Bannerboo Webinar & Transcription


What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk-through webinar. I am Lindsey. Today I am joined by the team over at Bannerboo. This is the simplest way to create, manage and publish animated ads for social media and ad platforms without any coding. It is on ABC right now, starting at forty-nine dollars for a lifetime deal and the people are raving about it in the reviews. So before we dove into the walkthrough, let me just tell you a few quick things.


First thing, if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, what you’re trying to create, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. It’s also where you can say hi to me and wish me a nice afternoon if you would like. If you have any questions about the tool deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave those questions in the Q&A box down below the studio. We do have somebody from the Bannerboo team on standby to answer the questions as they come in.


And then any outstanding questions will go ahead and answer at the end of the walk-through. The last thing is that there will be a replay of this available. So if you need to step out, you just want to watch this again later as you’re falling asleep at night. You can totally do that. It’ll be available in about an hour after we’re done recording. All right. That is enough of me. Hey, Michael, how are you doing?


Hey, Lindsey, thank you so much for the introduction. Similar things. I’m so excited to be here today and tell you everything about our service. My name is Michael Caine. I’m CEO and co-founder of Benhamou. The world is a better maker. Actually, this is what we are trying to do together was Nada, who is my co-founder and CTO, will guide you through the better Woodinville. I will show how it works and I will answer your questions in the chat.


Actually, our story began as we built ad campaigns for our clients using Google Web designer Dabb anyway and many other tools. Finally, we got tired of it and lost files, broken zipper archives, and long correspondence. That’s why we decided to build our own two fast, convenient, professional and easy to use. And the idea was simple. You don’t need to be a professional designer or program or programmer to create awesome ad campaigns. Everything can be done with a couple of clicks, design, animation expert and ad network in the world.


So let’s begin with our demo and we can start with the banner Creation Dashboard. Let me share my screen.


Yes, here it is. So this is a bad creation dashboard where you can enter your own size and create a banner or choose a template. We have many dimensions here for Google Earth or any ad network in the world. Also, we have social media like Facebook posts, Facebook, Instagram ads and Instagram stories, YouTube channel. And soon we are going to add LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks. You can search templates by keywords or you can choose from existing categories.


We have here, for example, click on transport. You will get all the transport templates or click on spot. You will get support templates and so on. Also, you can search by keyword. For example, when we put Eastern you will get oh no, not sport, but all the templates you will get is the template. So also, we have in this dashboard, we have workspaces. Workspaces is actually what you are asking about, and we did it, we created work spaces where you can have unlimited folders and here you can see the name of your folder or ad campaign with the preview, with the number of ads inside TWISTEX that allows you to find easily your your better.


Every folder has its own settings. You can go to the list. You can create better in this folder. You can edit this folder, for example, you name it or change your preview. You can delete it, Khlong and you can do both. Download Bhargav download means that you can choose your network, for example, Google or Google impeached email and in one click download all the ads inside. The next one regarding the workspaces you can use and workspaces are intended to to be like branded workspaces for your clients and you can create as many workspaces.


And as you need, for example, here, I have created Epel, and that’s like good company for mannerable and you can also create the new workspace just by clicking this button and name it. Every workspace has its own folders when you click, for example, a venerable workspace, it will get here in the left panel and you will see all the ad campaigns inside your venerable workspace. But let’s return to my workspace. And let’s go let’s go inside let’s go inside the folder.


For example, this one. And in this folder, you can see all your banners, you can see the dimension, you can see the text, you can and you can preview this banner and it will open in the Newtek the preview. Is animated, the banner for the mobile dimension’s. Then you can go to the settings and create a better insight, as I told you, or call this in this folder, or you can edit that, you will go in there by the editor to edit this.


And also, you can copy this mother move to another folder, you can delete it, you can move this back to templates, you can share it with your colleagues or clients. You can get five codes to add to embedded in your website. Just use HTML five or image and copy your code. And. Let’s move back. Also, you can download ZIP Archive was the original five code, so you can choose you can put your own settings or you can choose your preferred ad network, if we don’t have this ad network that you using.


