ActiveCollab: User-Friendly Project Management Tool


ActiveCollab is an all-in-one project management tool made especially for team collaborations. Its intuitive features allow flexibility so you and your team can keep your work organized and time-efficient.

Features and Benefits of ActiveCollab

πŸ‘‰Β  Easy Collaboration – Invite your team to work with you on a project through the People tab. You can assign a role to the person you invite whether it be as a member or as a client. When you invite multiple members, you can then create teams.

πŸ‘‰Β  Great UI/UX – Very neat and intuitive design that makes it easy to start managing projects in no time, especially for newer members.

πŸ‘‰Β  Team Management – Assign a group of people or a team to a designated project. You can also assign a leader for each project you have.

πŸ‘‰Β  Project Management – Keep your work organized. There are tabs within each project that lets you separate tasks, discussions, files, notes, time trackers, and activities.

πŸ‘‰Β  Task Overview – You can customize how your task board looks like. You can choose from Kanban, Gantt, or list view, whichever you prefer.

πŸ‘‰Β  Task Management – Set task descriptions, sub-tasks, assign labels, upload relevant files, assign people to the tasks, and assign a due date. You can also set recurring tasks and track time spent on each task.

πŸ‘‰Β  Filter and Search – Quickly navigate through the tasks and find what you’re looking for by simply filtering the tasks or typing in what you’re looking for in the search bar.

πŸ‘‰Β  Batch-Edit Feature – This allows you to assign multiple tasks to members.

πŸ‘‰Β  Task Dependencies – Assign Parent Tasks and Child Tasks to visually organize the workflow and timeline of your project.

πŸ‘‰Β  Activity Tab – This dashboard allows you to see all the activities done by your team members.

πŸ‘‰Β  Calendar Tab – Quickly access the timeline and due dates of each project. These calendars can be exported for easy access offline.

πŸ‘‰Β  Reports Tab – Same with the Activity Tab, this allows you to see what project your members are working on. You can export your reports as a CSV file as well.

Who is ActiveCollab for?

πŸ‘‰Β  Digital Agencies and Startups that want to organize the workflow of their team as they work on multiple projects at once.

πŸ‘‰Β  Software Developers who are looking for a tool to keep track of the progress of their projects in one place.

Things to Note About ActiveCollab

πŸ‘‰Β  The lack of custom fields can be limiting for people who want to be specific in their project planning.

πŸ‘‰Β  There isn’t much automation of tasks within the app.

The Company

πŸ‘‰Β  Founded in 2007

πŸ‘‰Β Β Estimated Number of Employees: 32

πŸ‘‰Β  Founder: Goran Radulovic

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AppSumo - 7 reviews

β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† (4/5)

Capterra - 367 reviews

β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† (4.5/5)

G2 - 61 reviews

β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† (4.3/5)

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