BiQ Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.070] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at the Q This isn’t a high powered suite that offers content optimization, keyword intelligence and rank tracking to increase your traffic. It is on ABC right now, starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. I know we have a lot of you today excited to dove into this, so I’m just going to give you all the lay of the land really quick.

The first thing you should know is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, you can go ahead and do that over in the chat room. That’s also where you could just, like, say hi to me. Wish me a good morning if you so please. The next thing you should know, if you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box.

It’s down below this video. We’re going to circle back to the questions at the end of the walk through. We also have Winnie here from the Bee IQ team to help you out. Welcome. Welcome to everybody that is still joining us. Just giving y’all a second to trickle in. Again, questions in the Q&A box. Chat with us in the chat room. Tell us about your use case. The last thing you need to know is that there.

Hello? Hello. In Renford in England. OK, I’m distracted. Hello from Ohio. The last thing you need to know is there’s a replay of this available. So if you want to watch this over and over and over again as you fall asleep, you totally can. Also, if you just need to step out for a second and you need the replay, this will be available to you in about an hour or so after we’re done recording.

All right. That is enough of me. Welcome to everybody. And hey,YiYun. How are you? I’m so glad to have you here.

[00:01:46.340] – YiYun (BiQ)
I’m doing good. Thank you. Thank you for introducing us. So can I just thought right now. Absolutely.

[00:01:53.720] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Go ahead. Dove into the walkthrough and then Welney, the questions will be in the Q&A box for you and we’ll circle back and you guys on my screen right now.

[00:02:03.920] – YiYun (BiQ)
Yes. All right. So welcome, siblings, and it’s good to have everyone here today. So before I get into your stuff, I’ll have a little bit of introductions on the IQ. So the idea is a relatively new idea is that, in fact, the whole idea is that in 2019 and we started developing in 2020 and we out today and said to anyone, that’s the most and I’m glad to have every one of you here. So before I get into the case, I’d like to introduce everyone to how our UI works in IQ.

So we have kind of what intelligence tool is like. Curious to see. I was just looking at intelligence to help you to do contact optimizations and written intelligence for you to discover what you rankings for your own and also for competitive websites. And then we have tracking wishes to help you track the performance of your website. So today we get all these features, tools we can use. Yakutat simply click also to assess the collection fields easily swapped between them as some of our small links.

As you ask, can I use this option? We can just use the slide, but if you like, actually opens open your browser tabs. So that is we are looking at here. But for now, let’s get straight into our. So in today’s sharings, I’m going to tell you the first one, I will focus on a use case where people actually own websites. So let’s say today I’m writing a blog. And recently I came across this blog called Why?

And I’m really interested in the content. Let’s say to the owner, I would like to know what other ranking I currently have and what can I do myself to further improve myself. So what do I do? I came to I. And once I created a profile, I will be able to see all the key keywords. Refresh my memory. Wait. And that’s probably at least just now. But here we are, we can see in being able to tell from this website, we are able to find forty seven thousand rankings.

And from there we can see about one percent of them in the top trees, about three percent in the fall to 10 positions and the rest of them. So now a user sometimes if they want to review all of them, but that’s actually not how we designed it to be. In fact, we actually suggest everyone to focus on the low hanging fruit. So what do I mean by that? So we have to focus on the 80, 20 of the traffic.

So most traffic came from the top 10 results. So, again, I look at traffic tech’s ranking there. Well, currently ranking 11, the 20s, perhaps the volume more than one high risk. So if you go for this kind of rankings, this kind of key, what it means, all the effort that we are doing actually attracting traffic rather than us, that doesn’t have any such volume. So let’s create this little. And give you a few seconds on the top is the overview.

So on the left, these are the rankings that we have for this profile on the right side. These are details on this stuff. So as you can see, Florida Selwyn’s rankings are currently 11 to 20s. You can see the key was that and rankings such volume. And what I’m looking at and this, I can choose to unwrap them. Let’s say I love some of our love to optimize them. I can even choose to. Then it’s all round tracking, which shall be showing labor.

