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What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at Beagle’s Security because security helps online businesses secure their website from security threats with intelligent website security monitoring. It is on Atsumi right now, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And the things y’all are currently raving about this tool, it has a five toco rating with forty three reviews after just launching.

That’s huge. So congratulations to them. And before we dove in to show you this presentation that I know you’re waiting for a few quick things, I want to tell us a little bit about your use case. If you just want to say hi to us, J.J.. Just a good day, mates. I love that you can go ahead and talk to us in the chat room. But if you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below the video.

Our circle back to the questions after the walk through. But we also have somebody on standby, so you’ll probably get your answers right away when you ask them. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. All right. That is enough of me here. How are you doing? Fine, fine, fine, fine.

Hi, everyone. I’m so glad to be here today. I’ll get to introduce a defense that has been saying about the security before we jump into the water. My myself, I have been in the cybersecurity industry for the last 10 plus years, according to the National Cybersecurity Cybersecurity Space and Imlay Project in the last foundation and late last year, I pulled the deputy commander in Gallipolis and my co-founder Readopt.

He’s been in the software industry for the last 15 years and his expertize lies in protecting, designing and developing secure software to protect the vital Harat dedicated research and development of cybersecurity engineers that are continuously working on improving our assenting and identifying the latest exploits. We have had the opportunity to work with companies like Adoni Bikeways, Honeywell, Goldman Sachs and next education, and many more so that that support of the. Now, now, moving on to some pressing problems and interesting insight about the website security space, as you all know, that application got a huge breakthrough when it comes to recognize the actual capability of the Internet.

They are waiting for businesses of all sizes. As important as these applications are for business as they are like they are like open doors for protecting accessible and it become increasingly challenging for businesses to keep their personal and customers information on the security. Not to mention there are a lot of websites that have little or no security in place. When you look at the last year Verizon data breach investigations report, you can see that around or 50 percentage of the applications were involving beaches and web apps, what they call hacking, because in the data breaches.

Another study from IBM’s cost that the cost of that breach report shows that the global average, total cost of diabetes and a staggering three point eighty six million with the United States having the highest country average and you take companies an average of to days to identify and contain the. As you can see, even the biggest companies have fallen prey to cyber attacks, if if companies this week have been affected, what would be the situation of these smaller companies? OK, so you set aside.

Lindsay. We are on the he says, connect to your screen, we’re on the slides, the Web apps. OK, let me stop the shouting and. Yeah, I think that’s what we had last time to. Is it OK now it is loading in time. And. Know it’s just loading sometimes it takes a little while and we’re doing the when we re up it.

I’m sorry, everybody. It happens. This won’t be the first or the last day, and so for that, I think it would be most welcome. Is it up now? I’m just seeing a black screen right now.

What should we do? That’s. What can I do here? Um. We can, I think, well, OK, we have a couple options, and if anybody knows how to troubleshoot these things better than I do, please feel free to let us know. But, yeah, what we can do is, I mean, we can restart the zoom. We can restart the screen share because it does.

I was starting this petition, maybe one from my team and it isn’t. Yeah, we did we did test this, so we do know that it can go to your desktop or to your browser. We’re seeing the slides. OK, I think it’s all we got. OK, so. And from this side of the street, from the coast of that report shows that the global average, total cost of that is at a staggering three point eighty six million by the United States having the highest average.

It’s time, money for. OK. As you can see, the biggest companies, companies have failed to cyberattacks in companies this big have affected what will be the situation of small and medium companies that that could be very huge.

But we have answers for that, according to this study of study conducted by NGO. Forty point forty two percent of the cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses, but only 14 percent are prepared to defend themselves. That is a common misconception that hackers target small businesses. But in reality, it’s much easier for them to target SMEs because of the little or no security in place for their for the applications in spite of many companies. Another common misconception is that if you have a socialist infrastructure, a US state court level, things like espionage, scale injection, accesses remote code execution and can still have you even your your website interrupted by hosting provider, because at the end of the day, your website security is using your hands.

But if you are looking for a mature politician does to keep track of that application security, you can see a lot of money on an average of four thousand dollar to thirty thousand for a man. So the question is, how many of these can you afford? Usually we can get at least a quarterly audit, like in three months or so. And even if you do imagine this happening between this man is for audits, how do you ensure the continued continuous website security?

There is a need to have security, misconfiguration and particular vulnerabilities as they arise or you are at the risk of being exposed. One solution for combating it is using an automated penetration of a single. But a wise, especially an automatic politician who, like, be good security. There are a couple of areas where no one no, this guy knows that that took place and for sure, they failed to log into an application and an authenticated penetration testing or a box penetration testing.

Also, they will fail to work with custom applications on different frameworks and technologies.

A huge number of reported false positives will be reduced to be addressed by the developers say, when they fix those issues. And in the case of a firewall, they can block malicious attack ads in real time, but they don’t have to tackle security proactively. That that is finding security weakness on your website and that can give you a fix for that. And now coming down to what you can, because security, we have built an enterprise solution powered by a engine that our team has been continually improving on because it work with all types of websites and frameworks and is able to detect attack by those most vulnerabilities.

