BounceCast: Intelligent Audio App for Creating Your Podcasts


Looking to create the perfect podcast? BounceCast is the perfect solution for all of your audio needs. It allows you to record, enhance and master any type or format that exists on desktop or mobile platforms! It takes care of the whole audio processing for you, from recording to post-production.

BounceCast provide the most intuitive and fast way to record, enhance and master your audio files automatically. It lets you focus on the content instead of the audio post-production. Your task then is simply to provide the stories and the excitement for your audience while letting BounceCast handle the audio.

Create the best podcast episodes today with BounceCast!


BounceCast Pricing Overview


BounceCast monthly price starts at $9.99 for a “premium” plan. Their premium plan already gives you access to all of BounceCast’s features, including the advanced ones. However, you also have the option to go for their free plan, which gives you basic audio recorder features.

Alternatively, BounceCast is offering a limited lifetime deal at Appsumo starting at $59. Find out more about BounceCast’s lifetime deal below:


Price starts from:

$9.99 per month

✅  Has a free version
Save 20% when you get an annual plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$59.00 – Single Payment for a Tier 1 Deal

BounceCast lifetime deal on Appsumo


BounceCast Features and Benefits


👉  Smart Enhancement – With a simple click of a button, you can automatically boost the quality of your audio recording.

👉  Toggle Noise Removal – Remove unnecessary background noises from your audio recording for a clearer quality

👉  Rumble Filter and Click Removal

👉  Built-in Smart Soundcheck Tool – Preview your audio recording with or without enhancements so you can check your recorded audio and decide whether to edit it further or not

👉  Has a desktop and mobile app for flexibility

👉  Import or export your audio files in multiple formats: WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and Ogg-Vorbis

👉  Control unwanted frequencies

👉  Audio Recording & Trimming – Record your audio with BounceCast, then edit or trim it immediately after you record your podcast

👉  Automatic Audio Leveling – The Automatic Audio Leveling feature in BounceCast is a great way to keep your audio levels consistent. This feature will automatically adjust the audio levels for each scene, so you don’t have to worry about it.

👉  Audio Restoration – The audio restoration feature in BounceCast is a powerful tool for cleaning up recorded audio. Whether you’re removing unwanted noise from a recording or repairing damaged audio, the audio restoration feature can help you achieve professional results.



Who is BounceCast For?


BounceCast is an intelligent digital audio app for recording, enhancing, and mastering audio files for professional podcasters and video producers.

With BounceCast, podcasters can record high-quality audio files with ease, using the built-in microphone to record both sides of a conversation clearly and evenly. Additionally, the app can be used to edit and enhance recorded audio files, as well as add music and sound effects. The final product can be exported in a variety of formats, making it easy to share with listeners. For podcasters who are looking to create professional-sounding recordings, BounceCast is the perfect solution.


Things to Note About BounceCast


👉  Some users say that the Noise Removal feature is inconsistent

👉  You cannot trim the middle part of an audio recording

👉  The UI can be a bit confusing to navigate


User Reviews for BounceCast


I used to edit my classes and podcast on Sony Vegas app and Audacity. I know how to do it with my eyes closed. But not everyone is willing to learn how to use an editing software and then try to tweak the audio in many forms waiting to find the right setup. This is where Bouncecast come into place. It will do it for you in a simplistic and fast way with a few mouse strokes. Even my wife that doesn’t any experience using editing software could upload an audio and fix it in matters of minutes. This is the reason why I purchased a few codes, so I could install it on several computers and both cell phones (my wife and mine when the app come available). And what we love the most is the option to record the class right from the app. If you podcast or sell classes using audio files only, then is the right tool for you.

by Solesky | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


About what it does: It takes your raw audio recording and it automatically cleans and processes it.


You can select some AI filters:


– Noise Removal

– Click Removal

– Epic Radio Host

– Rumble filter (Ready to Rumble! don’t ask me wtf is that or what it does because I couldn’t tell the difference)


TBH I’m impressed because it does the job. I mean, if you have experience with audio processors then you could get better manual results, but for people who only want 80% of the quality in no time, this is really good.


I see it as a must for content creators (podcasts, videos…) that want better audio without learning new skills or having to add more tasks to their workflow.

by Sumoling0 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Hey guys,


I really want to say this software is simply awesome, honestly, I love it. I was using audacity before but now I just replace BounceCast to that place. First I thought with old reviews on this page BounceCast will be some kind of crappy software lol but I was wrong. No one can judge a product from other people reviews I understand this concept from my experience now.


I was using two Chinese condenser microphones and one Boya lavalier microphone, I want to tell you, I was testing BounceCast software by using those Chinese mics but I got a pretty bad result ( which I was using before with Audacity software but I was getting a good result from that by manually adjusting all ) but with Boya lavalier microphone BounceCast worked amazingly, I was totally shocked ( I was trying to get good quality audio with Audacity before but always Boya lavalier microphone picking up high volume frequency which I don’t know how to make it work better without losing my recording quality lol ) so I decided to use Boya lavalier microphone now with BounceCast I don’t have to do anything special just record and tick some options and all fine that’s really time saving & AWESOME!!! one little advice:- always use branded good mics to get good results with BounceCast.


With there new Epic Radio Host ( beta ) option I said WOW when I just tick that option for the first time I really love that new beta option hope you guys will make it permanent. Honestly, its really removing more background noise and improve audio quality perfectly for videos and podcasts.

by husniipas | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


The good: The sound filters are great and easy to use. They have made a big difference in the quality of the recordings of done so far and without any technical knowledge. Just click on the filter box.


The bad: The editor is very limited. Although the beginning and end can be clipped, there is no function to allow clipping of other segments of the recording, so if you yawn, mumble or make another mistake, you’re forced to upload your audio file into another editing program to clip out the mistakes.


It would make sense to make it a more complete editor so that the file doesn’t have to be uploaded into other programs to clip errors.


Would also be nice to be able to upload different audio clips, such as intro/outro files and the podcast recording and fuse them together into one file.

by Sumo-ling | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐


As an audio engineer for 35 years I am not overall thrilled by the output from this app.


Don’t expect it to do miracles on your voice/speak.


Its simple and fast to use for sure and it will create a better sound out of an ok source.


My main reason buying this was for the speed and to have a tool on my mobil doing some basic audio speak optimization. But this isn’t available before later this year.


I am fully aware that not all have the time or knowledge doing this on a daily basis.


Giving it four Tacos due to the fact it doesnt promise a lot and what its promises it does ok.


And for the price….

by danstanley | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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