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[00:00:01.490] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay and today I am joined by the team over at the ad leaks vaults. This is a collection of comprehensive marketing courses, videos, case studies and more, all housed in a searchable easy to navigate user interface. It is on APSA right now. Fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. Before we dove into the walk through and all of that, I just want to tell you a few quick things.

Give you the lay of the land. The first thing, if you want to tell us a little bit about what you’re interested in learning, what you want to get out of the athlete’s vault, you can go ahead and do that over in the chat room. If you have any questions, though, about this tool, if you have any questions about what you’re going to get out of it, go ahead and leave all of your questions in the Q&A box.

We do have Kristi here from the athletes vault team to answer your questions. And then if you’re watching the replay of this, stay tuned till after the walkthrough will go ahead and be answering the questions there as well. And yes, there is a replay of this. So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch this again later, you totally can. It is available for you and definitely. All right. Enough with me.

Hey, Tim, how are you doing? Wonderful. How are you? I am doing great. I’m excited to have you here. It is bright and early for all of us. So good morning. And it is it is a wonderful day, you guys.

[00:01:27.020] – Tim (AdLeaks)
How are how’s all the simoleons doing out there today? I hope they’re doing well to say hi to us. I missed some comments, but San Francisco isn’t here like that. All right. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you.

[00:01:41.460] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
And and, yeah, let me know when you’re ready for questions.

[00:01:45.240] – Tim (AdLeaks)
All right. She was. I think it’s one. All right, welcome to Moldings, this wonderful little webinar here where I get to answer all of your questions and show you the amazing thing that is the athlete’s vault. OK, so I’ll just give you a little bit of backstory on where where we came up with this and why it exists in the first place. So we started a Facebook group actually now about seven, seven or so years ago aimed at Facebook advertising, specifically teaching people how to get going with Facebook advertising for whatever business you might have.

That could be an e-commerce business, lead generation. Maybe you own a local brick and mortar. You know, a restaurant could be anything, really. And so I started helping people in their. Now, fast forward a few years and there are so many good posts in in the groups that we started that all the polls were getting lost. You couldn’t find all this amazing marketing information. So what we ended up doing was we ended up starting to put it all together, gathering it all together.

Then we found then we found that people love it so much, but they wanted full courses and we would have tutorials and whatnot. So we’re like, hey, wait a minute. So what we did is we took the Netflix model a little bit and we went out and licensed all of the best courses just for you. Similar things on everything.

OK, so we have Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube as Snapchat ads, Pinterest ads, you name it, chat bots. I mean, an overview of digital marketing, how to make a landing page. We literally have everything you guys need in here to be successful in Internet marketing, all for one small lifetime fee. I mean, this is it’s the cost of a cost of coffee. You know, it’s literally a coffee for a month that you pay for this.

It’s unbelievable. Way more valuable than college, in my opinion. Also, I personally learned it this way, actually, myself, rather than going to college, to be honest with you. But let’s let’s dove right in. So once you log in here, you can see that there is a nice little dashboard here, which with all the there’s a bunch of featured courses here and the featured courses section, these are full courses. They’re not just little one one one off videos.

These are full on courses, many of which would cost you thousands of dollars each to buy. OK, we’ve licensed them all for you.

We went out and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars so you didn’t have to. And here they are. OK, these are amazing, amazing courses by the biggest experts in the world, OK? And there’s a lot of cool stuff that goes along with that. Right. So when you click into here, for example. So we’ll go we’ll go for all courses. You can see we have not only this, we also have a video editing course, you can know how to shoot your own little videos.

This this really helps no matter what, if you’re a product owner or anything, building blan brand blueprints, scaling on Facebook, email marketing, e-commerce, chat boards, Facebook ads, how to launch and scale up coaching or coaching and consulting business injured a programmatic advertising. If you guys aren’t familiar with that Instagram growth influencer marketing, a personal branding, LinkedIn, Google ads. I mean, it just it never stops the cool thing to. So you click in here and this is kind of what it looks like.

So this again. So I can kind of keep coming back to this a little bit that we’re kind of like the Netflix for digital advertising is what we’ve been called. So you see here, you can see all the different kind of modules that are in this course and you can click, let’s say, right here, and I’m going to meet this volume here.

But let’s say that we go a few minutes into it here now. We’re about five, five minutes or so and give it a few seconds here. Then what I want to show you guys is there’s some pretty cool features in here. So now we scroll down a little bit. Mary. I think it may be hard to say, OK, let’s do this. It’s a little bit further down into it, so what’s cool and I’m trying to show you guys is that it actually it actually keeps track of exactly where you are in the video so that when you’re going through these courses, you don’t have to remember manually where you are or where you left off.

