BotStar Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.460] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar, I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at BOTSTAR. BotStar is a comprehensive chatbot that makes it easy to build, develop and refine an automated system to tackle queries and generate leads. It is back on AppSumo, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal and it does have a five Taco rating. One hundred and ten reviews. This is a beloved tool on AppSumo and we are so excited to be walking through it today.

Before we dive into the walk through the walk through though, I just want to tell you a few good things. The first is if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you’re interested in this tool, go ahead and do that over in the chat room. We do love to hear from you there. If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, leave your questions in the Q&A box down below this video.

We will circle back to them at the end of the walk through. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, you totally can. You can watch this again later. All right. That is enough of me. Hey Hui, how are you doing today, you guys?

[00:01:11.540] – Hui (BotStar)
Good. I’m doing well. It’s a bit late again, but I’m honored to be here again and talking to you guys.

[00:01:21.350] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
We are excited to have you back. We’re very glad you’re back and we’re excited to offer the service. And I know that I have been seeing since your last deal, just comments about when is Bart Starr coming back. So this has been highly anticipated and people are excited to have you. So without further ado, I’ll let you go ahead and do the walkthrough. Let me know when you’re ready to take some questions.

[00:01:42.740] – Hui (BotStar)
Yeah, sure. I’ll show you my screen.

Can you see my screen now?

[00:01:55.360] – Lindsay (AppSumo)

[00:01:57.360] – Hui (BotStar)
OK, yeah, so I couldn’t go into much super detail like many, many house dos, I wouldn’t do that in this session, rather, you know, I feel like this. I really appreciate everyone turning up for this webinar because I feel like for myself, I would never participate in this. But for you guys, probably you you are very excited or you are still waiting for some answer for some more insights before making your decision.

System understand that. So I would walk you guys through the app, but I would spend a little bit of time talking about or sharing with you guys about some of the, you know, criticism for BotStar and the new future and the and our vision for the long if you just. Well, so I’ll do that. So first of all, I’ll explain to you guys. Most of you have been asking us this question. So what what is a section in BotStar?

So Session is like a conversation. And from the guests at that moment and you just just from that moment. So one member, one user probably in one session.

So until BotStar introduce like multisystem like one user can have multiple threatened with the bot, then until then you would be worried about, you know, one user can become multiprocessor, but for now only just one user of one system that should be oh this is this is the screen where you see a bunch of bots on the screen.

I’ll go ahead and open up a bot called pizza delivery type so you can see this is the the dashboard, which show a bunch of information. For the quick overview, I’ll go ahead into dirth like directly into the editor right now. So you can see this is the overview of the conversation in our conversation, edited to flow, edited out. Go ahead and do a quick Harbage stuff. I’ll go ahead and try to preview this. But so this is a cool thing.

Post it up here. So you can you can basically, this is exactly what you see is what you get, I guess, at this point. You don’t have the name of the user yet. So to come up with that generic variable value and then exactly what you see in the floor on my left hand side is display over here on the right hand side, the previous section, so you can go ahead and play around your boat while building it.

You don’t have to hook it to a website or, you know, hook it up to the Facebook page in order to test out your boat so that in this wall, basically, you can see a bunch of capabilities that cross that can do it can display, you know, a bunch of products right here. Right here where I’m looking at it can give you like an end to end purchasing sort of experience for users to play around to, you know, to order pizza and stuff.

So this is the website. This is the website. And on the right hand, bottom, right hand side, you can see the pop up. And I can communicate with this bot on this website right away. And you see it exactly like how you see in the flow as well in the preview. And here it is on the website.

And I’ll go ahead and play around with this flow a little bit. So you so we can have something in the back and I’ll go ahead and order this one small. Do you want to customize your piece? Probably not at this point. How many of are probably just one, so as I’m doing this, the bot is collecting information and put it to the back and I’ll go ahead and complete this order and I. For asking me from Obama. Randoms.

Oh, no, they’re. Yeah, sure. So we’re just gone through the order, you know, the order process and let’s see what it does in the back end. This is the checkpoint. This is a term, you know, use internally in the bus, that platform you when you see this time anywhere else. So this is just like a generic umbrella term where things are getting accumulated, like order looking, that sort of stuff. It can go on the checkpoint.

