10Web AI Builder Webinar & Transcription

[00:00:01.000] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What’s going on, Sumolings, thank you so much for joining us for another product walk through webinar. I am Lindsay. Today I am joined by the team over at 10 Web Builder. This is a next generation WordPress website builder that uses A.I. assistants to automate the technical aspects of site creation. It has never been easier to build a website and we’re going to dove into that today. But before we do, I just want to tell you a few quick things if you haven’t been here before.

The first thing is that if you want to tell us a little bit about your use case, your website, while you’re interested in this tool, you can go ahead and do that in the chat room. If you have any questions about the tool, the deal, how to get set up, go ahead and leave your questions in the Q&A box down below. This video will circle back to them at the end of the walk through. And the last thing is that there will be a replay of this available.

So if you need to step out or if you just want to watch it later, totally do that as many times as you please. All right. That is enough of me. Hey, Tigran, how are you doing? Hi, I’m fine. I’m really glad to be here and to present the eye builder and to the product itself, to interested people, and I know you guys must love most of you are Web developers or designers, so you’ll be definitely interested in time.

But that’s awesome.

I’m excited to dove into this. I’m excited to have you all back in the store. I’m going to go ahead and pass this over to you for the walkthrough and then I’ll be back to answer questions. Let me know when you’re ready for the Q&A.

[00:01:48.080] – Tigran (10Web AI Builder)
So perhaps I’ll start sharing and explaining what a product this great.

So what is this what is an there? Perhaps you heard about this, that I revolutionized many in this type of industries and it’s a new technology and you would like to know whether one can build websites through A.I. And now this is reality because of the 210, that website builder. I hope most of you are WordPress people and you work with WordPress, so there is no need to explain what is it and how it works. And maybe I builder it builds websites for WordPress.

So but if you don’t use WordPress but you would like to use that, you are still welcome here, cause I’ll explain during the demo how this product can be used to migrate websites to WordPress from other side builders like Weeks, Shopify, etc.. So. Let me show you what the deal is consisted of. It’s not the ideal, the only, but also one website or two or three, depending on license, to host it on that platform with all the features of that platform and all the services for hosted websites and a number of websites where, Abbi, there can be used with.

So depending on where you can get up to unlimited site. So I’ll explain, what does it mean, 50 websites to run Ranchipur. And I also explained. A part of the appeal there, which is their builder, which is plug in, which is basically an add on top of eliminator. So I’ll demonstrate what is it and what are its features. Here is it, so let’s go, let’s go. Thank you. I’m glad that someone provided me some credit so that I can buy and build them.

Let’s let’s find. OK, let’s start with Taiwan. So here is the way to go. Two hundred dollar. And now we’ll go to sign up and dashboard. Activate. For those the guys who already have turned Babakhan with some other type of subscription, you just need to use some freshly made, not the one you already have. So let’s go. Perhaps someone used exactly that random email I used now. Sounds amazing. It’s daunting. A possible.

I guess it hasn’t taken the first name and last name to Kenja. Oh, right, sorry. I thought it should recognize me, but it doesn’t. Yeah. So the license is being activated and we count to 10 that Ingeborg. Here is what we got with. Taiwan subscription. So let’s dove into the builder itself. Now, let’s look here we have we can either connect Web sites to combat platform to manage them and to use the eye builder all we can.

Create a website straight hosted on that platform. So let’s do it. I don’t have any other websites, so let’s connect. That’s his new website. Yeah, at Brand New World Press instore. Now, a brand new, more pressing soul is being created on time by posting, which is really super fast hosting, it’s not shared on stage. It’s a completely new type of they’re posting. Built with Linux containers and instances. Well, it’s costing you also can get all the services of 10 people, including security backups and other stuff like automatic gobbets.

Yeah, great, so it shows also Google pays big score, hundreds of hundred. Yeah, of course, you may even say that it’s a blank site, I’m sure. But Tammam guarantees that the score will be above 90 for based on page score. Yeah, so they got a new Web site getting started with A.I.M., their. Let’s keep this part. While demonstrating thingummy. So here’s the main page of our builder and Web builder submenu recreated with the.

Here you can enter any Web site. Or any Web page you want to basically create with WordPress on Template Builder and what is nice that this page is not necessarily should be WordPress page or element page, it can be anything. So now a.

I browsed Viks Web site that it had so many beautiful pages, I guess they built their website with itself. So let’s call this Web page to. WordPress. First, it’s nice to be validated and one more option, you can add up to five pages. Yeah, and plus, look at this, not not this important if those pages they have same or common header or futer as a result, editable header or future template should be created. For one page, even header and footer may be created depending on the content of that header unfiltered.

