Abhisi Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.410] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at Abhisi. Abhisi is a brand, all in one chat, ticketing, sales, video calling and support solution that features all the channels you need for perfect customer service. Before we dive into the walkthrough, I just want to tell you a few quick things. The first is that there will be a replay of this available.

If you need to step out, you totally can. The second thing is if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, you can do that over in the chat. We love to hear from you. We love to hear where you’re watching from. We love to hear why you’re interested in the tool. And the last thing, of course, is that if you have questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, leave your questions in the Q&A box down below this video.

We’re going to circle back to your questions at the end of the block there. We also have Bruce from the Abhisi team on standby to answer those questions as well. All right. That’s it for me. How are you doing?

[00:01:07.720] – Hemant (Abhisi)
I am awesome. So how are you? I am doing all right. I am excited to have you all here today. I’m going to pass this over to you for the walkthrough. Let me know when you’re ready to take some questions.

All right, Shirley, hello, everybody. This is Jim Banjanin representing our shareholders today, along with Bruce. I’ll be taking you to quickly through the product. And that has been many questions repeatedly coming to us from last week. I’ll be digging through all of those. And after that, once we have gone through the walkthrough, we can have our Q&A session. All right. So I’ll just share my screen and we can go ahead. All right.

So, yes, this is a screen that you see every day in which you you reply to your customers. So I just take you give you a brief concept about what is a mail box. All right. So every every code that you have that you buy in ABC has unlimited mailboxes. You can create as many mailboxes as you want. Every mailbox can be considered as a brand, as a team or as a department wide because every mailbox has a separate settings.

So as you can see on my screen, every mailbox has their own of settings. You can customize your customer base for the quiet conversations. Every mailbox has their own connection settings. What is the connection? Setting connections, I think, is something that you use to forward your e-mails to this particular mailbox. All right. You have mailbox permissions. Um, there are no users as of now. You can select your you can create your own quick replies, your own templates help, which is separate for each and every mailbox.

So every chat is unique. So this can this can be your website one. You can put this code on your website one and end up in the mailbox, too. You can put the chat widget second. So so every mailbox has their own unique chat. I just take you through the brief of it. You can customize it right. Then you can have your own custom custom icons. You can change the size, color and everything. The most important part is you have to turn it on in order to see the chart on the widget.

Sorry about that.

We have a function where you can put up a welcome message for each and every website of yours, uh, website pages of yours. So, for example, if you have a pricing page and you want to pop up a question about pricing and you can put it over here, you just have to pay the wall and your message. OK, there are some settings that you can use to inform your customers. This is a contact form. The question that came up in last week was, can we customize the contact form?

Currently you cannot, but we have plans to include custom fields as we have done in the mailbox. The same type of customer base will be available here where you can put up your number, your dropdown, see are radio buttons and whatnot, so everything can be done over here. So if you have set up your own knowledge base, you can include that over here just by clicking it. And that’s it. Now, the last part is here is the code that you need to copy and paste it on your website for workplace web.

For the WordPress users, you have to do the custom HTML photo, but don’t worry about it, because most probably by Monday we are having our plugin ready so we can launch it on Monday and we can start using it and give us the feedback about it.

Apart from this, we have automation’s. These are wonderful things to do and I really like it. The use cases are, for example, let’s take up the example of Epsilon. So whenever a code redemption question comes to me, it gets moved to the folder that is only specific to code redemption. OK, for example, if the body and a subject contains code redemption, it will be assigned to the user. That’s me. So if I am taking care of that particular department, it will be assigned to me.

Similarly, you have, uh, customer service. You can set up your own offices. Um, so as I said again, every mailbox has their own office and they have their own SLA policy. So you can you can create everything separately for each mailbox and manage one particular website for that. All right. Apart from that, we have tags, teams. OK, all right. Let me take you to another question that is coming up every now and then is, uh, how does that happen?

Stepping in a step is very simple. If you are using a Gmail, for example, or G-suit, you just have to write up your, uh, put up your outgoing server, put your credentials and put up the post for. Fifty five, and that’s why to use SMTP to completely white label your product, you need to use your own servers. Otherwise what happens is the customers, your customers, if you they can come up with a question like it shows in the email Ryokichi and it’s not coming to your company.