So you can see that our order just now should be displayed here in this, which you probably don’t know which one was depending on the time should be this one.

So any kind of information your end user gave to the bomb, it should be displayed here or it can go into the audience themself. So, for example, this particular person, you can see a bunch of information out quickly. So there’s no sense that the information get out. So basically that you can assign information from the user to what, you know, something generic like checkpoint where you can sync up with your system or CMS database or even Google spreadsheet in order to collect and process those information further on.

Or you can just send those information directly to, you know, and assign them to the user. So later on, you can go and look at the history and see what exactly has been going on with this customer. For example, someone may decide to send out a campaign on summer and you attack all of these people with some, you know, attack, for example. And then later on, you can go ahead and target these people with the summer.

You can do some those some stuff here filtering here. I wouldn’t go out there.

And basically, that’s how you do it, you say in BotStar.

So this is the editor. That’s one thing that, you know, the learning is that there is probably a learning curve down for you guys, especially people who are stopping to do that for the first time in their life. But once you get the hang of it, you understand how powerful this tool we are providing you guys with here. That is a very important term in Boston, which is Core Module. And I’m looking at this modu, for example, modu is a think of Madu is like a, you know, a group of blocks that are being grouped together so you can go into the Madu and do some stuff there and get out of it so you won’t have to cluster up your design, your floor design.

And that is I believe is well, I’m not sure if other forms have come up with anything similar yet, but we we are very proud of that. And that enables some sort of complexity later on when you want to extend your plot to that’s one point about this, then maybe an alternative to do to replace somebody, which is cause subplot. So imagine we have one floor for the block right now, but in the near future, Boston, we will come up with multiple floors.

So that’s going to be very helpful for marketing company or agency who want to rerun some of the campaign and using just some particular flow for each campaign or it’s going to be very good for some sometime. You want to separate the flow of customer support or so an engagement and you don’t and they don’t flow of those are being handled separately by different people, different department in the company. And that’s also a good situation as well. So I want to show you guys another ball that we open in this call where the ball.

So in this what this bot does, let’s see what it does is it will ask me for, OK, I’m pretty good.

Thank you. I’m going through the flow of this where the ball is should be asking me and give me four.

So I’ll go ahead, probably put in New York, you suggest, and it should come. Come back with some information about the weather out of New York. So this this demonstrates the capability, which is called scripting. So it’s right here.

So after some chat, as you can see in the flow here, you go from here to here, here and there and right here, it will ask for my location and then send me to this this particular court here, which is, you know, I don’t want to scare you away, but look, I just want to show you how powerful was that. So even you can start your very simple in the beginning. But down the track, if you have access to more people, savvy people or resources, you can always extend your book and hook it up with some other system, either through something like this scripting where you can do some calculation behind or you can use some of these sort of condition and come up with your own logic right within the bond.

You can see a lot of information here for you to dictate the flow of the book based on the logic. And there are just many other things for you to check. See for yourself in the editor. That’s another good thing I want to talk about is recently since our last launch in the middle of last year, we have finished to two very important integration. One is called horse shit and the other is cost. So you can see you can just drop them in here.

Oh, I’m sorry. Asking me to set up strike integration first. See another what has it. I should be going to set the bar. Integration so you can integrate most with these things negatively, so we do support them negatively as long as you have strike or set account, but we also open up to ZAPU and Interplast. Well, so you can if you don’t have you know, you can’t find these negative integration, then you can always use these integration hubs to extend or connect to the external system.

And also, one thing is should be noted that we are releasing our first full set of API very soon in weeks. I would say we would be releasing it in two weeks. It’s almost done internally, but we are just testing it out and we’ve been testing it. But I think it take us another two weeks for us to release a full set of API that a lot of people have been asking for. And I believe that going to unlock most of the integration capability between Boston and other platforms if even if our team doesn’t have results to do any particular integration for any software that being favored by you.