If you have local menu, it will go to header. So let’s let’s check how it works. And also during the installation. I builder it installed some additional modules and and now. These are two functional plug ins for sewage support and vape video support because WordPress itself, vanilla WordPress, doesn’t have support for these file formats. These two may be installed the if if algorithm encounters any SPG major VEP video depending on the content if there is. Complex form gallery or slider, the algorithm is tall tanvir for slider or gallery playlists, which are premium plugins, but they all come with the subscription for free.

So actually, Timewarp has more than 60 plugins and extensions. And for those guys who are interested in plug ins with the extensions, you can visit here and check what is going on there.

So this trip plug is maybe install if there is a gallery or in that page. About who commerce support, I’ll tell you later. So first step, I’ll get it wrong, it classified the page content, recognized it, extracted its features, converted it to have a builder plugging widgets, created layout and did a lot of stuff under the hood. And the second step, the created template, is being imported through the site. Actual machine learning team spent about two years to create these algorithms.

They are super complex. There is not one algorithm. It’s a bunch of our old pipeline of algorithms for converting the any web page to WordPress to Standard Builder widgets and elemental widgets. For those who are interested, you can ask questions about perhaps any specific aspects of how these groups work and explain them doing that, there be no. Now, there’s this page. It was really big page, you see how many scrolls there are, how many screen sites there are.

That’s why the tour takes a little bit more than usual. So usually the average time of page of Ugly Brown is about one or two minutes. But this page is extra big. If you have a question regarding this part time place, I’ll explain them as well. OK, Assistant Re-created, your website, and saved you hours of manual work, edit let’s go to. By the way, you can use these two buttons. This is for editing, it’s the same I clicked this is for visiting for content or homepage of the website, and this is for going to WordPress admin.

Here is it. I think it’s good enough or close enough, but that’s unfortunate. I don’t have to great screens that I can share them together, like you can compare pixel by pixel, but let’s go. We have here Mannu to part with sections this Bartons. The images. And LogMeIn is sanctions. And we Terminus, Terminus that. And great, and even Sociales had been recruited. So let’s see, let’s see how is this page is different from original page?

I guess the original website. This week’s website. And it’s filled with leaks. So let’s edit and to see what we got. This is not static ASML, but it’s widgets element of free widgets and premium widgets. By the way, is hundred, but I guess it’s not hasn’t been updated yet, but it should be still high. So also, let’s go to our website to see what’s going on there. We got a falling plug instead of a builder itself, elemental free version, speed optimizer results magically activated and that also for me, Capral, for the gallery, which are not activated yet.

But look, Slider is activated. So probably, most probably there is a slider in that pitch and both SPG support and that piece of art and they were installed. So I guess there are both SPG and VPN in these pages in that page. So let’s edit. We see here the government are content with its layout sections, columns. Some images are being loaded right away because there is a lot. Yeah, you see typical elemental stuff. Still paying.

Oh, my. It’s so, so long, Paige. Great. So let’s take a look. We got minut. Which is what pressmen your typical WordPress menu we can find in here, appearance menus, we got all other regions, text digits, social widget. Etc. We got some image boxes. Headings and other some premium regions also. So. Yeah, like this one. This is a call to action itself, not private jets, but one vigil is being recognized, call to action.

So for those who worked with Elementary, there is I think there is no need to explain anything here, just not a list of widgets. We got basic elementary jets, private jets. We got elementary. More widgets. We got 10 plugins. All premium plugins and most of them have their own widgets that are easily integrated with elements. We got premium widgets by timewarp pricing, table price, the call to action, etc.. So for those guys who work with elemental premium version of pro version, you’ll see that most of these widgets are either similar or the same.

So. If you use time, that builder, there will be no need to use elemental premium because it’s just an adult on top of elementary and the most of functionality out of elementary there isn’t that builder. And even there are some features which are not existing in elementary. Now, this is what the. OK, so. Let me also explain this Heather party will be interesting for. You see here editable, but this heading part is not a detour because this went to head there template, which is separate from the actual Dolgin recognized, which is the header and separated it.

But I guess for future, he didn’t recognize it in this case well, so we have futer in page content, but what usually it goes to separate filter template here is another template. Meanwhile, I’ll perhaps explain the question that some people asked me regarding copyright, so. And website builder, it doesn’t copy any e-mail or code for a regional website, but you see the images and text are copied. So it’s. It’s up to the user to make sure that there is no copyright violation.

Actually, you can replace it with your tax or if original website is yours. You can just keep it. So I need to make sure that you change these images. Something is wrong here with Elementalist P.. Hello, Paige. Is it the same that someone from the. Yeah. Something strange happens, but I’ll try to open it anyway. OK, so let’s go forward. I’ll come back to the page and everything is really like a page he’s created.

