Blogely Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.230] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at BLOGELY, which helps online creators research, craft beers and publish original content on multiple platforms. It is on AppSumo right now for a lifetime deal, starting at seventy nine dollars. Before we dove into the tool though, I just want to tell you a few quick things and give you the lay of the land.

The first thing is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, why you are interested in this tool, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, you can go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box down below this video. We do have Tom from the blog team here to answer your questions as they come in.

But we will also be circling back to questions at the end of the walkthrough, which is particularly useful for those of you watching the replay. There will be a replay of this available shortly after we’re done recording. It’ll be sent out to everybody here. So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. That’s enough for me. Hey, Jannati, how are you doing?

[00:01:10.830] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
How are you. How I am doing.

[00:01:13.650] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Well it is great to have you here. I’m excited to dove in. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough. Let me know when you’re ready to take questions, OK? All right.

[00:01:25.560] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
So before I set the screen, I just want to say thank you.

And we I mean, we started on the blog almost two years ago already by now. So you can see the results. I mean, it’s coming from my own pain, tried to develop in the platform different software for the last few years and of course, that generate the traffic to sell what you what you develop.

You need the traffic on your website. So I just realized I need to write the blogs. And when I start writing blogs was I realized how difficult it was, right?

Oh, yes. It’s a lot of work to to write and well, to write quality content. Exactly. If you just want to churn out random words, that’s not a problem. Yeah.

Spinning the spinning the content. There’s no issue. I mean, you just spin it or you just come up with a few seconds of somebody else content. But we are talking about the real hard work of the real original content and the content that you work for and the content that actually can bring you the result and bring you the traffic.

It’s it’s been a great tool. I’ve used it a lot in variety of settings. You’ll really love the research capabilities, too. That’s well. All right, let’s get into it. I’m not going to give any spoilers here. All right. Let’s get we got the limited time.

So we’re going to go quickly for the last and for the next 30 minutes. I’m going to be sharing my screen and I will be present and I’m going to show the live demo of that blog and also show that some new features, which we are releasing today, like we have two features that are coming up, which is heat maps.

And also we have another one is workflow, workflow we are releasing also today. So you will see how that works. But right now, let me start from beginning blogging. It is a platform for content creators to create, to do, to start from the beginning where you started with the research and you create your content based on your research. And you you will be able to to enhance your content with all the images, with all the external links and also publish it.

The biggest thing for me was a publishing. So I’m going to demonstrate it here and I think I’m going to be stepping on them more on the dailies when I do the demo. And so the actual real life application, when we’ll be publishing on my blog, on my actual blog, real blog post.

So let me do this. All right. Now, what you see is actually on the production right now. So I’m in the development. So this is there. This is the main page, main page, the articles page when you start right now, we rolled out the navigation page. Navigation page is always when you click on them logo, you come up on this navigation page and then this simple explanation that tells you what you can do with the platform.

You can write an article, you can import existing blog or post blog posts from your existing blog. You can start the research or you can go to research page. You can optimize your article, you can manage your editorial calendar and you can publish your content that you write or you you you manage here inside the account. You can publish it on the CMS. I specifically name it as a CMS because currently at this moment we are fully integrated with the WordPress press.

But on our roadmap is a bunch of platforms like GHOSTLIKE Web flow, like a like blogger and many other platforms where you can publish your blog posts. Also, you can get the feedback. This is a different feedback functionality. You can manage the communication on the specific parts of your article. You can manage the portfolio portfolio. That’s the place where you can showcase your content. You can actually message and keep the communication going between your clients. You can share and after you’ve done publish and you can share on social media.

So basically, if you have one page, you can understand what actually on core functionality of the blog, you can expand them more on advanced view.

So you add in the extra extra accesses here where you can also, of course, you can scan for plagiarism integrated with the third party plagiarism platform, copy leaks. You can manage the workflow. Like I said, we’re releasing the workflow today. You can collaborate in the team with the team teams is not included right now, is still single users. DMS is an extra add-on that will be available for anyone to expand it then and come and manage the content between the multiple team members.

You can create the jobs in the future. So right now when you click on that spending, but that’s a future. So right now I just want to let you know, yes, that will be coming. Can post the jobs when you need the help. We will have a system and I can show the glimpse actually what the system will look like. We’ve got open the open access right now on the better. And we working right now to we already got the design mockups done.

So we just need to bring it in and improve it, get approval from them. And of course, you can get to the to the sentence. So if you start from here, let’s create a new article so you can understand how the articles are being done. Article is like a generic war for any content that you create. Let’s say if I put here, I just put a name here, taste in my new article and the can just name it here.

I don’t have to select the folder, but you can, you can just type the folder just like a tag is going to stick to the folder. Is it only the content for blog post? No, but by default. We selected the blog post, this is our primary concern to support the bloggers, so the bloggers who writes the blog post, the article is our primary, our primary concern, and this is our primary focus. But the content, it could be illegal.

Right? And you write in white papers, proofreading and editing of speech. Writing doesn’t matter. Everything is the content. Then by default, the status open. There are like simple studies here, like ideas, closed archive and cancel. So you started like this and you click, OK, and you get to the white space. This is a workspace of the article. So in that in the in it’s broken down into two sections. On the left side you see the outline outline is where you can see all your blocks and you could create the block by clicking on the new block.