So, I just finished the point about the integration. So basically in shock BotStart can be very open and connect, can connect to our platform through a bunch of tools that has to be brought in. The editor Scripting Integration Hub Supplies, API Integral and the integration we decide to support natively in the flow. And as long as you have technical access, you can so you can create any kind of box cluster. So so this is what I was trying to show you guys the scripting about this, but this is the BotStar office.

So so I’m showing you guys the chatbot that we have created for BotStar ourself. And I’ll show you the flow. Flow is kind of, you know, stand up where you can see how our team a bunch of information to pricing plan, you know, support and training.

Let’s go into pricing and see what’s in here. So you can see this is the module entry. And it basically this how you know, this how preventing the bulk flow being plus so much information about pricing and you can have multiple access for this module.

And then later on you can see the media outlet out here and you can just like go back or go continue. The the navigation is something a lot. So this is the office of chatbot and basically this is the keyword. So in BotStar, that is used to be we used to focus a lot on Smart Keyboard, where we integrate with with AI, which is owned by Facebook. But, you know, down the track we found out that with AI is very limited and bulky.

And Facebook, to be honest, some of the software raised the question of standard of quality as well. So we decide to stop that for for the Keyword in Boston. So keyboard inBotStar. Now, we only support regular manipulation of things like matching, contending in fighting. That’s such a letter or so. And by matching these rules, you can decide to send back a particular blog or you can just send back a simple text message.

So I’ve walked you guys through a little bit about the bot building capability of BotStar. In the past? This is how this platform has been. Our Islamize fully occupied and dictated by the bot muting activity and communities. But looking forward into 2012, first we won. This inbox is going this army in inbox. We want to improve it so that it can be used as a tool for team like especially customer support team or in some company where the salespeople or the marketing people are collaborating closely with the support people, you know, especially given the the booming of social media.

So we want this to be a unique little omnichannel type of inbox where you can manipulate for now it is is only support boss, that live chat and Facebook messenger.

But in the future, once we expand beyond the integrate the other message, Daniel, like WhatsApp line, Instagram, this will, you know, excuse more the sense of omni fun at it on a support two channels.

But basically there’s one key feature in this inbox that I want you to know and I’m very, very proud of, which is human take over. Any time you you start talking with this particular customer, for example, the buck will stop working and you will take you asked an agent, a human agent will take over these messes. But days, if you go back to the buton and because I said I’m very proud of the human takeover mechanism in BotStar, I need to show you guys that.

So at any point you can use this to let the bot handle. Oh, so you want to talk to our human agent, give me a minute or something or leave us some question and then after what that to our human staff, for example.

So whatever you you want to however you want to handle the you know, the switch over the transition between the bot and stuff, it’s up to you after your creativity in the flow. Yeah. So another important point is the support, multiple language, for example, this bot and it is config file on the English, for example. But if if I decide to support this bot form and another language, let me go to another. I don’t want to play around with the office, which I would look at this one, for example.

It’s only if Support Spanish downhere. So if I click that I switch to Spanish property that I haven’t done the translation for this one yet. But if I go ahead and typing something then to do it in. So if I switch between English and Spanish here, you see you see the text changed. Yeah, so that’s how easy it is for you to create a multiple language and boss that you can ever use this mutant language switch to let users choose between the language, see, so that you can block to handle that.

And if you go into CMS, for example, this is where you predefine data so that they can be reloaded and put that into what content? You can then switch the language in here. So that just shows you how extended multi languages capability mutu can grow. So how extensive are support for that particular future is?

Um, I’ll go ahead and demonstrate some of the other features. Well, this is the report screen where you can see how the how the bots performing.

I’m going to be honest with you guys here. This is not the best department of that clearly. And we want to rectify that in this year and we want to give a boost into the analytical capability of Boston. While all of this you are right here, what you are seeing, we are in a very excited time because I have we have made up our minds to split this product into two such products where you can switch between. It’s very good for agency as well or even for business, because it is going to show you a much more friendly Day-To-Day dashboard inbox for you guys to maintain the conversation or the engagement.