In appearance, you can see Katie Menos. Links, you see imported media. And full website, so how can we use this builder? I demonstrated one way that one can use a builder like move. No press website to WordPress actually moved the website to WordPress, but there are other ways you can use it as well. For example, you can if you are an agency and you work with your customers, they need. Some pesticides or some experimental versions of pages, you can create them by conducting rapid experiments onto these plate and spent just.

Few minutes to critique every possible version, and this will save your time, or, for example. If you were to have. You don’t need to create and create pages from scratch, you can take one page, take its parts, some sections and customize it to your design.

So. I guess this is how many people work and this is how perhaps customers. Inquiries aren’t, for example, like our customer may ask, can I have a website exactly like this? So here is it exactly like this? OK, this page is open. Menu template with. Lee, Heather tampered with menu and other. Agents so. Let’s take a look at this part, this is Ten Builders premium feature, this is not the original elemental feature, but this is standard picture like tools finder Intergration.

We find our website structure and it looks really beautiful and there are a lot of Web pages. And you see all the pages you can easily navigate from one page to another. Great. So I think I displayed most of these parts. And features of the builder itself and the party itself. So let’s go back to that dashboard and see what else comes with the idea of the. Hosting services. Let’s quickly navigate through this fine, you can point your own domain if you have domain, you can point to and get your domain attention on something time that tells me you can have access to.

SSL certificate for free, you can have credentials here and have access to via SFP or that database access directly from this page. Also, we’re toasting a staging environment, comps is in auctions to copy from staging to live and copy from life to strategy staging. Here is a template. Perhaps some some of you would like to use already created templates, our designers created, I think, around 40 templates. Some of them are e-commerce templates even so that you can just import them.

And the template contains several pages, not only homepage digits, it’s redecide just just think of them, but the real not the real power of the eye builder and the builder it comes with. Archons actually eliminates the need of using templates. You can use it. You use take any Web site and use it as a template. You know, premium plug is buy time that there are a lot of other plugins. OK, let’s go to this part where Christine saw a builder and a builder plug in, they my opinion, to eliminate the need to use any theme like premium theme.

So this theme is actually blank theme. And it contains all the minimal features needed, the rest regarding content, templating, etc., it comes with time that builder plug in. You know, are they cops, you can schedule backups and automate them. There are security scanning, but I don’t go to explain all the details here. You can check to the documentation which exists, which. Right here on this hot button, it goes straight to the help center.

They have also image optimizer here and as you saw. OK, it was here. And this goes to 10 Web users, but very soon, I think, after PWG or. I think in two months, maximum three will create whether they are on the way, will create a client management system. If you have your clients, you will be able to manage their websites by providing different types of access to website management, either to website to dashboard, etc.

, so the whole cloud management will be ready. And I guess this is the feature that people need a lot. Here is that. There are two features, particularly features of Rebuilder, which going to be released soon in two months. Are Wilkommen support and these are adding more landing pages so hollow there will come. Our support will go.

Will integrate this a builder with. So if you have, let’s say, shop store, front page with. Products right now, if you want to build their own, it will not recognize the product, it will recognize like image boxes and create them. But after that update, they will be recognized as products and commerce will be installed and product list featured with the corresponding layout, Greedo, Slider, Comiso, whatever will be placed in that page on products is custom post types will be created.

So this is one big feature will go. We will really soon. And the second feature is more landing pages. Here we have just five. Up to five landing pages, but. And they are created simultaneously and together, but the new feature will enable. You to add more landing pages after the website is created, and this is particularly useful if you have already production website that you don’t want to install the template which will replace its home page, that you want just to create one landing page, which will not affect existing pages and will have its own unique story.

So with that feature, it will be possible. And this will eliminate the need to offer five pages because you can always add more and more as you go. I think I explained the part of the building itself and what we will be what will be released very soon, and this points actually are in our roadmap. And there is also, if you want to have. If you have some request for features. Here is there is a part submit your ideas or you go welcome, please add your ideas and your feature request here in our website.

Their part and we give them priority. We. What’s your feedback, and it’s really important for us. Regarding 90 plus, this is, I think, the killer feature of the reposting, if you are interested, how in having really fast websites which were unclear, which are good user experience and have good conversion, this is for you. You can even test your website. On other hosting check, it’s called. And there is an option to just create a copy of your website within their posting and to see how it performs and it will perform much better than your existing Web site.