So this is very important for the agency users. Uh, you have to set up this, otherwise it won’t be a complete weightlift. OK, let’s jump onto agency users. Once you have done your SMTP, you can jump to company and agency settings. OK, so I have set up over here the company that is Teko area. So I have what I’ve done is I have created my own company domain, I have created my own API and I have linked it to support SMTP.

So every, um. Um, so any emails that are coming through will be going through your servers. OK, you can choose your own private gun to show it over here. And here’s the documentation that you can go through, how to set up the scene and records, how to set up and what level your domain and where you have to point your name records. You have to point it to our back and servers, OK? Let me show you how it looks like when you have white label product, OK?

So once your white label the product and this is what it will look like, everybody everybody will be looking at your login page with your logo. That’s have just kept kept the icon. And you can sign up with your own credentials and you can see everything that is white label. OK, so next is subaccount. So what is a subaccount? A subaccount is is an account that you can sell to your customers or you can give it as a value added services.

OK, in order to do the subaccount, you just have to generate the coupon and give it to your customers. Every subaccount has a limitation of every subaccount, has facility same as sixty nine dollars plan. Each and every limit that applies in 16 dollar plan applies in one account. OK, so if I want to sign up my as a client, I want to sign up, I just give it to this, to the client. I’ll copy and I’ll email them.

Once I email them they can just sign up from your page. That is mitotic. Or dot com would have the company name, first name, email address and they can put out the coupon code over here and they can just create their own helpdesk once they create their own helpdesk in it. Everything is white label inside. So that obviously doesn’t come into the picture. So this is something that we are giving pretty much unique compared to the Help Desk.

And the second thing that I like to take you through is knowledgebase. OK, so you can create your own knowledgebase, you can put your matter descriptions and everything. Every knowledgebase you can create can be associated with a widget or with a mailbox. Once you create a knowledgebase, you can put up your own custom domain as well. All right. Uh, let’s talk about some integration that we have. We currently have five integrations, this many promises coming soon, but we have Xabier Facebook, Twitter line leavel, Tullio, Midship and Shopify.

And we see Instagram is coming by next week. So Instagram comments Nordmark because we don’t have any access to that APIs as of now. OK, so I think I have covered most of the part and I’ll take you through some unique features that I think you should know about. All right, this is a reminder that you can set them up if you want to leave a note for your colleagues or other agents, you can just put over here and put it up.

You can do your QR. You can also, um, search articles from here, from your cabi. I have not set up an acknowledgement that I can see it, but otherwise you can set up your own cable and satellite from here and add it to your response very easily. So this is an expandable editor. Apart from that, here are the tags that you can put up. These are these are very important when it comes to searching and sorting.

So make sure you use these things very frequently. Another feature that we have is much feature. I really like this feature because it helps me much all the tickets that are coming from the same customers regarding the same complaints. For example, I got a mail today regarding redemption of the code from one particular customer from three different ways, one from Jack, one from Facebook and one from e-mail. So what should I do is the same customer. I just merge them all.

And I created a primary channel of contact that is an email. And I just wanted him to I, I so every conversation that is coming through that particular channel from that customer is merged. It helps to save a lot of time. To be honest about John, that there is the potential here to create your own e-mail. If you want to send an e-mail to your customer or to your team or anything, you can just use this and create an e-mail from here.

All right. All right, so this is the notification bar where you can see gender notifications and reminders as well, you can set your reminders from here. There are some inconsistencies in Safadi, I’ll admit to it, and we are working on it. We will be we are working from last two days to fix some smaller inconsistencies in SAFADI that is hampering ABC. So it will be fixed soon. So hang on onto that. There are general reports and you can switch your mailboxes from here.

All right. This is a product where you can sign your tickets to them, forward your emails. If you want to forward someone outside of the ABC, you can forward it from here. And I think that’s it. I have covered pretty much everything and I’m open for questions if you have any. Thank you. Thank you.

All right. Simoleons, you heard the man. If you got questions, send them.

And now I’m going to go through the ones that we have here in the Q&A box.

Does your Twitter integration use premium APIs of Twitter or just the free standard ones?

Currently, it’s on just under three standard words. We are not using the premium ones.

