BackupGuard Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:00.670] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
But Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar, I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at Backup Guard, which is a WordPress plugin that usually backs up, restores and migrates your WordPress site files and databases. It is starting at thirty nine dollars on Ximo for a lifetime deal. We’re going to dive into this in just a second. But before we show you how it works, a few quick things.

First, if you want to tell us about your use case, why you’re interested in this plugin, go ahead and do that in the chat room. We love to hear from you there. Do you have any questions about the tool deal, how to get to put your questions in the Q&A box? It’s easy for me to sort through them later. And we will circle back to your questions at the end of the walkthrough. And then the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available.

So if you need to step out, that’s totally fine. All right. That is enough of me Artavazd. How are you doing over there?

[00:00:59.440] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
I am fine, and I’m doing all right.

[00:01:03.070] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I’m excited to have you here today. I’m going to let you take it away for the walkthrough and then let me know when you’re ready to take questions.

[00:01:11.420] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
OK, great. So I would start to share my. OK, one second. OK, can you see my skin and OK. OK. Hello, my name is Outlash, so I’m going to travel through and backup guard and I’m going to show you how our plugin works and all the essential features.

And I’m going to ask some of the important questions that we had to make these days of launching in some months.

And then after that, I will go to the Q&A session. So first of all, let me show you the back up in. It is already installed here on my local environment. And as you can see, I have logged in with my account and this is the platinum version, but it’s not so different from the one that I’m going to show you.

So, first of all, let me tell you that of cards is a couple like four for press websites, but we have several other solutions, too. But what I’m going to show you, these are essentially the press features. So first of all, we are here in in the backup’s section. And as you can see, I already have two backups. And this is where you are going to see the list of all your backups.

And running the backup is it is as easy as going to hear the backup data.

You click it and a pop up comes, which asks if you want to do a full backup of your website or a custom backup. So this is a very important feature, which sometimes you you just want to do a backup of the database, for example, and you don’t need the files, etc. You can go here and select this option.

You can also go further and customize the backup of the database by selecting the database tables that you need. Or you can do a full database, become the same for the files so you can select whether you want to back up only to WMP content directory, the plugin stamps or docos directly.

So for this video, I’m going to go with the full backup since my local environment is very small. It’s going to take less than 10 seconds.

I think the next feature here is called Upload to Cloud. I’m going to show you later the cloud section, but you can connect one of the following clouds to back up pick up.

So one option is the FTP. The next option is Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon and Google Drive. So for now, I have activated Google traffic.

That’s why this checkbook’s is available for me so I can upload the backup to Google traffic. So I’m going to select that, too. And later, we have at the bottom to be better on demand option, which allows us to run the backup on a background mode. So it means that the backup process won’t interfere and the server overall functionality and it can work on what the background load functionality makes the backup slower, but it makes your backup process lighter.

So I want to select this option for now. I think this is OK to go with it. So I will take the backup button.

And as you can see, the up person has already started the database is going to be first, then defiance. And next is the Google Drive called. Right now, it’s uploading to Google, right? And that’s it. So after the backup is finished, you can either delete, download or restart the backup with the download function. You can download either the backup or the backup log.

So one thing to mention here is that our backups are are archived in a special format code called HGP. This format is our own archiving format, which allows us to become very big websites, which Zeeb sometimes doesn’t support this.

And it’s very important to note that you can also download the load from here, which sometimes is necessary for us, the support team, if something doesn’t go wrong, OK, with the backup.

So if there is any problems, we are going to ask you for this slot and to restore function functionality is very important for two cases. One is to restart the website wherever you are and download it, I think is for the immigration. Whenever you want to migrate your website from a domain to a domain, you have to use this function to restart on the destination domain.

So right now I’m going to skip this functionality for now.

I’m not going to show it, but it’s very easy. You just click it and that’s it. It starts the process and that’s it. So one of the questions that most of the users ask is the difference between the make up and the micro buttons.

So I’m going to explain this the easy way. There is not so much difference between this. Actually, functionally speaking, there is no difference. But the thing is, that’s because we never had the opportunity to explain very, very shortly how to do a mass migration.

We created this time for the people that tried to migrate their website from from here to there. So so this pattern is going to do the same.