I think. I showed what I would it was minimum and now it’s up to you, please, your questions and the quiz. Let’s go ahead. Let’s go ahead and go through these. Thank you so much for marking some of these questions for me to ask live.

Can I use the ten Web widgets outside of this installation on my existing sites? Great question. Last question. So let me explain this point I showed it was the first choice when I chose between six connected websites and one hosted website, I chose Holsted website. There is an option to connect Web sites. So if you have a hosting website already ready websites posted elsewhere, you can create it. You can connect it to that. And our website builder, it works with connected websites.

So this is the value of them, of a builder itself. You can run a website builder on Connected website, he’s told a template, and later, when you disconnect the template, we’ll continue to work the plugins. Everything will continue to work. The only drawback is that you cannot object and you cannot update. And the builder. Replied You, but it will continue to work without any problems, no later than you can connect it back to the platform.

[00:34:13.360] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you. All right, the next question, do we have to license element for. No, cause there is an element of free version. There is no licensing for element or free version and Tanvi Builder plug in, which is an extension or I don’t know, on top of elemental of free version, it’s 10 reps like and it’s not their premium, but it doesn’t sell element or premium version. Does this copy websites that are not Wick’s or WordPress, websites like GoDaddy or Google or another platform website builder?

[00:34:50.780] – Tigran (10Web AI Builder)
Sure, it can copy of a website created custom way, like static e-mail or any other custom website builder or whatever, it doesn’t matter. You just need to be.

Available website, however, please note that this builder, it is particularly optimized for landing pages, so you cannot copy or it will copy, but it will not be so good if you like, take for one page and try to copy. But it works very, very well with landing pages, blog pages and with vocal support support, it will be perfect with shops, storefronts. What if you have more than five pages or need more than five pages?

[00:35:45.210] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
What happens? Now, if you have patience, it’s it’s the best option but to wait for more landing pages, feature release.

[00:35:56.800] – Tigran (10Web AI Builder)
But if you need them right now, you there are several options. You can create five pages. And when you again add more and recreate the previous template is being removed so you can create five pages, copy their content to some pages, some other pages, and recreate five more. This way you can add more than five pages. It’s not it’s not so user friendly and I’m sorry for that. But this is the way how it works now. But we will fix this very soon.

[00:36:33.290] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Can I use this deal with my previous hosting account that I have on 10 Web? With previous hosting, No. This is New Deal for a new email is needed for registration, like did you notice when I tried to fill in your email, which was already used to throw them there.

[00:36:59.420] – Tigran (10Web AI Builder)
So this is four new emails is needed. The new new subscription is basically new subscription.

[00:37:06.620] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
All right. And this is the last question that I have here. Simoleons, if you have any more questions, go ahead and drop those in the Q&A box now Gregs and ask, can you import a funnel site? Can you impart a final site? Yeah. I I don’t understand exactly what’s the difference. You can report any bad side, but if perhaps. The question was about specific type of landing pages, you can report even better because this is optimized for landing pages.

Great. All right. And if you have any more questions about where to air, how to use the tool, do you have any documentation or anything like that? And they can check out.

[00:37:59.060] – Tigran (10Web AI Builder)
Like a click funnel site, Gregson’s says. So 10 or eight imports, page by page. So you need to enter just two pages you would like to impart, you can depart all the website with it’s hundreds of pages. Perhaps we’ll create it in the future.

[00:38:21.830] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
But does that mean that? So Charles asks in your Wick’s example, to the drop down pages for the categories, copy over i.e. products. Coca-Cola products. No, you just have a page with links, et cetera, but they don’t categories are not being created with commerce. Support products will be created as separate, constant post types with their categories.

[00:38:57.380] – Tigran (10Web AI Builder)
No. All right. Those are all the questions that we have here, so similar things, if you have any more, you can go ahead and drop them in.

[00:39:06.790] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Where can where can they hit you up for support or for their help using your tools? OK, there is a support right here in Chad. You can ask their live children twenty four seven support and there are some suggestions here, but it’s the best way to try to support to do so quickly.

[00:39:33.660] – Tigran (10Web AI Builder)
Awesome. All right. Let’s go ahead and get this up. Swelling’s if you have not already, you can go redeem your codes on APSA right now for 10 Web a builder, it is starting at fifty nine dollars for a lifetime deal. And of course, this is backed by up almost 60 day guarantee. So you can go ahead, get set up, play around with it, see how it works for you. Once you have done that. We love to read your reviews on the deal page and you can always leave your questions there as well.

[00:40:02.070] – Lindsay (AppSumo)
Thank you so much for hanging out with us.

[00:40:04.740] – Tigran (10Web AI Builder)
I hope you have a good one. Thank you. Thank you.

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