We can start from there when then create the new block. Let’s say call it into. Just name it in a click, OK, and now I’m in a different level of the article, so it’s like a thrill level. You’re starting from the your old view of all your articles you’re getting in your diary and in the article itself. And now you on the block level, you dig deeper on the deeper level.

So any time you one quick point Ganpati is that I don’t know if the folks noticed, but when you typed in the title it automatically sets at the H2 heading. So again when you publish this to your blog or put it online that will show up in the crawler results to read it. Yes.

Good, good, good. Not good coming here.

So all the black and black leaders are the age to anything you create inside will be age three or less. So you will have you will have your content here. And this is like specifically designed to be is selected. This is like more like classic looking. Ed, you have a split block. I come here, we can experiment later. You can create additional blocks without even going outside. You can just simply click here it asking me if I want to save and I can clear the second block would be as a say, body content and just say I’ll just name it like this and I will create the block.

So the next block is a body content you can see on the bottom is I cannot move this one here. You can see on the bottom. Is there additional information here? This one is there for the preview. All your blocks and this one is your pagination. When you click here, you can actually move it between blocks like this. And when you want to get it out of the block, you go on this way. So you can see my block.

I’m in my article outline starts building up and here you can build your outline, you can move them around.

So this one is each block inside. The content is totally independent and it’s just the article just holds it like a glue together.

So you could see them here. You can are shrinking like this. But I will show you the actual article.

And actually let me get in now in the article so you could see how they are the real article after it’s completed, how it look like. So let me just find them this specific article so I can show the real article. So right here you can see how the article, when it’s completed, how it look like. So you can see all the content here and you can see there is a lot of the content. All the different blocks are here.

You can find that. You can use this sort of from you that you can find by specific. You can filter it like this quickly or you can actually use the filter here. It’s going to be deep search and finds what you need. Any time you click on the block, you go directly into block. You can see how block is constructed. It’s supposed to be not that big. So you just keep it and say probably three hundred words level.

You don’t want to be too much more than that. So you can keep it that that that level because you don’t want to have a text to block content because it’s going to be boring to read for anybody. So in this case, just do not make huge blocks, just try to create multiple blocks. So for that so that you could take a look at the all content look like when they go to preview on the upper upper bar, you can see some menu here.

There is a editing menu. This is where you keep all your configuration configuration, of course. What are what is included in configuration, of course there folder. So the folder is you can just type it up in the folders will be assigned so you can only assign one folder. You cannot make like multiple folders for one article. This is your published date, publish straight drives, your article and that’s actually visible on your in your calendar. You can do the tag and you can just find the tags or create the tags on the fly assigned to tag.

You can actually decide whether you use a table of content. We have a building to go see is a table of contents. You can decide with a thumbnail feature. So this is all your statuses, content types. You can set your goal of writing. So how many more do you need in the future? Right now we don’t have it yet. We’re going to develop the dashboard. We will be tracking your performance. Also for the blog post types.

You’ll have the popular staple and the response. So we have that to for some for income school. You know what I’m talking about? Some people understand what it is. So here is a preview of the article. So if I go to previous so you can see how they actually article complete article look like, so it’s look like just like exactly. Will be published and printed on a WordPress is similar ways you can see is a scroll. There is a lazy load in all the images alone, and because they are kept on our Amazon server, we will add the ability, the option for you.

To actually upload all your images into your media folder, if you really want to do that, and we just revealed remember your your URL to your media folder. Now, if you go inside, the most important thing for the blogger is the SS. This is the essence of the blog. So is everything build on them on their buy blocks and including all the assets. So you can see here on the bottom outfielder’s article related and all. If I click on all I see all my is that I’ve done before and I can assign them all on this site when I click on articles related to research, as I sign when they open the research and open meaningful view.

Let’s say if I. Just so I can see that here, if I still I can select and the sign on the sign totally different researchers. So if I if I if I open in here so you can see here is the content that I created in the research and then I can also use the notes and after on the research part, because we’re going to introduce additional thing that we adding to the research will be headman’s notes. Notes are created from from there could be a primary focus of the notes is to keep your notes next to you write an article.

If I click on all you can see how many notes I have, what kind of notes. So you can keep anything here inside the inside the article they link to the article.

You can actually when you create a note, you can assign to specific block of the article.

So it’s like you ever know, building inside your inside the blood inside your editor. And you can always open it up and you can link it to specific block of content to go between blocks. You can go left and right here. You can actually enhance the blocks. I mean, enhance your content via the library. Library is not just for images. You can you can add any any type of file. It could be PDF, your Excel word, file, anything.

So when you add it here, of course, we have the array of options here so you can upload your file. Like I said, any type of file will work. But the bottom portion related to your images, we can do that on the fly conversion and compression so you can decide what the quality in the resize, in the image on the fly will. Again, why do you need to resize if you keep it on Amazon? Just because it’s a lot faster performs when somebody scrolls it and will load a lot faster if you have a smaller image.

