Boost Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:00.060] – Christie (AppSumo)
Well, Chris here from AppSumo and today, I’m super excited we got another product walk through webinar for you today. Today we are joined with Boost. Boost is a unique email list building tool that uses social network APIs to quickly create opt in links so you can generate more leads. It’s available on Exuma right now, starting off just forty nine dollars for lifetime access. You’ve been playing around with it myself recently, so I’m super excited to dove into this.

Today, we are joined with Quong from the Bush team. Before we dove in, I want to go over two quick things. One, do you have any questions? Drop those in the Q&A box below the video. We will circle back to them at the end. Number two, you have to leave for any reason or you miss anything. We’ll be sending out a replay later today so you can check that out, go over anything you missed.

That is all I have on my end. So I will turn it over to you and you can get going on this awesome and whatever you have prepared. OK, thank you very much, Chris, thank you very much for your introduction. So, hey, this is what. Boost today, as well as the strategy behi boost, and I actually emailed my list today sending them to this webinar saying that I’m a share with them the number one on the list and utilize strategy when it comes to this building and the generation and how to show that to you in a few moments.

[00:01:24.140] – Quong (Boost)
So the strategy that I’m going to share with you, sorry to interrupt.

[00:01:28.190] – Christie (AppSumo)
It looks at your screen here has cut off. COP, Yeah, it stopped sharing the screen. Is it OK now? Let’s see, there it is. OK, I got it now. OK.

[00:01:43.850] – Quong (Boost)
So, yeah, if if you are a Bush user, then you will definitely get a lot of value out of this webinar because besides, from the walk and demo, I’m going to share with you the strategy and some of the the methods that I’ve used myself. And even if you are not a user, you will still get a lot of value out this, because the strategy that I’m about to share with you is actually very common is and is not widely used at the same time.

How funny is that? So very common and not widely used at the same time. And I’ll show you what is in a moment. So before I get into the content, I want to share with you this quick video right here.

This is the video clip that I recorded from my own dashboard.

So I ran the campaign recently. And as you can see, out of one thousand six hundred sixty five clicks, we got one thousand two hundred email subscribers.

So that’s pretty good. A conversion rate over 70 percent. So if you want to know how to get the same results, so make sure that you stay till the end of the webinar. So I need to hire some of the information here because they are private information.

But as you can see here, these are all valid, verified Gmail addresses that I collect in my account.

So. Imagine that you have a tool that is so underutilized right now and nobody else, nobody else is using it, but it’s proven by the fact that other industries, other websites have using have been using it.

But when it comes to email marketing and lead generation and ibises in general, people are not using it. So imagine that you have something like an opt in form, for example, and nobody is using before. How would that change your business? You would have a competitive edge over your competitor, right? So before I go into the content on the strategy and the demo, I want to share with you a story on how he got started with booze, how I discovered all this myself.

I didn’t invent this. I just I just I was just lucky to find out this underutilized strategy. And it turned into a tool that is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding or hiring any developers. So, by the way, Chris, can I see how can I see the comments in the chat?

Yeah, you can. You should just be able to click if you click on where it says more and then you go to chat, you can see them there. Got some Margarita’s in there, she says she’s super excited to to see Boost. Yeah, I want to see the comments in the chat because this is very encouraging to see what people say.


So I actually built Boost for myself for my own use back in twenty seventeen. I was trying to set up some marketing campaigns for myself as well as for my clients.

And what I found out is that out of. One of the people I sent to my website, my my normal landing page went up for only about 30 percent of them up then. So I wanted to improve that. I wanted to get more people into my email list out of the money that I spent on ads and all of the free traffic that I’m driving. So. I looked around for ways to improve that, and I looked at other marketers to say to see what they were doing at that time, and most of them were talking about creating values, creating better value, creating better magnets, creating better looking, opting for the headlines so people opt in.

So, yeah, which is all good.

But I thought of myself as people who are already clicking to my offline form, to my landing page, they are already interested in what I have to offer because for example, if I run ads and the ads are congruent with the landing page, then they should have they should opt in. Right. The should up then because. Yeah, because they already expressed their interest by clicking on the ads, so why don’t they opt in when they land on the on the landing page?

So I was looking for ways to to improve that. However, it doesn’t come fast.

It takes a few months of researching and looking around to see what people what people were doing.