You can just tell us and we will do it in one day. We can add an ad network to this list and also very important.


S. is branded page settings where you can you can put your company name, you can put your subdomain, upload your logo, Fabricant, and change your colors, and you will get your own branded preview page that you can share with your clients. We already get feedback from our team, from from customers that it’s very easy to to set the setup and everything works fine. And also, we have we have such sectional subscribe, you can subscribe to our newsletters, you can go to the billing page and see your your plan.


You can go to your profile section and see your profile data. You can change you can change your data.


So let’s move to the let’s move to the Kobana creation and I will guide you through the banner creation process. So let’s go with the empty banner. And we will get to the ED. Here it is an. We have a left panel to panel and we have the animation panel here, you can any major banner. This is a timeline and you can hide this panel so you get free space for your creation by clicking. You get them back. And let’s create a banner, and in the process, I will tell you how everything works and if you will have reaction, you can ask in the chat and I will answer you.


So let’s create the banner for the fashion industry or beauty industry. And first, what what we can do. We can choose a color for this banner, a color for this ad, for example, that says just this one. You can also you can also apply Bergner’s different colors. But in this case, we don’t need anybody because we have a fine, fine background. So next, what we can do and next week, what we can do, we can add some image in this section we have integration with and Splash Big Bay and Texas.


These are three of the most popular and Fatta stocks in the world. And we can start with type one, for example.


You can. The. Yes. For example, for example, this one. We have this we have this beautiful picture, and I can show you and demonstrate how our background eraser tool works. So you need only to press it, click it once. And now we will get a result. We have tested it, and in most cases it works very well, and especially it works good when you have, for example, bright background and bright image onto in this case, I have a pink background and the picture was also on pink.


So as you can see, the result is almost perfect. Even this hair, everything is covered so, so good and nice. And we can. And we can add some we can add some elements, some graphic, graphic elements to the banner and let’s. That’s just this one, you can change the color just by choosing this icon and clicking on the color you want and for example, this one, but it’s the same pink or this one.


But we can choose from. We can choose. We can create our own color. When you click. When you click on the plus icon. You can do something like this. And the color will change by clicking on the back part, I can we can move it to the back. And resize it. You can also you can also select this background using time line panel, so it’s sometimes when the picture is blank, it’s not it’s not so easy to choose, but in our case.


Everything works fine. Yes, something like this. Now we can add our text, for example. For example, it changed the color to white. And let’s let’s write something like Springfield. That be Sprink was one font. Let’s choose. Something beautiful like this, it’s dancing script. And we can copy this font, we can copy this font and change to sale, but we will change the script so it will look more beautiful.


I like fluorescence. It has many styles. For example, in this case, I want extra bold. And it will look much better, maybe not just about 45. As now we can add some logo. You can upload your logo using this icon on the left so you can upload your own assets, just click and choose from your existing files. But in our case, we don’t have any luck right now, so we can go through the icons and choose something from the beauty industry.


Sorry. Yes, so we will get some icons and, oh, this one looks perfect. We get it done on our screen. Changed the color to white. And also, we can copy. We can copy different. And let it be our brands, let it be your brand, for example. This one.


Next important thing that we want to add is our buttons, and we can click on the buttons and choose from many styles, from many shapes, but me as a designer, I prefer simple, simple shapes. And I think that in our case, this one will look good.


So we can change the color. I don’t know that to be white or to be green gray. Because the general has great genes and it will it will look fine. And you can write that you can put your text, for example, let’s call again the text.


Let it be now. Later, we can. Later, we will add to this text inside the bottom so they will be combined for this moment. You need to look at it separately. So let’s let’s change to light. Yes, so in a couple of minutes, we got this beautiful banner, but that’s not all.