So for that, you just realize that the quality does not drop, but it really will be really performing fast. So you can use your own URL, you can use your gifts, actually be integrated with Giffin. Let’s say if you want to do something for fun, just find what you want. Say add this here and just add it to your content and just simply decide where you want to add it and just move this to your content just like that.

Any any of the whether you use them, whether you use their gifts or you use the images, you can do it, you can do it very quickly. But here just by simply say copy it to craft and will move the craft. So that allows you to reduce the images that you past use. You can use the filter all when you click on all. As you can see, I’ve got fifty six pages of the on different images and different things that I have here.

I have, I have not only the images, there are videos, video.

You have a full control of what you will, what you, whether you want to allow the control of them, the video, you want to set it on loop or you want to hide the controls. So this is all, all up to you.

Now, if you can see safe mechanism, do you really need to save? Maybe we can do, like, more modern. But I already explained there’s a specific reason for that because of the difficulties of the managing, the managing. There are multiple tabs and the you really don’t want to override for that to just make sure the conscious decision is when I click back, always asked me, do I want to save if I change something? And maybe it’s another step that I was working and this tab is empty.

So in this case, I really want to say whether when I want to say or. Yes. So in this case, I don’t just want to say, no, I’m not saving whatever I did. So you can see my article is here, of course, the CEO as CEO optimization. We have a building. You can see this article being optimized. So now if I go now into the optimization, all I need to do just it’s one page view where you could have all your information we integrated with your special and rank math.

So for that, you can just simply once you set your configuration, takes about five minutes, you can set up a title, add the description, provide the side that you’re going to publish, because I have multiple sides here. So this is the place we could say this article will be published on that site once you click. OK, so we know exactly what to consider. Internal external link. And you put your feature image, make sure you put the alternative text.

This is the focus keyword that you optimize. By the way, we are slightly changing already this portion because this one will be slightly different with the new release. I will show you the difference. So when you scan for optimization, you can see we got the score very similar to rank math is then, by the way, we get in about two, three plus minus two, three points when you publish it.

So if I have here, I done the best I. One hundred percent you can see here, if I change my key word was here as a online content, right in jobs. So if I change the keyword, here’s the online content, right in jobs. Let’s see how that actually behaves. If I do that here, if I change this, change that it change the keyboard. So if I scan, you could see now this one is I lost the points and then shows me it’s like a checklist.

You can quickly go through this and populate you make sure you optimize your content. So if I go back now and change it back, you can see when I scan it, I’ll get the results back. And this is the same way you can do for every of this steps. There are 12 steps listed here. Just make sure you cover all of them when you optimize your content and get this highest possible score.

Now, talking about core, the broad in this score management. And now I’m going to show you the more advanced version which we are working on now. We implement right now, as will hit maps inside the research ducts. And now it’s about time to talk about research done. Let’s say if I’m I’m in the article right now and let’s say I’m going into the let’s say I’m going into the research ducts. So if there are here’s my research docs when I create the new one.

So let me start to create the new let’s say I. I want to do say as you strategist’s. Let’s name this. I’m just going to put here that the. And create research, doc, if you. You’ll see the blank space where you are on now on the level of research that look very similar, although it’s yet different, you can see this one as research that it’s not the article anymore. And what you have on the left is a data.

So data you have the concept is this you are requesting yourself. I mean, what you focus in on yourself. One hundred. So let’s say if I go to four, the same thing, let’s say your strategies and they need to be as best as close as possible to that, to the title of the content that I’m going to write. So for that, let’s say I can name it as best as your strategies for the business, for the business.

So if I do this and I do the research, I can select the countries and we have a very a lots of different countries to select from. We have lots of different languages that you can select to. So we have this data. Got out provided that provides us all this data. Now is just when you click on OK, the system goes out and checks this information. We’ll bring you the top hundred Serb’s. Here now, for now is just getting is about another minute or two and we’ll get the results.

Let me go back here and I will show you what I’m talking the. The research ducks, so when they go inside the research duck, you can see yet is this one is not complete yet. But for now, while is this working, I can show you on this one. So here’s my research, Doc, to populate the research. OK, let’s see if I got my if I got my content in there. Sure. I got my top hundred results.

They are grouped by ten. I got ten pages. What my my desk is this that we bring all that content inside the inside the research. We pass it, we, we add new content for you to decide which content you want. You can just starting from the first block here while you click on it, you keep adding to the right and it will create it. Now I actually click on this specific link. Let me go back. When you go and you click on that content, you you add in there to the right side.

So when you do this, you keep building your research document from someone else saying this is not meant to be for publishing. It’s meant for you to keep up to or to write a blog that can compete with this with your competitors. And so you populate you create multiple blocks. You can do the same way. You can create multiple blogs here and just say when you when you name say this blog some some other way and just simply block the block will show up here.

And you keep populating this content with the with the snippets of content that you found. We also break down your questions. We pull the questions of the headers from the your competitors, from first group of ten. You can see that we just working on the first group of them. If I go to results and let’s say if I go on a page number three. He’s number three, does not have generals, and this is a says Annalise, so when you click and you need to click, analyze to parse the content and bring it in so it runs for about 40 seconds and will bring the content.