Don. So now you can also see things like whether this key does come with people, so ask any knowledge graph or any related searches, so perhaps you want to go for the future. So this is actually before she was to actually have them. And these are the that you want to actually target service at once. So we are looking at about 400 plus kilowatts here, which is quite a lot. So as you suggest, I want to, but I want you to go someplace.

I want to look for, you know. We see what volume? More than three thousand five hundred. And you have an. Unless we are done with the US model, we should not be and this is where we can decide what kind of content to optimize so we can get more rankings. So put this case. Let’s go for the last one. And the beautiful thing here is we don’t even need to copy paste anything. Just click on this button.

This is what we call for. That whole thing in the IQ of cricket, a new type will be open and with the key and prove. But before I start optimizing, I’ll still have to go through every one of you, basically all of our content optimizations, which is concrete intelligence. So these are some of the documents that previously created and switch them to abuse. So you can see a group of document that you like to group together so you can see things clearer.

So now let’s start optimizing this piece of content. So when you take that, what happened is you try to bash that because from the website itself. So once we get them into a multiple different sections so we can analyze them section by section and we will have suggestions for you to work on that later on. On the right, when things are loading, what actually happens is our system is actually trying to reach the top one in the top 10 results and try to analyze them and tell us what are the key words that we should use based on the top 10 results.

And once this is down, you should see upgrading skills. And these three things look headings, original things. These are the average amounts of the range of what counts, the top down heavy. So for this piece of content, based on the higher side, you probably have more content of most of the top down result by adding as compared to the rest of the top down result it has Marling’s. So depending on where you want to be. So most of the time you want to look at.

Slightly above the average, but reasonably safe, obviously not on the bottom here. These are the least of what you can add. So these are what we call the worst school in our scope we actually have to look at. So first thing is the importance. So this is how our model predicts, which are the molecules that you should use in your content. And then we have to use how which is how many times I currently using this Kiwa in content to use is among the top down results.

How many times did you use in that content? And as headings, how many times are using this keyword inside of Haiti ahead of time? How many times is inside that hearing? So if you look at all these culotte, sometimes we look at the culture that you use this. Right. So don’t worry, if you click this, you actually, as on both sentences for you to refer to as five or 10. Including your content, so let’s try adding one of these to the content.

Let’s try top commercializes. Let’s see if any. Let’s try here and all this is random, but just to us, give us a few seconds and you will see that this means this has been added and our system has already detected you adding you skew it. So what you want to do is keep on going. This is what we suggest here, is not for you to just include this as much as you can. The key here is you has to be relevant and it has to be organic and natural.

And we were able to increase the signal of the content and the search engines, the battle signals of what this piece of content is all about. Now, next, let’s jump to the analyst spot. So an analyst, as you can see on very top of you, this is the readability of this piece of content, a sort of scoring’s, the lookouts, the varsity and whatnot. What’s interesting about the accurate we the sentiments of the content of what this piece is mostly neutral tone with a little bit of negativity, but mostly positive.

So depending on what is what kind of content you’ve got to target audience, sometimes you want to be more positive, but that is up to you. So where do we get all this sentiment? Yes, it came from the section itself. So, for example, for these sections, it is great to have analytical sentiments and visibility is good. But for this one, it doesn’t need little be that you probably want to add the relevant. So if this is not the kind of emotion that you want to bring about, perhaps looking to rephrasing some of the sentences.

So go back. That is not a thing I’ll have to look at right now. So at one glance you may ask what is better? So that is a slightly different model as compared to what’s good. What happens is a look like is actually a technology of Brembo that was originally designed by Google. But we take on the formulas one takes and what is actually convert up into trading spaces. And from that space we try to look for other key words that is surrounding you.

And from there, I suggest you to use in content. So I will not also able to tell you on which sections of content you should try to use these key words in your content. Let’s try adding one of them. Just click on it will go to that area. I’m not arrestable. The tree. Yeah, this looks to characterize us as a major effect on the noncareer, our small. And so what you want to do is try your best to get them into your content as naturally as possible.