Is SIPRI that view with a view of automation where they need to do a bunch of configuration, you know, switching around, configuring the tab for designing the chalkboard, setting up some rules and floors, which basically after you have done, you probably wouldn’t come back to business. So I want to share that information with you guys. And internally here we call it that. Absolutely nothing to be scared about whether this is going to affect your deal or not.

Just trust me, it has nothing to do with that. It is all about providing a better in user interface for our community in the future and it clear less stuff on the screen perception. So it’s clear for you guys. Yeah, I’m super excited because that is that has been scheduled to be released in the early half of this year. And we all that’s just the you know, the top layer changes. So it wouldn’t mess up with any things regarding the quality of the engine or anything like that.

So you have to be worried about that. But I’m excited to share with you guys the information. Yeah. So this is how to look in messenger and which I have demonstrated on the Web site before. And as you can see, all of that information should go through here through to Channel one, which is me just now, and validates me twenty minutes before that when I ordered that all these small baeza. Yeah.

Um, a lot of people in the past have problem publishing, but for some reason we try our best to improve UI around this. Well, given the challenge, upcoming challenges for the global UI for the big thing I mentioned just now, all this thing, we bedrest to give everyone a much better experience when publishing the ball, but be warned that anything you do in the flow is a lot of people forget to publish the book. So and all of these Ajanta, if I drop this one here, for example, that EMCO as a change, but that Chen is on the local.

So you want to bring that forward to Facebook or out on your website, you need to re hit this publish button. So in the future maybe we will try to think of a way for the mechanism of these publishing things. But I’m not there’s a lot of people have issues with that and they think that, oh, but the boss stop functioning or the bot doesn’t bring out the latest change I walked through last night.

I saw a lot of that got to do with this little button up here. So pay attention to that, please. I mean, that’s it for me. I want to I want to bring forward is our documentation and this is something that I believe that will save you a lot of time. I recommend you to go ahead. Go. Finish up this BORSTAR tutorial lesson. If it is not good. If it’s not perfect. Come back. Give us feedback.

We are very happy to take feedback and go back and improve our course.

But this this this will give you a basic understanding of how to be a buff from designing, planning on the paper, sketching out, planning for comment for dynamic data, how to hook it up into your existing business. Go ahead and finish this course. It will give you a lot of foundation for getting into that. What is the process?

And also, I just forgot talking about how much the template this year we going to spend a lot of time to improve our templates as well. So how do you accept the template in the app? Go ahead, create a bond and then you can select this template, but you can always create one from scratch. So, you know, is really up to you.

But in this year, we are going to spend more time on making these template more industrial, more closer to the reality. Some of these funky things like the background in the masses, those we bring forward to the most nightlights as well as updated. So just a lot more emphasis on the latter department of Mosta, a lot more. We re going to focus more on an opening and a conversation for business, not just to those to complement each other, but and I think that’s it for me.

Feel free to come up with a question. I’m happy to answer them or.

[00:29:49.530] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Yeah, we have a lot of questions here in the Q&A box. I’m just going to run through them in the order that they came in. So Sumolings I know that you guys are sending questions in the chat. Please send them over to Q&A box so that I actually see them. All right. So Darrell asks, what is the difference between white label and your own branding on battement as white label only refer to the dashboard for our B2B clients.

[00:30:13.860] – Hui (BotStar)
Yeah, cool. So a lot of people missed BORSTAR. Why they ask that we sell the features. What we want to emphasize on is, OK, let me be honest why this deal is very, very good for people who want to set up a business or move the agency into the market. So instead of you showing boss or manager Ren to your audience, you can go ahead and say, look, this this is a platform you can have and be honest with your customers and say we didn’t do this, but we are powerful enough to get our own label on this thing.

No. One, we believe you guys, if you say you build the platform by yourself one way or another, someone will find it. And it’s not healthy to think that I found it. Look, I just want to be frankly honest here, but it may be different from people to people, business to business. But I think this view is very healthy and very good for people who want to invite their customer into the Boston platform under their own brand.