So if I go here now, this one, this was public. So let me get back here now. You can see the complete information here. So we brought you the content and while you start, you’ll start working on this.

So let me just hold on just a second. Let me move back on this film so I will show you something else while is still public and so on. My links, my links are designed to be the collect the specific links from the content you want. Let’s say if you like this, this is your true competitor. Just simply added to my links. This is another your competitor added to my links. Let’s say when I add to my links, I can build my competitors very precisely who is my competitor.

Let’s say I want to add the competitor that is not listed on that list. So in this case, when I go to Google, I’m in the Google. If I go to let’s say if I go to Google and find it, let’s say if I want to if I want to find this Google.

If I want to find someone and added to my competitors, let me do this as you astrologist. And I want to add it to my competitor, let’s say I found the back link, so like this I like this article and I want to add it to, as in my competitor and I want to add them to their research doux. So in this case, all I need to do when I go to my links, I just add this link and I just put my link here and let the system crunch it and bring it for me, the results.

So you can see now that the link is there, that when I when they open it, you can see it’s a full content have been delivered here so you can use it to populate your your content and populate your research with all this information. And it’s done very quickly, as you can see here.

Now, the next one is while you building your your links, you also have a way of putting your keywords. Keywords have we have a for research keywords. We have three angles. There is a autocomplete, there’s a couple of questions and the keyword ideas. So if I go for the popular questions, let’s say if I ask for as your strategist’s. For that will give me their say, like up to a hundred of their whatever it comes up, the researchers, I mean, they’re the questions being asked as your strategists.

Let me do another one. If I do that just for you or so in this case, would be better to run on more like on the generic on the high level. So the concept is this. You find the what you need, your keywords and you populate them to the right side. You can see building the list here just by clicking it. So you find that we provide the competition, CPC volume. And by the way, for the first search on the question that comes free, that are subsequent searches, if you want to do more, it will be it will be based on credit based.

Same for keyword ideas. Let’s say if I do the same for you want to start looking for the keyword ideas related to the first round, you’ll get it for free. They are subsequent searches. You would need to. You would need to. It will. It will be paid with the credits.

So you have your top hundred search results. You have to explore your questions. By the way, you can add the questions at the full block of block of content. You can just simply ask here if you want to add the oldest questions, just click, OK, and we’ll bring you the full block. I mean, whatever was asked as a questions, it will bring you here statistics. We also as the expert, I mean this the districts, whatever you find useful, you can just add it to your to your content.

OK, now you click save.

Make sure when you click save, you save the scan. If you try to get out in the woods and save it, we’ll ask you for that. Not let me now go to the next step and I want to show you the actual results of the single hit map. So let me just go in something that I already prepared. So if I go to actually let me go to the specific research and in research, let’s say for I go for your optimizations prodigies.

And when I open this, I have they are keywords. Let’s say I already have selected the keywords they want is on the right side and those keywords are helping me to compete with my competitors. Let’s say if I look at my competitors, here are my competitors here, and I assume this is what I was going for as you optimization strategies. Now I’m going through them.

And because not everyone is a competitor, you want to compete with the Forbes or say, say B dot com. So you just selecting the who is your truly competitor by building your own list if you want, and putting them in my links. So for that I selected that those are selected already in my serve in the multiple circles. I can select any one of this here as my true competitor. Just saying if I add to my links, but I have an option to to to select and compete, what do I want to see in the competition?

So let me just finish on the keywords. Hopefully it’s understandable they’re out to complete that something that didn’t mention. Yep. Let’s say if I go for the same term as CEO or when they ask here, we bring you all out of complete keywords. So anything that comes with SEO or when you go in a Google search it coming up here as a like most highly I mean, the top search requests and Google shows you if I add the CEO, a man shows me A and B.

And so for now, if I want to add this and I want to get the data here and that I need competition and trend, this one is not free to us. And unfortunately, we just cannot provide that ongoing like for free keyword data. So keep our data as a separate. If somebody wants to get the keyword data, you can buy the credits and use the credits to get the data when the credits will cost about. I mean, that’s actually exactly as one keyword, one tenth of one cent.

So for like for one credit you can get, which is ten cents, you can get one hundred keywords, so a hundred keywords analyze. So when you put that you find the keywords, you put them on the right side. Now you selected the keywords that you want to be included in your in your, in your content. And now you want to find out how your competition fared against those keywords.

You might find by looking deeper, you may find specific keywords that may be obscure and have less of them, less. So the traffic, let’s say if I add. Less of the volume, but still less of the competition, so you can have the I mean, the different keywords to this list and then when you go to compete, now is a place for you to start. There are to build it as a hit man. You probably you may provide the description here.

Just put at this in and I can just decide whether I use my links or use their use the search results where I can just simply already allocated the top 10, 20, 30 and so forth. So if I click here and now I selected this year and now I’m clicking, OK, now I’m on the page where I could be ready to analyze, so.

This one, it takes about like a minute or so now it’s ready, so we’ve got this that top, top, top10, first up Downlinks, you can see them right here and you’ve got your your keyboards that you selected, your very specific keyboards now is you. I’ll show you before how Esequiel was core was developed.