But we created this pattern to make to make it easier.

And next section is the cloud section, if you go to cloud section, you will see all the cloud connections. As you can see now, my Google Drive is connected. That’s why I could upload my back up to Google Drive.

And you can also rename the destination folder where the backup file is going to be uploaded to. So this is another question that we get frequently asked is whether you can change the folder name. Yes, you can change it and you can change it from here. And the next section and the most one of the most important sections is the schedule section where you can schedule automatic backups because before we saw how to do a manual backup. But if you want to do this, back up, back frequently and you don’t have to go and always do a manual backup so you can click on this button, select the frequency which you want to run the backup.

For example, I want to do it once a day and I don’t know. 11:00 a.m., I want to do again the same options as international back up, you can do a full back up. So I’m sorry, I have to incur label.

And that’s it. So. There is my schedule. The execution date, the next execution date this year, which is tomorrow at 11 a.m., and the pickup trucks full and the status is pending. So that’s it. And you can edit or delete it. So now every day I will have my full website back up at 11:00 a.m. in the Settings section. We have a lot of settings things, actually, but I’m going to talk about a few of them, which are very important.

So, you know, sometimes people ask, what are the real world? So I’m going to expand this as this is a work. And as you know, many people around the world press on many different environments. Some of them are very small environments and some of them are fast enough.

That’s why we created reloading reloading mechanism. Does that make up process in chunks? So we do one chunk of the pack up and then reload the page and to the next track. You don’t see these reports.

These are on background, but these are very important for small servers, for for the servers that have limited functionality. So this is very important to be enabled. But if you want to disable this, you can disable and disable.

Actually disabling this option will make the up faster, but only disable it if you know that your server is fast enough. So I’m going to let this enabled. The first option is the email notifications. You can enable email notifications and you can enter as many times as you want here. People ask sometimes that they want to receive only email notifications when when the backup fails. We don’t actually we don’t have that feature yet, but it is already on our roadmap and you can upload for it and hopefully we will have it some.

So next feature is delayed, local pickup after upload. This is a very important option also because you can enabling this option, it makes your backup to be deleted from your local server after it is uploaded to Google. Right. For example. So as we were taking after the backup is done, it gets uploaded to Google tracks or the cloud you’re selected and enabling this option deletes the local copy so that your save space on your hard drive. And let me see, what else do we have here?

Another important option is this one download we be this option actually is for solving some issues that you may have with the download button. So if the download doesn’t work for you, you can enable this option and try it this way. We do this because also, again, because of the lack of server, I don’t know, server features and you can exclude some parts here.

You can exclude the cache parts if you want.

So. You can also exclude database tables, and this is the most important feature, and people sometimes ask for this feature, maybe the name is not friendly enough. I don’t know, maybe we have to change the name. But the baker pretentious is the retention is the number of backups to keep. So if one hundred is selected to you, it means that after the after executing becomes the next pick up will delete the first backup. So we keep this number, this total number of backups available for you.

And these other options are actually for improving performance. Nothing, nothing else here. OK, so in the system for section, you can see information about your system, we may ask about this information if needed, if you contact our support team in the services section. Actually, we have one on one service. It is stated here and on the video tutorials section, we have just one walk through. We do right now, but we are recording more videos and we will have it here.

And under the support top is our support center, where you can find all kinds of help articles about the plugin and about installing the like in creating your website, et cetera. Everything is here. So this is the back up liking. But also I’m going to show you the next product, which is also on the same deal, which is the makeup and security of like. So the security plan is actually quite new, it doesn’t have all the features that a major security plugins have, but we are we are improving it and it has the most important features.

I think the first one is the scanner, which scans for our abilities in your website. It scans for iFrame music infection’s. It scans for for malware. It scans for any infected code inside your prison environment. So it’s it is as easy as clicking on this button. This kind of process will start and it will start to scan on your WordPress environment. So this process takes a little bit longer than the backup process. So I’m going to continue with the next sections and then we can come back here.

So next section is the firewall section, which is enabled by default. Everything is enabled by default. As you can see, we have many firework features. And you can disable the ones that you don’t hate, but these features actually make your website safer. So let me explain one thing. One one question that we had a lot is that sometimes people say that our Billiken modifies that fine. So, yes, that’s right. Are like in modified stage Dex’s.