And one day I came on a website and I see that it also it has a registration form that is very similar to an opt in form in a way that it only has an email field.

Right. And underneath that, it also has a Facebook button. So I notice myself doing this and I notice myself clicking on the Facebook button immediately without thinking, without even thinking about filling out the email form. So I click on that and I see the site process that is very, very simple. I just click on the button and I click one more time to approve that my email address is being collected and that’s set aside for an account.

So I thought to myself, this is very similar to an opt in form. The difference is that they have the Facebook site button. So why don’t I add this to my opt in form? Because just for my own experience, when I use my computer or even my mobile phone, when I scroll down the web, my scroll on the Web page and I see an open forum, I’m very hesitant to type in my email address. For example, if I’m using my phone on one hand and one hand, I do other things.

For example, holding a cup of coffee is really hard for me to to tie my own email address. So I figured that it would be the same for other people, too.

So so I saw that form and I started noticing that on other sites they were doing the same thing at that cell phone.

So can you type in the chat if you have seen this and if you have used social stuff to support for websites before?

Yeah, yeah, it’s very common, it’s very uncommon and actually websites now, most websites now have all have this right. Most websites I’m not saying all website, but most websites have this. Yeah.

Because it’s the easy way for people to to sign up. So, yeah, I thought to myself that I need to add this to my online forums because it’s basically the same thing.

The site for the Western Australian Registration Form also collects email address like the opting for. Right. Yeah. Yeah.

Maritsa, I always save for social using social when the option is available because the easy way. So the sign form in the form is are very, very similar. Right. They also collects information.

And I notice that when I sign up for these websites, they also send me marketing emails.

So it’s just like opting for the collect my email address. Then what’s different is that this registration form, they also create an account online form of the form, doesn’t create an account for you. But basically, they are very, very similar, and if you noticed that on many websites, like on the other hand, they don’t even have the email feel anymore, right? They don’t even have the email. They only have the Facebook, Twitter, Google, and that’s it.

So, yeah.

So I thought to myself that I need to add this to my opening form. So I added a little bit deeper into this and I found that to do this, we need to code, we need to use social Abbi’s what they call the authentication something. But I just call it social babies. And then if I want to transfer the email automatically to my autoresponder, then I need to code with the AP. I have the autoresponder as well and I don’t know, coding and coding.

Like most of you, I’m not a developer. So the next logical step for me was to hire somebody to do this for me. So I went on Upworthy the job, got somebody within an hour and and assigned the task for him. The next day he came back with a social opt in form of the in the button under my opting for. And I tested that, tested that it works, and I started to drive traffic to that and it worked.

Most people would click on the social buttons. Most people, they don’t type in the email field. So the test was successful. Then I started to multiply that on other landing pages, on other open forums and also on my kind size. And what I started to notice that the more I do this, the more I need to go back and forth with the developer. The more hours he he worked on it, the more money I spent on him.

And whenever I want to set up a new campaign, I need to tell him that. OK, so this campaign, we need to redirect people to this new year around this campaign. We need to integrate this marketing, email marketing autoresponder for our clients. So it’s just a lot of back and forth and money wasted.

So when I started to to look a little bit deeper into this, to see what’s behind this this button right here.

So I actually went onto my page. Onto my page, just like this, my page was looking just like this, and I actually inspect the button, right, to see what was what is right, just to see what it is. And what I notice is that. This button is just like a normal button, this button that the developer actually builds the button using my WordPress landing page voter and he links to a very special link, a very long special link.

Yeah. And if you go to this site right here, you can click on right. Click and copy this link and you can go to any browser and you can still sign up for that site. How amazing is that?

Right. So I figure out that what’s important is not the button.

I thought that we need to call the social SIRF button, but it’s not a button. It’s the link that’s important. OK, so the link can be shared anywhere. So for example, if I sign for Prudhomme’s on Facebook, right. They will be I will be redirected to a link, a very special link here, very long, ugly special link. And I can copy this to anywhere and I can still sign for president.

All right, so that moment is when I literally jumped out of my chair, because this is having a lot of potential.

So can you type in the chat? The second problem that you think the phone has. The first problem is the first problem is it asked people to type, ask people to type. Yeah, this is the second problem, yeah, yeah, privacy is is also another problem. The second problem may not be apparent. Yeah, somebody said a fellow coder here, I can totally understand your jumping out of your chair. Yeah, yeah, I don’t know anything about coding, that’s why.

