-made templates designed to showcase your courses well and grab potential students’ attention.
  • The platform’s email marketing capabilities enable you to engage with your students and promote your courses effectively.
  • Its integrated shop feature allows you to sell digital products alongside your courses, providing an additional revenue stream.

Integration and Convenience

  • The WordPress and Moodle plugins are very useful, allowing smooth integration with existing websites and learning environments.
  • It offers convenient payment options through Paypal and credit card.
  • It also has a straightforward process for canceling subscriptions.

Ease of Use

  • Creating and managing courses is simple after you learn the basics. At first, you may need time to learn the tools and settings, but once you understand how they work, the process becomes easy.
  • It allows a direct messaging system for communication between students and course authors.

Cons of BrainCert

Security and Privacy

  • The platform has security risks because all instructors can access and change any course, including those made by other instructors. This makes accidental deletions more likely and reduces trust in the platform.
  • Instructors can edit courses and coupons that others made, which is a privacy concern. There are no different access levels to prevent misuse of information.
  • The platform lacks a good backup and recovery system. If a course is deleted by accident, it may be lost forever, putting user content at risk and making the platform less reliable.

System Performance

  • The system lags when moving between sections or doing actions. Users may double-click because nothing seems to happen, causing unintended results.
  • No timer or progress bar makes the issue worse, as users don’t know if their actions are working.
  • SCORM packages sometimes load slowly or don’t show up, requiring learners to refresh the page.

Tracking and Enrollment

  • BrainCert can’t automatically track when SCORM packages are done. Learners must mark them as complete by hand, making it unreliable as learners can mark packages complete without opening them.
  • The learner enrollment process is inefficient. Admins must type each learner’s email address to enroll them, unlike other LMS platforms where they can select learners’ names from a list.

User Interface and Navigation

  • Toggles to hide numbering and labels for chapters and lectures don’t always work right.
  • The student dashboard and course screens look nice but have a poor layout. The dashboard has too many gamification and reporting metrics, requiring users to scroll or go to another section to get to their courses.
  • Setting up and managing courses can require annoying navigation. Users may need to go back and forth between sections to fully set up courses, taking time and requiring many steps for certain tasks.
  • There is no auto-save feature. Requiring users to hit the “save” button every time can cause users to lose work, leading to frustration and lost time.

Bugs and Glitches

  • BrainCert appears to have many bugs, especially during setup. Turning on gamification, for instance, requires going through many screens. There are also issues saving payment settings.
  • The course page also sometimes gets stuck, and you can’t restart until you refresh the page.
  • The system has trouble with large photos, which limits certain course content.

🙏 Feature Requests (Things we’d like to see in the future…)

  • Razorpay payment gateway and Integrately integration
  • Native API or direct integration to transfer contacts to CRMs like VBOUT or ENCHARGE. Currently, BrainCert lacks full CRM features. While data export and Zapier are available, they are not ideal.
  • The course building structure needs improvement. Making classes through plugins may not be intuitive for some users.
  • Customization options for the dashboard. Currently, admins can’t customize the dashboard,.

🎨 BrainCert Use Cases

  • Make and sell online courses: Teachers can use BrainCert to create and sell interactive online courses.
  • Train employees: Companies can use BrainCert to make training programs for their staff.
  • Host virtual classes: Teachers can hold live, interactive classes using BrainCert’s virtual classroom tools.
  • Create tests and give certificates: Organizations can make online tests and exams using BrainCert’s question types and remote proctoring.
  • Make learning fun with games: Course makers can use game-like features to engage and motivate students.
  • Sell digital and physical products: BrainCert lets users sell both digital and physical products.
  • Coach and mentor: Coaches can use BrainCert to give personal, interactive coaching sessions and track progress.
  • Host webinars and workshops: BrainCert can be used to host live events like webinars and workshops.
  • Mix online and in-person learning: Teachers can create courses that mix online lessons, live classes, and tests.
  • Provide required training: Companies can make sure employees finish required training by tracking course completion through BrainCert.

Final Words

BrainCert is a training platform with many features for online learning. It can be used by teachers, businesses, and people who want to sell courses online. The platform has tools to make learning interactive, like games, virtual classrooms, and tests.

It’s easy once you overcome the initial learning curve. It also has helpful analytics to track student progress. Its flexibility makes it good for many different uses, from selling courses to training employees.

However, some users may find BrainCert overwhelming or complex, especially if they are new to online learning. The cost of the platform may also be too high for some people or organizations with small budgets.

BrainCert works with various tools, but it may not work perfectly with all the tools or platforms that a user already has. It’s important to think about if BrainCert fits with your current technology and if the benefits are worth any challenges in setting it up and using it.

Now, that concludes our BrainCert review. If you want to read more of our in-depth SaaS reviews, then click here.

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Ken Moo