You literally can just go back to it. And it’ll tell you exactly how much time you have left, so we have twenty five hours and 16 minutes and thirty five thirty five seconds left of this course, and then there’s a little blue bar there to update.

This is a really long pause, so we’re here in the. These are and then these courses also, a lot of them come with supplementary material that could be worksheets, a little homework, a little cheat sheets, all sorts of awesome stuff. Sometimes a website theme’s I mean, whatever comes with the course, you come in here and you just click this little button here and it takes you downloads. Everything you need for the course is absolutely amazing. And then let me show you guys real quick what I was talking about with the state on your spot.

So, like I said, is that it tells you exactly how much time you have left in the course and all of these are honestly absolutely amazing. They’re very you can tell that there you can see they’re very high quality video and they’re very they’re very, very, very well done.

And most of these courses are exclusive. Many of these courses you cannot find anywhere else. And just like Netflix, we have started to hire people actually to crank out even better courses on the topics that you guys have asked us for as well. So there will be a lot more content being added to the bowl as we go. We’re up to right now over 15 courses here on the on the Volt. And we have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of units, so it doesn’t even stop there.

So once you have gone through and you have done the courses that have interest you to start, then you might have a specific question like how do I go about manual bidding on Google ads or Facebook ads or how do I set up my pixel or any number of things?

Right. So when you get to all those questions, you can just come to this little unit section here on the left and click traffic source and then say, OK, you know, maybe my question is about Facebook, Facebook ads. Right? So you can come in here and say, OK, you know, anything to do with manual bidding? Oh, here we go. And you’re bidding. Which one do we look at on manual bidding? We have the manual bidding breakdown, the cost cap bidding or the manual bidding methods.

And then maybe you want to come in here and learn a little bit more about how the machine learning algorithm works on Facebook, if you can hear right from the Facebook employees, some of these videos are very difficult to get there from within within inside Facebook. And and that’s why they call it ad leaks, kind of like WikiLeaks. You get the information before everybody else as we’ve heard stuff on lead generation optimization. I mean, you name it, it really is going to scroll kind of slowly here as you guys.

And see, there’s just a million things in here. And this is just a Facebook section. This is just a Facebook section, I’ve got Google, email marketing, influencer marketing, e commerce, I mean, is it honestly, there’s so much content in here. It’s unbelievable. And it’s everything you need literally to be really, really good at Internet marketing and make a lot of money doing it if you’re very dedicated. It’s like any business. This is not there is no search.

No, no sort of get rich, get rich scheme in business, not a legitimate one. At least you need to have a good product. You need to have good customer service and ultimately you need Internet marketing no matter what type of business you’re in, whether it’s an old school business or a newer e-commerce type of business, you definitely need this information. It’s it’s it’s honestly priceless. So to get it for 60 bucks is an unbelievable deal. Now, we don’t just stop with the units either, not to mention there’s hundreds and hundreds of tutorials and how TOS and case studies in here for you guys about how to reduce your page load speed, increase your ALVIE or your average order value for your customers, meaning you make more money.

Not only do you get all of that OK, but we also have the awesome ebooks that are exclusive. Many of these are anywhere from 12 to like 40 pages. These are really, really good e-books know seven Facebook video hacks. You should know Facebook has a campaign checklist. Marketing guides how to grow your LinkedIn following how to grow your Facebook groups, Google ad targeting, how to speed up WordPress and so on. These are some amazing, amazing ebooks.

I’ve read a lot of e-books out there, the marketing days, and most of them are not very good. Honestly, I want to change that. And our ebooks are amazing. And certainly last but not least, would be the deal section, OK, guys, sorry, siblings. And in the deal section, it’s a little bit similar to Abyssinia in that way that we have tons of deals. But these are all Internet marketing specific. So these are kind of our favorite tools of the trade, if you will.

There’s, I think about 70 or 80 in here, everything from ad agencies to to stash platforms so you can control your ads to Awaba or stuff like that to send all your emails, stuff to do, invoicing, spy tools, competitive analysis tools, tracking tools, CRM call tracking tools, multivariate testing software, you name it.

We have deals on so many things that literally, if you use even just a couple of these, which most of us use, many of them, you actually pay, it actually will pay for the purchase at FEMA probably within one month.

It’s honestly unbelievable. I save thousands of dollars a year just from one of these deals. So it’s pretty cool.

And then and that would be and then you have your little profile page and that’s that’s about it. Now, we do have a lot of really cool features coming to the dashboard here, such and just the next few weeks for you guys and it will all be included. You’re going to get a lot of really cool features, such as a recently watched on the dashboard here. It’ll also recommend videos to you, just like Netflix does. So look at all the videos that you’ve watched previously.