So the second problem will often form and I don’t know about this until I figure out the link. All right. This is just a link. And until I figure out the link, I don’t know about this problem. But the problem that I figure out is that the offline form can only be placed on your website. Right.

And normally you have your audience, your subscribers, your contacts over these social channels, for example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and then you have your website over here.

And then when you want to be on the list, you always need to drive them back to your website every single time, because you can always sit here, can only sit here. But if you don’t have a website, you don’t have a website, you cannot be on a list. Right. What if you are a YouTube? You cannot put an opt in form on your YouTube channel. You need to have a website all the time and you’ll hear your size here and you opt in form.

Needs to be always here. And people need to take another step of going to your website. And then after they land on your website, then they need to type in their email address.

So that’s another problem that’s I think this link can solve. So what I tried to do is that I copied the link that the developer built for me, and because it’s a long and ugly link, that is, I go to Bitly and I shorten it and I go to bed and I show them the link to make it look pretty. And I tried to share it around.

Yeah. So it works as scheduling and people click on it. I say that click on this link and you will get this ebook and you will be also subscribe to my email or something like that.

And people click on it, they continue with the physical ballot and they opt into my list, they get the email exchange and I put the link on my Facebook. If all form I use I use Google link. If on YouTube I use a Googling as well. Yeah. So I can copy and paste link everywhere. Yeah.

So. So I started to to think about building a tool for this because I was doing this for for many campaigns going back and forth, because each time that I want to share something new with my audience, I need to contact that developer again, telling him to change that destination URL or change the email marketing service. Right. And. Another problem that we have with often form. Let me show you this before I share with you another problem with welfare reform, you need you to promise me that you’re not going to try to use this secret to do bad things to other people.

You need to promise me that you just just type promise in the chat.

Before before I show you this. OK, OK, OK, so before that, I when I was using the social up, right, I was looking around to see.

If other people have been using this already and yeah, there are people who are already using this, so this is an article by Neil Patel in 2014, so is like six years ago already. And he shows this opt in form with a Facebook button underneath that.

Yeah. So I know that other people are already using this. Just not many were talking about it.

OK, so there are other case studies, articles on this. So is it kind of proven?

It’s kind of proven and I think it’s just common sense because it is the easy way for people to to give their email address without having to type.

So this is a third problem that that happens with offline form.

So I told you that out of 100 people that I have in my email list, 30 percent of them opt in sorry, our 100 people going to my website, 30 percent of them up in. But those are not all valid people, valid email addresses.

So when I looked at my list, what I see is that I see something like this.

Let me let me find opting for. I see I see this very common thing, so some of the names, John, and he has an email address called Donkey at Gmail dot com in my list, and I’ve been sending emails to him for like six months.

Do you also have this problem in your email list? Yeah, I’ll tell you, yeah. Yeah, the optimum form. The opting form doesn’t prevent people to type anything in it that can type literally anything and the email address so it can emit fake email, fake email addresses, disposable email addresses so that they can just grab your lead.

OK, so if you if you search for disposable emails, right.

There are like thousands of services out there that can just go here and copy. Right. And what’s damaging? Is that they can use other people emails so somebody else can type in my email address here without me noticing it, without me knowing it, and then I received this email from a valid company sending to my email address, and I haven’t registered for it.

Right, so I will put it in spam, so please don’t do this to your competitors.

So one way that you can you can do this to your competitors is you have a list of spam traps, email, and you all put in your computer up in form.

So, yeah, that’s a secret. So please don’t do that. OK, so the social in kind of solve all these problems. So first of all, people don’t need to type using their mobile phone or keyboard to fill out their email field. Secondly, the email address that you collect are valid email addresses. They are the social networks. They make sure that the accounts are real. They you know, they put a lot of efforts to make sure that the accounts are real.

The emails are active email addresses. And next thing is that we often link you have the ability to to put it everywhere, to put it everywhere.

So so that’s basically the strategy that I want to share with you is called social opt in. And it’s been around since two thousand six. Social science has been around since 2006.

And if you search for opting for right, you still see the same all of the forms that has been used for like 20 years without any social update. Now, nobody is using this. So before I continue to the demo, do you have any questions about social science in general and obviously in general you do you still think that social science is something that is new, that is new and more? Yeah, let me know if you have a question on this before I continue to the demo to show you how you can do this without any coding at all.