So you could see now we’re going to go and all the top 10 results, we’re going to provide the score here. We’re going to calculate the score. And just by simply click and analyze and then does work on credits, we will provide for your headman’s. We will provide the credits, a credit allowance to use it for Hillman’s. They will be different depending on how many calls you have for three calls. We will provide two hundred fifty credits to your allowance to use, not the actual allowance to use it on the on a headman’s.

Four hundred for the two calls will give. One quote There is unfortunately, there is no allowance there, but you can you just use the credits just to build this information. And now when you do this, you can see how we populated the data. Now you’re not only seeing the Red Sea green and blue, you can and you can see why.

It’s why it’s color, because that green would be easier to compete there like a like a brown or yellow one was that was the color.

But this one would be like Modric. The channel engine is blue. In the heart is red. So you can see, of course, the war as the war was present in actually quite well optimized and all this. You really don’t want to go for this keyword, even though this keyword should be probably present in your content. You can just keep all this list. You can bring it to your as you optimization. Now, when you click on this score, you can see exactly how this article was optimized for that keyword.

If this were found in your title. Yes. In this case of body content in the head is in the oral and also is just not found in the feature image names. But other than that, it’s very well optimized, considering that the main afterwork, which we don’t have it here, you can actually make a judgment whether you can compete and what you can compete for that you have. This Tharp’s here. You can identify let’s say this one probably will be better to compete just the like.

What are keywords in school? This one drives like three thousand or three thousand volume monthly is a lower competition. You might want to select this as your real focus keywords. So like this is a given here.

If you want to do this and you can just decide which are true keywords to fight for. So now you understand how this one being built. You can also add that to your article. Let’s say if I select my article and if I add this here, we’ll actually analyze this article. We will provide this score here. But is this a good place to see and probably not this one? This just gives you a really good information. But now how you can after you decide who are your competitors and what keywords to use, you identify with them.

The green checkmarks now is the next step. You’re going to the next level. Now you need to go in your article and pull it up and bring it in. Let’s say find an article and bring it, let’s say men in this one. And now if I’m going to school and now in this optimization, I would need to select, as you can see now, here is work differently. I would need to select the specific keywords that I already just found to do I need to compete with.

So in this case, I’m just going to select from research, doc. I’m going to select the research doc that I was working on, I think was this one. So those keywords that I found, you can see that already highlighted the one that they’re going to complete. Those are focused keywords. So I can select those and let’s say maybe add some of those two and maybe I can select all of them and let me add them in here.

And as you can see, when we add them in here, you can scan now all all this keywords is one shot. When this can we can update this and you can see it’s like a split second. We updated it and we go to the next step. You can see this one for each quarter, can identify very quickly which one is your primary. So you can review it here for that.

You just need to you just need to a selected here. Just hover in here. When you click here, Excel strategies changed. When you look at the review, you can see what you need to fix.

If I go in there, select another one in Kansas, let’s say if I select this one, I select this one. You can see now it’s changes. So this is you know, this is your checklist and you can actually optimize every keyword, but you don’t want optimized for every keyword. So in this case, you’re just focused on two, three important ones and keep other ones for your view. And now you could see this in your article.

When you go in the article, you can open it up. We could be added here. See your tab right here. And those are the ones that keywords that you selected. And now in real time, if you want to now increase this increase, this is your strategy and you want to increase this score. Now, you take this key and making sure in the article somewhere you can provide the I mean, you can add this keyword. Let’s say if I added to the header and that added to also in the body content.

When I do this, I click save and now I can scan it. Just watch for this score being changed. If I click here is this one right here. Is the launch a second strategist’s? Yeah, I think it’s already there. Now if I go on the keyword, let me add this here.

Save and now if I can click here. This one will be updating in real time. We are just working right now to release it and I’m fortunate I’m working yet on that on their development server, so it’s not ready to be published. We’re going to release it in the next couple hours, a few hours. So this will be out. So you will have the school building next to your article. You can expand it like this. You keep writing and then you go back here and do the analysis here for the list of keywords you already got.

Now, the one more thing that I want to mention that we also are releasing their workflow. So what is the workflow? And I’ll show you on a very new article, let’s say if I if I create a new article.

New article. And click, OK, so now I’m in your article. Let’s say I have doesn’t matter how many blocks I have, I need to create the work flow because I need to decide what I need to work on. And it’s not just about writing. So when I click on the workflow, we created this view here. So this is a you can customize your workflow. You decide what you really need for your article. You can select the research, you can select right in.

Let’s say you don’t need editing, but you get to the just the proofreading. You skip, you do need enhancement. You do this year, since you work in yourself, you really don’t need approval. But if you do need approval, just select it and maybe you can actually do twice approval. So in this case, you can move to proofreading your move after. And so you have two different approvals and then you can also have the legends and you have a publisher.

So in this case, this is your workflow. When you click save now you have the your workflow view, workflow you is split into two sections so that on the left side you have your your workflow layout.