Actually, now I will show you all the magic we have inside and and now I will show you how you can easily animate the whole banner in one clip just by clicking this smart animation button and choosing any any style you want. For example, let’s zoom let’s zoom left. For example, when you click, as you can see, all the layers are arranging, arranging on the time line. And now when you click on the preview button, you get an animated by just a couple of just a couple of weeks.


Actually, in one click, you’re getting an animated banner, but that’s not all we can do. Even better. For example. And we can show this this shape, this round shape, we can show from and not fade by from the fade, right. So it will appear from the right side. Sorry, it was not shape, it was that shape. This is. Fade, right, and image can just fade and now it will look like this one.


It looks much better. And also we have such effect as pulsation. For example, when you select your shape, go to pulsation section and you can choose between shade or vertical, slow or horizontal. But in our case, I want to roll slow. So when you click on tell you we are getting this shape and it’s rolling slow and we can do it even better. For example, we can remove our spring sale. And they go to the go to the Badgers section, and here we have nice animated assuages, for example, granularly, let’s just this one special big sales limited item.


You’re getting this nice animated ACG where you can in a couple of weeks, you can change your.


You can change the color is beautiful because you can change it for a different color of your. Color of your advertisement. So let’s choose something. Like this one. And finally. Finally, this one. Let’s let it be. Uh, just a little bit. Dr.. Yes, so we are getting nice animated banner, and when you click on Preview and you click on the preview. You’re getting such a beautiful image, such beautiful animation, and we as you can see, we have done it in just in just five or ten, ten minutes.


Also, one nice, nice feature that we have, and it costs smartasses or magic size where you can change your size to to another one. Let’s try with let’s try this vertical one 300 to 600. Yeah, this one. And you can see that all elements was arranged proportionally to fit the banner. It is not ideal and I know it, but you can drag it, you can drag it to the bottom. You can make it a bit bigger.


But as you can see, as you can see the girl and maybe there is some trouble with the shape because it was transferred not not proportionally, but we will update and it should work fine and it should work fine. So just in in couple of movements, you are getting your resized banner. Actually, I don’t like the color of this button. Let’s let’s change it to this one because, yeah, it looks more stylish.


And you click on preview and you get your image resized actually in that it’s all about at creation. Let’s go through this says, oh, no, that’s not OK. Let’s move. Let’s do something more beautiful, for example. We can. We can move it forward. Let’s move this girl. That’s great video. It would be great. Let’s let’s move this shape. Let’s move this shape forward. And that’s mostly. Switch shop. Now, let’s not also forget.


And. And. Yes. And also this one. And now I want to show you a magic. For example, we can add video to our banner, so let’s search something like like in the YouTube.


And let’s let’s just this beautiful woman. Yes, she’s here. We can move. We can show the video, the background. Let’s make it from straight. So and now. When we make a preview. We’ll get something like this. All this I know that I lost my partner text at is shop now. OK, now let’s move it. Let’s move it forward. Now is better. And this better you can export to? Actually, I can show you you can export to any ads per month.


You can export to an esthetic PMG, you can say it as JPEG, you can convert it to and simple give when you when you click on simple give you, you will have ability to create keyframes just by double clicking on the timeline and you will get for example, six key frames and gif animation will play using these key frames. But we have also converting the small skiff. So we will get most animation like we do animation. And when you when you said quality two hundred percent and such fps, you can download it as it will look like through video.


But in many cases people don’t need and don’t need such big quality for GIFs because they and they will have a big they will be heavy.


And for other networks, for example, Google, you can just put your desired size in kilobytes and get your act. It will be not so small, but it will it will be like one hundred, three hundred gigabytes. So it’s very it’s very it’s very important because you don’t need to export your gif file to Photoshop and to make optimization, you can do everything using bendable and bendable editor. And the next function is convert to AMP before you can use this to.