We’re also going to have ratings so you can thumbs up, thumbs down or do like a star rating type of thing. And then the top videos we’re going to show to you on the dashboard here based on keywords and whatnot in the videos that you’ve already watched. So basically able to recommend you really cool videos that you like to watch. And and we have so many more amazing things coming, guys.

[00:13:09.140] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I don’t really have any Morphy at the moment. We’re ready to take some questions, but hopefully they gave you guys a good walk through kind of what’s in the vault and what it’s all about. Similar things, if you have any questions that you would like to ask, you can drop them in the Q&A box. Now, we’ve gotten a couple. All right, do. Do you bring horses from you, Demi, as part of your program? I’m not sure if I’m saying that right.

[00:13:42.350] – Tim (AdLeaks)
Oh, we have courses from from many places. Yes, we you would be one of the places where we we do have a couple of courses that are from there that we would contact the the the course author. And then in many cases we got courses, a custom made just for us. In other cases we bike courses that were like for example, our example, many of our courses, they cost thousands of dollars to purchase directly from them.

They don’t they aren’t on you, dummy. I’d say maybe out of the 15 or so courses, maybe like three or so or from you dummy and the rest are exclusive or very, very expensive. And then and then close to one thousand video tutorials, case studies, how tos on everything. Those are all exclusive. You can’t find those anywhere else. Those are those are only in add leaks and there’s like a thousand of them. We’re talking every single question you guys have on how to make money.

It’s right there. The answer is right there.

[00:14:42.610] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. One question. Can users ask questions on each course? And if they can, how long does it take for an instructor to respond?

[00:14:50.980] – Tim (AdLeaks)
So with the unfortunately, we do not have a community included with with this. It is just just like a Netflix. There’s no no where to go ask questions with Netflix. OK, you go in there and you watch what you want to watch. We do have another plan that does give you access to community. I’m not going to go over that now. But but this is not with communities just like Netflix. You go in there, you watch, you get all the information you need.

You you can search in there. You can ask us for help. We’re happy to help you as a company as well and guide you in the right direction. And literally everything you need to know is in there. I’m not even joking. Every single thing you honestly really wouldn’t need much beyond beyond what is in there.

[00:15:33.460] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
The question next question, how often are the courses lesson updated in this Abyssinian deal?

[00:15:41.020] – Tim (AdLeaks)
That’s a great question. So they are updated, I’d say, I mean, honestly, every month, but it depends on the course. Like, not every course is updated every month. I’d say there are some updates to some of the courses every month, roughly. It depends, but it really depends. So, you know, if Facebook or Google or one of these platforms does some sort of major update, then, yes, we scramble and we get you a new course real quick.

But but if it goes a year without them making any major updates, then whether or not that might just be like supplemental add ons that we we add to the course to account for any updates. But yes, we do keep it updated. We like to look at ourselves as the hub of where you find your Internet marketing news and information to be ahead of the curve, not behind it. So if you want to know what’s going on now and what’s coming down the pipe, that’s when you get into a community like ours, and that’s when that’s what you learn.

[00:16:35.200] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. This is the last question. We have your Simelane. So if you have any more questions, drop them in the Q&A box. Now, can you show me where I can find Facebook pixel info?

[00:16:45.370] – Tim (AdLeaks)
Sure. Do those shares screen here? All right, Facebook pixel info to and we do have a really cool search feature, it doesn’t seem to be in here at the moment, but it will be here then within the next couple of days. So at the moment, you can search you just need to go to the learning unit section first. Let’s go out to the traffic source. And then you can just search, for example, pixel. And then you can see these just just immediately, we got Facebook attribution and pixel data, pixel based catalogs, the many pixel, the red pixel.

So I don’t I don’t know exactly what this the smiling is looking to learn pixel wise. But but whatever it is, it’s I mean, we definitely have it in here somewhere. I don’t know exactly what they’re looking for specifically. I love it. All right.

[00:17:40.560] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
That’s all we got for questions. I guess I can stall a little bit, see if anything else comes in. But I really appreciate your taking the time and hanging out with us this morning bright and early. I’m going to go ahead and wrap this up here. So Marling’s if you have not already, you can redeem your code asimo dot com slash obliques and starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course this is backed by a 60 day guarantee.

So go ahead, get set up, play around, see how it works for you. Once you have explored a bit, we would love to read your reviews on the page. Go ahead and leave your TOCO ratings. And of course if you have any more questions, you can leave them on the page as well.

Thank you so much, Tim and Christi and Summer and everybody for hanging out with us today. It has been a pleasure having you. Absolutely. Thank you so much, everybody.

[00:18:30.040] – Tim (AdLeaks)
Have a good one.

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