Sometimes you may need to replace sentences by, for example, adjust or just not as well as naturally as I can. So once you go through them, the signals will be stronger. And this, again, will help you increase the sentimental value of your content. The second analysis we have here is the fundamental analysis as compared to what and what better. These are not as fancy, but they still analyze the content and run you through other basic things like do you have your key in your out?

You have a chance to have them and you have. So these are the things that will be analyzed by the IQ as well. So once you are done. You can choose to explode into a fire, so this can be helpful if they’re trying to stand this piece of content, your client as a reporter, perhaps you are trying to help them optimize a piece of content to be. So. You will look something like this, no Blandings, no vacuum, I’m not sure what label.

Or if they’re trying to publish, exploit the email. And once you are done. Just copy paste into our platform using the press release or whatever you want to be. And that is our intelligence. So what happens after you have a piece of code that the next thing you want to do is you want to track the performance of it? So now let’s move on to other tools, which is the Rentrak. So just now, when I was doing the right intelligence, I have had a few of the killers all run tracking.

So now if you go to Rentrak, you can see the profile being created. Some rate. And here we can see give us that I just now. You can click on this profile to see a summary of the preview, so these are very helpful. What you are trying to get a quick look into the performance of the website of the of this domain today. Today is gaining more. Using more. Well, now let’s you can also go into the profiles, just not for how to choose career, and I can also choose to just use.

And you’ll be added into a tracking and once the we can update you as soon as this is new, we don’t have much data to look at. Let’s do another profile, which I’ve been tracking on for a long time. So I found out who he was. So what makes us slightly different from some of our competitors is that we actually have this outranking daily and we track them by both desktop and by both and also mobile. So depending on your target audience, you may want to focus more on the desktop style thing.

On the mobile side of it really depends on who your audience. So from here, we can see from today’s body language that one in 60 actually increases, then doesn’t change and we have between miles. So this is this is pretty OK, because most damaging going up. So let’s take a look into one of the key was. Then you will see more details like what is the average politician’s movement in the past two days, moving into the top three, into the top 10 of the top 10?

You can see that from both the desktop and mobile. And you can also see clearly is this ranking for the extra features. So where do we see this to all of you? And you’ll be able to see in one of the features, which is why this is getting highlighted. And if we switch to mobile, you will realize we are not ranking as we all only at number five here. I can see who is above us and maybe looking to see for the further optimize by content and Eltringham.

Another thing I’ll have to show is the data explorers, so the explorers. Is where you can see a lot of detail and transport oil for this purpose, for example, for today, is it Morgaine or is it more negative? You can choose to see both the device or just the desktop. Or just the mobile, and you can see other things like you are your ranking officer, Justin. And what not. Last thing I want to show on our round tracking tool is the tagging system, so we allow all the key us to be tied according to how you like it.

So it’s just an example. For these pets. Lexicons. These are the same pages that are using this text, so using packs, able to differentiate us into any way of life. It’s up to you to evaluate the performance of this group of Keywood. And this case is about are trying to move the whole topic and so decide what we are trying to track. And this text condemns together some other use cases. Could be you can take your block and then the next time will come in.

Instead of looking at all of the different Kiva’s, you can choose to go to one of the text and look at just the performance of the. So this is this case, but to actually get the ranking I mean, try to get a low hanging fruit that you can optimize and push down with the intelligence to optimize them and then start tracking the performance of the key. But what about if you do not have any website or not? So another thing you can do here with IQ is what intelligence, what your intelligence?

You don’t need to have any website. And you can use this tool, by the way. So include intelligence just by the keyword. And this is where you can change the locations and languages. Let’s try this. Let’s change it to London.

And I see what we have you. So on the left, these are actually the key for the security staff and these are the results of the difference with the Clinton ideas and the questions. And I can secure site and I’m not very familiar, but probably your best friend from the UK. So now let’s find out what it was like on. And let’s switch it back to the United States is where most of our clients come from, according to our Judy.

Let’s give you a few seconds. And yet we have the data. So the first step to introduce everyone is what steps so we can see the zero to five if one of them. And this group will keep us as up to about one million. So this is the way to see whether this group of people are valuable for you. And I suspect that to a different section of that information, which are very helpful, depending on what you want to achieve.

