11Sight: Connect With People Instantly
With One-Click Video and Audio Calls


11Sight is a Customer Engagement Platform which offers to create you a digital address via a customized link that people can click through to initiate a video or audio call with you instantly. With 11Sight, there’s no need for app downloads, registrations, and sign-ins required to hop on a call.

Tell your leads, clients, or customers to click on your link to quickly get in touch with them. Communication is made easier and faster with 11Sight.


11Sight’s Pricing Overview


11Sight’s price starts at $9 per month. This comes with a plan that’s good for personal use. The price scales up if you want to access more features and add more users to your account. 11Sight also has a separate price for an E-conference Room add-on.

Alternatively, 11Sight is offering a limited lifetime deal on Appsumo. 11sight’s lifetime deal starts at $59 for a single code. You’ll have access to more features as you purchase more codes. See more details about 11Sight’s lifetime deal below:

Find out more details about their lifetime deal here »


Price starts from:

$9.00 / month

✅  Has a free trial
✅  Price is based on how many users are in an account
✅  Has a discount that comes with its “SMB Plan”

Lifetime Deal price starts from:

$59.00 – Single Payment for 1 Code

11Sight Lifetime Deal on Appsumo


11Sight’s Features


👉  E-line Address – Create your own encrypted e-line address that people can type in the URL search bar to instantly get on a call with you. No need for scheduling meetings to set things up.

👉  Call forwarding and three-way calling

👉  Call History – View your call history with other people after the call that includes a recording and the files shared during the call.

👉  Conference Room – Meet with your clients or your whole team for large virtual meetings. Conference rooms can hold up to 20 people at a time. Conference rooms can be recorded and password-protected for an added layer of security.

👉  Browser-based video and meeting platform – No need to download or install the 11Sight app and sign up for an account to hop on a call.

👉  Unlimited call time

👉  Screen sharing

👉  Chat within calls and meetings

👉  Website Button – Embed 11Sight’s Web Button that contains your E-line address so your website visitors can quickly give you a call as they browse through your site.

👉  File sharing during meetings

👉  11Sight has a mobile app that you can download on your phone.

👉  QR Code – Generate a QR code that will allow people to call you after they scan it.

👉  Link tracker – Create custom links for different campaigns and track each link’s performance.

👉  Video and Audio Recording

👉  (LTD Buyers) Whitelabel – Remove 11Sight’s branding



Who is 11Sight For?


Marketing, Sales, and Agency teams that want to increase their sales, customer service, and collaboration via seamless interaction with their clients, leads, customers, or teammates.


Things to note about 11Sight


👉  The video and microphone has some instances where they don’t seem to work
👉  Some people find that there’s to much branding on the tool
👉  Some users experience long freezing periods within the app
👉  UI / UX seems to be outdated


User Reviews for 11Sight


“The back end could be improved, it looks clunky, not user-friendly. They need a desktop agent/tool or something so that when someone calls me from a website widget/embed, it will ring my desktop.

I find it impractical to have to remember to sign in every day and leave my browser logged in the whole day just incase someone calls me 1 time out of the month.

Mouse movement have a 2-3 second delay. So there are some lag.

I’ve tested on myself and screen share works fine, I plan on using this for meeting with clients mostly. I don’t particularly like zoom.”

by kenlee514


“11Sight does it. They make it look easy. I’ve tried numerous tools before and none have been this easy.


It’s easy to set up. It’s easy to use.


I’m waiting for the white label version.


And a version that I may embed and use in my site without going to a new tab to use it. I like to keep the website visitor on my site for the entire experience.

by awe


“I haven’t used it much, but the first time it loaded on my computer, it took quite a while (almost one minute), but then subsequent page loads were much faster.


“Call quality seems good, and it was easy to set up. I like the ability to customize the link as well.


“I suggested the ability to inject a code to the video call page. I’m thinking that will allow us to post surveys/polls using some of the tools that we already have.”

by Sumo-ling


“I was able to try out 11Sight one on one call with my Mother today. I sent her a link via Facebook, the call went smoothly. Works similar to zoom. I was able to try out a video & audio call. The video & audio quality is very clear. I can’t want to try out the everything on their mobile app. The dashboard takes some to get use to but overall it is pretty straightforward. I like the fact that you get your own custom link. This is a gem find. Thanks.”

by moniq89


“Stumbled on this and tested it out with a friend. It’s fantastically easy to use with a very short learning curve. Clicked on the VMeet Tab, selected GO next to my Virtual Office short URL link, and immediately connected to a zoom-like environment. Emailed out an invite to my friend from the main window (super easy) and they join me seamlessly. So smooth.


“Impressed with HD quality and sound, as well as the ability to add password protection if needed. Decided to both share my screen and record the phone call with no issues whatsoever. In fact, the recording was available for download just minutes after we hung up. Hello video transcription integration with Spoke! Honestly we were both kind of blown away by how easy all this was – really super! This is a terrific value.


“What needs improvement? I’d say the UI boring grey tabs look a bit clunky and could use a makeover. It’s also not immediately obvious that VMeet is the option for a video phone call, but I figured it out pretty quick. Also, I’m not sure if there is a limit on the number of recordings I can keep on their platform? I didn’t see that on the AS web page but maybe I overlooked this.


“I’m looking forward to using the iPhone app next and seeing what it has to offer for calls as well. I’m sure there are many more features here that I have yet to discover.”

by Scrittiwolf


Didn’t work for my clients on mobile devices – android. As a host, it worked for me to receive calls only on my desktop pc, but for my clients (90% mobile users) – none of us could hear audio or video. Doesn’t work on my mobile phone too as the host despite allowing all permissions from settings. Also updating my profile settings from my account failed repeatedly and showed errors, so I couldn’t save. Lost several hours struggling to make it work. Very disappointed.


I can also see that it works fine for many others, so I have titled my feedback review as personal experience.

by tarunabh.dutta


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