We tried to hide those that we want. We tried to make those things as generous as possible and invite them to collaborate on the floor or even just let them handle the inbox or just let them push out the broadcast message to customer monthly on a monthly basis, for example. I’ll just let them look at the analytical report.

But that will come with a lot of things like, you know, if you if you deploy on Facebook message, for example, then we can’t just create a custom app for all of you. Right. So that that’s not sustainable enough for Bosson. So we have to use a generic app, for example. So our methodologies we use generate. Two men for apps where a lot take a lot of effort to to do everywhere else, we used your brand as much as possible.

I’m not sure if I have to answer that question yet.

Feel free to do that.

[00:32:39.110] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
That’s fine. You did great.

[00:32:40.670] – Hui (BotStar)
Thank you for the question.

[00:32:44.770] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So the next question is, at which code level do we get EHI for user interactions that you should be?

It should be unlocked at the first code. So BotStar is not about feature locking. The only difference in feature locking between course, I believe would be just all the illegal stuff. We don’t call that whatever we call that custom branded approach for a reason, but I don’t think you can just buy one code and you can just enjoy wasta. I you don’t have to block a lot of code.

[00:33:28.520] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Is it possible that live chat is enabled during work hours and the rest of the time the bot remains by default?

[00:33:36.600] – Hui (BotStar)
And you can think that in BotStar you can set the debate to be a first responder or you can set the human, it can function exactly like a normal life, but. A lot of changes and improvement on the laptop to be brought forward early, part of which I mean, we are working on them right now.

So I’m reluctant to talk about some of the foresee foreseeable limits in both the live chat right now, because those things can be like like what light in the early part of this year, a lot of excitement. Change is going to be introduced, I promise. All right, so we got a lot of questions about Integration’s, I’m going to summarize the questions that we got.

[00:34:32.040] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
We have questions about Whoot commerce. We have questions about HubSpot. A question that came up a couple of times is about the dialogue, flow integration.

And one person specifically asked, what is the use case of that or what are the possibilities with such an integration? So can you speak to integrations in general? What do you got? What are people what maybe are people looking forward to? And then more specifically about dialogue flow.

[00:35:00.150] – Hui (BotStar)
OK, looking in the past. Everybody trying to understand how to work and everyone trying to look for the best process for developing and building support and for their own business or for the ANC at that time. It time for the whole thing or all the industry to be mature to a point when we now have like a proposal to set used by people to create what, for example, two years ago, we didn’t take shit for very seriously until we found out that, OK, a lot of people are using voices like a sort of mini database where it’s finally enough for business people to use and function.

It can function as a database to use to be useful to put those kind of stuff. So whatever you integration you guys are seeing us introduce natively this year, by natively, I mean, it might appear as a block in the ed where you can track, I mean, and do a bit configuration.

So those will be very popular and being use a lot of people.

So for example, start a paper or some of the very popular to set a lot of people ask me later on to support on the new page about how do you guys support this integration, that integration, and then as so many apps out there and integration take a lot of effort. So our focus this year, its first part is to make sure the platform functions well and it has a certain level come up to a certain level to support the. The foundation must be solidified before we introduce more integration, more at the later part of the year, but we I want to highlight that by releasing our full set of API in about two weeks.

Don’t take my word for that. Two weeks is probably the earliest time for that release that we bring a lot of integration possibilities for BORSTAR and also we are open to the company and all year. And as for you guys, so for example, in the community, someone asked to get in to play with water quality, for example, and the CEO of the Contact Me directly, for example, I’m very happy to talk to them and I discover, OK, the loyalty program, for example, is really good.

So let’s talk about it. And that’s how things start. So we are very open, but we just have to balance between priority between the the future and the future and in the app. And also integration need to be balanced, but we try to be quite transparent and democracy to a certain on that point.

[00:38:19.650] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you. All right, some more questions, does BORSTAR reduce page loading speed? By page, a page loading speed, I think someone have asked this question on the Asmal pace, do you and I have given you an answer?

[00:38:41.130] – Hui (BotStar)
So if my answer is not good enough, you can go back and look at that, because that does come up with some of the figure and numbers. But our team found out that, you know, it the top, which is on a lot of the page finish. And actually it didn’t affect the Google index score. So you’re not indexed, but more like the page performance score. So we test it with that. And another two forgot the and you can find that in my answer on Asmal page.