So if let’s say. You are trying to go for more tristesse us, we can filter down to just the transaction, let us do the Dems and these are the people that you probably want to target if you want to get the money or trying for some e-commerce websites. Or you can just we should mention us. And this to us would be more suitable for post free weight loss programs. Probably a lot of people. And these are the key ways that you can use while content inside your content or as the topic is stopping articles now, less content ideas.

So in content ideas, the generated based on a slightly different. So here you can see the keywords actually covers a wider area. You start to see things like healthy cholesterol, long vegetarians, balanced diets, which I have no idea what it is, but it seems like something related to witness. So it doesn’t relate so much. It doesn’t revolve around as much weight loss anymore. But the whole idea of this is being up here. So how we design this, too, is for you to actually brainstorms to understand about the whole issue of stuff and what kind of content kind of blocks the same goes to our training, such as actually shows you all the related, such as that people are searching for now.

[00:22:29.030] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Lastly, I’ll move into the popular questions. So in popular questions, we also, Lisa, are the questions that we are able to get on the Web. And the answer is that a lot of our users use this in many different ways. For some of them, these are actually the sections or hating stuff that they use in the content. Some people use this as some people attempt to get into collections and use them as the content, which is why I’m going to show you a very short you can exploit them, which I’m showing just now.

[00:23:08.640] – YiYun (BiQ)
So for now, let’s try a few of them into the collections. You can choose to a new collection. We don’t have one, so that’s something to agree to create the last. And let’s say I love this trick us, I can’t trust them into the collection. Now, let’s move on to our collection and see what happens to. Strus Fogel’s. And you can see all the chaos that’s just now has been here. So what this does is it does the next time you want to revisit, you don’t have to go through the process not related to us anymore.

You just come in here and you’ve got a very quick, very quick snapshot into us and we’ll be implementing these things and be very bison’s so that this will be very helpful if you understand this as a to writers or you wouldn’t send them to subcu number to try to optimize you. And the question that I’m going to answer. So that’s a lot of ways to do this. But the general idea is it is for you to collect and group us and content and content collections and we are able to exploit them easily.

And D’Asti that have gone through all the modules and tools that we have gone through research to see, which is the optimization to I wish you would discover rankings either for yourself or for your competitors based on books. I can choose to create a profile for my competitors. I say we have lost some Ruscio samples and. Ran tracking for the performance to track the performance of your website and that that’s the basic operations and all the walkthrough of the tools that we have in the queue.

So now maybe I should expect to revisit the question, simulants, if you have any questions, you can drop them in the Q&A box.

Now, I know Winnie has been answering a whole lot of them as they come in, so I’m going to go ahead and pick up where she left off. How accurate is this tool for Google search for Canada and the US or Canada and US actually said, OK, what is it? We are not as likely same as most of other tools, like maybe eighteen thousand, maybe seventeen thousands. But what like it is, if you compare us side by side, the trend will be vast in the US and Europe being the worst in the region because we are all using different ways to actually get the data and we are using some sort of pop up provider to match is our own of process that I can guarantee that we will be as likely to say.

But what I can say is the trend will be very, very much. OK, thank you.

[00:26:13.350] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. Are you working to get a single article ranked from multiple keywords, or would you choose only one keyword her article?

[00:26:22.190] – YiYun (BiQ)
OK, for now, the way content intelligence is designed is that a single she was. So for now we cannot target multiple keywords. But I would say this is a very interesting idea. Has to look into optimizing this kind of for next time, but for now is awesome. One person asked, would you provide a trial? What I will say what I will say is that there is a 60 day guarantee on all of our tools. So if you want to play with it for a little while, you can when you make the edits, is it editing live on your site or how easily do do you copy the changes into your site?

So the first time when you bought the quote from the what what happened is we actually graphic content into our post, but once you start editing that, we actually ended up on the website. What happens if you need to export it into a format, which I have shown just now, and you can copy paste into the on site and we do not have any plans right now, but it looks like something cool.