Let me let me go through it so much, I went to register, I can’t register with Socialcam, but I don’t want I don’t want with social accounts. I can’t register with any personal mail from any provider. The. Do you have the possibility to add an option to register to any email address other than social accounts?

OK, so I want to show you how basically what the question is about is. How can we add an option for people to sign up? With the email address, if they want to type as well, so actually on the home page, we also have that option. We just hit high that some people would choose the social outcast first. But we have the option for people to type in their email address. And I will show you how to how to do that very, very easily.

Is there any conflict with GDP using social science? So when you use social seop. This this is the social consent page here, the this consent page is actually belongs to the social network themselves and the social network.

They make sure that they are compliant. So this this is widely used and it is viewed by many websites out there. So you can see it everywhere on a lot of websites now and apps as well. What’s the actual website for boost its start, that was the link. OK. OK, so I think all the questions are about the specific features, the boost and on the social stop. So I’m going to show you the demo right now. OK, so here is the Bush dashboard, and I will show you how to create a social update link Facebook.

So Facebook update link right now. OK, so let’s say that I want to share this presentation. What I would do is I would copy this, go to boost a bush like. Enter it here. OK, I can customize the preview of my link if I share on Facebook so I can customize the title description and the preview image right after that, I can actually set up a campaign so I can quickly apply all the settings at once.

But let me customize for this link. Let me kazmaier the settings for this your only. So for now I’m going to use my the default social app. Just like this. And let’s continue to next step now, I can add a pixel, our tracking code. OK, let me add one. So this fallback, your URL is the URL that we send people to when the email address cannot be collected. So in this case, I’m not going to use a for Bagheera.

Let’s continue so that you have two ways to send people to send their email addresses to your email. This one is with issue our form integration. One is via API integrations. So in this case, I’m just going to do a demo without any integration for now. So the email address will be collected in the dashboard only. And let me click on the link. So that’s it, that’s how I created a social sapling via Facebook. That’s it, comparing to before, when they have to hire a developer or call them myself, then we have this.

So now let me click on this link, let me delete these images first. And let me Demel, what happens when you click on this link? OK, so when I click on this link. All right, this link specifically asked for my email address and the subscriber has an option to confirm this. The contact can confirm or they can leave or they can turn this off to not give the email address. And let me actually confirm to see what happens.

So this is just like signing up on websites, using Facebook, right, and now I’m redirected to the delete magnet that I’m giving to people. So how easy is that, how is that so basically that’s the demo. Thank you very much. OK, so let me let me share with you our features as well. Yeah, so I want to share that first, because I want to show how easy it is comparing to hiring somebody to do to do it for you or yourself.

Yeah, Lisa said, I really love this short and sweet. Yeah.

This is like the shortest demo on an absolute right.

OK, so if you want to get more complex with this first, if you want to get started, I welcome you to use our domain and use our social apps. But if you want to get more complex, you can go here and first set up your integration’s so you can set up a integration’s. With all these services or you can set up a form integration if your service can create an additional form, so go here first, they design or integration.

After that, go to a custom domain and set up the custom domain.

So as an example, custom made here and we have specific, specific tutorial for you to follow step by step.

And after that, go to custom social apps if you want to use your own your own apps. So what this is this going to look like after you set up everything? So this is the demo that I set up for XML.

And what it looks like is you have a white label dashboard. If you have an agency account and y label dashboard and. You can create links. And create a quickly using the app, so mobile apps so lets you apps and will apps, so apps will Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. All right. Next step. Next step. Let me skip this for now. And let’s create this right. And you can create links with APESMA domain or your own domain that you add here.

So basically, that is just as simple as that. It turns a very complicated process into something very, very simple.

So now I think it’s time for the first question, because I think the demo is the is the basic of the démarches that. So are we ready for the questions?

[00:29:07.730] – Christie (AppSumo)
Yeah, let’s dove into it. All right. Going through some of the ones that I’m seeing here, are content upgrades possible within blog posts in exchange for email capture with Boost?

[00:29:19.470] – Quong (Boost)
Content is not possible at the moment, however, we put on our To-Do list to research into integration with WordPress because maybe we’re talking about how to only allow people to access protected content. So we’d be looking into WordPress to only allow people who opt in to access what precipitated the content so that we’ll be in the future. Awesome.