On this side you have the workflow split in two sections, which is assignment and execution. This is an assignment you can write up just like a like a like a note. You can write up your notes what you need to get done, and that will be will be left here on the left side is actually built for teams. But you are you are welcome to use it on your own. It’s not the team members are coming up. So and we will have the access building here for Rydex.

But for now, you don’t need to worry about this. This one is on a single single level. You can decide what your assignment is for each of the step you can said the due dates. Once you said the due date for each step due date will show up here. And also you can decide when therefore flow is complete. You have one to one for flow active within a given time. You can have one complete once you’ve done this one and asking you if you completed it, once you completed it, you cannot restore it.

So in this case, you just need to restore it. You cannot go back and complete it. You can actually create additional additional steps if needed to.

You just simply go to edit and you can just custom and you can just create a new you can just do another research and just add this in. So this is the way how you can.

So I did this research, so this is the way how you can add the additional flows and you can add additional steps. And this is how you can control one more step that I want to show you, which is published.

And this is a primary primary, the prime core feature that we were going to going after that allows us to save a lot of time. So let me show you on a very specific on the specific content that I have. So if I go on and find lists like this one, so if I go in and find now that my content, let’s say this one was published in the past, this one was my article that I showed you before. So this article is was published already.

So if I go to publish now, you can see how quick and easy to to publish the article. You can just select WordPress. It goes on the next steps. It’s already published. I selected the site to have a slug have a published status. You can publish and draft and publish. You can select your category. I already selected my dynamically Brenin. You said you publish this, so I’m not changing the publisher. They say when I go to publish and all I need to do is just here, decide if I want a sharing button.

I mean social sharing and if I want a related post, really, it gives you extra internal link, but you can see how quickly it can publish. So you see it takes only a few seconds. It published. It’s a huge content. That’s about five thousand word content. And that being published, injustices already done, it shows me a success. And I can show you actually I can prove it to you so you can see how that that actually been updated.

So this particular content already keeping it here. You could see this is how it’s being done. This, by the way, table of content is generated by this system automatically. This is them. This is the blog itself. You can see the lots of content. Now, if I go back here and now I decide to make some changes. So let’s say if I do it here and I add something here, let’s say if I add some of the gifts, I like gifts.

So let me just add the gift. Say, let’s go something for fun, we just add this, OK, let’s add this one, you just add the image so you could see how fast and easy. Let’s leave it small. Doesn’t matter if I click save now this one is saved. And now go back and now I’m going to publish. So when I go to publish a the WordPress go here. Radom done. I submit so few seconds and the content will be updated.

So this relates to any changes that you may have for the article. You added the extra links, you added the extra images, you added anything you want to be added. You just keep updating, adding you can add the tables. We have ability to edit tables. So this content was published. Illimitable Freshens showed up here. So first that.

So you can see we’re not changing the post. They d we are populated in exactly the same post. And so this one is here. You can see right here there’s a little thing that we added that shows up right here. So let me remove it because it’s not needed. Not needed. So I’m just this. Right here. So that’s in this block I remove. Remove some space and publish it again. So this is save. Come back and let me purplest.

[00:45:23.370] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
So Ganpati yes, I’m coming up today. Yes, yes, go ahead. I’m going to say a couple of questions related to the blogs. And publishing, so if somebody stopped using Gallogly, what happens to the post they’ve already made?

[00:45:43.530] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
Yeah, we have that good question because we have first of all, we’re not planning to remove that. But of course, it’s not given a lot of a lot of comfort. So but we do understand that. But what we will do, very simple, we have this pendant.

So if you really want to ensure that your own images and upload us to your your media folder in the war press, when you go in the library, when you add add the library here, what you can do is we will add right here as a uploading you can just select which WordPress I mean, connected to WordPress you have and we will upload there and we will use just your Eurail directly from your WordPress. So very simple.

And any image you upload your own, upload your WordPress, no problem. Will let you upload it there. By the way, when we publish the content now, we do a blow to to WordPress. Only one image featured image because like this for example, this article, I got about 30 images there by the time if I publish and try to publish it with 30 images. Forever, and it’s just not good because you might have so many images blow that in your WordPress that you really don’t want to have Schayes, we keep it outside, but also we have other options.

[00:47:00.670] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
You can just keep them keeping in your own server. So you just simply provide your own. Yoro, we have your option. If you have your Amazon or some other place where you keep your images, just give us your URL. Your image will show up. So this is a this is not an issue. OK, so that was the question was, hey, if I stop using Blacklight, does that impact my previously published post?

[00:47:29.380] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
No, no, it does not, because we only publish it in one way.

We don’t we don’t take it out. So it’s a one way publisher. We publish it, we can import it. But importing is different. We don’t make unless you make a changes yourself. But if you don’t publish anything from here, there is no no harm. It’s already published. So we’re not changing.

[00:47:54.640] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
OK, I have another question about you. Have the connections there. Somebody ask if there was a plan for CEO press integration? Yes, it is.

[00:48:06.400] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
We have a lots of other and a few more. We cannot just answer your press. We have a few other plug ins that we think thinking about integration. But it’s only just a matter of priorities. We have so many tasks right now. We have teams coming up. We have a system coming up.