Awesome. What channels does ABC connect to specifically? Looking for a tullio asthmas to a chat connection.

Not sure what you mean by that, but we do have a trillion chart that is a two way customers can ask questions or decimals and you can reply from ABC. So I suppose this is what you meant by the question. I think so. All right, we want an exact date, which I am reluctant to ask because that feels hard to do. But about LinkedIn. LinkedIn, you can contact me on in January 20, 21 one, it’s not coming this year, to be honest, it’s not.

We have too much lined up.

Awesome. Yeah. Versus January twenty twenty one two. I hate asking exact dates because I know that so much is thrown at you as soon as these launches happen and it’s like, all right, make it happen. And it’s like where do we, how do you prioritize.

I know it’s hard but that sounds promising and relatively soon. So thank you. All right. So this is a this looks like there are six questions in here, some of which you probably covered. But how does she look and work on a website? Can you please show the user experience and what they would see?

Can it be used in addition to a chat bot they’re using continually, which we’ve had on App Sumell, but would consider adding this, too, if the both tools would work separately and not in conflict.

OK, also, I got this question about continually from the customers as well. So we are looking into it and we are we are looking into it how we can work together, integrate both the products if possible. So you will have your Shagbark as well as you have, obviously, for the real check. So, yes, if you want to see how it looks on the website, I can just show you Twitter.

All right, so this is how it looks like I have turned of the JAG today because we were really overwhelmed with the chads and we were running short staff to respond to them. So for the next couple of days, we will be just finishing what we have in our hands and we’ll turn it on soon. So, yeah, this is how it looks. Um, you can just get a simple contact form. And he has the knowledge base from where you can search and click on the articles.

[00:16:05.250] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Awesome. All right, with automation’s, can a canned response be sent based on words in an email body?

[00:16:15.900] – Hemant (Abhisi)
Uh, you cannot send a canned response, and I think it’s not advisable because, see, we do read the subject in the body, but if it’s a very general generic question, it is advisable. Otherwise it is not advisable. But, yes, what you can do is I can just show you my screen again and I can show you.

OK, so bobsleds automations. All right. Oh, OK. For example, um. Loads. OK. And then something like, well. OK, like decoration, you can send an email to the customer and you can customize your email and write it off with you. OK, so in this way, um, what happens is very, very few questions and answers I think you would like to automate. Otherwise, the human touch is the most important thing.

But this is this this is the way you can respond to general queries on your customer.

[00:17:36.190] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Wonderful. Thank you. And the person who asks Will, thank you as well.

[00:17:41.320] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What are the case studies for using Twilio and how are people using it today? Um, see, Tullio, people are using in two different ways. One is sending notifications to the customers for about, OK, we have received your email and thank you for contacting us. This is the one where they are using it. The other way is people are using you know, there are services like I have are and stuff where people contact the customer and the goes through and they can continue the chat with that particular segment as well.

[00:18:18.230] – Hemant (Abhisi)
So these are the two ways people are using currently familiar symbols.

[00:18:22.670] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Somebody asks with whether you can and as a mass notification be sent to an agent when a request comes in.

[00:18:30.990] – Hemant (Abhisi)
Oh, yeah, I think so, yeah, I yeah, definitely you can say I don’t think so. We can definitely send it. So if you guys are using you, uh, currently I have not integrated with you. Otherwise you will get another box over here where you can pick estimates. So once once you integrate it, will you.

It will show here estimates and you can take it over here and you can definitely use it in that way. Awesome. I think I like great schooling’s.

If you have any more questions, go ahead and leave those in the Q&A box. Now we’re running low, but I have a feeling that some are coming in on the chat and I’m not looking at the chat.

[00:19:09.270] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I’m looking at the Q&A box so you can go ahead and leave those there. We have a question about an Azana integration. What integration’s do you got? I’m seeing other the word integration popping up in the chat as well. Show some integration’s. OK, uh, so as I told you. I just need one more time. Um, yeah, so currently we have this many integration’s what is lined up is Instagram, LinkedIn comments and YouTube comments, decidedly integrations that are lined up.

