BiQ: AI-Powered SEO Suite


BiQ is a tool that provides AI-guided content optimization that will help you get into the first pages if the SERPs. Plus, it also helps you discover your hidden ranking in the top 100 positions to boost your performance.

Features and Benefits of BiQ

👉  Keyword Intelligence – This feature can help you and your team find high-value keyword that can give you more traffic at a lower competition. It helps you do the following:

  • Find Hidden Long-Tail Keywords
  • Get Accurate Real-Time Keywords
  • Identify The REAL SEO Value of Each Keyword
  • Brainstorm Fresh Content Ideas
  • Target Question-Based Keywords
  • Find Trending Topics and Keywords
  • Research in More Than 35+ Languages
  • Resonate With Keyword Intent Analysis
  • Collect and Revisit Keywords That You Like

👉  Content Intelligence – This feature helps you write great content with the help of AI-guided optimization that Google, as well as your readers, will love. It also helps you do the following:

  • Detect Content Problems
  • Identify The Low-Hanging SEO Fruit
  • Receive AI-Guided Content Optimization Steps
  • Optimize Your Content On The Go
  • Discover The Ingredients To Out Rank Your Competitors
  • Optimization Precision with Line-by-Line Analysis
  • Interactive Writing Tips
  • Keep an Eye on Your Competitors’ Content
  • Increase Content Relevance
  • Improving Keyword Strategy
  • Real-time Content Analysis
  • Improve The Team’s Productivity

👉  Rank Intelligence – This feature ultimately helps you and your team check your keyword rankings on search engines, instantly. It helps you know all your ranking keywords and helps you do a lot of other things including:

  • Getting 100% Accurate Ranking Data
  • Quickly Identify Keyword Positions
  • Discover Ranking Pages Easily
  • Export Ranking Data to CSV
  • Research in More Than a Hundred Countries
  • Research in More Than 35 Languages
  • Get Estimated Monthly Traffic
  • Get A Customized View For Better Results
  • View Ranking Distribution
  • Identify The Competitor’s Winning Keywords

👉  Rank Tracking – You can also track and monitor your website’s rankings in search results. It can help you see how your website truly performs by tracking its progress, see the full picture of your performance, and start measuring your SEO performance.

Who is BiQ for?

👉  Marketers who need their content to land in the first pages of the SERPS.

👉  Agencies who are looking to increase their SEO ranking with less time and effort.

Things to Note About BiQ

👉  The questions section provides only a limited number of asked questions per keyword.

👉  The content intelligence tool crashes sometimes.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2017

👉  Estimated employees: 1-10

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The email can be changed in the account settings.

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