[00:29:45.640] – Christie (AppSumo)
Awesome. All right. Next one. Let’s go through. There’s a lot here. Can you add Cendon Blue to the integration list? Somebody is asking in here and in blue.

[00:29:58.540] – Quong (Boost)
Once again, I think yesterday I tested with sand in blue and it works. With in blue, what you can do is you can use the foam insulation and I created a tutorial video and it’s not it’s not finished editing yet. So tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it will be finished editing. And I will upload the tutorial for you and you will know how to to use it without sending out four.

[00:30:25.840] – Christie (AppSumo)
Awesome. All right. Next one can boost in. Let’s see, is it possible to integrate Boost on an internally developed website? For me in my school, which functions as an event rate ticket office with a space dedicated organizers and customers wishing to buy tickets. So I guess asking about how this would integrate with with an internally designed website. If you are if you’re already having a custom developed website, so and you want to integrate deeply within your system, then I think it’s best to integrate with the social API directly, because then you need to set up a password for your for use users as well.

[00:31:11.930] – Quong (Boost)
Right. So if you don’t need a a deep integration, do what like what we do on our website here. So what we do here is we create these buttons using a WordPress page brother called architect. Right. We create this button. We put some logos on here and we link to the Bush link. And once we receive the email address of the subscriber, our system automatically generate the account for the subscriber and in a default password. So I think that’s the best way that you can integrate with any and the system or any websites basically create a button that links to a boost of the link and then receive the data and secure it in some way and generate the password for for the users in some way.

But it will need custom coding for sure.

OK, got a lot of people asking for integration’s people wanted to integrate with a job with integrity that would send Fox a lot of requests for more integrations.

So I see from from the questions that I see that there are two types of integration requests, people asking about integration, whether this I can add this button on my landing page. So that is one type of of question.

And that type of question is whether I can use this with my email service.

So for the landing page question, if you are using a landing page builder like Respon on right now, if you are using the landing page and you want to add a social button on the landing page, it is very easy to drag and drop the button element to the to the page, change the logo into Facebook or Google or whatever you want, and link that button to the boost of the link. That’s it, that’s how you you put Boult on any landing pages or websites, so move on, move on to the second types of questions can integrate with this or integrate with that.

So Bush has three ways that you can use to integrate it with other email marketing services or serum’s. And Xabier. I’m not calling Xabier. Right. So three ways. First is direct API integration. The second is HGL form integration. So form can be created in a lot of email marketing tools and we have a dedicated page for email for our form. OK, we will continue to create more videos, more tutorials on additional form.

The third way that Bush can work with your system not directly into work, but can work with your email marketing services that lets say that you have a form that has that needs to collect more fields than just email address, first name and last name.

What you can do is you can use a boost to prefilled the information so that your your visitors, they don’t need to fill the email, just the first name and last name field.

And we have a tutorial for that right here.

So so what you can do is you can pass the boost, the information collected in boost to your destination around.

OK, OK, so actually, if somebody was asking about that, I was assured shadow tutorial later by what you can do is you can you can send information to the destination page and have that prefilled so that people don’t need to type in the images. So those are three ways that work can can can work with your tools. So for specific, specific tools. We will need to check whether they can create an opt in form, all their field can be prefilled.

[00:35:12.120] – Christie (AppSumo)
All right, let’s see here. OK, got a couple more coming through. How many apps codes is needed for an agency with 50 clients? Is five five called five codes, all right, there we go. What do you do with that link that you created to shorten the world, you put it on the homepage, a blog post, what does it look like on the front and what’s the step after creating the link?

[00:35:41.140] – Quong (Boost)
OK, let me share the demo again. Know, this is the link that I created. Right. And let’s say that I’m a visitor seeing this link, some of the posting on Facebook in to receive this e-mail from someone.

I click on that. And what happens is that it takes me to this page I can select whether is it shows all the social networks or your shows only one or only two, or it reads directly to one social network. So in this case, it shows for social networks. And so people, if they want to opt in, they can click on the social network that they want to continue. So let me click on Google. OK, now I have the option to say clearly here that I’m going to continue to ask what rocks and let me continue with my email address.

And they lands on the lead magnet that I promised them and their email address is collected inside. So let me read real quick. Yeah, so basically, that’s that’s how he is. All right, easy enough. Let’s see what else just is collected here. Yeah, just like that, without any typing needed.