Dennis fail to detect. Once a test is completed, you will receive a detailed report with actionable insight on how to fix those vulnerabilities. We had a continually updated one hour database with a team of dedicated security researchers working on finding and adding the latest Exploit our whatever database you can post website loading indicate to give it to us by name and also work with our advice for building custom integrations. Better evidence based reporting. You can get a on how the vulnerabilities was exploited.

We also lost security standards for one of the reporting and more like debriding byplay between security check for data centers and so the D. And Bill’s custom cases on the during the test based on the technology and framework of the website. What does that mean for you, like you can save money by saying goodbye to expensive and overpriced gets a security softwoods, even if you have a security team that can you imagine the price, they’ll be having a security teams buy their own.

They’re going to use it for the initial audit so that the security team can focus on work, on more business issues and more more that went on in their system, perform Blackhawks or gamble testing on continuous manner.

All of these for one, 10, three, and peace of mind for a lifetime. How would the Senate? You need absolutely no coding notice and can get Saddam in a few minutes, you get into a dashboard detail to support it, recommendations to fix, and you can also indicate if you are using a developed infrastructure.

I’ll be showing all the main features in a minute during the walk to my writing. Of. Let’s let’s let let me take just one second. Kreenholm looks good, OK?

OK, what does it look like when we look into a big security dashboard, you can see them at least for most vulnerable applications. They send us a sample of, like you can see the catalog of fixed and we open two. It’s for an organization that, if you like, if you have multiple projects and I say a single company, you can review all the details in this dashboard. Moving forward. You can see on the video, OK?

And to stop it, you just need to add in a new application. Project Nim. And an application made. And the that you are here and validate the real and savings. OK, so I think you added this to. OK. Still, there is an issue with my speech. It looks like it might be frozen. So I think they have to do the same from the other to started. We’ll see if it updates. Also the greatest.

Why not develop a webinar app, did we think about these things all the time? I’ll pitch it for sure.

How’s everybody Wednesday going, I almost said Monday, oh, my God, imagine. Is it Thursday where you are, you’re in Australia, aren’t you, JJ, JJ, what time is it in Australia? Riki. Two a.m., JJ, go to bed. It’s eight 17 here. I hope I’m just starting my Wednesday. You look like you were already asleep.

I just woke up. Something like this fun. We don’t see your screen right now. Go ahead. Jaret. Thanks, John. Just wash my face. He says, I look fab, you can’t see his messages. He also said that I look like a. I have no idea why this happens, I think Zoom is out to maybe sabotage. OK, well, it looks like it’s working, your cursor is moving, so it looks like it’s live how we move forward on vacation.

It’s updating you. Just validate the. And now you be presented with that. Domain area, you have to verify the ownership of the above application, otherwise anybody can do the penetration testing from their applications so they will know that you have to make sure that you use the soda sold on it or he has the right to do the penetration test amount of the that would be to in this verification process. In addition, you can download the file and put it in your file in the and backside, like, for example, dot com.

This file will be available in the state of Thailand.

And the other option is DNS verification that you can do. So it’d be in its dictionary just for security and get the bad and the very fair domain will be fascinated with their status.

But under. And. This application dashboard, once you defend the domain, you can see the domain like like this, otherwise you’ll see a very fine domain. Back to you. And after that, again, standardized tests show an acre of.

To show you one standard dance and also you can say like a security test may take on one, two, one hour to three days, depending on the size of the Web application. As I mentioned, it’s not a simple scan except that penetration. So it may take almost two days, even if you try to communicate it in the same way. That would be like a two minute website. So you’ll be doing it in a bit of a manner or that the speed of the testing depends on the size of the application and the speed and the presence of any intrusion detection system you have at the application or any one of these are affected by the size of the time of the spill affected by these parameters once you start those.

You can sit back and relax like it takes this much time. Why is this? This will be the only showing once you start the test.

Once this is completed, you will get it nice and clean. The board emailed. Immunity provided that this application of the opponent and.

Here is how the speech look like the least of all the issues with this description, recommendation and experience of getting this dashboard so. It’s very easy for the police to understand and teach the system, and we have an advanced system which will do the vulnerabilities.

It’s a lot of killings and know and that’s what I saw before it started. Like I mentioned earlier, we’ll be adding voices keep our complaints in the future as have done. OK, also. You can download the report from here, will get it. It’s about. Explain all this, almost like a manifestation to will, it will be having all the details, including a table of contents, introduction, security, somebody, capital of GraphicLy, somebody.

And finally, a technical summary for the developers, those who addressed this issue in USA. OK, that’s. Also, some of the damage inside. OK. Of readiness questions. Yeah, we’re ready for this. All right, so it does appear that a lot of the questions have already been answered, but I’m going to go ahead and grab a couple that are just sitting here. How many sites can we check and can we switch sites for testing?