So, assistant, just for the assistance, some people already asked me and I would just I know it’s a hard topic because everybody wants IAIS today’s big thing, but is it truly is amazing. It reads really good. So we got the next system up in the I we already we’re just working on our theme and we going to create a system that will help you to write the blogs. And just for as a not so you know that just to let you know how it works.

And somebody asked me, will it will be included in there as well. I’ll show you that one thing. OK, so if I show you the cost of it, so you judge yourself for every request that it is like multiple engines. And by the way, they those engines like that is a be the best engine there. But the next step down is actually curious about you can see it’s ten times cheaper than last. The engine is add, the other is a seventy five times cheaper.

Does it tell you something there. Of course that is the best engine of course that it gives you good, very good flavor and good, good content.

Can you really write the content and create the content using. Not. I tried it and until you didn’t like it I like the DaVinci. But now DaVinci is about even the one step. Is it ten times higher now talking about six cents per thousand is a thousand talking a lot. No, I just run it like few requests, like three requests. And by the way, I can actually show and run through it and actually give me the I spend like three requests and I spend like fifteen minutes, fifteen cents or something like this just on that request.

So can you really if you’re looking at this, this is like a like a snapshot of what I did. So I’m totally open and totally, totally honest of what is there and can I really give it away for free. Can included a note. Do you tell me time can include it and drawing myself to the bankrupt? I can’t.

I mean, this is I don’t know how that defeats the purpose of a lifetime deal. Well, it’s defeats the defeats me and I can really do. No, I can’t. I mean, I’m sorry. I’m going to provide the best engine possible because I realized. Well, I mean, she’s the best. I mean, but if you’re talking about the other one small one, you can get the crop on it.

So do you really want to have the the cheaper engine? Besides, it’s not giving you enough. I mean, of course I can do like maybe seventy five times cheaper and get some, some little pieces, but it’s not good. It’s not just doesn’t give enough, I mean doesn’t give a good, good data. So if, if we want a really good result from where I used the venture cost money. Yes. Now it’s easy if you, if I were on the hundred request and one day probably going to I can run a hundred requests, it’s probably going to cost me roughly it’s going to cost me say ten to fifteen dollars a day.

Can you imagine, Tom, that if, if this one will be given for really, really most expensive engine and given OK, you can just run as many times as you want then can you really sustain. No, it’s impossible. I mean, I agree. I mean, that’s it’s necessary to keep adding the enhancements and keeping the quality of the tool. So I’ve answered a bunch of the questions so far we’ve got. Some more coming in.

[00:51:49.720] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, go ahead, you want to jump over to a Q and A, or do you have something else you want to show?

[00:51:57.530] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
Yeah, but OK, let me see the. You mean in the chart. Right. OK, let me see. We turn it over to Lindsay.

[00:52:04.360] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Yeah. Let’s go ahead and do the Q&A. We only got about five more minutes here, so let’s get through some of these. Peter asks if you can think libraries. OK, can you repeat again, Peter asked, can you sink libraries, sink libraries to where are you talking like Google Drive or Dropbox right now at this moment? No, but can it be done? Yes, please submit it on our roadmap. I think it’s a we have thought about this before.

[00:52:37.930] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
We just didn’t get the our hands wasn’t there. But we definitely want to sink it. Yes. That’s in the future will be thinkable for sure.

You have other questions about future plans. So we want to talk a little bit about Roadmap. Christian asks, do you have plans regarding the calendar feature? What can you tell me a little bit about the roadmap and have to look forward to?

Yes, we have lots of features on the roadmap. First of all, is a system that’s one thing that really on their high pressure has a high priority. And I would say that’s in the next two, three weeks, I hope we can release a system that actually, by the way, will be really cool. I think that’s exactly what it meant, exactly what the name of that will will will be will have also teams, teams coming up.

That way you can share and create create a task for other people in your team. You give away. I mean, you can provide them instructions. They can actually have a very strict practice. You have a you can give them an access to specific file functionalities. We have other things like inside of that workflow will have its own view, will have workspaces in the workspace. You can manage in one view, you can manage all your outstanding articles and the people as well.

So it’s every article is like a mini project, as you can see. So there’s so many moving parts involved starting from research. Research is only one small part of the blog. And so it’s really research stakes here. We pay a lot of attention to research and the keywords and maps is like a base for what you’re going to write. But there’s so many things involved, including the distribution. And then we’re planning the distribution also and to the other platform and also automation.

So dimensions are important because automations is like a integrate layer, like Xayaburi is not my favorite, but we’ll do the xabier. But I like the public probably connect. We’ll be there. And also you’ll do like very simple automations. Like I efg has applets. So for apples you can just in the one simple turn on and off, you decide whether you want to put the lid somewhere. You wanna bring the data somewhere, it will update some dates.

So it is pendent.

[00:54:59.430] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Wonderful. Thank you. Where is the branding shown? Oh, Brendan is very simple. So Brendan is only relate to portfolios I never mentioned because we don’t have a very limited time. Portfolio is all right here in the portfolio. So I can show you the actual secret of my production so I can assure you that my portfolio is that I’m building so you can get the asset and get the ideas. So if I go to bat for, let’s say like this is my portfolio when I click here and I open it so you can see how that portfolio look like, I can make it look different.

