Boomerangme Review:

Fastest Way to Increase Your Loyal Customers with Digital Loyalty Cards

Written by Alexei Suleimanov

Late last year, I was looking for an app that would allow me to create loyalty cards for customers of my car parts shop.

Why did I want digital cards for iOS or Android smartphones?

Because plastic loyalty cards needed to be printed, then I needed a program that would allow counting points or discounts. You also need a scanner to read the cards.

Furthermore, printing one plastic card in my region costs $0.80 per card. And they are completely static, and rarely remind their holders of themselves.

Boomerangme avoids all the problems described above. It’s a true gem for physical shop owners, and great value for e-commerce.

We got all-in-one… a modern application, beautiful digital cards, a customer record system, and most importantly, the ability to distribute cards to potential customers who have not even visited our shop yet. In other words, the cards have become a tool for attracting new customers.

After purchasing the app, we had to wait two or three months before Bommerangme was fully implemented in our business.

The fact is that not all the tools worked properly. The statistics didn’t show any real data. There were also errors in the calculation of points or cashback. Unfortunately, it was impossible to delete an existing client if he wanted to re-register his card. The translation of the application’s functions also needed further work.

However, the team is actively supporting their product, and most bugs are fixed within a few days or weeks.

As clients in our region use two languages, one of which was not supported by the system, we offered our help and the developers kindly provided us with a translation table. It took a few days of painstaking work, because there are so many fields to translate, but when the work was finished, the language was already displayed in the system after a few days. This way we can issue cards to clients in two languages and no one feels left out.

One of the reasons we also had to wait for implementation was the whitelabel function. To be honest, we didn’t intend to resell this service. But we wanted our competitors not to know what service we use to distribute such great cards.

In spite of the strengths of the application, we have missed the opportunity to notify our customers about promotions with a link to our online shop. Today when you click on the notification, the card opens and nothing else. We very much hope that the developers will add this feature in the future.

Today, our customers have the opportunity to receive cashback, the percentage of which increases depending on how much customers spend in our shop. They partly pay for their purchases with the points they have accumulated.

A very important thing about digital cards is that you can always check the balance on your card. Even if the customer makes a purchase online, we can always credit or debit the points manually and the customer is immediately notified on their smartphone.

However, while everything works natively on iOS smartphones without the need to install a third-party app, Android users sometimes need to install an additional app. In this case, they also receive alerts from the system with a slight delay. I really hope that google will soon allow alerts to be sent to cardholders in google’s native wallet.

Apart from this review, I would like to share a few tricks to add even more value to this app.

Considering that even in the smallest package you will get to create 10 different cards, feel free to create partnerships with other businesses from your region.

For example, we run a promotion in which, if a customer spends a certain amount when buying spare parts, they get a free 5 minute kart rental from our partner. Our partner only needs to use a web scanner to deduct the free rental minutes from the customer’s card.

In the basic package you also get 10 geolocation locations to which you can automatically send notifications to your customers. If you don’t have 10 shops, just put your competitor’s locations on the map and your customers will be reminded of you when they visit your competitor’s shop.


Pros of Boomerangme


✅ Ease of use

✅ Modern design

✅ Great unique concept

✅ Eco-friendly

✅ Affiliate card sharing

✅ Whitelabel scanner iOS and Web app


Cons of Boomerangme


👉 No way to send notifications with customs links to e-commerce site

👉 Some card types are not working properly yet


Conclusion/ Verdict


⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)

Overall very great value for small and medium businesses. Great opportunity to resell the service locally or add value for your B2B customers.

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