[00:19:44.000] – Hemant (Abhisi)
And there are a few other integrations that we wanted to do. But when we started this episode, there are other integrations that are popping up that we never thought of and people are requesting that. So we’ll prioritize. Once we deliver or deliver Instagram, then we can prioritize what is most important for the actual users and we can, you know, deliver in that particular. Wonderful. Yeah, I think I say this in every webinar that the plan that you had prehaps my lunch is not the plan post lunch and to recalibrate sometimes takes time.

And it definitely takes some, you know, lists.

[00:20:27.600] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I’d love a list. Will it say powered by on the chat bots? Yeah, you can easily turn it off, just show you. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention this because this was the question of the week.

[00:20:42.960] – Hemant (Abhisi)
OK, so you can just go to accompanying details is here is the branding. You can just turn it off and save it and that’s it. So, yeah. So every powered by in the email and in the chat will be removed. You’re not guys so quick and leave with that, can you segment the users who contact you and integrate with what they say, active campaign or similar system?

It would be cool if they follow up with customers using a CRM, maybe put them on a drip email sequence based on their particular category.

OK. Campaigns, OK? So I think three p.m. campaigns, OK? All right, so, guys, recruitment campaigns is already on our roadmap map, and I don’t think so you need another service. Once we are limited, you will be able to create your own recruitment campaigns from the itself. So and yeah, definitely, if you really want something like active camping or anything can be integrated is just how we can prioritize it. And, you know, I think I had to take a fall, I suppose, like which which which integration we are taking first.

They definitely do that.

[00:22:16.730] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
We love them. OK, do you connect only to SMTP or also an IMAP connection? Um, no, I currently I think it’s only a SMTP. Awesome. Uh. Yeah, they said they’re glad to hear this is on the road map, it looks very cool. Thank you.

[00:22:40.050] – Hemant (Abhisi)
Can tracking and pixel codes be integrated in your solution? And so can you show examples on your screen of how to do it? Cracking codes? No, we don’t allow any tracking codes to get integrated with ABC because we don’t want to compromise anything when it comes to the data. So it’s not an open system. It’s, uh, it’s a system that is closed. So I don’t think so. All right.

[00:23:08.120] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Simoleons leave your questions in the Q&A box, please, because we’re running out again. And I know that there are more that are coming in. You mentioned a chat bot. What does that look like? It’s not ready yet. I definitely give you a heads up when it’s admirable, awesome. Are there read receipts for support emails? So, yeah, definitely there are really cells, so every child animal has a really stepped up. It is it is easily visible if you even take a trial, it will be visible to the court.

How does the I’m going to say Prevot integration work? Sure, absolutely. Level is directly integrated with the ABC.

How can a national party who is directly integrated with ABC, you can make calls from ABC and you can receive calls in ABC.

[00:24:09.110] – Hemant (Abhisi)
So it works.

Water is cool. Where is all of the data collected and stored? Every data is stored on Microsoft servers that are hosted in North American servers and we have a backup of two servers in different locations so that we should never goes down. So yeah, so is Microsoft based.

I can do whatever they want to know. The ETA on the chat bot.

You got the people excited. Yeah. So, um, chat. But not before. Not before the first week of fab. Currently that’s what we are targeting unless and until we have to improvise and include any other integration that is more popular and more requested by apps.

So unless the entire road map changes again. So I don’t know, I don’t know. We have three things that are lined up that are coming for sure. It’s one is a video chat and one to one calls from ABC. And secondly is booking an appointment for that video chat to Instagram and customer portal. And these are the three most important things that we are delivering. After that, we’ll see how we prioritize the things. Awesome. Can we add custom fields or custom statuses?

You can add custom fields for every conversation. It’s very simple, guys, you can just go to settings, mailboxes and create your own custom foods for each and every conversations. But that is not custom statuses. We have only two statuses as of now, open and closed. Thank you. Awesome.

[00:25:59.040] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. Those are all of the questions in the Q&A box. I appreciate you going through all of those so quickly. I’m going to give someone a minute to see if they’ve got any more up their sleeve because they’ve been really good at supplying me some here.

We got another one.

All right, John, I really want to know about what’s at business and the Zoho CRM integration I see on this.