And basically everything happened after the the whole page is random, so it won’t block the rendering of the page and it won’t bring down the score of the page that much if it does. Because the execution to render the with just the laptop itself the superfast.

[00:39:43.570] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. All right, we’re going to talk about where the sport can be used, can I use the sport only on my website or also to chat with clients via Mass, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

? Can I.

[00:39:58.620] – Hui (BotStar)
OK, cool. So when you look at the that you can clearly see there’s two channels. One is called Facebook Messenger. The other is this. This is this stuff is lost a lot of stuff in the future. We want to integrate with SMS, WhatsApp. A lot of people have been asking for those two channels or ISIS, which is Sapperstein. The future is coming up, being promoted in industry as well.

However, even though we haven’t really supported the messenger platform right now, a lot of people have used both scripting block or block to consume some of the messages API like Tullio to be able to create a bot for a platform that doesn’t support that.

So how, you know, extended extendible of this platform can be. So someone had to be a WhatsApp born using Boster, even though we have supported that yet. Oh, that’s a good thing to hear about the community.

They very creative. But yeah, we hope to bring more general in the future. For now, it’s all up to your imagination. Hey.

[00:41:18.170] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, thank you, Candy language switch, be automated, depending on the language of the user engaging with the bot for the first time that it does.

[00:41:27.800] – Hui (BotStar)
It does. So what about the lockout? Even if your user on a browser like this doesn’t have to be on Facebook, we would detect the lockout setting up that user and bring the language to do so. We have been using all day browser similar to how we used to put them on Facebook. Does that sort of feature a lot of people often ask or complain recently that some of the language is some some of the copies in the live chat itself, for example, this sort of thing type of nexus or power by or a minute ago, for example, those things or in English right now, unfortunately, we are pushing a quick fix for that.

So those text here, they should be displayed in the local language to that user that they’re being pushed out.

[00:42:22.530] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, we have a bunch of questions, of course, about the road map and when are things coming? I’m interested in what are you most excited about that simoleons can be excited about? That’s coming up. And then, of course, I’d love to know if it’s going to be included in their deal.

[00:42:42.290] – Hui (BotStar)
I look I see this as being asked quite a few times in probably being played by some of the deer in the past, maybe, I don’t know, but we want to be straightforward with you guys.

Most of the features will be available for the planned trip.

AppSumo has a particular plan, so you won’t see a lot of feature logging, the only kind of feature loft that we probably used in the future. Maybe that is something to do with another system that doesn’t have the same business model as ours. For example, if you want to use a WhatsApp channel, for example, you probably have to pay some extra money for that to maintain that channel because that was that dude, that isn’t so those sort of things feature based.

We wouldn’t limit that because our business model focus on the more messages you have, the better business we are doing. So we want to do a lot of feature marketing. So don’t worry about that, guys.

[00:43:56.650] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Is there a way to align the mood or tone of BOTSTAR responses with other bots so that the answers and responses sound integrated?

[00:44:05.740] – Hui (BotStar)
I didn’t get that question fully. Sorry.

[00:44:09.190] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Is there a way to align the mood or tone of BOTSTAR responses with other bots so that the answers and responses sound integrated?

[00:44:19.050] – Hui (BotStar)
Wow, this sounds like a super advanced question about talking to maybe collaborating with some other book, as in Syria or a pipeline of custom handling by a bunch of bots, it had been set up by some sophisticated company. But for us, that use Gates does not serve the interest thing, to be honest, but a bit faster at the moment for us to look at right now.

However, with the introduction of dialogue, flow, direct integration in the bot. Let me go back to the Office of Chapbook. This is where the jackpot, so this was the scene, so. We do have training and this is not this training, sorry, guys, but more inside the flow. So we do train in dialogue flow and we do use flow in this, but I think maybe another. So but yeah, in dialogue flow, which is this this particular block right here.

