6 BEST SaaS Review Websites in 2022

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Are you running a SaaS business? Are you looking to leverage SaaS customer reviews to your advantage? If you answer yes to either of those questions, then you need to know the best Saas review websites out there.

This article will look at the best SaaS review websites in 2022. We will look at what each site has to offer for SaaS companies and we’ll also discuss what the downsides are for each of them.


Why SaaS Reviews Are Crucial


If you’re running a SaaS business, then a review website should be a crucial part of your SaaS marketing strategy.

Online reviews are critical. If you find yourself neglecting this fact, just remember that around 93% of consumers claim that reviews they found on the internet influenced their decision to buy something. It’s also interesting to note that over 90% of consumers aged 18-34 say that they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations. These numbers show that online reviews are essential for a SaaS product.


Why Customers Leave Reviews


Since we know that reviews are essential, it’s helpful to dig deeper to understand the reasons why people leave reviews. When you become more familiar with why people create reviews, you can entice them to make more.

Reviews give power to the customers to share their side of the whole buying story. It creates and builds social proof for the brand and product. Social proof is the credibility that the public accords to a brand or product. A large number of positive reviews would mean getting high social proof. The thing is that the more people use your project, the more others will follow them. Negative reviews will also have the effect of driving down your social proof.


Why Positive Reviews Are So Valuable


Getting positive reviews is a potent tool for any business, and it becomes even more crucial for a SaaS company. According to research, consumers are willing to spend over 30% more on companies with positive reviews than those that do not. Here are some of the reasons why positive reviews are valuable:

Getting positive reviews is one of the fastest ways of building trust. It builds trust. It’s challenging for companies to gain the confidence of their target market. Once lost, it’s next to impossible to regain it.

It’s a direct connection to customers. By allowing customers to leave reviews for your SaaS product, you can directly connect to them. You will have a legitimate reason to reach out to them, and that’s an opportunity for you to offer more of your SaaS products and services.

SEO boost. Search engines will notice that you have a lot of online reviews, which can boost your site in search rankings. The Google algorithm is quite complicated, but having plenty of positive reviews can help rank a site on search results.

These are just some of the reasons why positive reviews are so critical.


How Negative Reviews Can Affect Your Brand


On the other side of the coin, there are negative reviews left by people unhappy with your product. But how can negative reviews affect you and your brand?

If your business has a star rating lower than 3.3 stars, you can ensure that the negative reviews turn off many potential customers. For many consumers, that is the minimum star rating they are willing to deal with or connect.

More than 90% of consumers claim that bad reviews have convinced them to stay away from a product or a service.

According to estimates, four out of five consumers changed their mind buying a product or getting service after reading negative reviews.

These are just some things you need to know about negative reviews. Getting negative reviews is inevitable. You are bound to get them no matter what, and the more reviews you have, the more chances you will be getting negative reviews. Your aim should be to limit the number of negative reviews.


6 BEST SaaS Review Websites


Positive reviews can be beneficial in promoting your SaaS product, but not all reviews are the same. The effectiveness of a review will depend on the platform used. There are review sites that get more traffic and are therefore better.

For your convenience, we have listed the top 6 SaaS review websites today.


1. Capterra


As review websites for SaaS products go, Capterra is one of the best there is. It reviews software meant for consumers and businesses. One of the best things about Capterra is the search function on the site. They have made it easy by allowing users to search by software type, industry, and company. Its robust internal search engine will always give you relevant results. When you search Capterra, the software will provide you with a list of relevant companies describing the service they provide.

Another helpful feature of Capterra is the compare function. This feature will allow you to compare four companies at a time to find the one that best suits your needs. These companies can be compared in areas like ease of use and customer service, crucial for software products.

Capterra is simply the most popular review site for SaaS products now. It is usually the first result when someone searches for SaaS review sites. That’s why it is not surprising that it gets a lot of traffic.


2. G2 Crowd


If you want a review site that is more focused on business solution software, then G2 Crowd is the top one. Business professionals, managers, and even investors utilize G2 Crowd to check on the features and functions of software on G2 Crowd. They combine the data from the reviews on the site and other sources to make business decisions.

Making business decisions like investing in software relies on reliable data, a testament to how reliable the reviews are on G2 Crowd. Right now, G2 Crowd is getting the highest traffic among sites that focus on SaaS business solutions.

Because G2 Crowd focuses more on the software features, it doesn’t give much insight into usability or specific features.