The only of the tests, because that’s would, of course, so users can add as many even as they can.

But the only limit the number of days so they can slap that website at any time. No need to stop it when they can add New York site and our stockhorse. And we will keep them all of this case for time before Bashkortostan so they can access it at any time. No need to get the only confiscated number of this. All right, next question, does Beagle produce reports appropriate for handing to a prospective client, and are their badges produced that we can include in our marketing and privacy pages that have industry recognition?

Yes, exactly. They can present our report to the clients that’s going to be providing in the board if they can fix all the issues and we’ll be providing a good looking and excellent report for them again. But also they can put the badge on the website. So then when you click on the back to show certificate like this posted on this date and give that information us.

And what are the options for a non techie person to fix the issues on how to pages, etc.? Normally, the technical part that is quite helpful, but an entire weekend separate from our end, our team will be heading for this campsite. This is something that they can so. Awesome. All right, just to clarify, can we add unlimited number of websites to scan, but you will or will you scan a certain number of sites per month?

What about regular scanning? Of course, they cannot ask for any websites of the platform, but be limited only for this case and no, of course, as I mentioned. So if you have this for a month, you can scan Katyal’s sites. And you can scan on that and the next time you can scan. So maybe in the three month period, if you have two test cases, you can you can double on six website, but not the scenarios.

There will be recurring retests. So the normal cases on the body having only one on one because it’s an in-depth test. If you do it multiple times, reduce the use lots of bandwidth outside experts. So we recommend to do it once, once in a month and fix all the issues. And we take the other piece of that for you. A website would be quite familiar.

All right, Summerlands, if you have any more questions, drop them in the Q&A box. Now, this one here is how does Google interact with admin tools? Sorry, how does how does Beagle interact with admin tools? I didn’t get that I mean, it’s. Yeah, they said, I’ve been proactive with their site security using admin tools, does Biegel interact with admin tools? I didn’t get that close in, like, even if it is, he says it’s a Kiba admin tools.

I think it’s a I think it’s another software. OK. OK. OK, so you have the building indication for many, many, many website and many applications, so many folks have an immigration like once the test is completed, it will be sent back to that respective Batak and to get out of jail or slack. And once the test is completed, it will be sent into the respective respective backpacking. All indications, but as I mentioned in the slide, it’s like you can trigger it from the biplanes, like using fractions of and obvious caught by plane to build a project.

Once the project is deployed, you can trigger a security test from the biplane itself. So then we start the testing. And finally, once the test is completed, we will update the results of that people. So it will it will be automated. It’s not exciting.

Awesome. Are you planning to upgrade to your four and five with additional testing quotes of us?

No, we are not there to update the day’s. The worst thing is, of course, but this is a very big plus for us because we are not putting any obligations on any agents in plain sight. Everything is done tomorrow. So we have to do the tests, come up with our resources. So, as I mentioned, you can get a lot of us if they’re going to be useful, unless you got our agency.

Yeah, totally. We got to keep you on business till I get you. Are you counting retesting the same site as two tests? As for the interaction from the last couple of days with them, it seems like they are requesting for requests for facilities like that because they believe this whole thing be trying to set up a facility in order to take for the bucks that we already provided, but that we do this thing by plane and we have to let this company support us.

In many cases, when someone said that you should have some other issues to deal with that aspect. So we have to make sure the company of the application of the discoveries as well.

If somebody needs an additional test, can we can they buy one? And how much does it cost? Yeah, we have a teacher, but that’s not implemented in the very near future, we have actually be to monitor it in the pipeline for the upcoming decimals be Avani.

Do you have any plans to let them connect their own agents so they can pick up the load for testing?

As of now, the White Embling Report and the report verification process from the agency say that two teachers are in danger and that that’s why they have not yet commented on some of these issues as we have to test it before. Most experts think that’s why you haven’t commented on some of these schools. But, yeah, we have a plan to a lot more on that. Well, all right.

And this is the last question I have here. Does the intrusion attempts come from a specific IP address? In our case, yeah, none of us is investigative the so we will be doing it from different places so that balance that out somehow. And also we have to get a bit of research, some distance.

That’s cool. Because Ken asks he ask because his current security setting will automatically block an IP that is attempting intrusions. So we wouldn’t know if he would need to reset that. Normally, if they have a good firewall in place, you will block the IP set that that that’s an expected behavior of the.

So the end he beat test from a single cell. That is what I can do. That will be blocked. So basically, this is on the side. All right, that’s it. Those are all the questions that we have, so thank you so much for walking us through everything and answering all of our questions and some links. If you have not already, you can go to Atsumi Dotcoms Spiegel’s security to redeem your codes again, starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal.

And of course, this is backed by a 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it and see how it works for you. Once you have done that, we would love for you to add your reviews to the deal page. People are already raving about them there. They’ve got a five TOCO rating. You can go ahead and add your TOCO rating as well. And of course, if you have any more questions, you can leave them on the deal page to.

Thank you so much.

I hope you have a good one on your.

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