[00:55:30.810] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
We have four different templates for portfolios and the portfolio is meant to be you bring your show, your content, see the content we can get. Somebody can drill in and read your content on the right side of the messaging system. They can communicate with you, somebody who’s watching your content and also they can see your profile when you go they go to your profile, they can see who you are, what you charge and say. If you are a content creator, you’re probably right for leaving.

There are freelancers. There are also there people who want to buy your content so you can write about yourself and just present it. And here it is powered by blood. That’s the branding. And it’s all related to related to portfolio. Wonderful. Thank you.

One more thing. Just one more thing is our portfolio. Yes, we do have sea name available, so you can just set it as your own site. So when you when you show your portfolio portfolio, you’ll be you’ll be on your site. So this way you can present it as completely yours.

[00:56:34.410] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. Swelling’s we have just one more question here today and then we’re going to wrap up. We did get a comment from Peter, though, who says he’s been using blog for a few months and it’s great. And if he has, apparently you don’t sleep and I sleep. Gennady doesn’t know I’m not sleeping.

I’m glad you’re sleeping.

[00:56:52.590] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
Tom Ganpati my beauty, sleep and body is naturally handsome. No I have work. All right, we’re going to do just one more question.

[00:57:04.390] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
We actually do two more questions because I answered, I was answering the chats and if we have a second longer, I’d like to ask about the question. Can you search when you do your research? Is it globally or by country? So its research is by we cannot do globally have to be countries selected, so we have lots of different countries and lots of languages. So but you have to select which country and what language. Unfortunately, we cannot allow like all.

So there is no all option there.

Gotcha. OK, that’s what I said. But I wanted to confirm. Yeah.

And so our official last question, how does using blog affect your website, SEO and Link Juice. I hope that makes sense.

[00:57:53.940] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
Yeah. Well if I have more hands I would I have about like 15 different articles, opinion that just do not have a lot of time and try to come out with more of the publish my own content that I write about blogging.

As we prepare the videos, we do a lot of video of his time. Right. Right. So this takes a lot of time.

A lot of time. So you try to get that content. But I do have so many articles to be published, and I do know that we need to push it fairly, that the blogs side this for new.

So we only like, yeah, it’s about one year, but to drive the content, we need to put more content in. So I’m probably going to hire someone, just help me out to publish it. So because it does take time for enhancement, for publishing.

But yeah, blogging is a hard work, no doubt about that. There is no easy way of spin it and boom, the content is that there’s no such thing.

No, not if you want quality content. That’s really quality and original content. That’s really what’s what. Blogging makes it easier. I mean, you still have to write. And if you want to prove that you didn’t plagiarize, you can I mean, I use this tool every day for a variety of clients, and it is it is very powerful. There was a question about learning curve and it be all I can say to people, and that is jump in and start using what makes sense for you, because that’s what I did.

And over time, you just grab the the things that work best for you. It’s just like any piece of software you may be only use 20 percent of every app on your computer. If you have made it, it’s here, that’s the thing. Yeah, the one thing that I’m going to say that, yes, writing the content is it’s it’s not just I mean, it’s difficult. It’s for for the for the reason it would have been easy.

There is there is a I mean, there would be everybody would be on the first page of a Google search. But there is a there is a reason for that. And the fight for the first place is there. And whether you want it or not, nobody wants to read the boring spined content. You’ve got to put you on your own words zone. You’ve got to put your own personality in that. If there is no valuable content was the point.

Do you want to try and you can spend a lot of money to just generate this opinion that somebody asked me? Or can we do integrate with this some kind of scenario and put 300 articles? OK, good luck. This is a no, I’ve done it before. There is no way you can bring that. I paid someone to generate for me. Then a little later, I realize all the content was actually kind of is boring. It was no nothing.

[01:00:51.530] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
There was thin content. So do you think in the six month writing two articles every day, like 400? I think it will bring that. Bring the traffic zip enough. It was like just a little bit moved a little bit of needle. But other than that, not so in this case.

[01:01:06.320] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
You better write maybe one article a month, but really good article. But not, not don’t spin it. 300 articles which are worthless.

I like that advice, I think that is good when it comes to content. We’ve been getting some feedback. Lots of people are saying thank you, I love the tool. This is a great tool. Great demo. Thanks for your support on the questions. So thank you all so much for hanging out with us, for walking us through everything and hanging out on NOPSEMA. We’re glad to have you here. You have not already siblings. You can go ahead and redeem your codes.

[01:01:42.420] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Mo dot com slash Gallogly. You can buy your codes now for seventy nine dollars a lifetime deal. And of course this is backed by up Sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, gets a play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and leave your feedback on the deal page. We love to read your reviews there. They have raked in a whole lot of reviews over in the blog Web page and they do have a five TOCO ratings.

You definitely want to check them out and go ahead and leave. Any more questions that you have on the deal page. Thank you so much, Tom Girardi, for hanging out with us.

[01:02:17.430] – Jannati (BLOGELY)
You all have been all right or whatever great the attempt is to symbolize about. Thank you, but.

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