BackUp Guard: Back-up and Safe Guard Your Content


This WordPress Plugin will help you keep your WordPress website’s contents safe. It provides back up for your data which can be restored just in case it gets corrupted on the site and the data can also be transferrable without any problems.

Features and Benefits of BackupGuard

👉  One Click WordPress Backup – with just one click, you can perform full or custom backups of your WordPress website.

👉  WordPress Site Migration – the immigration process of all of the data that have been backed up has never been easy. So, you can go ahead and reinstall WordPress under any server and all the data of your website will be migrated without any fuss.

👉  Reliable Restore – You can also restore your WordPress site from any point and any time. This feature will make sure that it can be set up and running excellently in no time.

👉  Upload to the Cloud – this feature enables you to back up your data locally or via the cloud. It supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon and OneDrive.

👉  Schedule Automatic BackUps – you can also schedule automatic backups so that you can make sure that you won’t be missing even a morsel of data.

👉  Effective Archiving – flexible archiving to cater to any client’s requirements. This archiving solution has has been made by the developers themselves.

👉  Low CPU and RAM Usage – this feature allows the software to work in any low-resource environment and this process can run in the background, making it convenient for busy website owners.

👉  Chunked Backup and Restore – you can avoid interruptions from a part of the PHP or any system with the software’s chunked back up and restore functionality.

👉  Scanner – the software also allows you to check the well-being and security of your data by performing scans every now and then.

Who is BackupGuard for?

👉  Website owners who want to make sure that everything in their site is accounted for and that they can open their site without any problems any time and anywhere.

👉  Start Up business owners who wants to keep their data safe and who want to make sure that they are well guarded.

Things to Note About BackupGuard

👉  The plugin lacks does not really work on all sites; Tested it twice in different sites and it didn’t work.

👉  It sometimes hits PHP errors and 500 timeouts.

👉  Tried reporting the issue and its been thirteen days now but they still haven’t responded yet.

The Company

👉  Founded in 2010

👉  Estimated Number of Employees: 4

👉  Founder: Artavazd Barseghyan

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