Right here, basically, you can see I don’t want to talk so much about it because it requires some extensive knowledge about NLB, but that will enable you to manage. You can use you can use dataflow to train your car to use a certain ton of answering respon or can you can dictate how to how the book, how the agent on dataflow to analyze, to understand your use as well or all of that and you and and and and how stuff we do and that sort of feminism or the masculinized into the book take a post like a skeleton on like a small skeleton, but you can add all those fancy touch points using the system.

We focus on what we do best. Visualization of conversation.

[00:46:39.740] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Wonderful, thank you.

If as a web developer, I offer a website with chat bot using your platform, how would the workflow for my client be like client login page independency for edit assigned agents, etc.?

[00:46:56.690] – Hui (BotStar)
Yeah, basically you would invite him into the of the system. And for example, I’ll try to.

In your team, you can invite them into your team and within that, after that, you go to the bot, for example, you have just created this this particular bot and you want to invite them into this bot. And collaborators, and you can you can add them into this. This is.

And you can let them see what sort of future you allow them to use according to your contact with them here, and the flow is really up to you, whatever menu they seize the whatever kind of floor they want to use.

But for most of the time, they should end up in here and they should end up here to minister to the messages. Or they they can receive an email saying someone have request this, you know, to be this conversation to be taken over by you. So go ahead and take over it. That’s one workflow. They can look for some marketing oriented or sales people that might go going to create some sort of broadcast message so they can push our message through to all of the user.

At the same time, for example, most of the time they will look at how the phone look at a particular history of, you know, of the conversation, look into that particular user. And like I said. Right, we want to focus more on this department in next year. So stuff that enable closer collaboration like internal, not more just just just more visual stuff like popping up, saying Adam had taken or has taken over this message or you are not tapping.

We, for example, those sort of visual guidelines will be added soon. And so that’s that’s how I imagine the workflow of your client would be.

[00:49:21.400] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you. Is there a way to retrieve records for a returning client, for example? Hey, John, nice to see you back.

[00:49:33.220] – Hui (BotStar)
Yes, you can do that yet. So let me show you the documentation of Boston and show you where to look at to do that sort of thing.

So I think that Euskadi can be very handy for website with rich control, like an app, for example. Welcome back to user or e-commerce websites where they can track, you know, how much stuff this user have purchased so far.

For example, all of that. You can go into the Widgets API and see for yourself how you can invoke or add some extra information for this particular user before initiate the chat.

So maybe you know that this use of, for example, you you see that this user has already been to this website before because he has been set up with an app to be cool. This is the counter one to, for example. And so you do a logic inside the flow of the site and say welcome back.

I’m sorry if I don’t go into very detail. I just want you to understand and a bit come on and just ask around the company to well.

[00:50:55.500] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I can one bot work on Facebook and on a website at the same time,

[00:50:59.970] – Hui (BotStar)
yeah, totally the same. Our vision is you can have the Sandborn work on as many as 10 channels, for example, and you can all use that channel. Stick with us. That would be more genuine in the future. And the effect that Omeje, in fact, would be. What do you do you guys offer any coaching or one on one or hiring somebody to do all of this for the people that find this may be a bit complicated.

Sorry. Clearly not this year. I came as an off. We have a ton of features.

The team is Super Bowl, which I don’t think that we will provide such a service this year into to them into maybe stream up to them, to them, to remember to them and to the kids.

[00:51:59.410] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. Can we custom personalize the invitation email? Invitation, email.

[00:52:07.310] – Hui (BotStar)
Ah, OK, sorry, that is one of those generic things that fun now you can’t really tailor them.

And yes, we hope to provide more customization on those things in the future.

But if you might feel very annoyed by my microphone and answer just now, because I keep saying, please wait, let’s look at the big picture. Think about all of the convenience and the completeness of the app that that thing is of. It doesn’t affect as many of the other stuff. So think of the rule twenty eighteen where we have to focus on the 20 percent of the future being used by 80 percent of other people. So this is where that does not fall into the other 80 percent of the rest of the future.

But I’ll pay attention to that. Keep rising in the community. Keep raising your concern. The more you raise, the more will become. Thank you.

