Appsumo Briefcase: Buy 3 codes get 1 free


If you’re getting at least 3 codes from Appsumo, subscribe to their briefcase subscription to get 25% OFF.

briefcase by appsumo

Appsumo briefcase in a quarterly subscription whereby you pay $147 to get 4 codes in return.

You can use these codes to buy Appsumo deals and you cancel the subscription anytime.

Think of Appsumo Briefcase as Appsumo Plus on Steriods…

Here’s how they compare…

Appsumo Plus: 10% OFF. Pay $99

Appsumo Briefcase: 25% OFF. Pay $147

Wait… But how is Appsumo Briefcase 25% off?

Here’s the math…

You pay $147 and get 4 codes (worth $196)

$147 is the price of 3 codes.

So think of it as paying for 3 codes and getting 1 free.

Or a 25% discount.

If you’re buying more than 3 codes at anytime, subscribe to more briefcase accounts to constantly get 25% OFF and cancel when you don’t need it. (I had 7 briefcase accounts at one point)

If this helps you to save money, let me know!

Enjoy your Black Friday shopping!

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