Beam.gg: Gamified Online Experience to Engage Your Audience


Beam.gg is a multiplatform online community software with built-in gamification elements. You may customize a platform where users can update their profiles, level up, perform missions, collect badges, and more. Stay connected to your community with a mobile-first, browser-based design. What’s make it better is its strong community management tools that keep your members safe and satisfied.

Gamify your online encounters using Beam.gg!


Beam.gg Pricing Overview


Beam.gg’s monthly price starts at $19. This is an Essentials plan for brands seeking a small, close-knit community. You also won’t have access to the full features offered by this software including integrations, Single Sign-on, Email Branding, Custom Reactions, Telephone Support and Dedicated Manager. The price scales up if you want to increase mod/admin and subforums limit, dashboard access number, and community level. Some add-ons are custom domain and remove Beam branding.

Alternatively, Beam is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo which starts at $79 for one code. Find out more about Beam’s lifetime deal below:


Price starts from:

$57.00 per month

✅  Has a 14-day free trial
Save 17% when you subscribe to their annual plan

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$79.00 – Single Payment for a Single-code Deal

Beam.gg Lifetime deal on Appsumo


Beam.gg Features and Benefits


👉  Unlimited members and storage

👉  Custom domain

👉  Keep in touch with your community whether you’re at home, work, or a mix of both.

👉  Upload themed emojis or photos for your users to interact with.

👉  Engage users with exciting tasks and incentives.

👉  Give new players a nice level boost with Rookie Questline.

👉  Give members badges for completing questlines.

👉  Recognize your community’s top supporters who keep it active and alive.

👉  Get great profile enhancements for everyone with avatar frames and profile covers.

👉  Easily appoint admins and moderators to your community.

👉  Examine your community platform’s moderating history.

👉  Blacklist particular terms from user posts and comments to automatically filter your feed.

👉  Empower members to report people and content that break community regulations.

👉  Create subject and group-specific post feeds so members may readily find things that interest them.

👉  Allows users to rapidly sift their feed and manage what they view.

👉  Create your own poll and get fast results.

👉  Keep pinned posts visible to all members.

👉  Directly inform users to get their attention or demonstrate that you’re talking to them.

👉  Easily follow topics and join conversations by picking from the community’s hashtags or making your own.

👉  Give your teammates access to the Beam Dashboard and start creating your online community.

👉  Built-in SEO capabilities help clients, partners, and visitors locate your content online.

👉  Follow engagement progress and identify improvement areas.



Who is Beam for?


👉  You are a brand that wants to expand its connections through online communities.

👉  You are a business that wants to create online communities to collaborate and connect with its audiences.

👉  You are a community enthusiast that wants to make your online community more fun and gamified.


Things to Note About Beam.gg


👉  Still in the early stage

👉  Speed Improvements

👉  Community and subforums cannot be set on private

👉  Branding/design customization is VERY limited

👉  Everyone with the community link can sign-up

👉  Stripe as monetisation option only

👉  Cannot delete subforums

👉  Lack of integrations


Beam.gg Alternatives



User Reviews for Beam.gg


Best web based community and very nice UI. but however, if within 3 months the roadmap still not considering launching app on app store we would probably leave this good tool because the company’s direction is not as expected. To build the community it has to have mobile app. Even though I love using web but as a user its too much effort to be inside the community.

by 20under30 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I’ve been wanting to set up an artist community for a while. I am just getting started, but there is a lot of customizability here. I can upload my own logo, banner, and user-reaction icons; I can also name my own post categories, set up subforums, and choose to make the community public or private, and customize the privacy policy, terms and rules.


Community members will be able to post their photos and illustrations (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and svg (I don’t think svg is mentioned in the options window when uploading, but it works, which will be important to our community to share designs)). Community members can also add links to their YouTube-video walkthroughs and speed drawings to play directly in the post, to accompany the images of their work.


The one thing I am hoping for soon, if it’s not already possible, is to hide/ turn off the community sign-up form on the private community login splash page, other than that, I think this is a platform I am going to use every day.

by Chari | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Sorry, can’t help it with ‘The Ugly’ to complete the phrase, but overall we have had a satisfying journey using Beam.gg that it is fully functional albeit with some minor tweaks which will make the community forum more exciting.


PS: I’m a person with OCD so I’m looking at clean-ness of the user interface and platform management aspects of Beam.gg.

Let’s start with the bad first:


1. There are only 8 Accent Color to choose from the Branding, but I believe the awesome team can enable a colour map for users to choose their desired colors in # (Hex) code.

2. Loading speed is fast, but can be better

3. Subforum AND Post Category – once created can only be achieved and cannot be deleted?

4. Enable more ‘standard’ or universal emojis rather than the purple beam emoji.

5. Subdomain of beam.gg cannot be changed after it has been first registered.

6. More integrations especially to Pabbly Connect would be awesome with certain triggers or action.


Then the good parts of Beam.gg:


1. Gamification of communities can encourage members to be more engaged!

2. Dark mode – Coming soon!

3. Interesting Analytics – Can be further improved i.e. top 5 hot topics (posts), members etc

4. Able to switch the sub-forum to public or private mode.

5. Comes with custom email branding

6. Mobile app – Coming soon!


Guess I have summed up the points that we have used it throughout the past weeks!

Good luck to the dev team and keep going. Don’t let your early adopters down.

by Sumo.Ling | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


I don’t normally leave low taco reviews unless the company have completely screwed us over – and then I’ll leave the review and, if possible, refund. This 3 taco review is NOT the same.


The reason for 3 tacos is the current state of the product. It’s just not there yet, and they know that. Most people are giving 5 taco reviews and I don’t know why – at the moment it just doesn’t warrant it.


In the current stage it’s not comparable to Tribe.so, or Circle.so.


Can it be? Yes, certainly. But until it is, 3 tacos is the max I can fairly give.


The founders seem very keen to make this work and it’s good to hear they will be returning as a Select listing in the near future. Hopefully the product will be a lot more mature by then. If it is, I will happily ask AppSumo to change my review. In fact, I’ll be totally delighted if that’s the case.


Upshot is – lovely UI (but that alone is not enough), more work to be done, good roadmap, and if they do what they promise in a sensible timeframe, then it will be a 5 taco deal. Maybe when it’s on Select it will be and I’ll change my rating then.


Until then, I’m going to continue testing it and watch as it develops but won’t be rushing to move away from Tribe at the moment (we’d need SSO working on Beam first).


Good luck Beam.gg – I hope you pull this off!

by johnr123 | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐–


I love private community platforms, and Beam.gg has a lot of potential.


I’ve corresponded with the team, and they seem very interested in our feedback and have already been willing to make multiple adjustments to their offer for our benefit.

I’m really looking forward to direct video uploads by the end of this year and custom gamification.


I’m familiar with many of the competitors in this space, and Beam.gg focuses on allowing more customization features than is normally permitted, which I love!


Right now, the product is still fairly basic and in its earliest stages.


However, I’m impressed with the roadmap and even more so with the team’s perspective regarding the customizable features that all private communities should offer.

by Sandra_GardenBarter | From Appsumo | ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



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