But this is needed because without that, we cannot provide all these features. So these features are provided by using the taxes for why? Because this is a work we have to remember. But this is not a software installed on your server as a separate software. It is part of our press. So we cannot go outside the work. So we have to use whatever we have inside workers. So the FDX is fine is the most that we can get from from the environment.

So I’m not going to explain what these features do. But as you can see, very important things like initial thinking, for example, brute force. If somebody’s trying to brute force access to your website here, you have to feature to block. So also, you can work specific types, so if you enter some IPCA, access to your website will be denied to those specific APIs. Let’s go to the monitoring section isn’t monitoring. We have to two kinds of monitoring.

The first one is bandwidth monitoring. The second one is the traffic monitoring.

The bandwidth monitoring. Trucks to benefit, to use it of your work. Actually, it tracks all the fires that get downloaded. Inside your SO and you can see the number of times it has been downloaded and the total Psystar that is using from your bandwidth, you can reset this, you can refresh it, or you can disable this bandwidth monitoring.

Next section is the traffic monitoring, which shows how many users are on your website. As you can see, there is only one user because this is my local environment and it is me. So this is my environment. My user is my quest. And as you can see is five time my browser and the are, which I’m sitting at the time and a number of reasons. So you can also disable this, I enable these people in the settings section, you can see only a few seconds.

The first one is the name of the report file. Actually, the perfect storm for the next one is there is a very important setting, which is the number of looking attempts you want to set your website into. So after five, looking at you’re the user will be blocked and will be denied access. So this feature was enabled and defined by the section. You can disable it and this won’t affect your website. And also, again, inside the system information page, you can see information.

Sorry. Information about your looks, and I don’t know what you’re looking once. Yeah, so it was a. Again, information about your server like memory from space. So let’s see, how is the scan going? 16. OK, say no. So that’s it. After the scam is over, you will be able to download the report. Yeah. One feature, which is a very crucial feature we don’t have right now, is the automatic removal of infected device.

And database, for example. So we don’t have that feature yet, but this is a very crucial feature which we are working already on it and we will have it is the next feature to have all these. So I think that’s it. I assure you all. All the important features, and I think we can continue with the questions. All right, let’s do it.

[00:20:37.380] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
You got a few questions here. Sumolings if you would like to add your questions, you could do that in the Q&A box right now. Raphael asks with one code, can I back up in two different places?

[00:20:50.090] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
Sorry, can you repeat the question please?

[00:20:52.640] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
with one code, can I back up into two different places?

[00:20:57.140] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
Yes, yes of course. Do you mean they come in two different places?

You mean by clouds or two different places.

[00:21:07.930] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
But I don’t have any more context here about going to give us any more. You can go ahead. OK.

[00:21:14.560] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
So, OK, if you win one court, if you are talking about the upcoming court, it means you have the gold package, which with the gold package, you can buy up five different websites and use it is unlimited. The number of backups you can have is unlimited also. So everything is unlimited, but the number of domains which you can use to plug in is five to five points with one load.

[00:21:44.700] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, can you explain your incremental backups?

[00:21:49.420] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
Yeah, so that’s a very good question, actually.

I’m going to show you a road map here. But right now, this is the most needed feature from our in because we don’t have incremental backups here. Actually, we do have incremental backups on our cloud service, but which is not included in this in this campaign. But our pygame is going to have incremental backups as the next feature, because right now we are working on this feature, the affiliate program. We are doing some improvements, very important improvements on the backend of our plugins.

And we are implementing and we are integrating our cloud site up like it. So these are the features we are working on. And after these features, this is the most important feature which are going which we are going to have the incremental backups. Right now, all day cops are food banks. All right. Does the security plug in work with Angie IMX only server environments?

[00:22:56.620] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Yeah, it does work with engine servers. And the thing is that some of the firewall features may not work with engines, but everything else works pretty.

[00:23:11.310] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
Yeah, I thought engine sounds like maybe that’s it.

But now I call it like that, but I’m not sure if if you modify it to access that work with nginx as it doesn’t use access.

So the thing is that as I said, some of the features modified Ajax is not all the features. So this won’t work there, but everything else will work just fine.