You can use antifraud to to. Convert it to to a video and placed it in your Instagram story or Facebook video or paste it in your presentation or uploaded to YouTube so you can do everything you want with this video at the maximum they mention is foolish and but it’s enough for even from before YouTube videos to create beautiful ads. And then you can copy HTML code. Actually, this is embedded at this is a feature that we have limited, limited impressions because it’s like edit something like added value because you have unlimited in our tier three, for example, in Altius you have unlimited expert and the entire three you have unlimited video expert and you can do it unlimited of course, but embedded the obvious.


They are generating heavy traffic because they could be video unsighted. So that’s why these impressions are limited. But believe me, people are not using this feature so often. It’s good for to be embedded in your website, for example. And we have like enough enough, enough impressions to to show the ad on your website so you can just copy the script and go to your Web page.


For example, WordPress based it in appropriate place and it will show your at. Then we have the most important section, we have a download zip, and here you can download your Extremophile or an Bechdel an advertisement for any ad network in the world because you can choose your own settings. For example, when you have requirements from the ad network and they are telling you that they require only inside links, you can click on inside links. Then they can tell you that you need to exclude Alfonz from the ad.


Then you click on excluder phones and in this case you can prepare your file for any ad network. But we got it easy. So you can just click on Google, you can just resize image because, for example, if you uploaded a huge image, it will be automatic automatically size. You can also cross images in case you need read a very small file size. You can resize images, you can cut them and also you can create responsive banner when you get your background response responsive.


It could be proportional, proportional responsiveness or responsiveness by height or with. So what? What is more preferable for you? Also, we have there are two kinds of Google and HTML, for example, impeachment place limit because. Sometimes you need to you need to restrict your place and you can and you can choose, for example, playing one time and also be helpful PlayStation and in this time a place limit.


Of course, it doesn’t work, but you’ll have pulsation that it will go continuously. Also, you can choose ads for ad folks, river Facebook ads, target and so on, and other networks regarding play a number of plays you can choose from play, always play once, twice, three times, four times or five times, because different ad networks, they require different settings in this case.


Uh, regarding the animation, as you already have seen, you can choose from in animation, where you where your object will appear and the end animation in our case here we have everything figured out. And I let’s I can show you is this special makes sense. And there is no it means that it appears at the beginning without any without any effects. But we can do something like a scale. And you will see that the kids from from from about.


Always. Yes. Also, what what I can show you here. Here we have the. Some settings for a more convenient use, for example, you can invert the background so it will be easy for you to find the objects on the stage. They are accessible.


For example, if you will, if you will bring them outside your work area, you will reach them. In any case and also we have a grid for YouTube channel, and when you click on it, you will get dimension of YouTube. So you don’t need to. You don’t need to. Put your objects like by I, you can just put it using this area as using the street so you can turn on the grid and for just for more convenient use for your mobile, you can align your objects using discrete.


Here we have upload section here is here, you can choose from different shapes, including some trendy things like these dots, for example, they are very popular right now. It’s trendy to have them on your design. Yeah, something like that also we have buttons also, we have lines, charts, we have icons. There are many like three hundred thousand icons, we have different emojis and emojis are also in switching formats. So you can click and you can change all the colors of this icon.


Also, we have animated parts like different real’s parts, beautiful things like this one. So you don’t need to animate it by pulsation, as I showed you. And also you can change all the colors. So this is for Gene. And in the nearest future, we will look at some a little bit more animated Quickparts because users are asking about this. And of course, we have this beautiful animated badges with deals with discounts with some states like big, say, Black Friday.


Adjust new arrival or special offers, and you can choose from them in the video section, you can choose from Texas and pick up a library that you can watch your keyboard and get all the videos, then drag them to the stage. Also, we have a YouTube function. In this case, you’re just getting YouTube container. And in the settings, you can you can put your transparency. You can paste Eurail of the YouTube video. You can you can paste the starting point.


You can set to to play a looping video display or not YouTube blogger and hide controls and so on sound only on rollover.


So you can choose any available YouTube video and show it in your ad or in your banner.


Uh, Imagists, it’s everything is clear.