[00:27:28.950] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. Somebody says that ASIMO has always been fantastic for refunds if you find a tool isn’t suitable. So thank you for that. I’ll also say if you’re waiting from hearing from the barbecue support team, they’re currently getting slammed right now or so. Sorry, but they are a hot commodity here on Sumo.

Am I right? So does your software help me find relevant keywords?

[00:27:53.910] – YiYun (BiQ)
Yes, that’s exactly why I’ve shown just now. So that’s sort of the key features of our intelligence. And we have to relate to us, not just those that are very similar, but contextually that might just vegan’s. That’s what I do. Searching for weight loss programs. Awesome. A couple of people have asked if there is a WordPress. We do not have it right now, but it is something we can explore somewhere down the road.

[00:28:25.450] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Does a single keyword attract as both desktop and mobile count as two keywords for keyword tracking?

[00:28:31.030] – YiYun (BiQ)
Limit is the single keyword for both mobile and desktop.

Regarding the content intelligence, two questions. One, can you include information on the top 10 competitors? And two, can you add an expert to text?

[00:28:50.280] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
OK, the first question is, can we actually get to Moscow waiting for the top 10 results? We can do that, but we do not have it right now. So what I can say just now is just down and I’ll just party developers and see if they can look that up for you for a second question. I don’t think that’s a problem. We should be able to deliver that in a very, very few weeks time. I arrived I arrived a little late.

[00:29:18.030] – YiYun (BiQ)
Not sure if this was covered, the keyword intelligence is this. Quite comprehensive, can it be used for keyword research? Yes, you can use whatever research, let me just share my screen again. OK, so in two intelligence you can do things you are able to get from you.

And you’ll be able to get things like related to us, which we will show you, at least given the current data and also content ideas which to us that are contextually related to make us trending. Such as? And so popular questions, so these are the things that you’d like to get from our intelligence. Awesome. All right. I warned you this question was coming. Which languages do you work in?

And also locations around the world for languages. We actually work with quite a lot of them. We have thousands of them. But the difference between the cast is down to sea levels all around tracking and regulations is down to county levels. Awesome. What’s the best way to target competitor keywords, you put your competitor website into intelligence tools and try to get one to top 10 keywords. Amazing.

[00:30:45.280] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Dodes is ranking discovery credits one time. Is there an occasion when you may exceed yourself now?

[00:30:54.400] – YiYun (BiQ)
It is indeed a one time use only, and if you use it a lot and then you’ll make it from a use case. That and just I’ve only just about I have only just about one hundred plus if I get to the five. That’s less than three or four percent of your total usage. So if you use it wisely, it’s just not just go for the keywords that you actually want to wrangle 11 to 20 of the top 10 of your competitors.

These can last very long. Awesome.

[00:31:26.200] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right.

Are there any training videos for similar things to watch so they can learn more?

[00:31:33.260] – YiYun (BiQ)
We do not have it right now. We have a very detailed, written, written tutorial, which I will be sharing with everyone. I can try to pin that in our post. Video tutorial is not something we have right now, but you are definitely going to explore this content very soon. All right. OK, we’re going to got a lot of questions, you’re smiling. Thank you. Is there a chrome extension? You have the extension, but it is related to what more use of our cable encourages our content intelligence.

We do not have it right now, but this sounds like a very interesting that we can explore in the future.

[00:32:13.500] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. You’ve mentioned some things about the future. One person asks, where did that question? Because I really liked the way it was phrased. Would love to hear your thoughts on new features and particular link intelligence. How are things going?

[00:32:29.790] – YiYun (BiQ)
Well, intelligence is further down the road in the next few quarters, maybe even up to twenty, twenty to twenty two. We are going to focus on our five products that we have just shown just now, which is the eyes. And the collections will come after that because we feel like Battlelines. All the intelligence is a brand new modules. We should be going to that if we still have them for what we have right now. So what’s going to happen is what we have made available to autism.

Then we will look into other modules that intelligence or autism. Awesome.

[00:33:07.410] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. We knew this one was coming. Michele says, can you talk through the limits of each plan and what the limits on keywords, et cetera, mean? For example, if I have a site with a thousand articles and different keywords, how would I start to think about what level of plans I would need to stack?

