ApiX-Drive Review: Automation Made Simple with
Ready-to-use Integrations

Written by Fabrizio Spanu from Digitalfastmind



I’ve been quite curious to test ApiX-Drive, especially with all the automation tools that were coming out in the last months. So, in this mini-review, I’ll share with you my experience using ApiX-Drive. 

In my testing, ApiX-Drive worked quite well. The performances were good and the integrations were easy to follow.

I liked the fact that even if the platform lacks a nice graphical interface, it’s quite clear what you have to do to achieve your desired result. And this is how it does it:

For each automation, you will get a video that shows you a step-by-step process so it’s almost impossible to miss it.

There are a lot of established SaaS already supported, but I found that the lack of WordPress (not woocommerce), Shopify, big commerce, and many of the LTD tools would impact negatively the sales for them, as the community and a lot of people have them. For this reason, I decided to reduce my score of one star.

They have filters based on conditions but are way behind Pabbly, Integrately, and Zapier in this sense, as these filters are pretty basic compared to the ones provided by the other platforms.

One more thing ApiX-Drive is missing — and I consider this a big one — is a notification system when something goes bad or anautomation fails.  This is important, so I reduced its score by half a star.

There are only access error notifications, which are related to the account access, but not to the automations themselves.

But one cool feature they have is the “RESTORE Deleted Flows”, which allows you to restore a deleted automation in just 2 clicks.

 With all of that said, here the pros and cons of ApiX-Drive based on my experience.


👍 Pros of ApiX-Drive


✅  Simple and effective automation with a lot of established tools

✅  Nice step-by-step videos to connect the tool, directly shown into the flow

✅  Good limits overall

✅  Webhooks are ready and working flawlessly

✅  1-minute interval

✅  Restore deleted Flows

✅  Intercom support (if this lasts after the deal ends….)


👎 Cons of ApiX-Drive


❗ Not many LTD supported

❗ No advanced iterators and routers for conditional logic

❗ No dark mode (i know it’s aesthetic, but I love it!)

❗ Backward UI

❗ No 2-Factor Authentication

❗ No robust notification system when automation fails


My Verdict for ApiX-Drive


ApiX-Drive is another platform in the automation scene. 

They said it has been in the making since 2019, so this boosted my confidence in the tool and the developers. Plus they’re transparent with their  working hours, and they got email support and intercom.

In terms of performance, ApiX-Drive did well. You have the option to test run the flow before you complete it to make sure you’re all set.

And once your automation is set, it simply worked well, and the best part is it was stable and consistent. So it’s incredibly reliable and this was a positive finding.

However, I still think there’s a lot to work for the developers to do to make ApiX-Drive better. They can improve the UI, add more integrations based on what the community demands, and work out a better notification system.

Personally, I would buy it. But if I had Pabbly or Integrately I won’t, as these two automation tools are a better fit with the tools that I already use.

So who should consider buying it?

Those who are okay with the current integrations provided and can immediately gain ROI by adding them and taking benefits on the limits provided by the plan on the Appsumo deal terms.

I’m not sure how fast they will add integrations as time goes by, and this is one of my main concerns. But being an LTD addict, I would probably take tier 2!


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