We have three and soon we will we will get more API integrations and also we have and by pressing control as a button, you can just save your cigaret.


And also, we have all the templates here. So you don’t need to go back to their workspaces. You can just you can just click on the your category and for example, real estate, then click on your desired dimension, for example. For example, Instagram at. And you’re getting all these templates where you can double click on it. And get your Instagram out here to tell you everything is ready. Everything is animated, so you can just I mean, you can just.


Change your text to replace your logo, replace percentage, set your own car to replace your image and export it to your Instagram account. And Harris settings where you can change your size, when you can change from available sizes, background, border and link link, you need to put on the if you plan to use this as an embedded banner.


Actually, that’s all about about Balakrishnan.


My. If you have any questions. So let’s let’s talk about it. Thank you so much, Michael, for walking us through all of this. See if you have any more questions. Drop them in the Q&A box. Nadia has been killing it. She’s been answering all the questions that are coming in. So, you know, there’s not much here for us to do. But I am curious, just while I have you here, we’re waiting for some questions and we got one.


OK, so great. How do you compare to some other tools of the market? Tell me a little bit about what separates you from others. OK, thank you. So there are some popular tools like Kenoi or Creola because many, many people are comparing us with these services, but in our case, we are more professional, more nesh solution, I would say, because we can export and we can export at the age of five. And when they don’t do this, also, we have the most beautiful service.


It is also an estimate right now. But as you can see, we are different. We have a different interface. We have different features. We have video, we have workspaces. So many features that are not available in other tools and. Yeah, actually, thank you so much and then if you have any more questions, they want to reach out to your support, they want some documentation. Where can they do that? Yeah, and I forgot one important thing that you can animate, you can and you may also be using custom settings at the in case you want to have something different and not not standard features, you can choose your easing.


You can, for example, or rotate objects while appearing. You can show them not from the left or from the right. You can show it from the from different angles and yeah. Try with it and play with it. And so we will have like a couple of days to look on our YouTube channel. Now we have a new tutorial for using custom animation settings.


Thank you. All right. Last question that we got here. Is there a way to create a workspace for customers to collaborate and work on designs? Mm hmm. Let’s move to back to our workspaces. For this moment, we don’t have this picture and we are developing team work right now, and I guess that we will have guest access, but for this moment, we can’t say exactly how it will work. But we definitely have it in our plans and we have it in our road map.


You can find it in our new page. And you can see here all of the great features like banner generator, cloud storage, integrations, translation manager and what we are doing right now. We are doing team work, actually what you are asking for. And we will add some more text options so you can choose from deals percentage. We are working on SSL first name because people are asking and group elements on Kamba HGV do a template. It will be very soon.


I think that next week we’ll show you something with DeVita, some beautiful video ads and ready and feel auctions. That’s what we are doing right now and what we have done, we have done a great many things like magic and matricide backgrounds. You know what? And you and you had the opportunity to see how it how beautiful it works. That’s awesome.


Yeah. You all have been hard at work and it doesn’t look like that’s going to slow down.


So, you know, we are very optimistic. We thank you all siblings for the support. We thank you for this beautiful reviews you gave us. And if you didn’t for this moment, if you didn’t read the review, kindly ask you to do this because it’s very important for us.


Yes, that’s what I’m about to beg you all to do. Thank you so much, Michael, for walking us through this scenario, for answering so many questions. Sumo things, if you have not already worried about sumo dot com slash Manabu to redeem your codes, starting at forty nine dollars for lifetime deal. Of course, it’s backed by sumo 60 day guarantee. The go ahead, play around with it, see how it works for you. And once you’ve done that, we really want to read your views on the deal page.


Y’all are doing real well so far with your taco reading. So congratulations. And and yes, you realize we want to hear from you. We love to read your reviews. It makes our support team really happy. So if you you know, you want to make some people happy today, I thank you all so much for hanging out with us. It has been a pleasure having you. Thank you. Thank you, Lindsey. Have a good one.

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