[00:33:25.740] – YiYun (BiQ)
OK, for the first one, we should start our research. Those will be refreshments so there’s nothing to worry about for documents. We have a maximum allowed documents, so if you have more than 1000 articles, you will need to go for the five and four rand discovery, which are random pages. It is a one off for tracking is doesn’t add on automatically. But once you have one thousand and you feel I want to switch up some of them, you can delete them and back.

So the one thousand is always there. A small collection is among the refresh. So are there features we can use with no limitation on usage? If you go for five, research, counter-intelligence. We have 1000 kilos, and these are all pretty awesome for content, intelligence are the same documents per month or total per plan. Is total by you can delete and switch them up on. How can we best use this if we want to offer services to our clients, if I say this person in particular is an agency, OK, if you understand your clients and you know the details, you can actually use our intelligence to try to retrieve.

The key was that the client actually targets all. You can just use our intelligence to your client, follow our customers to actually be able to discover many trusting us that actually very, very useful. So start with our regulations, I would say. Who do you have any suggestions for, our friend here? What is the best way to preserve rank intelligence? I have been burning through them really fast.

OK, you have to be really, really strategic. So don’t just I know you can see like forty seven thousand kilos is very tempting, but a lot of times like 80 percent of that was related to the very first such volume. You don’t want to go for them, trust me. So always just you and go for keywords that has such modems. We have that way to actually filter out a very small ways that it actually results. And that’s where you want to target.

All right. I I’m OK, so I just want to say to Alan, who’s been kind of saying things in the Q&A, I am sorry, I’m I’m not going to ask your questions live. It sounds like you need to be in touch with support if you have specific support questions. This is a good question for you. What is the best way to get in touch with your team? You have results from the emails we have on our website, and we also have Chattanooga’s thoughts, so we tell us if you want to e-mail is awesome.

[00:36:15.200] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you so much for that. And we have gotten through a lot of the questions here. I’m going to give simoleons a second to leave. Any more questions that they have available or that they have on their mind right now? You can drop them in the Q&A box right now when he has been on fire answering questions. Adam says he loves this so far. He just bought five codes. We love to hear it. And yes, and I will say a lot of people are loving because so far y’all are getting lots of reviews and there are a lot of you here today that are interested in this tool.

So we’re so glad to have you here. And it does seem like it’s time that we can wrap up. I do want to make sure everybody has a chance. How do I get a hold of any training material?

Denise asks. We have it yet you don’t call us if you want to assess it, or you can just put it for us. And I think we can use that right now.

And Victoria asks, how long will this deal last? We never know. I will say this in all honesty, deals coming to the store and we genuinely don’t know when they will leave us. So, so so get the get the deal while you can. And then as far as if you need to refund just some of the codes and not all of them, I promise our support team will love you and and we’ll take care of you. Thank you, Alex.

[00:37:40.160] – YiYun (BiQ)
I would make up some videos, but I live in Los Angeles and not in Austin. All right, Adam says he does have one more question and he did just buy these five coats, so we’re going to wait. If I have ideas, can I run them by someone? The Senate draws a possibly one we always did quite a lot of it, but a lot of that has been done in the past few days. Just send it to us and we are open for any suggestions.

Yeah, Adam wants to talk about how to use it for his clients, it seems. So look forward to that. What’s the email address that can get you out again?

Hello. At the IKEA Dotcom.

[00:38:21.000] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Love it. Perfect. All right. We’re going to go ahead and wrap up. Thank you so much for answering all of our questions today and walking us through the tool. Of course. Thank you so much for being here. If you have not already, you can go to APSA Dotcom Slash Beat IQ to redeem your quotes. It is starting at forty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course this is backed by up to 60 day guarantee.

So go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. And once you’ve done that, we would love to read your reviews on the deal page. Go ahead and give it your TOCO rating. And of course if you have any more questions, you can leave those on the page as well or hit up the big Q support team directly.

Thank you so much, you, and thank you to witness simoleons for attending. Glad to have everyone thinks I’m a good day.

[00:39:08.970] – YiYun (BiQ)
Have a good one.

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