[00:23:46.710] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
When will True Multisite be done? Like restore a single site? Not the entire network.

[00:23:53.100] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
OK, so you cannot restore only one site I think that you can do is to install WordPress workers pick up separately. So if you install the plug separately, you will be able to do that. But right now it only works on Almelo. So if you install it on level, it means that it will restore the full Senate for. Well, we have a follow up from Rafael, who wants to know if you can use one code to back up into two cloud places.

[00:24:28.700] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Yes, of course, sure. All right. Is there any tool to decompress the proprietary format?

[00:24:36.050] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
Yes, that’s right. So I’m going to show you that right now. If you go to download, you can see the extractor software which works for Mac OS and Windows right now. And also we have someone required us for Linux here and we have that feature. But I don’t know when we will have that for Linux. But for Microsoft Windows, we have a software which you can download and extract are our format.

But the thing I want to explain here is the following that actually we think that it’s there is no need to remove the structure because what you can do is just download the file and imported whatever you want. By the way, I forgot to show you the important functionality, but you can import the backup from here and you can select any of the clouds that you have connected and important. For example, if I said I try. You can see that I have to back up Google.

I can import one of the backups and then I can restore restore. So as you’re using this plug in, normally you won’t need tech sector. But tech strategy works whenever something very rare happens.

Yeah, I think kind of on the same what you’re talking about right now, somebody says, please show migrating and installing a backup. Yes, so migrating is as easy as like like I showed you how to pick up the one thing missing from migrating is clicking the restart button. I can restore it. So if I click restore and do full restore. You will see the website being restored after the restoration, the website is fully migrated. So what you ought to do is to take this back up, take it somewhere else where you want to have the website and click on the restart button.

And that’s it. Will the restore work if without access to the site? No. So I will explain what what to do when you don’t have access to the site, you have to install an empty WordPress environment, whatever you want, wherever you want. And again, you still are plugging in the backup and restore. So if you do that, you run in. I mean, let’s say you lost access to your website. What you can do is install a fresh new, completely new barbaresi environment and import your makeup.

That’s why it is important to make up your your have your backups on cloud. So if something happens to your local environment, you have a backup on the cloud so you can import it from the cloud and restore whatever you want. Is there a list of suspects to see if the server is robust enough? Yes, so it’s a very important specification, for example, here I have a very low calorie limit.

One hundred and twenty eight megabytes of memory is very, very actually very low for four nowadays. So it’s very important to have a good memory limit more than this. And the execution time is not so important. And also the insights right now, all the processors are on new processors work with 64 bits of processing, and that’s very important. So. So eight means sixty four for means thirty two. So if you have four here, I would recommend you to change your hosting provider because four is very, very unteach.

I don’t know. It’s very old.

[00:28:42.310] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. We have just two more questions here. So swelling’s you want to get those in do that now if the is the malware removal scheduled for release and if so, when?

[00:28:55.660] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
OK, so malware removal actually is not scheduled yet. But like, like on our back up, like in as I said after we are doing this, whatever we have in progress right now, we are going to have that feature next. So I will approximately say like in two months.

[00:29:20.800] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
When the backup retention reaches your preferred number, will the file set for removal be automatically deleted from the cloud service as well?

[00:29:29.950] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
The question actually in the settings. If if you have if you have. This option, enabled by capitulation, will also deliver a cloud. So if you enable this auction, it means that it will automatically delete from the cards too. But if you don’t build this auction, it will only dilute your look.

[00:29:52.820] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Amazing. And that’s all we got. Those are all the questions that we have. I’m going to stall briefly to see if anybody sends anything else in, but I really appreciate it cruisin through these. This is real easy, real fun. Siblings, if you haven’t already. You can go ahead and redeem your code at. Right now, the slug line is a little long, so I’m not going to bore you with it. But you can go to ximo, you can definitely find this there.

[00:30:17.780] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And it is starting at thirty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Of course this is back by up to a 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with this and see how it works for you. Once you’ve done that, we would love to read your reviews for backup guard on the deal page itself. And you can also leave any questions that we didn’t get to you today there. Thank you so much out of us for hanging out with us.

[00:30:41.030] – Artavazd (BackUp Guard)
I really appreciate it. Thank you. Have a good one. All right.

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