[00:37:11.180] – Christie (AppSumo)
Nice. Very cool. Is it is it possible to add boost in the registration process on a to Commerce or WordPress site? Registration process, we have a lot of questions on this, so we will be looking into WordPress as well because Bush is now for list building and generation. We cannot create account yet so far for registration.

[00:37:38.320] – Quong (Boost)
You need to create account for people. You need to create password as well. So they will need deeper integration into the systems of WordPress and who comes and even Shopify will need to look into that. So right now, Bush can collect the email address and the focus is on email marketing is for legionary generation is not for registration on website or login. So right now we focus on that. And I want to be honest with you this. If you are using WordPress, they’re already WordPress, plug ins that allow you to sign up, that allow you to create a site button for Google, Facebook.

You already have plug ins on that, right?

They are just not as flexible because they don’t create social links. They don’t create social opt in links. So it takes a different approach. We don’t to we don’t want to copy them.

[00:38:30.940] – Christie (AppSumo)
We want to take a different approach and and cater to a different audience, which is the people who are using opt in form, who are using the same opting for four years. We want to cater to that audience first before moving onto other things. David is asking, can I customize the wording on the connect with Facebook button?

[00:38:56.630] – Quong (Boost)
We are actually building that in a moment. So it will be ready, I think, within the launch of Loose on Apps Month. We are working on that.

[00:39:06.380] – Christie (AppSumo)
Awesome. Awesome. All right. When using the HTML integration will tags, starting campaigns, workflows, etc. be transferred to a list provider example on DRIP, which I would which I would prefer a direct integration. No. Can you say the questions again and again? I guess they’re wondering what when using the HTML integration, will the tags, the starting campaigns in the workflows be transferred to your, like, email service provider? The tax, meaning the tax imposed, so the tax in is just for organizational purposes.

[00:39:49.740] – Quong (Boost)
So organizing the links is not like the like the tax in in email marketing services like the campaign. So the tax bill for just organizing the lanes only so we don’t transfer the tax over.

[00:40:02.130] – Christie (AppSumo)
So if you when you set up your form or form, you need to set what the tax people will have when they when they opt in via this form.

So whenever someone whether we send the data through that form, people who go through the form will automatically have that tax. So they don’t send the tax over except when you have like direct intervention, for example, for active campaign. So the tax I want to be clear, the tax on here are for organizing purposes only, not not like contact, tax and tax in, let’s say, active campaign to.

All right. And lastly, what are what are some of your favorite ways to use a QR code? Will always do you pure codes on physical products. Many, many sellers, they are selling a product and they don’t collect the details of their customers because they don’t know how to write them how to. And they have the website. And rarely people see like website address on a product and they type the website address in their browser and go in there and shopping.

OK, so if you have a QR code now, people are more used to scanning QR code. We have like Google Land and everything, like support your call nowadays. So put that on your physical product. Right.

Put that on your physical product and say that if you scan the code, we can also have a mandate for people who scan it. And once they can scan, if they click a couple more times and they opt into your list, so physical would be the way to go. And also like offline events as well. Awesome. Very cool. Well, that is all the time we have now for questions here, come back on. But thank you so much for taking the time to go through all this.

We had a hearty turnout of siblings. I know they’re really excited about booze. I’m excited about it, too, thinking about a couple of ways we can use it on ABC for some of our social media campaigns. But thank you for taking the time for everybody on. Here again is available on ABC right now, starting off with just forty nine dollars for lifetime access. So very, very good deal for you guys. I remember I heard once.

It’s like if you can get an email subscriber, that should be about a dollar per month per email subscriber if you got a good sales process and things like that. So it doesn’t take many emails for Boost to pay for it, so. Especially with the increased conversion rates that it can provide. So definitely check it out again, it’s available there. You can stack codes if you’re looking to grow that as well. Do you have any questions? You can reach out on the opinion page.

[00:42:40.660] – Christie (AppSumo)
We’ll hit you up there. And again, it’s all back by the 60 day guarantee. So get yourself a buzz code, play around with it, get it set up, see how you can increase those those conversions in Leeds and let us know what results you guys have. But other than that, thank you. As for now, Huang, thank you so much for taking the time to hop on with us. I’m sure will be. We’ll be chatting again soon.

[00:43:02.190] – Quong (Boost)
Thank you. Thanks, everyone. All right, take care, bye bye.

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