[00:26:24.660] – Hemant (Abhisi)
And I know what that business is something and that has been popping our heads from the last one year. We are not able to get that API is registered to us. We can use the third party, but that is an add on cost. And to you guys, it’s so we don’t want to do that. So I think we have found another way. We just discussed it today, but it’s pretty, pretty premature to say when it will be released.

[00:26:53.420] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right, and Vincent asks, Will there be a feature to add statuses, custom sentences? It’s not on the roadmap, but it is something that really is required in a to help the solution. I will definitely include that. It’s not that a big deal, but we didn’t want it to complicate things that we wanted to keep it simple. So that’s why we have individuals who didn’t want to.

[00:27:18.020] – Hemant (Abhisi)
I did want to add something to your happiness is that Zabor can help them out with a social CRM integration, which is what we think it was about integration. Yeah. Thank you, Bruce.

[00:27:30.290] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
I know that you explain this in the walkthrough, but can you go through some accounts?

[00:27:35.610] – Hemant (Abhisi)
OK, so. All right, so subaccount. All right, I’ll take you to OK, so Subaccount are basically four agencies that they want to, you know, sell this product as an add on to their other services or value added services to their clients. Once you set up your agency, you will be able to create a subaccount subaccount is it consisted of all the features that a succession dollar plan has. So every subaccount can be sold separately to your clients and they will be logging in to your domain and, uh, you know, on your wall as your product.

So subaccount is something that you can resell. Wonderful.

[00:28:26.770] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you. All right. OK, do you have an API for integrations with other sites for contacts and information, I Subaru’s just came in here, so I think he has something to add for us. What do you have to add?

[00:28:40.740] – Hemant (Abhisi)
No, and I’m glad I asked about subaccount stuff because that gives an extra pathing, if several things. So one is like a little mini trial, like for for clients. Right. They can have like a slightly smaller team option and that’s dedicated just for them. So a couple of things we’re working on is that own little mini team will have the option to have its own branding. Right, number one. And number two, if they want to, let’s say, add more teammates on there so they’ll be able to do that in the future as well.

So think about it as a way for a little bit of everybody to benefit. The the option for your client’s team can grow. Know we have the ability to apply a little bit of revenue generation from a glorified mini account, so to speak. And in the process, we’ll be working with some third party solutions, something like that, to help manage a subscription management or the rental of some of those becomes too, because it makes sense if you have a white label chat solution, it just makes sense that you have it attached to a white label building solution.

So just awesome. Thank you. All right.

[00:29:45.630] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
This last question that just came in, we asked you, do you have an API for integrations with other sites for contacts and information? Can it be used to add member names, emails and tags, for example?

[00:29:58.620] – Hemant (Abhisi)
We do have our own APIs that you can definitely use. You can go to the knowledgebase, then you can search for APIs. You will definitely find a little documentation on that. Apart from that, we have some what you can say is basic lawbooks. They share this dream and we go to those. And can you see my screen, guys? Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So we have some triggered by books where you can create a trigger and you can select what you want to push and what you want to pull back.

You just have to enter your backyard, are from another product, and it should what if it doesn’t work to get in touch with us? We can definitely help you with this. So every time a new customer gets created in a vision, you want to push to a CRM, it can be done from here. Great. Thank you. All right, last question from John. Our knowledge base is set per set, no set per each one of my businesses, 20 businesses, 20 knowledgebase.

What it means is that for each each one of my businesses, one of the things is I think, yeah, so if you have 20 businesses, you can create this business if you have selected a proper plan for it. Definitely an awesome.

[00:31:25.360] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. I’m going to go ahead and wrap us up. Thank you so much for getting through all of these questions and for walking us through the platform swelling’s. If you have not already, you can go to APSA right now to redeem your code for ABC. It is starting at sixty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course this is backed by up Sumo’s 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead and get started with that, play around and see how it works for you.

[00:31:51.010] – Hemant (Abhisi)
We do love to read your reviews on the deal page so you can go ahead and leave those there and let us know how you’re loving it. And if you have any more questions, and I’m sure you do. You can go ahead and leave your questions on the deal page. They are more than happy to answer them.

[00:32:06.460] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you so much. Thank you, Bruce, for hanging out with us. It has been a pleasure.

[00:32:11.970] – Hemant (Abhisi)
Thank you. Bye. Thank you, guys. Well.

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