3. Software Advice


The most significant advantage of Software Advice is its ability to match users’ needs with the available software features. The platform can deliver software recommendations based on the needs of its users. It has over 300 market categories, so you are sure to find the right niche for your software.

A key feature of Software Advice is personalized support to users. They will give customized advice from industry experts as to the best software to pick. They guarantee that the guidance of experts given to its users is objective.


4. TrustRadius


TrustRadius is a bit different from the other platforms on this list. TrustRaidus is more like an online community that gives our recommendations for business software. The users on TrustRadius can build profiles showcasing their knowledge and expertise. The users will then gain points as they continue to the community.

The evaluations on the site are based on surveys that are designed to measure the actual usefulness of a software. The LinkedIn profiles of new users are checked, and all reviews are checked first. These steps guarantee that all reviews that would appear on the site are unbiased.

For some categories, there are quarterly reports available that give an even more in-depth look at the performance of a software.


5. Saas Genius


SaaS Genius is not just a review website; it’s also a data platform. The platform’s primary purpose is to help businesses make their SaaS options. Like Capterra, the strong point of SaaS Genius is its search function. Users can generate reviews and recommendations that will help them decide.

Another beneficial aspect of SaaS Genius is that it is also a marketing platform for SaaS products. If you have a SaaS product not listed anywhere else, consider using SaaS Genius to get the word out.


6. Finances Online


There are plenty of Saas review sites available now, and one of the fastest growing platforms is Finances Online. Thousands of software reviews appear on the site each month, but all those are reviewed, and the LinkedIn profiles of the reviewers are checked.

These are not the only platforms for Saas reviews that you can find now, but these are the best ones. Having plenty of positive reviews for your Saas Product on these sites will be a massive boost to your marketing and sales.

But those reviews must be organic. Do not fake the reviews on your site because these platforms are sophisticated enough to detect those efforts. If you create fake reviews, they will be taken against your brand.

You should encourage your users to create genuine reviews about your product. You can offer them rewards for those reviews. In many cases, if users are happy with the software, they will be happy to leave reviews without any reward at all.


FAQs About SaaS Reviews


We have made a list of some common questions about software reviews and SaaS review websites.


What to do when there is a negative review?


There will always be some negative reviews going your way. It doesn’t matter how polished your software is; someone will always be dissatisfied. But it’s also understandable that a negative review can be upsetting. We have gone through the possible effects of a negative review on your reputation and sales.

You can use the negative review as an opportunity to demonstrate your customer service. You can respond to the negative review and show that you are willing to work with them to improve their experience.


Should you respond to reviews?


Yes. You should answer online reviews, whether those are positive or negative. You need to thank the reviewers who left positive reviews. More importantly, you need to reply to the negative reviews.

Of course, the kind of response would matter a lot. For negative reviews, you need to inform the user that you are willing to work with them.


Should you try to leave reviews for your SaaS?


No. You should not try to create reviews for your software. The best thing you can do is to encourage the users of your software to leave reviews. As mentioned earlier, these platforms have sophisticated ways of checking the reviews left there.


What should you do if you see a negative review from an unknown user?


You can get a bad review from a user you do not know. You see a negative review, and when you check the list of users, you cannot find the user. That can be a problem when you get numerous reviews like that.

The best thing you can do is get in touch with the site’s webmaster and report that user. They can be the ones to verify the user.


Should you offer incentives to users to leave reviews?


You can offer some kind of incentive to users if they leave reviews about your product. Try not to provide money in exchange for the reviews. More importantly, you should only ask actual users of your users to leave a review.

But remember that platforms have different policies regarding offering rewards for reviews. Some might penalize you and remove the reviews if they find out about your offer.


Which platforms should be prioritized when it comes to getting reviews?


The choice of where to leave a review is not really on you. It will be up to the users to leave their reviews. But you can influence this in some way. You can place the links of the review sites on your website or your social media accounts so the users will be encouraged to visit those pages. Pick the review sites where you want to have a strong presence.


What can be done about the negative reviews?


When you contact users who left negative reviews and tell them that you’re sorry for their bad experience with your software, you can tell them about your actions to prevent the same thing from happening. You can also ask them what you can do to change their mind in the review. You can aim to have them post an update to their review.

These are just some things that you should know about SaaS review websites. These review websites are usually where consumers and business people will go when looking for SaaS products. To learn more about getting better SaaS reviews, visit our SaaS marketing blog today.


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