[00:53:13.240] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, can you give an example of best practice example for profiling and an example of how to use the which one was it sorry, the module for using modules

[00:53:29.230] – Hui (BotStar)
Oh, for using module you think about module is like a grouping logic, so it will save the data from clustering, as I’ve said before. But you can do some funky stuff with module. For example, let me create a module here, for example, after this logo here.

If you want this to go to this module, let’s say this module is about fish, for example.

So think, think, think of morto is like a logic of navigation as well. So any guide, anything to do with fish, go in here. But in here, you can see in the beginning you have just one module entry and one module that this used to be called Mauduit exists. But now you can add multiple modules exist. So, for example, imagine this after this entry, that is some calculation.

There may be result in me doing the big fish or another lady doing the small fish that can go big fish can go here and small fish can go here. So this particular fish is not just preventing the clustering of the flow mental, but it also at a depth of calculation and population into your flow.

So you look at the you know, to look at. So if someone took the fish in my textbook right now, I’ll go ahead and just look at this fish module instead of having to look everywhere else so I can even look at this outline and it’s just not a prison.

I can see all the logic behind it. And here, as you can see, I have too much outlet and they are here for me to dictate how the flow going to be next.

If I’m the big fish guy, go to another flow if if, if the small fish guy go to another flow. So that is something nice about Madu that I like. I can’t think of anything yet. And as of now. Yeah. Thank you.

[00:55:55.470] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. This is going to be our last question Sumolings. So there will be a replay of this available shortly after we’re done recording and it’s done processing. The last question is what differentiates your builder from your competitors?

[00:56:13.490] – Hui (BotStar)
OK, so if you look at chalkboard building, first base coding, and there is no framework.

So if you think about.

That then we definitely the non-competing platform, so and that we put it in the same group as many charge fields to football, a bunch of other type of platform, Lembo, for example.

This bus platform was founded in the early part of 2017, so some of you might still remember early of 2017, Mark Zuckerberg, stop talking about the future of Chatwal. So the origin of the what you see is what you get in. It has a group from there. So back then, the only platform that has the same punch was motion, which has been acquired by HubSpot, which being used by HubSpot right now.

So think about non-complying talk about framework or platform. Right now that’s sort of approaches. The first one is drippers and the messages that come together like chat feel. So you go into your building platform and you can see that there’s no flow, but you can do some configurations like a bunch of messages together and presents nicely on the phone. Just one approach. Some other approach would be similar to Boster, but not what you see is what you get, but more like a bunch of note like this notis being linked through some sort of condition.

So that is similar to BotStar, but at least in BotStar. So the only platform that does well, in a sense does not represent what you see is what you get right now. Expenditure management’s focus on marketing.

The platform exudes this, you know, the marketing feature a bit less than the sort of stuff down to him. And we was it was founded on the core belief that we wanted to enable enable visualization of conversation. So that does incur sorry content, stuff like customer support, loyalty program. Any other stuff, just marketing, so that set us apart from any, John, does that why you see us doing the native dataflow integration to support at the Tatlock mannerism automatism instead of just having a third party Buford’s.

So that’s set us apart from the other competitors. Yeah, I’m very proud of the boss, like Ed, we to be honest with you guys, it used to be our core value. We stayed away from it in the past two years.

What I want us to do this year is to go back and make this a little more wholesome and awesome.

You guys wait and see this year. It’s going to be great. That’s the ultimate answer.

[00:59:53.290] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Wonderful. Thank you so much for all of that. We got some comments. That’s awesome. We’re really excited about a fourth star and the future of it. Thank you so much for being here with us today. I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up soon. I’m so sorry if I didn’t get to your questions today, but of course, you can always leave those on the deal page. We love to read them there. That is that Atsumi dot com slash Wattstax.

You can redeem your code starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course, this is backed by up to a 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, would you love to read your reviews. You can leave those on the page and of course that’s where you’ll leave your questions as well. Thank you so much. We were hanging out with us.

I really appreciate it.

[01:00:37.090] – Hui (BotStar)
Thank you, everyone. Just have a good one, but.

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